tdp4 hack speed, ammo, reload, and teleport part 1

These videos show you how to hack TDP4. unlimited ammo, prefect accuracy, fast reload, speed hack, and teleport. any questions please send me a message or comment. Thanks for watching. P.S. any other hacks you want to know ask me and i'll see what i can do.

Part 2 of video

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Author Avi Baumah (1 year)
flash player plugin is found only when using firefox

Author Yixin Ardi (2 years)
i can make the accuracy always better (diffrent with yours).

Author samed haveri (1 year)
i cant find the flash player plugin!!! please help

Author Pretty Gorgeous (1 year)
6.2 is fake!

Author Yixin Ardi (2 years)
can you hack money????

Author T Mazz (2 years)
Hacker can you make a infint money hack and cash hack or ghost hack plz
Would Love e reply thx!

Author ali karim (1 year)
No not fake you best you awesome

Author mally mazzare (1 year)
dude how do you actually make hacks

Author samed haveri (1 year)
make a room with password

Author ali karim (1 year)
I like and sub and comment

Author AHMED SALAH (1 year)
look all first create with password and open cheat engine 6.2 write the
ammo like the ak-47 is 30 ammo write the gun ammo and click first scan and
go to the game again and fire 1 time and go to cheat engine again and now
your ammo is 29 like the first ammo is 30 and you fire 1 time it will be 29
write 29 and click next scan in the te it must be 1 found only to work ok
click on it and click on the address and press 9999 and ammo will be 9999
thanks for reading text for helping visit my facebook

Author Алексей Иванов (1 year)
америкашка тупой

Author rafael cruz (1 year)
hello how to do tdp4 protecion password pls :'(

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