Kangaroo Mating In Wild life Park

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Author Cammie Risley ( ago)
kangaroos don't have long tails do they

Author Sara Dlhosova ( ago)

Author Jonny B ( ago)
holy moly she is trying to get away and he just wants to fuck the shit out
of her lol.

Author WHAT OVER 9000??!? ( ago)
the kid saw his mom being rape but the dad didn't stop 😭😂😂😂didn't stop

Author Alex Scott ( ago)
My dick twitched while watching this wtf

Author Gabriel Oliveira ( ago)
Pra ele esta bom

Author Dave Youtube ( ago)
Giggle ;-/))

Author Adam Frew ( ago)
These are Wallabies, maybe Agile if it is up north because of the white
stripe on the upper leg.......definitely not a kangaroo :)

Author Bloon Kamilly ( ago)
He need kill she the sex? '-'

Author Vasileios Tsagkanis ( ago)
sneaky f**k

Author Tasha Hoey ( ago)
1:43 what the hell are you doing is probably what the other wallaby was

Author Tasha Hoey ( ago)
1:32 though

Author TMEM Disco ( ago)

Author Nurul Haque ( ago)

Author Darla George ( ago)
That was not sex that was RAPE and it is not cool

Author Ammmr Ali ( ago)
هههههههه شد ابو النضيف

Author Luke Ali ( ago)
They look a bit like wallabies though 

Author Luke Ali ( ago)
You go sun.
BLOW THE RAPE WHISTLE! Lol. I don't know what to call it now, kangaroo
style or doggystyle. As long as my girl gets satisfied 

Author Nunya Bizznizz ( ago)
and then the man kangaroo had a cigarette and went to sleep

Author MrAdsfsadf ( ago)
Oh Australia...

Author Pip Smith ( ago)
Possible group sex at 1:44

Author Alex Lo ( ago)
male Kangaroo: you disturb me fucking, your spring pocket will
be barbecued.

Author Ned RedGuy ( ago)
why does this have over 3 million views.... hahahahahah

Author Owen Fitzgerald ( ago)
G'Day Skippy..........

Author Australian Survival School ( ago)
That is not a kangaroo, they are wallabies

Author Khawar Khan ( ago)
wow ....that looked like proper passionate rape to me.....he was holding
her so tight....bloody hell i wish i could have had a sex drive like him
....i just last 15 seconds inside and shoot....!!!!!

Author Bethany Stidhamy ( ago)
So sexy and wierd at the same time but I dont see how animal mateing is

Author Nathan Swisshelm ( ago)
Sock it to me!!

Author Ramesh S ( ago)

Author sudeep ( ago)

Author Rosmida Mida ( ago)
Call 911 please

Author Tag (1264 years ago)
he just raped her, someone call 911

Author DJRap999 ( ago)
That one on the right looks a little out of it, sort of dazed like it was
just tranquilized or something, and the one on the left sort of looks like
Bill Cosby in his natural environment doing what he does best.

Author Jefvontie Boatwright ( ago)
Once again watching spongebob and I get to this😂

Author Heikki Mustola ( ago)
Not sure why am I watching this

Author Ozza Nocks ( ago)
Goes to show..... They are not kangaroos but rather swamp wallabies.

Author Aleksa Zlatković ( ago)
I don't understand what is funny here?

Author ploperator ( ago)
romance isn't dead

Author billy evans ( ago)
I've hit rock bottom...watching two animals have sex..on youtube..:(

Author pichilmi ( ago)
these are wallabies not kangaroos!

Author BaconRunz - MCSG & More! ( ago)
Aru & grace

Author Kelly S ( ago)
Ha ha ha!!! Neither do I..LOL LOL!!! Roo sex seems quite boring. Dang, he
even turned down a threesome.....!!!! :-)

Author futureengineerable ( ago)
Idk why I watch this.

