How to Make Rice Bibingka

Bibingka is rice muffins or rice cake.

There are many different ways on how to make bibingka. But I am going to show you the bibingka that my Mom and I used to make when I was a young girl. Except, here... in this version, I've added eggs and vanilla extract.

Basically, bibingka is made of ground rice flour, freshly squeezed coconut milk, sugar, and baking powder. On ours, we added anise seeds, if they're available.

We baked our bibingka using a makeshift oven made of large tin can, split in half to make a drawer. (My dad would add a wooden handle to the bottom drawer for easier handling.) Bibingka would usually be baked in tin can rings, another home made gadget, lined with wilted coconut leaves. Hot coals or wood fire are placed at the bottom and top of the makeshift oven. The top coals give the bibingka a nice golden crust.

BTW. Bake rice bibingka in a preheated oven at 400F for 30 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean.

For more information and recipe, please click here:

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Author Harly Jones (21 day)
nahihirapan ka yatang mag english....

Author keyosuke (11 months)
I made a boxed version of this using White King brand Bibingka mix, but now
I will look forward to making it from scratch. Youtube won't let me
respond to the very old comments, but the banana leaves really do add a
delicious flavor, based on when I made it.

Author Johnmark Alvero (11 months)
I luv ur story bhind baking bbingka and also like you i luv cooking using
banana leaves,i luv it! Very much!

Author k leon (1 year)
Kumusta :-), just wanted you to know I enjoy watching your video and the
stories behind it back in the old days. OMG, the part about dividing one
small bibingka into six , reminds me of how 1 piece of fish was cooked into
soup and divided among my 8 cousins and I, along with their parents. To
have a taste of fish was like finding a grain of gold, so we basically made
do with the liquid(soup) as our ulam, going to try making bibingka as I've
tasted before in pinas. God Bless!!!

Author bugi pogi (1 year)
Napaiyak naman ako sa stories mo. I can relate with your experience. Now I
am here in Dubai and I have not to worry about that now as well. :D 

Author Shehgar Lynn (1 year)

Author sayren besire (2 years)
ok masarap.. but ang ibang gumagawa ng bbingka nillagyan nila ng suka.. ang
rice binabbad sa suka.. .. i will try to cook ur bbingka ,, couz parang
mukhang masarap ung genegawa mo .. thank u..

Author maelinDV (1 year)
Great recipe, great presentation too! Thank you. I'm proud to be Pinoy too.

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
You're welcome!

Author tea t (3 years)
wow! yummy!

Author rosepearlcourt (1 year)
Ate i admire i wish to meet you someday

Author ranela (2 years)
Thank you for the recipe, demo, and story!

Author Karlo Angelitud (2 years)
really gud tanx

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
I have another cooking channel here youtube. Look up tessharris1967

Author the1iceking (2 years)
i bet it would taste even better with a slightly burnt top and bottom.

Author YamanNgMahirap (3 years)
@tintin7924 Thanks for your comment... Of course. It would be interesting
to find out how your family make rice bibingka. Maybe you could film
yourself make the bibingka and share it with us... You are welcome to post
it here... ;-)

Author sayren besire (2 years)
bkit bisaya kbah?

Author Melissa Mejia (2 years)
Im trying to learn food from diffrent places im gonna try this one I also
your child hood stories thanks for sharing looks yummy :)

Author Dipatuan kuraat (2 years)
sarap powedi mag order nalang kabayan,sarap yan,saan ka sa us,sa texas ako
hindi ko makitra philipine food here,i miss bibingka mayron pinoy
restaurand dito wla naman bibingka miss ko yan ganyan na ganyan pag gawa ng
nanay ko noong buhay pa siya yami nakakalaway sarap naman,,,

Author Christopher Bioc (1 year)
this is the right way of making bibingka in traditional way, simply the
best.. saan ka sa atin Madam?

Author MsCa143 (2 years)
all i can say i rea lly appreciate of her effrot to share her knowledge on
here...yuung d naka intindi isa lng ibig sabihin nyan tagalog at bisaya lng
ang alam nyong linguahe..tseeeee........ keep posting ur cooking demo
ate..God bless u po

Author spikeya1974 (2 years)
Typical Filipino always have rice cooker in the kitchen.

