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Author Jim Humphries (15 days)
Unstable in every direction.

Author pencon61 (15 days)
Aileron flutter tore the wing apart , there was no pulling up visible

Author C Riley (1 month)
Wrong engine sound for this aircraft. 

Author Treetop64 (1 month)
Would have been just fine without the added on sound effects, which were a
bit over the top.

Author Sam Moss (2 months)
Yeah he lost a wing his right one and it was all over. Don't know if the
spars went from tip to tip for strength.

Author Sam Moss (2 months)
That was my very first plastic model plane back in the late 50's boy does
this bring back memories.

Author Countdown70s (10 days)
GeeBee = creepiest scariest and most dangerous airplane I ever
would not get me into one at gunpoint.
Sad what happened to this Bayles fellow, the pre-amble brought him to life
with us too, there he is in the cockpit one minute, the next,

Author William Reynolds (27 days)
That had to be caused by aileron flutter

Author M RAMIREZ (3 months)
RIP Brave Pilot

Author kh40yr (3 months)
You can see the right wing 1/2 / tip stand straight up,,then it disappears.
Clearly instant structural failure. Rip Brave pilot.

Author altoonabeme (1 year)
The P-47 and other radial-engined aircraft had big cowls, but the P-40 with
its inline engine as well as the P-51 and P-38 with inlines had smaller
cowling around their engines.

Author Dean H (2 years)
@bigdodgeaus well back in the day the glass wasn't laminated, and accounts
of the crash verify the cap did go right thru the windscreen. but the
reason for the crash was the plane wasn't suited for very high speeds and
it went into an oscillation from turbulence at around 300 mph that shook it

Author SomeGuyInSandy (10 months)
He was wearing a parachute. In those days they were slung in a package very
low behind the pilot. You can see it as the gets into the plane. Pilots in
those days used them as seat cushions as well.

Author boingkster (2 years)
@masmddds Yes, many radial engined planes were very successful in WWII; the
Grumman F6F, P-47 Thunderbolt and Focke Wulf 190 cheif amongst them.
Regardless, the reasons I mentioned were indeed among those given for the
H-1 being turned down for military use. In essence, it was too ground
breaking for the US military to consider its use.

Author Bobby Ingram (11 months)
Wears a tie and NO parachute. But the chute wouldn't have helped.

Author deemilieu (3 years)
the wings are small and so thin. you have to be going really fast to get
any lift

Author J.J. Topp (1 year)
This aircraft was/is known to develop severe wing flutter at high speeds
which can result in catastrophic failure of the wing spar(s).

Author cargecko007 (3 years)
@stunmunky im glad i cant understand it, if u freaks like this i dont want
to know why

Author 420Nitroman (2 years)
looked like the right wing folded up.

Author grandtheftautowwe (3 years)
Gee Bee's are EXTREMELY hard to fly

Author choofish (4 years)
Yes it was a great design but not stressed enough for the loads at the
speeds they were trying to coax from it. The wing tip clearly folded in the

Author conn3r12 (4 years)
My grandpa is building a gee bee r1 and it will be the only one thats
flying and yess he willl be flying it. His name is harold forth check him
out at

Author George Anderson (9 months)
Some have suggested that the GEE BEE was not dangerous. It was and any
student of stability and control will be glad to show why the design is
inherently unstable. Jimmy Doolittle said the same later in his life. In
his memoirs. Suggesting that an aileron fluttered is possible but just
speculation. Clearly a wing came off. I can imagine it possible that pilot
incapacitation could have resulted in over G but no flight path change to
confirms this.

Author John Sanchez (1 year)
What really happened was the gas cap came loose, went through the canopy
and hit Scott in the head killing him instantly. The racer was out of
control before the wing ripped off.

Author strongbad73 (3 years)
@gooseneck12 dont know how u could have seen a little gas cap come off in
such bad film from so far away but man he didnt even have time to go

Author banditsuz (1 year)
Great camera work.

Author homfencing (8 months)
Poor bastard never had a least it was quick.

Author william henry (2 years)
i read that only 3 people lived after flying this, Doolitlle, huges and
another i cant remember

Author WarlordATF (3 years)
@zvent1 There are really 2 schools of thought on this accident. Kermit
Weeks had testing done on his exact replica and it was shown to have
flutter issues above 240 mph. The other is based on Zantford Granville's
theory based on reviewing the film and the goggles and cap that was found.
Sadly no one can really say who is right or even if it was a combination of
both issues. In any event, it took a brave man to climb into these machines
and push the limits. Lowell Bayles was a great pilot, R.I.P.