Author Madelynn Rayne ( ago)
female: STOP PLEASE!!! -tries to run off- Male: Bitch your going no
were...! -grabs and pulls back- O3O its weird tho ;-;

Author Vertutame ( ago)
Public rape D:

Author Alexander Wan ( ago)
other kangaroo looking at them is like "i want that dick too D:"

Author Carmen Snow ( ago)

Author Zyranxa Trillia ( ago)
the other one is like wtf what is happening?!

Author Zyranxa Trillia ( ago)

Author Santaya Metallic ( ago)
That's rape

Author Pinky Plum ( ago)
haha rape much :L jk

Author Laurie Blake ( ago)
female kangaroo: the least u can do is kiss me first. male kangaroo:shut up

Author zack34823 ( ago)
Anal much

Author btan90 ( ago)
those are wallabies. not kangaroos.

Author hbk4eva1 ( ago)
that epic staredown at the end

Author iciefire ( ago)
It looks like a huge armidilla xD

Author Anpizu ( ago)
Thats a pretty fat Kangaroo xD

Author Tea Odom ( ago)
Lol the other one like I want some lol

Author hiram0813 ( ago)

Author eric overton ( ago)

Author Ahleah Wilson ( ago)

Author ShivFrost ( ago)
1:47 "fuck outta here"

Author Keith Maur ( ago)
You clicked on the link, maybe?

Author 4GEN7 ( ago)
Somebody call the kangaroo cops.

Author Hadley Davis ( ago)
it was like rape

Author HSMorano ( ago)
She's like "Ok I'm done" and he's like "I'm not biatch"

Author slickbabyyaya ( ago)
Every time that a big 'roo grabs me like this and starts humping me, I
never know what to do with my tail.

Author TheAmericancheeze ( ago)
no thanks, i just want the virus :l

Author TheAmericancheeze ( ago)
1: mute this 2: listen to this song but still keep this tab open:
/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg your welcome

Author jindaporn khontha ( ago)

Author avarmauk ( ago)
This is soooooo HOT!!!! Hahaha JK

Author HackCrackplus ( ago)
somebody call the police? he's raping her :(

Author Anika Victor ( ago)
Lol the third one looked and was like whoa!!!

Author Overindulging ( ago)
How on earth do I end up here?

Author Bob Bobsson ( ago)

Author Bob Bobsson ( ago)
dude i just fucking laughed my ass off to that song and this video

Author J Bones ( ago)
Lol I think this video is proof of rape.

Author nbkcq28 ( ago)
Because you don't need a credit card to watch... :)

Author nbkcq28 ( ago)
So....I can't get a date but random kangaroos are hooking up....great. I
feel much better now. :)

Author Nadia Dias ( ago)
kkkkkkkkkkk ate bichoo e saliente

Author Hailey Azalea ( ago)
1:47...back off

Author Spooky Funkle ( ago)
Is it normal if this gave me a boner?

Author Rudy hernandez ( ago)
He fuks just like me holy shyt I go a bit faster and harder

Author Andromeda Gaming ( ago)
Same here.

Author Alejandro Dorta-Pera ( ago)

Author emily rocksyea ( ago)
he wont let her go XD

Author Scrumptious Co ( ago)
1:46 Kangaroo is like: What ya'll doing..... DAMN!

Author organmastr ( ago)
Welcome to that weird part of youtube.

Author teeheesamson ( ago)
Play this music in another tab as you watch this video. /watch?v=KFPB2sVUXGI

Author mmmyeah7 ( ago)
48 secs he's like stop interupting my fuck!!

Author Laura Wilson ( ago)
How did i get here i was listening to song :/

Author jonny charlton ( ago)
sex ahahahha

Author Heather Kerr ( ago)

Author leslysebastian0706 ( ago)
The 3rd one is "may I join in?" and the one working........"leave or else"

Author MisterDanger01 ( ago)
1:42 fucking gangbang starts :D

Author Samiya7923 ( ago)
Females like"let go"Males like"No!!"

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