Sami Beigi - Ey Joonam

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Author Sisi misi (1 day)
Love it :) Ey joonam 

Author Yasmin B (16 days)
@jerson vasquez, it's a Persian song!

Author pers policesh (11 days)

Author roberta bergoussi Last (24 days)
ey joonam:)

Author Claris Novshadian (2 months)
love it

Author Yasmin M (2 months)
Looooveee thisssss

Author jerson vasquez (3 months)
I love this song even doe I dont know what they are saying because I am
hispanic I speak spanish and english only but still I love it 

Author Danny Tehrani (2 months)
what a tune <3 instagram @DannyBoyTehrani 

Author Gol Lee (1 month)

Author Adeleh Adli (2 months)
Ey jooooooooonaaaaam sami <3

Author Byomkesh Panda (2 months)
00:00:18,767 --> 00:00:21,882
Aey zoonam:
Hey Life!!

00:00:22,00 --> 00:00:23,402
qhadamaat roo cheshmam:
My eyes long for your steps (Arrival)

00:00:23,467 --> 00:00:25,882
Biae o mehmoonam shod:
Come as a guest n give me peace of mind

00:00:26,000 --> 00:00:27,882
Gyarmiye qhoonam shod:
Make my place glow (with your presence).

00:00:28,000 --> 00:30,000
Bebin parishoone delam:
Just see how my heart has been entangled.

00:00:31,005 --> 00:00:32,882
Biae o' aaroomam qon:
Come n give me relief.

00:00:33,000 --> 00:00:37,550
Aey zoonam, mikhaam aatre tanet bebin che too qhoonam:
Hey Life, I want my room to be filled with ur scent.

00:00:38,500 --> 00:00:42,882
To ke nisti, ye sar-gardoone divoonam!!:
In your absence, I wander like a lost crazy fool.

00:00:43,000 --> 00:00:48,882
Aey zoonam, Biae ke daaghoonam:
Life, come coz I v aready been destroyed.

00:00:48,900 --> 00:00:51,882
Aey zoonam, oomram, nafasam, eshqham!:
Hey Life, entire time of life, breath, love.

00:00:52,000 --> 00:00:52,882
Toyi hame kyaasam :
Dear, everything is you.

00:00:53,000 --> 00:00:54,882
Vey ke che khosh-haalam:
My wellbeing depends on you.

00:00:55,000 --> 00:00:58,982
To ro daaram, Aey zoonam:
I need you, O Life.

00:00:59,000 --> 00:01:02,000
Aey zoonam, dalile boodanam, eshqham:
Oh life, the reason of my being.

00:01:02,001 --> 00:01:03,500
Mes'e khoon too tanam:
You are like blood running in my body.

00:01:03,501 --> 00:01:04,882
Vey ke che khosh-haalam:
It's because of you I am happy now.

00:01:05,000 --> 00:01:06,000
To ro daaram:
I want you.

00:01:26,500 --> 00:01:28,000
Aey zoonam!!:
Hi Life.

00:01:29,000 --> 00:01:33,200
Qhazoonam bi to avrae pore baroonaam:
Without you, Spring for me Is like rain filled skies.

00:01:34,002 --> 00:01:39,782
Biaee zoonaam, Biaee ke qhadre boodane tow midoonam:
Come my life, Coz I know what is the value of your coming.

00:01:40,200 --> 00:01:46,000
Meedooni, aghe begee ke mimooni:
I know, if you say, u'll linger on!.

00:01:46,500 --> 00:01:50,802
Mano be harchi miqhaam miressooni:
I will know that I've got Whatever I had ever wished for! :).

00:01:51,200 --> 00:01:56,000
To ke Zooni!!!! Biae begoo ke mimooni:
Now that you r the life, u gotta Come and tell me that u r gonna hang on.

00:02:26,500 --> 00:02:28,082
Aey zoonam,
Hey Life.

00:02:28,500 --> 00:02:33,082
Maan in hesse gashanggo be to oomad yoonam:
These wonderful feelings are all because of you only!!

00:02:33,400 --> 00:02:40,082
Midoonam!! To donyaa baashe aasheghe to mimoonam:
Know that till world exists, I will be in love with you.

00:02:40,400 --> 00:02:45,082
Midoonam - mimoonam:
I know - I will stay on (wait forever).

Author Daniel B Gillan (1 month)
Great song

Author Mehran Aminzadeh (1 month)
man 100 bar ham beshnavam sir nemisham. Beautiful. I enjoy it, even on
100th time.

Author Nilo LoveToronto (4 months)
in love with this song and video!! <3<3<3

Awesta - Tamana OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2013 HD

Author nimainfinity (2 months)
Javadi's gone historic a couple Decades ago !!! Kapish ?

Author roya sadat (2 months)
can somebody translate this word for word in english plllz i know the
meaning but i want to send to someone and he doesnt know persain 

Author Nuria Mo (2 months)
Ey joonaaaam <3

Author Hatice Mercan (27 days)
nice ;)

Author asenat noori (2 years)

Author Mohammad Afg (1 year)
Love this Song <3

Author Audry Hiporn (21 day)

Author Muhib Amini (23 days)
I love it handsome man 

Author xmelvalx (5 months)
hes hot

Author Quinta das Murtas AL (5 months)
God so hot!

Author iran soldier (7 months)

Author Wolverine Flyer (1 year)
I Love it , Thansk Sami , ur a beast !

Author mina3180 (11 months)
ey joooonam , cool song

Author Mehri Zarnoosh (1 year)
ba tamame vojodam hesesh mikonam,,mahale beshnavam va ashk narizam,,tamame
hafamo to shear mige,,,,,,,,i love it,,,,thank u sami,,,,,

Author animeluv06 (1 year)
Really starting to fall in love with Iranian music ! Love being Farsi
zaban, such a beautiful language <3

Author Sue Messi (8 months)
I likeeeee......from Malaysia. Please someone translate for me to English
.....thanks ya

Author Cathrine20103 (1 year)
zabieramy wam tą piosenkę :) POLSKAAAAA

Author baghbanzadeh F (6 months)
Ey joonam biya ke daghunam ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author Faith Khoshshans (1 year)
Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jo0o0o0o0o0oNam cheghad to sexy hasti.

Author Naghmeh Nz (10 months)
Damesh garm.ahange ghashangie

Author Alireza Baran (1 year)
ey jooooooonam aaaaaaaaaaali bod

Author Elham Yeganeh (1 year)
hamash raghs miare, ey joonam, omram, nafasam :D

Author Ali Shah (10 months)
haha lovely song, ey joonam :)

Author Йегане Исмайылова (6 months)
yes super song

Author Sohrab Karimi (1 year)
chi ahange ghrashang... ey jooonammm umram nafesam esgham

Author Fariba K (1 year)
beautifull song and voice

Author sahra ghasemi (1 year)
so beautiful

Author ZOLIZAR (1 year)

Author Saman Parsa (1 year)
good song!!!!!

Author Ilusionista888 (1 year)
Eyyyy jooonaaaaaaaaam:D

Author Franklin Roosvelt (1 year)

Author Mohammad Bashash (6 months)
Ba hameye harfash,Harf nadare.

Author suzan110 (1 year)
greatttttttttt wowwwwwwwwwwwww well done

Author Mar Shall (1 year)
Repeat , Repeat , Repeat , I've fucked "Repeat" button :D

Author EGora bibak (1 year)
EY Junammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Author shahlla206 (1 year)
love the song and his voice ,,,,,listen to it over and over ,,,,eyyyyyyyyyy

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