Basic kicks - Wado Ryu Karate Jutsu 5

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Author Philip Webb (7 months)
Wouldn't a Mawashigeri be more penetrating if it were to use the ball of
the foot to the jaw rather than the inner front of the foot to slap the

Author SeimeidoTV (2 years)
Saying in "traditional" karate you don't land forward is like saying in
cooking you don't use saucepans, the point is you can but you don't have
to, it depends on the situation there is no rule. You karate must be for
you, if it isn't it will never work, an old man can't fight in the same way
as an 18 year old, so yes not only is it ok it is and always will be karate

Author noax962 (1 year)
in trad kicks go above solar plexus. coz while this looks
good and we all done it..simple kick to balls,game over

Author Crazy93SG (3 years)
I would rather still kick somebodys groin, especially in this country, If I
break ur chin, or legs or anything, u can be responsible of the whole
fight, u cant hurt him much :/ thats why groins work xd expect if u break
his nuts :d

Author Innis& Guns (3 years)
now i know where anderson silva and lyoto machido got their knockout kicks

Author AMidnightSonnet (1 year)
Since when did the sidekick become offensive rather than defensive?

Author ZWoA405 (2 years)
Is this the same as Chojinkai? I used to train Chojinkat and all your vids
of Wado Ryu look identical to Chojinkai.

Author dangkoen (4 years)
Good feel of weak points on the head. Indeed no need to kick higher then
the chin of your opponent.

Author SeimeidoTV (2 years)
No it has no relation to Chojinkai. However both schools are Wado Ryu based
therefore the style of kicking (in terms of preparation and execution) will
likely be very similar as soon in this video. Our school is influenced by
other styles of Karate, Kobudo and Aikijujutsu as can be seen in our videos.

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