Kangaroo Mating In Wild life Park

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Author tolu619 (5 months)
I can't believe that other dude literally put his nose up in their

Author Aleksa Zlatković (29 days)
I don't understand what is funny here?

Author DJRap999 (17 days)
That one on the right looks a little out of it, sort of dazed like it was
just tranquilized or something, and the one on the left sort of looks like
Bill Cosby in his natural environment doing what he does best.

Author Heikki Mustola (22 days)
Not sure why am I watching this

Author Ozza Nocks (23 days)
Goes to show..... They are not kangaroos but rather swamp wallabies.

Author philip dahl (4 months)
Only me getting turned on?

Author ploperator (1 month)
romance isn't dead

Author billy evans (1 month)
I've hit rock bottom...watching two animals have sex..on youtube..:(

Author Lilly Tachiquin (9 months)
Poor female.....she was prolly like "NO BITCH! GTFO"
Not funny :c 

Author Jefvontie Boatwright (21 day)
Once again watching spongebob and I get to this😂

Author pichilmi (1 month)
these are wallabies not kangaroos!

Author Optimua Prima (7 months)
This was hot untill the other one disturbed them.

Author xFireGatezx (5 months)
"Look mate, kangaroos mate"

Author SailorXOdesSa (8 months)
+Lilly Tachiquin i guess. .. this is a typical situation for all female
species in wild nature :(

Author Seun joy (5 months)
Typical example of rape.

Author Ebony Martin (1 month)

Author Katie Tapp (7 months)

Author BaconRunz - MCSG & More! (3 months)
Aru & grace

Author Aaron Bender (1 year)
i like how the 3rd kangaroo stuck his noise up there t see what they were
doing lol

Author سماح المجايدة (1 month)

Author Apollo the God orz (5 months)
she want the D

Author Heaven Mashrshall (1 year)
SUPER RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Timothy LaFave (1 year)
+iRouRoui Clearly that didn't stop you from watching the video.

>Says he was watching for electronics
>Makes bullshit excuse to justify his reason for watching this video

Author anon ymous (11 months)
kangaroo laugh :25

Author MaLLineous tHe KiTTen (1 year)
That looks so plain.

Author jocimar benedito (1 year)

Author T3R3Z1 PYROP3 (1 year)
I got here from a fucking cat video!!! Wtf

Author HackCrackplus (1 year)
somebody call the police? he's raping her :(

Author Shine Roy (1 year)
Male kangroo to female...i will not let u go..understand?

Author comgeturs (2 years)
Someone needs to do a voiceover for this lol

Author Ashleigh Kho (1 year)
beautiful creatures, i like it.

Author Miranda Crawford (1 year)

Author avarmauk (1 year)
This is soooooo HOT!!!! Hahaha JK

Author facenobi (2 years)
threesome xD

Author iRouRoui (1 year)
lol, I was watching electronics videos befor youtube decided for some
reason to put this one on my right recommended list

Author iciefire (1 year)
It looks like a huge armidilla xD

Author TeeheeSamson (1 year)
Play this music in another tab as you watch this video. /watch?v=KFPB2sVUXGI

Author TheRocketJumper386 (2 years)

Author Zyranxa Trillia (1 year)
the other one is like wtf what is happening?!

Author lion galore (1 year)
Thats hot

Author Santaya Metallic (1 year)
That's rape

Author kingkohl96 (1 year)
How did I get hear from metallica

Author cokelover17ify (2 years)

Author airianna boisvert (1 year)

Author benyens12 (1 year)
cock blocking in the animal kingdom

Author Jacob Staufenberger (2 years)
The other kangaroo is like this is my b***h find ur own

Author sixty2jeff (1 year)
He tore her a new pouch.

Author RandomUser978 (1 year)

Author btan90 (1 year)
those are wallabies. not kangaroos.

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