QI Series B Episode 6 - Beavers

With Anneka Rice, Sean Lock and Bill Bailey.

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Author Stefan G. Bucher (3 months)
Point of order: 12:20 -- The Special Olympics and the Paralympics are
different events.

Author DoomedLich (2 months)
+Griffin Gaming Yep. That would be a Golden Spiral. They probably wanted a
design that looked 'smart' and went with that.

Author Kohl Methven (6 months)
Just to clear it up: There is one Moon and 4 satellites 

Author TheScientist0000000 (1 month)
Stephen is manic as hell in this episode.

Author garpol51 (8 months)
Forgot how pathetic Alan used to be!

Author kerbalspacevideos (5 months)
+kohl methven the moon is a satellite :|

Author Michaela Ingram (8 months)
Sean Locke's a condescending prick in this episode. 

Author Fugillmysta118 (8 months)
When I saw this episode was called 'Beavers', I expected there to be a
vagina joke at some point. I was not disappointed.

Author 72dubie (1 month)
Anneka, nice on rice

Author ewardflower (2 months)
Is a front bottom a dick butt?

Author thomas auton (6 months)
Oh hello! *puffs on pipe*

Author KustomKulture1107187 (1 year)
Justins mum has a beaver.

Author Zupapa Zupap (9 months)
Very condescending approach to learning difficulties by Alan there (12:22).
Not a good example to be setting.

Author Griffin Gaming (1 year)
It just dawned on me that the big loopy metal bits infront of the screens
demonstrates the principle of phi in way of golden rectangles. Mind = Blown

Author Zack Ward (1 year)
I was a Caesarean birth. My dad hated Alexander the Great.

Author youknuckle (1 year)
Bit mean to Alan on this one :(

Author elwynbrooks (1 year)
Alan looks so cute and young! I like his hair short <3

Author mockslacker23 (1 year)
"So why do I go out killing?"

Author douro20 (1 year)
I'd imagine that Bill Bailey could play all of those instruments with a
good amount of proficiency.

Author krys le nocturnal (10 months)

Author ReginaViolet (1 year)
I was a caeserian birth, because my mother always liked that hairstyle.

Author gjaddajg (1 year)
They missed the fourth contestant it seemed...

Author burgundydalia (1 year)
Oh Stephen... that was low : "Stupi--- I mean Alan"

Author Nexius8 (1 year)

Author Thecuregalore94 (1 year)
"Stephen! What are you pissing through these days?" HAHAHAHA xD

Author acerflots (1 year)
Alan Davies asks all the questions I don't have the guts to ask

Author metafis (1 year)
Feel a bit sorry for Anneka, she must feel like a spectator watching the
funny guys.

Author Thecuregalore94 (1 year)
The joy on Alan's face when he hits that bell sound.

Author 00sAreTops (1 year)
That poor woman was out of her element.

Author Zachary Sizemore (1 year)
Sean Lock is probably my favorite panelist of them all. He is absolutely

Author rabbittraps (8 months)
magnetic energy.

Author FrauDaphna (1 year)
Fry the great!!!

Author rohvmal (9 months)
All that book-reading and Sean Lock tied with Alan Davis. SO "hmpf" to him.

Author rohvmal (1 year)
I think that's why he does it, actually. Just watching him over ten seasons
you sort of think, that guy is here to have fun, and ask questions, and
make us feel less bad for being completely ignorant. He's so loveable, and
if he doesn't know something, and he's so loveable, no one is going to hate
me for being an idiot!

Author 88fredmcfred (1 year)
10 points to Alan for bollocks

Author FEAJramdomfilms (1 year)
The pope is not allowed to eat beaver... He is to remain celibate...!

Author spanderholic (1 year)

Author Emily Nelson (9 months)
I worked in child care for three very long years and I SWEAR the kids got
worse on a full moon. Don't ask me how, but sure enough, every month....

Author rabbittraps (8 months)
it's magnetic.

Author napalmhardcore (1 year)
Anneka has aged really well.

Author tsvc2010 (9 months)
Bill's wearing a Jimi Hendrix shirt. He just became so much cooler!

Author Linalichan (2 years)
Thank you so much Nick. Keep it up, you're brilliant!

Author drumstick74 (1 year)
Thanks for uploading!

Author WalterLiddy (1 year)
Damn now I'm hooked on these all over again.

Author Will Jonassen (9 months)
For me, the hidden gem in this episode centers around the full moon
dialogue, and how it doesn't actually contribute to our strangeness, when
Sean Lock chimes up with, "So why do I go out killing?" I just had to pause
the whole thing to regain my composure and stop crying, still laughing...

Author Roberts Rozentāls (1 year)
Is it true about the Spanish football team ?

Author Macphile2 (1 year)
Alan: That's intellectually disabled, not "mad."

Author Morgan Tobin (1 year)
You watched this too?

Author agnosticChurchworker (9 months)
The oft-used argument is that "once one knows their future, they have
none." Therefore if you have the preconcieved notion that the people, or
kids, get more nutty during full moons, it will effect your mood, which
would in turn effect your surroundings negatively. But I'm just an armchair

Author princeofbohemia (9 months)
18:00 just a quick bookmark so I can always go back to this series of

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