Author Guitarrachica777 (2 years)
So does the banana leaves give the bibingka a banana flavor?

Author YamanNgMahirap (3 years)
@riqjoy09 You're welcome, thanks!

Author Bebe Menil (2 years)
If you fill the cans close to fuller like 3/4 of the can, you can achieve
the crack on top. Also to make it brown or roasted is to broil it. So the
fire of the oven will be on top. Really work for me.

Author 2328maya (2 years)
manang sana tagalugin o bisayain mo na lang mas pleasing to the ears pa,
masyadong thick ang accent mo... since filipino food ang niluluto mo I'm
sure filipino rin ang manood ng cooking demo mo

Author YamanNgMahirap (3 years)
@Venus914 Depending on where you are abroad... Here in the U.S... banana
leaves are available in most Asian or Filipino stores... however, I was
lucky to find fresh ones at our local supermarket where Latin or Mexican
food products are being sold.

Author tryingnothard (2 years)
love your video

Author Vino Zorolla (2 years)
Lamia oi!

Author Shielary San Siego-Briggs (2 years)
bisaya uy

Author YamanNgMahirap (3 years)
@ysabelmichaela Hi Ysabel... Yes. It is a Visayan version. And YES, if you
are grinding the rice yourself, you need to soak it in coconut milk
overnight. Here is a link of how my mom original made these. It will gives
you a great idea on the whole process...

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
Honestly... I've never used white rice powder. I've always used white rice
flour. Rice powder would be finer than the powder. Next time you have
access to rice powder... please read the back label and find out if it is
recommended for bibingka recipes. Otherwise, you'd have to do 'trial and
error." Test it with this recipe and see what type of results you get... ;)

Author YamanNgMahirap (3 years)
@mamoahina You're welcome. And thanks for your comments.

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
You're welcome!

Author Hajul Ellah (3 years)
Do you have more cooking videos? I like your style of cooking.

Author Josephine Scott (2 years)
What if you don't have leaves to put on your bibingka mix? Is there another
option or can we use paper bibingka cups instead of leaves?

Author mitze chan (1 year)
salamat po ang galing mo .this my favorite pilipino kakanin bibingka....

Author Venus914 (3 years)
Hi...where do you buy the banana wrappings when you're abroad?

Author arnel villamala (2 years)
Hi guys, try also the taste of our Bibingka in Dalaguete Cebu.

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
Thanks HawaiianKiller3yes!

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
Thanks HawaiianKiller3yes!

Author Judith Z (2 years)
Thanks for the recipe. I'll try it. I'm from Cebu, was eating bibingka my
mother made using the crude oven you described. I was my Mom's helper in
her cooking but never learned that recipe coz I lost her @ age 12. Thanks
agaikn. God bless you.

Author joebelle hernandes (2 years)
hi i like the ingredients thatyou used here, the same ingredients that my
grandma is using way back in questions is white rice flour is
the same with rice powdered? and in mindanao i dont think so that they are
using eggs and anise seeds..can i still cook it w/out those?will it turn
out good taste?I really want to make it for my husband.:) pls reply...

Author joshchicago2008 (2 years)
I appreciate your video, your effort and your story. You did not mention
where you are from. Nonetheless, Filipino cooking is very regional, that's
what makes it interesting and so delicious! Take care!

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
I've not used paper bibingka cups. You mean muffin cups, right? Of
course... try using the "tin foil muffin cups" that you can buy at the
grocery store her in the U.S.

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)
No it does not. I can't describe it to you... you'd have to taste it!

Author baby73326 (3 years)
@tintin7924 yes i want to have the recipe of mandaue bibingka which is the
original. thanks

Author angel rollon (2 years)
miss... pls try to talk in tagalog... much better pakinggan kesa sa english
thou ok ung accent... kaso para pong nag ppumilit kau na mgka british
accent with bisaya version ... salamt po... nice video...... nkka irita
lang po ung boses.. pra pong c aling dionisia,,.. ^_^

Author girlfriendisbetter (2 years)
Thank you for posting! What a great recycling tip (using tuna cans). You're
a charming lady, hope to see more videos and I'm going to try bibingka

Author YamanNgMahirap (2 years)

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