Honda CR 500 GoKart Hillclimb.

CR500 Powerd GoKart 2nd in class and 3rd outright on the day. Andrew Gunn driving. 5-5-2013

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Author Reddit Gold User (7 months)
The whole time you were getting ready I was expecting you to do an actual

Author calle Copout (3 months)
If your kart catches on fire, You're smoked, my friend. Never wear seatbelt
on a kart.

Author endermonkey53 (10 months)
u guys, as much as it looks it, this aint fast forwarded. these are fucking
fast, i got to drive whats known as a super kart and those are proven
faster round tracks than f1 cars. go karts are no joke :)

Author Bart-Jan van Rees (19 hours)
Do you have your wheel upside down ? 

Author iceman27406 (3 months)
Skip to 3:30 for actual hill climb.

Author madrx2 (4 months)
That GoKart has soooo much more left in it for a better lap time. Just need
ball's enough to push it harder..... hahah No way would I be game to either

Author PoorDummIdiots (4 months)
People saying it's fast forwarded are morons, it just seems that way due to
the fact he's lower to the ground which gives the illusion of increased
speed. Drive a car and then open the door and look at the ground , it's
moving much quicker then what it looks like from normal view.

Author Nieminen Eminem (10 months)
Not faster than f1 but still pretty fast

Author Tim O'Neil (11 months)
What was the point of the first 2/3 of this footage? Just to make us feel
sick with his wbbly camera view :-(

Author woody wood (2 days)
wow that was a rush just watching !!!

Author Team Lowsense (11 months)
this video would be better if it wasn't fast forwarded

Author concepts 2.0 (4 days)
man i bet that header gets hot

Author Scott Brown (21 day)
Could you point the camera up more next time? I got tired of looking at
just the road 10 feet in front your kart.
Nice kart and driving.

Author paul rogers (1 month)
tilt the gopro back a little next time so we can see the road

Author Kel Vaughan (8 months)
ringa ding ding just love that 2 stroke sound

Author iamandreja (6 months)
1. Skip to 2:30
2. Thank me later.

Author TS50ER (1 month)
It looked as if the radiator was located on the left side behind the
drivers arm. Do it get enough air running through it to cool the engine
when used for longer rides?

Author FuhnTimes (1 month)
Why speed the video up?

Author Iain Binks (4 months)
Awesome. The 250 powered super karts were faster than anything at Wanneroo
raceway. They ran RGV 250 2 cylinder motors. Probably about same power as
the CR 500. They looked like they were in fast forward in real life. Very
twitchy down the straights at 255kmh.

Author Rex Newbz (5 months)
i kept moving my head up so i could see farther down the road lol

Author jakob shuster (7 months)
I would not touch that thing. hol fuck

Author Diego Mayán (1 month)
Easy to start for being a CR500!

Author Keon Wright (2 days)
Nice kart

Author NORML85 (3 months)
What type of car (frame) was the red one with the GSX-R motor?

Author The Pedobear (1 month)
that is fast as hell

Author breastmeatonly (3 months)
FUCKING AWESOME! That thing must be a blast to drive! 

Author giovannino settebellezze (2 months)
Great Kart, fabulous engine, skilled pilot.

Author henk frietneger (6 months)
3:30 = start 

Author coolman63ful (1 month)
Swift little thing 

Author sam b (1 month)
This is sped up!!

Author TheMrZomboss (3 months)
question is it difficult to control a go kart that seriously fast and do
you need some muscle?
seriously i would love to go go karting once in a lifetime

Author Jesse Paakkinen (6 months)
my 50cc suzuki is better than that shit

Author Marot Yoann (3 months)
Ca va assez vite et quelle reprise du au poids plume du karting!

Author RandomRewind (2 months)
how many cc is that kart?

Author Brock D (4 months)
Just curious, what kind of speeds would you be reaching in these videos?

Author Danny Stevenson (8 days)
Oh my fucking god dude.

Author Ngoc Lai (1 month)
Nice kart!!

Author スーパー コンタクト (1 month)

Author seppo tapio (5 months)
Nice man I just built a home made go kart I used my 1988 650 wild cat
engine and clutches so it still runs like a skidoo I put vids check them
out I don't no the top speed nor do I want to lol "Skidoo engine go kart
650 wildcat" I did slam into the concrete wall in 1 vid lol im mixing in
111 octane 1liter per 3 liter of preim so I will put vid up if I don't
crash its crazy power it is violant power out put lol

Author kurt young (3 months)
lol vid has been fast forwarded lol. he evenchanges gear ad the engine
sound gets skipped

Author Jack Barlow (4 months)
Where can i get one of these or one similar (UK)?

Author MvJesus (3 months)
tilt the gopro up a bit more? thanks.

Author alt0v14 (5 months)
усаживался дольше чем ехал

Author DJ Marinos Iakovou (4 months)
that's some serious crazyness over there :D

Author Nino Bosnjak (5 months)
This must be in Australia.I see lots of ugly cars parked around .Respect
for the go kart

Author grabir01 (4 months)
what ? What was that? 500 meter run ?

Author Mr.Gixxer (5 months)
I wonder how much this setup will cost.Something like this i wouldnt mind
building little by little.

Author mobbinocotillo (4 months)
upside down steering wheel?

Author David S. (5 months)
I wish I had the opportunity to do stuff like this :(

Author Kimble Trainer (4 months)
Imagine this in a drag race 

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