Pitts S-2A

Walk around a Pitts S-2A

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GoPro HD Featuring an RC Pitts Engine Blown in Flight. The pilot managed to save this beautiful Pitts biplane.
DLE 222 in der Pitts Prometheus von Patric Leis
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Das Video zum FMT Bericht über den Test des DLE 222 im Heft FMT 11/2011.


Author Randy L. Renner (8 months)

Author Howard Simmons (3 years)
Yes, "VH" is Australian, though the aircraft was imported from USA

Author Claudiomiro Oliveira (3 years)
And a beautiful machine. I am looking for one in the USA for purchase.
Tuition VH is Australia? I'm from Brazil.

Author WIPilot1993 (5 years)
Lovely Plane. By Far my favorite General Aviation plane.

Author William Olave (5 years)
It is the most beautiful plane ever build

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