BOSS Vs. Mooer Shootout! CH-1 Chorus vs Ensemble King Chorus!

This is a shootout/comparison video between the notorious BOSS CH-1 Chorus pedal and the new Mooer Micro Ensemble King Chorus pedal!

In this video I'll be weighing out the pros and cons of each pedal with many different sound comparisons between the two.

In this videoI was using:

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Line 6 Spider III 30w with line out straight into an M audio fast track 2 audio interface.

Shure SM58

Logic Pro 9

iPhone 4s video camera.

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 5:51
Comments: 47

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Uploaded by: Craig Medlin
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Author Alexander Mak (2 months)
can you do a chorus ensemble vs ensemble king instead +Craig Medlin ?

Author eran iusepol (5 months)
nice comparison .i think mooer sounds better actually reminds me of ce2 not

i wonder why most of chorus demos are going straight to the high rate .
the lushest sound achieved by rate at first quarter (7-9 o'clock) and depth
around MAX.

Author StratFinders Music (5 months)
Mooer kicks the Boss ass. Boss is NOT true bypass and therefore doesn't
sound as clean as the Mooer.

Author Ömer Faruk Bozkurt (5 months)
mooer wins

Author josvanzutphen (8 months)
The Mooer is a clone of the Boss CE2, instead of the CH1
I own the Mooer, and i love it. It performs really well and sounds great.

My pedalboard contains 3 mooer pedals. Reecho (delay), Ensemble king
(chorus) and Ninety Orange (phaser). They each do really well..

Author Purple Haze (2 months)
Hey Craig, do you think it's wise to be Medlin with pedals on the
internet????? LOL

Author Sarah Davis (1 year)
the Mooer Ensemble King is a clone of the Boss CE2, not the CH1 :)

Author Purple Haze (2 months)
Hey Craig, now I'm going to be serious, no jokes, have you tried the 1980's
Ibanez SC10 Supr Chorus, it's fabulous, if you can get your hands on one it
really kills the Boss Super Chorus and the Boss Chorus Ensemble. You can
get one used for about £100 on ebay.

Author fretkillrlives (1 year)
Me chorus pedal goes to eleven! It's more chorusy than yours. I can't
decide on which to get. The Ultra, The Super, or The Super Ultra Deluxe?
Good players transcend the hardware.

Author Gamn5150 (1 year)
They're having interchorus

Author Omar Paláu (1 year)
Sounds like a pre-2001 Analog Boss CH-1

Author HoleNL (1 year)
Simply stating that the Boss is better quality just because it's made in
country X (Be it Japan or Taiwan) and the Mooer is from China is BS. In my
opinion the Mooer pedals are a lot more sturdy as they have a full metal
enclosure. Having said that: thanks for the comparison. Very helpfull!

Author JimijaymesGuitarist (1 year)
I was referring to the compact Boss pedals which were never true bypass
especially the 90s ones, I have owned early 80s MIJ BOSS compact pedals and
have a few 90s BOSS pedals all use a buffer. Even the late 70s CE-1 isn't
true bypass. Very early BOSS pedals are sort after because they differ
slightly parts wise and have a different sound (I had an early 80s MIJ DS-1
and can say it sounds alot better then the newest one and slightly better
then the late 80s early 90s taiwan models).

Author Craig Medlin (2 years)
Cool :)

Author JimijaymesGuitarist (1 year)
The analog CH-1 sounds alot better to my ears then the Digital ones still
the CE-2 and CE-3 sounds better and the Mooer is based off the former.

Author Rockit51 (1 year)
Totally agree. The mooer is more sublte and natural. The boss sounds like a
80's unit, an in "your face chorus" that can make a lot of people spew when
engaged... So Kitch when abused... Yeah Marty Friedman once said : "
nothing can beat a Boss Chorus". You think he's right because it's a star,
what a personal opinion! No offense! By those days, CH1: digital, Mooer
ensemble chorus: analog. Period!

