Honda CR 500 GoKart Hillclimb.

CR500 Powerd GoKart 2nd in class and 3rd outright on the day. Andrew Gunn driving. 5-5-2013

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Author MotorCrossBro's ( ago)

Author MrDaishee ( ago)
that Cameraview is a nightmare!

Author Court Mojo ( ago)
HillClimb??? WTF?

Author NewSkeeL ( ago)
accelerated video hahahahaha

Author Grant Haring ( ago)
is it just me or does it have a rod knock?

Author Amogh Belliappa ( ago)
fake , it's fast forwarded

Author Michael Apache Sanchez ( ago)
Wow that's what I call hot , fast and real fun ! Hey Jamdrop2 , I wish that
my younger would have been alive to see this video!! He'd be one of your
fans because he too had a few of them go cars but nothing like yours.
Believe me if he were alive today he'd try very hard to meet you because he
loved race cars and anything on wheels that go fast . So you take care and
be safe .Thank you for bringing back those memories of those fun time's
that I had with my younger brother who I miss and love very much !!! RIP
Big Rob , gone but never forgotten!!! 11/4/67 to 2/18/08. Thank you for
letting me share !

Author DaBrute ( ago)
I wouldn't want to be strapped into a cart like that with no cage. If it
flips, you flip with it

Author David McCarron ( ago)
How did you manage to get your gear lever setup to your hands???

Author Defex Defex ( ago)
Totaly Pointless on cold tyres.Tyre heat is everything in karting.Fuck
doing that or anything on a kart without that.

Author Gabriel Escalante ( ago)
Can some tell me whats the red car on the right side?? What team would it

Author John A ( ago)
W O W ! ! !

Author jonnysava ( ago)
nice cart, but when does the hill climb start

Author Lee Frost ( ago)
Things you don't need a 19 point race harness in are: a Vauxhall corsa with
a wheelie bin body kit, a 1.9 tdi Audi A3 with blacked out windows and 19
inch alloys... Etc etc etc

This thing though... You'd be fucking mad not to!

Author xXxdaguitarfreakxXx ( ago)
watch that header!!! lol

Author JolietJake64 ( ago)
Not sure I'd want to be strapped into that!

Author American Pharoah ( ago)
This video was about 3 minutes longer than it needed to be.

Author Riley Derifield ( ago)
where is this at?

Author ryan sochia ( ago)
love it

Author Marc Slayer ( ago)

Author sean westmoreland ( ago)
I've had my CR 500 go kart for 10 years super dangerous and very fast
ridiculously too fast third gear and mine is a hundred and thirty miles an
hour and I have 5 gears and it has enough power I can start off in 5th gear
if I want but I always put it in 3rd and then don't shift until 130

Author Aidan Coady ( ago)
I went and watched this it's near Grafton. Extremely surprised I came
across a video that I remembered and watched live. You did good.

Author Prospect #21 ( ago)
This is a time lapse

Author Kennedy Zamora ( ago)
How hard is to put in the engine tho?

Author AudiophileTubes ( ago)
That is one SICK 2-stroke engine! Instant-on, Veyron-like acceleration!

Author Latvian CrazyGamer/ ( ago)

Author Marc Brandt ( ago)
2 stroke! Forevah!

Author Handsome Cheeseburger ( ago)
Best place for a muffler

Author Scott Veirs ( ago)
Not at all what I expected.

Author JohnLeePedimore (1784 years ago)
Hill climb actually starts at 3:30

Author Miguel Grande ( ago)
I noticed it took you a few turns to warm up your tires. 8)
Only criticism would be that of your filming. Wishing you had aimed the
camera a just little higher to get a great view of the track ahead.

Author Main Character ( ago)
Suspension is too soft, stiffen it up!

Author Shane Richardson ( ago)
This made my neck hurt trying to look up the whole time.

Author chua kah yeow ( ago)

Author Alexander Niemi (616 years ago)
"Something smells like bacon... Oh, my arm was on the head again"

Author Ayrton Dos Santos ( ago)
Minarelli engine with polini Block???

Author Kris Verock ( ago)
it has 5point harnesses for a reason. wow

Author William Grand ( ago)
Over half the video was of you dicking around in the pits...

Author Stephan Mare ( ago)
Why do we need to see how you put you're safety belt on for 2 minutes??

Author Valerie Vidal ( ago)
Je mapaile titouan

Author Bike Strike ( ago)
How fast is this thing ?!?!?!?!!!!!??????!??!

Author TheGamER ( ago)
Looks dope.

Author Nick Hottenfeller ( ago)
2:05 starring at that boody

Author Harry Lawton ( ago)
It looks a bit sped up cus his hands are moving really fast

Author TheBossOfAll ( ago)
That exhaust be sounding like an f1 car

Author jt mcgee ( ago)
Now that's a fucken go kart!

Author Chris Dealny ( ago)
can tell your a fucking nutter.

Author Braap78 ( ago)
Maybe the only 2 stroke there...

Author Jason Bourne ( ago)
I reckon those guys in the formulas gave him the dislikes. What an awesome
experience. Im more compelled to build one.

Author sandcobra ( ago)
surprised at how fast that goes .

