Top 10 Worst Drinks - Nutrition by Natalie

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Nutrition by Natalie

Top Ten Worst Drinks
Natalie counts down the 10 worst drinks. Chances are if you eat an average American diet, you drank at least three of these today.

In a fast food nation, eating healthy food becomes difficult to do. Yet a poor diet contributes to low energy, obesity, stress, health problems and high medical bills.

If you eat better, you will feel better and this video discusses some of the foods you should avoid.

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Author Carlo Bari (6 months)
People loose their lives because they are stupid and not willing to change
their dietary habits. Had a dumb ass friend that refused to give up
drinking regular Mountain Dew. He was a chronic Diabetic. Mountain Dew is
like main lining pure sugar and caffeine into your veins. Its legal but its
a death sentence. He wouldn't listen. He is dead.

Author WolfEyesatNight (2 months)

Author Natalie Mcknight (6 months)
Another informative video Natalie! Thanks. 

Author rootsm3 (7 months)
Was this made by 12 year olds? 

Author Thomas Ivey (8 months)
what about sparkling ICE water? (With Vitamins and Antioxidants?)

Author subscribenowqm56t (7 months)
A 2 year old could have made this list i love soda and i love monster

Author Morgan Kirk (5 months)

Author Bianka Armour (1 month)
Cool aid..

Author Jacob Wesson (2 months)
I call bullshit it saying this just cuz u is a fatass tubby and u don't
like how they taste

Author peter Dugdale (5 months)
why didnt you just say, in ascending order?

Author Sam Zoozenberg (7 months)
most two year olds are smarter than your average unhealthy adult.

Author Jackie Yokeley (24 days)

Author Bruce Robert (5 months)
Red Bull

Author HappyTreeX1 (5 months)
I dont care I always drink energy drinks and im 15

Author clairexx22 (5 months)

Author samantha gross (8 months)
I'm just going to kill myself 

Author subscribenowqm56t (6 months)
Soda can not be the worst

Author Morgan Kirk (5 months)
Monster energy. 

Author peter Dugdale (5 months)
i just drink Americano coffee no sugar 

Author clairexx22 (5 months)
Diet coke.
enegry drinks

Author samantha gross (8 months)
Caffeine per se doesn't dehydrate, its drinking hot beverages that cause
you to sweat and lose water

Author subscribenowqm56t (6 months)
I do not drink milk

Author subscribenowqm56t (7 months)
Milk tastes so bad

Author bensontam (7 months)
Let me guess.... Coke?

Author trey davis (3 months)
I hate milk I love soda

Author Robert Smith (4 months)
It's depressing how many people do not understand that ADHD drug treatments
believe it or not are actually (meth)amphetamines. Because of this , I am
proudly showing you my quick video clip on the treatment of ADHD at the
core through a medically validated technique.

My little boys awareness tremendously increased by basically working out
the functioning memory, well, I wish it could be helpful to you and others!

All the very best,
Robert Smith

Author Horst Karotte (1 year)
u r hot

Author Gottfreid Eeinarbracen (10 months)
8=Coffey dehydrates you but still can drink water to hydrate again!!

Author Sam vinnik (1 year)
haha close enough. .. its was #2

Author Crystal Smith (11 months)
soda? alcohol? milk shakes?

Author Nick Everhart (1 year)
My opinion, energy drinks are worse than soda.

Author Control Alt Delete (1 year)
Suck it up and drink water.... Coffee really isn't that bad for you, just
don't load it with cream or sugar all the time and remember that moderation
is key in anything.

Author wayangede2007 (1 year)

Author CiRiXofficial (1 year)
Pepsi Max and other drinks containing Aspartan?

Author Samuel Denman (1 year)
Yes that's why we have been drinking it for thousands of years... Raw milk
is one of the best things you can do your your immune system... I'm sure
almond milk is good too, but i'm sorry you're full of shit...

Author vomitedshit (1 year)

Author Giana Pasek (9 months)
Soda, DUHH!!!!

Author cristy ramirez (11 months)

Author The665beast (1 year)
I don't know about you guys, but liquid VX wouldn't sit too well with me...

Author xxmadman1234xx (11 months)
Coke, alcohol (ie vodka, beer)

Author jpwarzinski (1 year)

Author MrMister1227 (1 year)
Gatorade, Coke, Snapple

Author Wyatt Stinebaugh (1 year)
Soda monster red bull

Author YouReallyMuseMe (1 year)
Aspartame = poison

Author wayangede2007 (1 year)

Author mostlynepali (1 year)
thanks Natilie. awesome vidoes.

Author Nevin Francis (11 months)
Soft drinks, coffee, sport drinks, and concentrated juice.

Author purplepandastudios16 (11 months)

Author Katelyn N (10 months)

Author Mairi-Claude Franco (1 year)
A diet coke and vodka with a sprinkling of cyanide...

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