Honda CR 500 GoKart Hillclimb.

CR500 Powerd GoKart 2nd in class and 3rd outright on the day. Andrew Gunn driving. 5-5-2013

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Author eero nieminen (14 hours)
Not faster than f1 but still pretty fast

Author endermonkey53 (10 days)
u guys, as much as it looks it, this aint fast forwarded. these are fucking
fast, i got to drive whats known as a super kart and those are proven
faster round tracks than f1 cars. go karts are no joke :)

Author Taylor Anderson (11 days)
That thing looks fast! People think its in fast forward but they just don't
know what a cr500 is:)

Author Team Lowsense (19 days)
this video would be better if it wasn't fast forwarded

Author sejlefrew (27 days)

Author Tim O'Neil (1 month)
What was the point of the first 2/3 of this footage? Just to make us feel
sick with his wbbly camera view :-(

Author Jseries HondaSwap (1 month)
looks like its in fast forward

Author Fuji San (3 months)
U hate Filipinos or something? Go fu.k off

Author terrence wynn (1 month)
Cr 500 has an awesome sound to it

Author Kevin Chamberlain (3 months)
Unless you know what CR500 means, you can't appreciate the savagery of this

Author Pandita P (1 day)
Omg this is so fucking sketchy /).(\ I would lose my shit.

Author Aaron Tongish (4 hours)
You need to learn how to adjust your helmet cam so we aren't looking at the
ground, although that seems to be the standard. Other than that pretty

Author Skyisnotalimit (7 hours)
Nice cars.... Evil kart....

Author toxicnatalie (8 days)
I'd like to get my hands on that beast!!! :D

Author BState media (8 days)
Cool, but where's the Hillclimb?

Author john j (10 days)
id kill to get this cr500

Author Iena Verona (29 days)

Author bazsa f (2 months)
hell of a ride! :D

Author static age (4 months)
reaction time needs work!

other than that it looks like fun!

Author Tolan T (14 days)

Author joe binne (1 month)
It starts at 2:41 min ... so you know

Author TrailBlogger (4 months)
cr500 sounds crisp. Sweet video man.

Author Sir Mutton Chops (1 month)
That looked brutal!

Author mindhaze (2 months)
Talk about fun.... I am jealous. 

Author nitrofreaksavagex46 (1 month)
She's not meant to idle dude one hell of a cart though! What's she top out

Author musiclovr2 (4 months)
i didnt see it climb any hill , that pipe by the leg would have to go ,it
seem so uncomfortable

Author James Gray (17 days)
what was the name of the class?

Author Brandon Smith (27 days)
Nice go kart what is the top speed 

Author LifeRunner (3 months)
Cool stuff.

Author John Doe (2 months)
Id beat the shit outt that. Cr 500 wow

Author eximmer (3 months)
Was any of this video in sped up?

Author Fred Jones (5 months)
Yeah what what you gotta do it a lot better that's the R 500 know your gold
card man sounds a whole lot better than one with the roads are a lot better
than that sticking lousy Honda yeah hunters a piece of junk what should the
engines yeah the one with you guys the whole lot better the better by
Design whole lot better that's in CR 500 yours all minutes of s this is
slick machine machine yeah I like your machine is hands-down yours the ya
hands down and you're the best yours I gave youup thumbs

Author fatdrood (4 months)
dam that thing is nuts!

Author David Pisciotta (3 months)
where is this?

Author Rogue (2 months)
Are you mad with a seat belt and roll cage in a kart??? thats just

Author Asshatnowhere theturd (3 months)
serious question. how much does that wing help? either way, fuckin awesome

Author Tyrone Bishop (4 months)
1st kick. Not anything like ive seen in other video,s. You did it easy...

Author Backwoods 360° (1 month)

Author rocknrollfrenchfries (2 months)
Also usual kart rules require you to delete the entire kickstart mechnism.
If you spin backwards the mechanism jams and can even blow a big hole in
your shit.

fun fact

Author Sackboy729 (1 month)

Author Stefano Conca (1 month)
Hillclimb it means that the track is "on" an hill !

Author tyler t (2 months)
sounds rich

Author Brandon Rodgers (2 months)
50% into video. still buckling harness....

Author Tony saturnin (20 days)

Author declan hutchinson (2 months)
lol would laugh if after all that seat bucling it cut out so he had to get
back up lol

Author SofloInjection (2 months)
This is awesome, what class of racing is this considered?

Author James seeglitz (1 month)
3:25 to skip to more interesting spot

Author jessebassmaster (4 months)
Holy shit this looks fun

Author adriano muniz (1 month)
looks like a rocket I like it very good congratulations

Author Andrew Hughes (4 months)

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