Author Pleepleus Isme ( ago)
You really want to be attached to that if things go wrong?

Author Fluffle Puffle ( ago)
Knock off the fast motion photography

Author Wesley Vaughn ( ago)
That is horrifying to watch...500cc 2 strokes shouldnt exist.

Author Kamal Ajouz ( ago)
i want that fuck

Author Vale Tijuas ( ago)
Nice car 

Author Lukas Omasta ( ago)
its really dangerous what if head blow up ?

Author giorgi kenchoshvili ( ago)
i hate cameras mounted on helmet

Author Jacob Hungerford ( ago)
this guy is badass

Author joel stephen ( ago)
don't ever strap yourself into a go-kart.

Author goodgamer3333 ( ago)
2 million

Author Clondo ( ago)
My cart has a CBR 900

Author Animus Silica ( ago)
Most videos involving CR500 engine look like they were greatly sped up at
some points, except they werent. Fuck, I need this thing for my next

Author Caspar Vint ( ago)
this is insane

Author Just your average ninja (dheevesh16) ( ago)
My Mustang can smoke this Kart

Author seppo tapio ( ago)
I love the ding da ding ding idle i would love to race your kart check out
mine (Skidoo engine go kart 650 wildkart) it was a 1988 articat 650 wildcat
i turned into a go kart my back gets sore when the pig got stuck but i love
the engine so no i can drive it not wreck my back lol the sled was 615 LBS
the kart is 650 LBS or more and it is scary fast i dare not floor it ever
unless it is rev ing so it wont kill me lol RED LINE 8750 the reeds open
around 5500 RPM

Author Lance LaCour (1502 years ago)
I kept waiting for him to jump on it. Did he ever get it past 1/2 throttle?
I've seen faster 125 Shifters.

Author Antônio Albino ( ago)
Where is this place they're driving?

Author produKtNZ ( ago)
Balls of steel doing this on cold tyres!

Author Ricky Mcglinn ( ago)
Had to get the Piston all the way at the top for MAXIMUM compression! what
year is that? 87?

Author BullSize gameplay ( ago)
that's a man with BALLS XD ahaha

Author Johnny B ( ago)
Anyone got any recommendations for a reasonably cheap yet fast go kart
model? i thought about getting one for my farm for me and my mates. Don't
know much about go karts. Thanks for all the help!

Author Steve Q ( ago)
Long live the 2 stroke...

Author Racemotives ( ago)
This is awesome. I'm in the process of building a go kart with a cbr900rr
motor. 132 Hp of holy shit fast. This makes me want it even more.

Author Josue Rodriguez (Ton Up Boy) ( ago)
was it making popcorn? lol nice

Author Miwadabest1 Is Good ( ago)
I think he uses those leather glove for something else...

Author Miwadabest1 Is Good ( ago)
I had the weirdest erection, I thought my monaco gp6 100cc race kart was
fast, this guy drinks fucking fuel to get hydrated, what a sick dog!

Author tyler young ( ago)
I still prefer my 01 CR250 also how often do you rebuild the motor?

Author Kurosaki990Ichigo ( ago)
Have you tried reversing the shifter? Downshifting while pushing the lever
would be easier since your whole body is being pushed forward when
decelerating. And Upshifting would be much easier by pulling back since the
forces of acceleration are pulling you back.
Just my 5 cents there. Awesome machine you have there, and a very humble
attitude for someone who drives a 70+ horsepower go cart. My best wishes to

Author Fz6r Rider ( ago)
Gotta rap it out more the power band is at higher rpm in a 2 stroke 

Author arsonic86 ( ago)
not the most cart friendly track, dude did quite well

Author Thomas Peerse ( ago)
Really fast! 

Author Mr. Yum Yums ( ago)
I smell popcorn!

Author Anthony Sciuto (182 years ago)
id dip on u in my 80 cc shifter

Author Ronnie vito ( ago)
Doesn't a seat belt on that make it a little more dangerous?

Author Brahian Gallo ( ago)
Noo Mee Gustaa

Author Redneckalec ( ago)
This man must have 5 balls. This engine came off of a dirtbike that was
already too fast, but now it's on something even lighter, holly fuck this
thing is nothing to mess with.

Author Andreas Windels (661 year ago)

Author David Tuerk ( ago)
It looked like you were shifting through the steering wheel, how is that
linked up to the transmission? A push cable would make sense I suppose

Author clifton559 ( ago)

Author racemarket_net ( ago)

Author Ron Wylie ( ago)
great I get to watch you put your belts on for half of this

Author wtopp345985 ( ago)
Interesting video.. I kept wanting to see more of the road to come.
Consider shifting the camera a tad more up???

Author Bart-Jan van Rees ( ago)
Do you have your wheel upside down ? 

Author woody wood ( ago)
wow that was a rush just watching !!!

Author concepts 2.0 ( ago)
man i bet that header gets hot

Author Danny Stevenson ( ago)
Oh my fucking god dude.

Author Scott Brown ( ago)
Could you point the camera up more next time? I got tired of looking at
just the road 10 feet in front your kart.
Nice kart and driving.

Author sam b ( ago)
This is sped up!!

Author FuhnTimes ( ago)
Why speed the video up?

Author スーパー コンタクト ( ago)

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