How to Download Free Movies on Your Laptop or Desktop Computer! Updated 2013!

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Whats up everybody this is Scarfather123 here back with another video. Today I'm going to be showing you guys how to download Movies for FREE on your laptop or desktop computer. Its very easy and simple to do it just takes a few simple steps. Remember to download uTorrent in order to make this work. If you guys need any help just leave the question in the comments below & I will be happy to help you out. But the is been another Scarfather123 video & i will catch you guys with the next video. Peace!


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Author LightingLloydZigzag (3 months)
Man, I want to do this, but I always think I'm going to mess up. No
problems will occur right? Because I have a MacBookPro.

Author ric colvard (7 days)
If your ISP see's u using uTorrent or bit torrent or any torrent they will
throttle your connection. U might say no ive checked and my speed test say
everything's good but ur ISP sends and downloads threw torrent programs
through a diff tunnel than ur IE so u get throttled. Also if u don't use a
program called Peer block then ur ISP will see u downloading Copyrighted
material and can sue u for it or fine u. so be carful.

Author Aaron Bill (5 months)
nice background :D

Author Taven (4 months)
its for the kick ass torrents one. He might've mispelt it

Author Aidan Hughes (1 day)
can i copy these file types from laptop to iphone 4s

Author Dylan Randall (17 days)
Can you play movies with .avi on an xbox 360?

Author arthur nico (11 days)
would it work on window xp

Author Troy Bascom (1 month)
how do u download the movies to iPhones to watch when u want to

Author GamingFTW (1 month)
lets say i wanted to download the movie in blue ray. how would i convert

Author Ybiang Bless (20 days)
very clear instructions! thank you sir!

Author Renee Rodriguez (25 days)
how do I download for mac?

Author eugenio lugo (17 days)
How do you burn it in a dvd

Author LIGHT747GAMES (2 months)
What the fuck are u a fucking perv bitch fuck change your wallpaper 

Author Hamza biihi (2 months)
how to i download movie translate in arabic in website you telling as

Author Ni Pich (1 month)
How to Download Free Movies on Your Laptop or Des…:

Author arlene macdonald (2 months)
hey adrian! thanks for sharing. you did a great job of
teaching....[perhaps you have a future there?) i think its going to work.

Author Michelle Coto (1 month)
Thank you so much!!! It works and it didn't have any virus

Author SnipeMeOut (1 month)
never mined it didnt work

Author thatKIDO Steff (2 months)
It lets me play the movie but theres no video, its like the music waves..

Author Dinesh Hettiarachchi (2 months)
y they ask me to download freeworldapp? is it safe to download that app ?
please some one tell me?

Author joseph batas (7 months)
i cant watch your video cause my dad is at my back,please change your

Author eugenio lugo (17 days)
Hey man thank

Author KrockaKnock (3 months)
btw this is a waste of time... its alot easier to download movies in like 2

Author Billy Petit-blanc (2 months)
thank you can you do more

Author Fiona Pearce (3 months)
how do you download a free movie and burn it to a disc what size disc do
you need to be able to watch and play in a normal dvd player through the

Author Justina Garcia (2 months)
You are the shizz nit, thank you so much

Author ianliwaalwijk gamer (5 months)
What is the name of your background

Author Laura Schotter (2 months)
Thanks! It helped me a lot !!!

Author mourad fouiny (3 months)
speake easy brother cuz i dont understand

Author Sean Macalintal (3 months)
How to download movies now on my channel!!!

Author limheng loeng (2 months)
How to download TV Show??

Author mustafa imtiazuddin (4 months)
thanks man i was looking for this forever but now i know, right now i am
downloading this and ill see what happen after that, again man thanks

Author aVex BOSS (3 months)
Help it said: Error - site blocked

Author tonywasin (4 months)
thanks man, love this site. good info, appreciate it
. I even subscribed to you

Author SnipeMeOut (1 month)
thanks man

Author Mallissa Cruse (2 months)
Thanks man!!!!

Author shadowfey (3 months)
ya forgot to let these people know if they get caught they get sued for
hundred thousands of dollars and arrested

Author Nikolas celovic (2 months)
it did not work =?

Author Abhishek Persad (4 months)
whats the name of the program on mac u need to watch the avi files?

Author Kawaii NoOne (18 days)
your background xD

Author isaiah roach (4 months)
mine only takes about 5min to download

Author zFlxy (9 months)
the kickass link doesn't work!?

Author Henning Waloen (9 months)
my download speed is 1.1mb/sec, is that good?

Author Thrashingskull ripper (8 months)
To make it easier if you have android download the utorrenz app

Author jaiden lancaster (5 months)
what if i dosn't open utorent when you download the movie

Author TenderN Raw (5 months)
@Adrian Feliciano - You Rock
@RaGz Fly - yeah it does you have to punch in

Author Sandra Wong (4 months)
its very very good thanks

Author Dianna Louise (5 months)
Thankyou so much:) ur my hero

Author Deathgaming (9 months)
guys please tell me a link to watch free movies...
I cant seem to find a working way

Author mustafa imtiazuddin (4 months)
ohh yess man thanks a lot worked for me 

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