Muhammad Ali Vs Chuck Wepner Rds 8 9 10

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Author Oskr Villar ( ago)

Author hbk711x ( ago)
he tried to kick him in round 8, its s sign he was going to trip him at all
costs, are you blind, the clip and other pictures shows he tripped him you
are lost!

Author hbk711x ( ago)
no he tripped him

Author Colben112 ( ago)
I think chuck did step on his foot but I was still a solid hit Ali would of
went down from tht hit no matter what but at least it got him fired up so
he would actually fight instead of dancing around webner the whole time all
in all good fight

Author bilal milad ( ago)

Author Norwood Partz ( ago)
Interesting version, sans announcer, with only the sound of the crowd, and
Drew Bundini, Brown, and the thump of the punches in the background.

Author CoolerKing37 ( ago)
You missed the next 6 rounds where Ali gave Wepner a boxing lesson and
TKO'd him in the 15th.

Author KingAceSuited ( ago)
Chuck Wepner, on this page, DOES receive the credit he deserves. The man
cheated. The man's slow. The man's weak. Ali dances and barely interacts
with the man for 9 rounds, and then - after being tripped - unleashes a
fury that cuts up Wepner's face. It is obvious that Ali outclasses Wepner
to such a high degree that he could have ended the fight early if he wanted
to. Ali, with his grace, let Wepner go the whole 15 rounds. Ali chose to
knock Wepner down in the 15th. Wepner deserves no more

Author jaiz james ( ago)
chuck wepner is sucha gul .... hehehe .. MUHAMAD ALI is one name for boxing

Author sue barker ( ago)
No that was Wepner that knock Ali down.

Author bilvis48 ( ago)
Wepners left foot steps on Ali's right foot...Ali's leg straightens and
wepners momentum sends him Ali's leg recoil after Wepners foot
moves away...ali has been pounded by the hardest hitting heavy's in the
world...all due respect, chuck was no super puncher.

Author ChanceMoney Seigler ( ago)
haha im positive you're black lmao

Author Dean Poulos ( ago)
And they talk about how good ali was and he couldn't put away a bum he was
5 times faster. Not impressed.

Author Darkwing Dork ( ago)
Yeah, Wepner was a dirty fighter. But Ali was no saint either. He was a
clinching SOB in all of his major fights after his semi-retirement. They
myth of Ali as an invincible fighter is just that, a myth.

Author aiyachristian (297 years ago)
It wasn't a knockdown! Wepner stepped on Ali's foot and to prove it, watch
Ali start fall back before he got punched. If Wepner's right hand never
landed, he still would've fell. Look closely.

Author personalkoment ( ago)
And Stallone completes the triangle by being the third party.

Author SecretShopKeep ( ago)
There is no controversy. Ali won the fight. Wepner fought the fight of his
life and lost. Wepner will always be the one that The Greatest was afraid
of because he never gave the Bayonne Bleeder a rematch. Ali expected a
creampuff and he got the surprise of his life.

Author Vulcan Spock ( ago)
It was a solid body shot. No feet involved.

Author haris jean ( ago)
ali humiliated the fucked up chuck.. fucked him..

Author Entertaining America ( ago)
I'm black and I still say Ali got knocked down! Ali was just full of him
self like so many GOAT... they are all over confident and won't admit when
they got beat, or in this case, knocked down. Although Ali did look a
little off balance, he still went down! no tripping

Author matowatakpe ( ago)
thats a knockdown! right hand to the body, Ali drops on his ass...

Author MultiParasite ( ago)
Wow how surprising, everyone jerking off about what assholes Wepner and the
referee are, but Ali went down, fairly, and it was a very close fight, just
deal with it. Ali wasn't invincible, Norton proved it, Frazier proved it,
Ali had tons of trouble with this kind of fighters.