Author Rex Reeb (2 years)
I think if you look closely youll see the horizontal stabilizer separate
from the airframe just prior to the violent pitch that tore the aircraft
apart. Probably aerodynamic flutter of the elevator tearing it from the
stab....its thought that the same thing happened to Galloping Ghost,
although it was the trim tab that was torn away causing the extrem pitch
trim change. The Gee Bee is so short coupled that any violent control input
at top speed will absolutly overstress the airframe. RIP

Author jetwaco (2 years)
@DoktorRick And you should read your history a tad bit more on which white
folks in the past were the most ignorant, ruthless, and criminal towards
Native Americans. The British for the most part were civil and fair to our
culture. The Americans, ruthless and cruel. Some of my hero`s is Tecumseh,
and his brother the Prophet. Another, Joeseph Brant (was educated in
England),(Brantford/Brant-town, is just a stones throw from me, as well as
Six Nations rez.). Another is John Norton.

Author usmctanks1 (3 years)
@ferdorski I disagree witht he wing spar theory, the DeHaviland Mosquito
had no problem pulling out of dives at over 5 g's and was pulling sometimes
greater g forces turning at altitude (main spar made of wood). The Gee
bee's were stressed to +9 G's so this acciden wast (as mentioned in other
posts) due to aileron flutter (which was determined by wind tunnel tests to
be quite high over 240mph, He was quoted saying it may in fact be able to
hit 300 mph in level flight as modified

Author Ben Weihrich (1 year)
I can see where the big cowl of the P40 came from!!!!!

Author schlusselmensch (3 years)
@gooseneck12 A fairly well discounted theory. The cap could not accelerate
to any substantial velocity in that distance. As well, it would be in a
boundary layer which is slower air still. I've had a fairly large piece of
ice come off of the nose of an aircraft at 240-250mph and it only gathered
enough energy to put a small crack in quarter inch thick perspex. The
aircraft in the video suffers a catastrophic wing failure almost certainly
caused by flutter.

Author ben dunn (1 year)
I didn't realize before how little it was.

Author Tudor Renegade (1 year)
a strange light at 2:50 , just after that the wing rips off.

Author glassdogangle (1 year)
Bigger, heavier engine causing even higher wing loading, high speed, and as
the plane made the final descending bank the already stressed wings were
put under just too much pressure by what looks like a little bit of quick
up elevator for a final level-out a fraction of a second before the wings
snapped. At speeds close to, and faster than, the maneuvering speed, full
deflection of any flight control surface should not be attempted because of
the risk of damage to the aircraft structure.

Author usmctanks1 (1 year)
The P-40 was an upgraded P-36, which did have a radial engine. The inline
Allison enging used gave it a longer nose (and most likely more footage on
the cowling, so it was in fact "bigger")> the P-47 had a 2800 hp radial
engine with turbosupercharging, so it was much heavier/faster etc. than the

Author Tampaslice (3 years)
Seeing the pilot up close and personal before the crash makes the video
even more sad. Horrifying was to die, thankfully it had to be painless and
instantaneous. To see the right wing rip off like it did at that speed and
altitude is brutal. Pilot was doomed, it was over in less than a second. I
too heard Doolittle say this plane was a nightmare to fly. Says alot about
his piloting skills to be the only pilot to ever fly this plane and live.
Mr Bayles looks like he knew he was gonna die

Author ℜƺIV (2 years)
Looks to me like both wingtips pitch up, A classic "Peel the wings off"
moment, anyone who ever overspeeded an RC plan would recognize this. The
gas cap seems unlikely, the flying wire is a definite possibility!

Author Tex Sledgehammer (1 year)
What exactly happened? Looks like the right wing broke off as the plane was

Author Steven Lamphear (1 year)
Looks like both(!) mounts at the front of the wings tore loose and flipped

Author barmtrail (3 years)
@jetwaco Could this aircrafts engine operate with a 4 blade prop? Do you
think this aircraft with 50 cal. weapons could out fly am AM6 zero?

Author jetwaco (2 years)
@DoktorRick In Canada we speak and spell the proper Queens English.
Example: color-colour, favorite-favourite, airplane-aeroplane,
caliber-calibre ect ect. So..........won-wone. I write and speak the proper
true English Language. Not the American slang brought in by years of
un-educated red neck hicks trying to communicate to one another on the
porch drinking "shine" , playing the banjo, and groping their cousin/wife.

Author syntaur (3 years)
Just proves how one moment in your day can change your whole life... Almost
makes you wish you could go up to the guy at the beginning of the clip...
take him aside and say... DUDE... NOT TODAY... as his ground crew wheeled
his GeeBee back into the hanger

Author mvenshnop (2 years)
@syntaur yes but most people aren't flying at 300mph everyday. . thats a
pretty specific moment.

Author Sundogjeep (2 years)
@jetwaco & DoktorRick This online love fest of bigots has got to end. You
two should get a room.

Author brnleague99 (3 years)
I think maybe a piece broke off a wing. That's why it was spinning like

Author castorini (1 year)
Well, I guess there wasn't much left of the pilot.

Author Jeremy Clarkson (2 years)
theres a video of the geebee crash?

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