FRANCE Top Rally Crash Compilation part 3

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Author Fab_Cloud360 (1 year)
4:06 ??? are they stupid??

Author Kyle Maes (2 years)
Rule 1 to crashing: Lock your brakes, This will make you go in a straight
line and smash you right into that wall! :) Seriously? I prob cant do that
kind of driving but honestly dont lock your brakes slow down as much as
possible with out skidding then turn away from the turn and swing in to the
turn that will flip ur ass end into a drift just floor it and counter steer
half way into the drift let off the gas you'll stop fast as fuck...

Author 10LadyLibra09 (1 year)
Well that car looks likes A race cars crashes too!

Author HerrStutterNuts (2 years)
Mistake or not, that guy is a boss...

Author eroticblack (3 years)
just showing his skills i guess hahahaha

Author SSFproductions1 (3 years)
spy spotted at 03:42

Author jorge benitez (2 years)

Author Hodoss (3 years)
@Quiksilverien Vers l'infini et au-delà !

Author Rick van Sinderen (1 year)
You don't need a rallylicence racing in France? Most mistakes made her you
do them when your 14, there are some who aren't fit to drive in normal
traffic, such stupid childlike mistakes, i'm stunned by this.

Author TheRubberWolf (2 years)
Rally onlookers are boss. "Oh shit, he rolled. Quick, roll him back over!"

Author michel jourdain (2 years)
pour des pros c est vraiment des pros ou plutot des cascadeurs je me marre
bonne video merci

Author Joe Brown (3 years)
cheater!!! no shortcuts :P 1:11

Author daro563 (1 year)
I tak kocham rajdy!!!

Author Kyle Maes (2 years)
I meant in real life I drive in mud and such but I do play video games,
only racing game I play is Race Driver: GRID it's the most realistic..

Author K Jetronic (2 years)
4:10 le mec il se gave!!! ^^

Author Tony St Louis (3 years)
SWEET !!!!! no music

Author Maks48 (2 years)
3:26 Incredible Lucky Man!

Author Ricardo Gonzalez (2 years)
:no music :sweetjesus:

Author the Demon Haunted Planet (2 years)
3:51 beautiful car What is the brand? Model? Year? If they drive slower and
safer maybe not win but surely enjoy!

Author Victor Mironov (2 years)
3:30 EPIC SAVE )

Author Karting Dave (3 years)
I know! It's hard to watch!

Author vanostav61 (3 years)
those idiots dont even know how to brake on bad surface...

Author Maciej Maciex (2 years)
No wiesz nikt cię nie rozumie :p

Author Starfishrider (1 year)
3:28 CLOSE CALL!!!

Author 山田 浩輝 (2 years)
みんな死ににきてるのか? というくらいつっこみすぎw マジであぶい。

Author snoMedia (2 years)
I love how everyone always almost sists right on the road and then they
wonder when they get hit by a car ..

Author nutmagnet63 (2 years)
What Make Model is that at 8:06 It's got a really deep exhaust note.

Author Mythbuster (2 years)
Now you're someone who knows what he's talking about. Thanks :)

Author Mythbuster (2 years)
The time you have to respond is nearly the same as in real life, especially
in games that try to simulate real physics(ie Dirt 3). On top of that, your
reflexes should react, which is what I said in another comment: I'd
probably not be able to think at all, but I bet my reflexes would kick in
and do it for me, since it's what I instinctivly do in videogames too(and
yes, I know that makes me sound like a 12 year old that plays too many
games, but if you think about it for a sec it makes sense).

Author MrTwentycent90 (2 years)
moral de l'histoire, les spectateurs sont inconscients

Author Vollgestopftundso (1 year)
3:17 yeah, near miss! 3:21 damn.

Author Mythbuster (3 years)
Also, what's with all the people steering into the turn when they go on 2
wheels?! Even I know you should steer out of the turn if you go on 2
wheels, that's what all the years of videogames taught me.

Author ssrider7 (2 years)

Author NJPurling (2 years)
That old man in the beret: What the hell was he thinking? He must have been
deaf not to hear that car.

Author Jules Sumner (2 years)
Yeah from what you're saying, the technique is there, but in the heat of
the moment it doesn't alaways go as planned. I've raced as a privateer on
tracks and off and now I do hillclimbs, but when a crash is inevitable,
there is usually very little you can do if you're on or past your comfort
limit which is often the case in competition. It's not as easy as you may
think. Sometimes you can save it, but 9 times out of 10 luck is a
significant factor in crashing or not. :)

Author ljguy300 (3 years)
what did we learn from all this kids? dont lock ur front tires up if u hope
to go around a corner :P

Author Maciej Maciex (3 years)
To jest ktoś z innego kraju a ty piszesz po polsku on nic nie rozumie
przecież ile masz lat ?.

Author oltyeu (2 years)
0:22 is the most epic turn ever.

Author doods57777 (2 years)
arrivée: heu aucun participant, ils sont tous au tas. combien de morts:
heureusement aucun

Author derbigpr500 (2 years)
Lol Grid is far from realistic, its not even a simulation. Try iRacing,
rFactor, Netkar, Live for speed, Project Cars, etc.

Author ChannelNotFound (3 years)

Author CaluoTV (2 years)
3:29 best!

Author ursulita eme (2 years)
8:04 expo auto!!

Author yoann90400 (1 year)
Look the speed ;) france rules :p

Author Andreja Mikanović (2 years)

Author jorgeluissantos77 (2 years)
my question is how the heck do they make those cars so dam

Author Jan Guzik (2 years)
oprócz polaków ;)

Author igor bonardi (2 years)
pure sound... yeah

Author LilBabyBoo754 (2 years)
congrats most of these people can manage to fuck up a car in a str8 line lol

Author Philippe LEPAGNEY (2 years)
passage sympa "allé vas y ouééé" et paf

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