Author NightTimeRomeo ( ago)
Rocky Balboa moment 4:50

Author Raffy85100 ( ago)
at 4:51 u cant see there feet at all so theres still no prove here at least
in this video.besides u gotta give him some credit.the man made it to the
last round he had alot of heart.theres too many similarities in the ROCKY
movie and this fight.even Sylvester Stallone back in the days said it was
taken from this fight and did a scene with Wepner for ROCKY 2 that was
deleted .now hes just talking shit and taking it back cuz he doesn't want
to pay

Author TheSlinkyg5 ( ago)
He hit wepner so hard blood got on the camera 3:13

Author Kol Bluenu ( ago)
Chuck Wepner looks like a fat slob who should be at home, shoving greasy
chips in his mouth on a dirty sofa. And Ali went down, if only for a
moment. Not because Wepner landed a shot, or had his own style, or was able
to endure or anything like that, but because eventually his lack of
finesse, his inability to control his own mangled body, led him to trip his
opponent. Definitely one for the ages. Your opponent's lack of competency
may sometimes benefit him.

Author Fisnik Smaja ( ago)
Chuck Wepner has the homer simpson style

Author TheChamp0425 ( ago)
The referee like the idiot that he was actually started counting. I believe
it was Tony Perez. Ali was so pissed off that the referee let Wepner rabbit
punch the whole fight that he said he would never let him referee one of
his fights ever again.

Author TheChamp0425 ( ago)
Wepner still goes around saying he knocked Ali down. He's a jerk.

Author tigereyes5 ( ago)
Word. And everyone jumping on the Sly-robbed-Wepner bandwagon, it's thanks
to Rocky that this guy is even remembered with a nicely altered version of

Author OnePieceLover1175 ( ago)
LOL he stepped on Ali's right foot

Author M. G.H ( ago)
Yea and he makes Ali mad and pays for it right after :) Dirty fighter wepner

Author M. G.H ( ago)
I Love Muhammad Ali he is truly the king of the ring !

Author mark mason (1095 years ago)
lol if frazier or foreman doesnt stop or hurt ali with punches what makes
people wepner did. foreman is the most powerful fighter in HW history, and
frazier is the best bodypuncher in HW history. wepner doesnt have power or
good skill. it was clearly a slip anyone who denies it is an idiot

Author Victory1985k ( ago)
whose shouting? He sounds totally badass.

Author M. G.H ( ago)
lol Ali trips and all the fools think he has gotten knocked out

Author Ghstwn ( ago)
The worst ref work ever. Never took a point for the constant rabbit
punches. It was only obvious that Ali was displaying the foul by putting
his right arm behind his head in the clinch. Still the ref did nothing. Not
that it mattered in the end. But it did inspire Sylvester Stalone ,(Who was
ringside.) to write his script for ROCKY.

Author vladiator100 ( ago)
The knockdown was not even a knockdown...

Author MrCaptainSr79 ( ago)
@CR9Nike After reading your last two comments, I see your point as well,
and can understand why many of these people are unwilling to give much
credit to Chuck. Especially after considering the era in which the two
fought in, it makes sense.

Author MrCaptainSr79 ( ago)
@CR9Nike Also, other than Fox news, I'd like to ask specifically what media
outlets you are referring to and what evidence you have to support this
with? I can see how Fox news in some ways is racist, I however cannot see
how MSNBC and CNN are racist as they often take an anti-racist and
pro-equality stance on every issue.

Author MrCaptainSr79 ( ago)
@CR9Nike Well, first of all I'm very sorry that you are discriminated.
However, that doesn't change the fact that many of the black people on this
page have completely denied Chuck Wepner the credit he deserves strictly
because he is white. Again, I'm not saying that Chuck won the fight, or
even that his knock down was legit. I'm saying that this man did far better
than anyone ever expected, and that should be recognized whether he's white
black blue or purple.

Author MrCaptainSr79 ( ago)
It's really sad how the blacks on this page are too damn racist to have an
appreciation for a white man, who really didn't stand a chance in the first
place, who brought the fight to Ali. I'm not saying Wepner won this, or
even that his alleged knockdown was legit. I am however saying that you
guys are too racist to admit that this man put up a far better fight than
anyone expected, and that you guys are a disgrace to your people for doing

Author Waimea Boy ( ago)
wepner got frustrated and resorted to kicking and his constant rabbit
punching. that's what happens when you're outclassed by the best boxer, ali.