Author Bad Mouth Men (1 year)
aren't both true bypass?

Author Alisson Zakka (1 year)
Excelent video! Subscribe in my channel, i´m a brazillian youtuber, ilike
your job!

Author Sam Schafer (1 year)
At the beginning, I forgot this was british and thought "Wow, it really
weighs 89 pounds!? That's heavy!" Silly me! x)

Author cderekderek (2 years)
clearly explained! well played! nice accent! every review should be done
like this! thanks very much mate!

Author Violet Deliriums (2 years)
I have a few Boss pedals, of the small stompboxes CE-5, PH-3, DD-7, and
TR-2. I will tell you this. My E-H Neo Clone sounds better than the CE-5,
my MXR Phase 90 sounds better than the PH-3, E-H Memory Boy & Line 6 DL4
sound better than DD-7. The TR-2 is fine. What Boss usually gives you is
more sonic versatility at the cost of great sound, plus their case/switch
is good. But put them up against other classic brands and they just don't
sound as good to me.

Author Omar Paláu (1 year)

Author Craig Medlin (2 years)
Thank you, glad you liked it!

Author Favio Antonio Fernández Figueroa (2 years)

Author Mr. Galvanize (1 year)
only the Mooer pedal. BOSS pedals are buffer, used to be true bypass back
in 90's

Author JimijaymesGuitarist (1 year)
Boss has never had true bypass.

Author 16Bluefox (2 years)
Im a collecter of boss pedals and i think i just found my next one

Author JimijaymesGuitarist (1 year)
Also the level control on the more doesn't do as much as the CH-1 you can
only really hear the effect after 2 o clock.

Author davidwantsahug (1 year)
I think Mooer is more based on the CE-2, which is a better chorus than the
poor excuses Boss have introduced lately..

Author Caveira138 (2 years)
The mooer is also true bypass

Author Mr. Galvanize (1 year)
Untrue, if you did research they have, thats why very early BOSS pedals are
sort after highly.

Author Alison Girelli (1 year)
Mooer is better imho. It's more warm. And who needs a full chorus settings?
Sound terrible

Author Ryan Wright (1 year)
I think the mooer sounds better.More natural.Plus it has a metal enclosure
and true bypass,even though i have heard boss's lack of true bypass doesn't
suck that much from your dry tone as some other pedals but still sucks the
tone a little if bypassed.

Author Claudiu Cont (1 year)
... as Marty Friedman once said : " nothing can beat a Boss Chorus" - he
was very right !... :)

Author Ash Johnson (1 year)
All boss pedals suck tone. At least the mooer is true bypass and retains
your tone when not engaged!

Author Richard Pearson (2 years)
Mooer = thin and weak. Boss = The Boss.

Author Glenn Cohen (1 year)
HoleNL.... While I agree with what you said about the country, the boss
build quality is in another league than mooer. The mores size limits cap
size which compromises the sound. For example, multilayer composite caps
replace film, electrolytic, and tantalum caps in other pedals.

Author Joey Narciso (2 years)
You said the boss is Japanese made? At the bottom label, it says MADE IN
TAIWAN. The older Boss pedals, like the black label CE-2 is Japan made,
which the Mooer Ensemble was supposedly "cloned" after. Just for your
information. :)

Author dtgallowgate (1 year)
I prefer the mooer personally, sounds richer

Author Stéphane Pierrejeu (1 year)
Thanks for this review. I like how you show unboxing and operating the
pedals while playing, it's way better than the dumb static shots we see

Author Larsolini (1 year)
The Mooer is a little thinner and sounds a lit more digital IMO.

Author Craig Medlin (2 years)
Hey, if you read the annotations, you'll see that I actually corrected that
small error. Thanks for watching.

Author Mr. Galvanize (1 year)
Quality of Mooer is actually better inside, and it's true bypass

Author docbunot (2 years)
Fuck you mooer boss is the best!!!!!!

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