Author ladykiller1978 ( ago)
sprtman stfu bitch !!! Ali was the the best

The real Rocky vd the real apollo creed

Author Kaltes war ( ago)
ali vs an alcoohlic, and alcoohlic win.

Author upperdarbybill ( ago)
Dudes, this is what lead to the "Rocky Saga". Just ask Sly Stallone. Just
that little humiliating knock down. Wow! And then the tormenting begins.
Ali put color into this fading sport. Thanks Champ! For Chuck, well he
inspired Stallone to go his distance and not take no for an answer and give
us all one of the most inspiring movies of all time.

Author BuzasKseries ( ago)
@1opperc hahahah that show's how much your dumb-ass knows, holy shit your
stupidity just made my day!

Author Ditrata Ditrata ( ago)
that Afro guys is a pimp, just chilling. lol

Author Demarini71691 ( ago)

Author 1opperc ( ago)

Author Dr. Vijay Kolli ( ago)
this inspired to make ROCKY movie

Author choloman72 ( ago)
i dont really care if he stepped on his foot or he didnt. He still knocked
down the greatest of all time and thats all that matters. And plus, he was
not already going down from the punches near the throat. He may have lost
his balance a little bit, but he was not going down.

Author JuicersSuck ( ago)
At 6:46 you can clearly see Ali falling down before he got hit.

Author Dannabis Sax ( ago)
neither of these guys are weak folks. I don't think either of these
fighters get enough credit. fighting is much tougher than it looks

Author Atomicflash500 ( ago)
Webner was not smart enough to put together a foot and punch to knock him
down..he just hit Clay hard enough to put him down..

Author barti xanti ( ago)
wepner was sure he ko's ali and went to his ring man with joy in his eyes
that he was the champion of the world. his manager told him to turn around
and be ready to fight.. he' s up already and he looks pissed off. also
wepner told his wife that tommorow shes gonna sleep with the champion after
wepner lost his wife came up to him and told him should i go to ali now or
later ?

Author Leofus1986 ( ago)
Ali says Wepner stepped on his foot and there are very clear photographs
depicting this. Just google ali wepner foot

Author soulchild3751 ( ago)

Author KARMIOS ( ago)
was wepner standing on his foot?

Author Kol Bluenu ( ago)
Does look like his foot gets stuck...

Author Kol Bluenu ( ago)
It looks like Wepner basically ran over Ali. I don't think he slips, I
think Wepner's punches, as weak and ineffective as they were, pushed Ali
off balance. You can even see 6:35 Ali try to catch himself on Wepner's

Author bobbylloyd1210 ( ago)
even heard the noise, clearly a slip

Author Lestat220289 ( ago)
And thus, Cuck Wepnet not only inspired the Rocky films, but also invented
Kickboxing xD

Author CheeseCrusade ( ago)
yeah he was either pushed or he lost his balance or tripped. the way he
fell back and his feet lifted up. and how quickly and got up. wepner was
hitting ali in the body the whole fight and it didnt do anything. i wouldnt
see how one would finally randomly knock him down. but thats just me

Author 007HomeBoy ( ago)
@Baz0kable thanks for the info

Author ChasingTruth TakingFlak ( ago)
That wasn't Wepner stepping on his foot. Wepner wasn't shoulder to shoulder
and if it was any foot it had to be Ali's right. Ali lost balance and being
the petty shithead he was he would make an excuse.

Author Sophistus Sophistus ( ago)
why was that peasant allowed to fight Ali? ...and I m surprised that Wepner
did not bite Ali....after trying almost everything else..wrestling,head
punches,foot kicks...

Author Sophistus Sophistus ( ago)
why was that peasant allowed to fight Ali?

Author 007HomeBoy ( ago)
ali only got pushed over not dropped , dumb crowed

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