Viking Engine, Viking Aircraft Engine, Viking Honda aircraft engine conversion

Viking Aircraft Engine, Viking Honda automotive aircraft engine conversion. The Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer talks to the folks from Viking Aircraft Engines about their Honda automotive aircraft engine conversion.

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Author Sherwood FiftyThirtyBC (2 months)
Fit engine is certainly a wise choice. A Canadian award winning
automotives student told me at school he did a tuneup on a Fit engine with
800,000Km. Compression was perfect on 3 cylinders and WELL within spec on
cylinder 4. Didn't burn oil to begin with, so they decided to change rings
on 4th cylinder, new timing belt and sent it on it's way. It's still
racking up miles delivering pizzas. Honda's race bikes in the 1960s rev'd
anywhere from 18,000 (250-500cc) to 23,000 (50cc) rpm so I don't think you
have to worry about 4500 rpm.

Author Maxwell Hille (7 months)
Anyone else notice how much this guy looks like MacGyver???

Author vince38curious2 (3 months)
Prop RPM cruise = 2100rpm = engine rpm = 4893rpm just for those lazy people
out there :-D

Author ntydk (9 months)
Very nice sale person. He always give you a great answer in selling its
product, but not responding to your questions in many instances.

Author Kean Nam Yeoh (1 year)
For my friend that want to build kit plane..
Viking Engine, Viking Aircraft Engine, Viking Honda aircraft engine

Author Tony Tran (1 year)
it's so amazing...! Mine vehicle is a Honda. Perfectly work all time. Best
reliable, fast and economical engine. I've been switched from Ford to
Honda. I am very happy with it. I give Honda a Six Stars instead Five. Best

Author leneanderthalien (1 year)
Wiking=110hp...this is a engine for light aircrafts (exists in european UL
version limited at 100HP)

Author Scrapheap71 (2 years)
Is this the same engine that Honda tried as a competitor to the IO-360 on a
Piper Seneca?

Author VT401 (1 year)
Oh my God... we got half a dozen of these!! the Fit's! I didn't know these
engines could be used as aircraft engines!

Author c4pilot29902 (1 year)
Tough decision between this and the new lycoming lsa engine (233). It will
come down to tbo on the Viking and hourly fuel burn.

Author grissomairport (2 years)
I might just have to buy one of those Fit so I can say, my car has a
aircraft engine in it!

Author aviationvideoblog (2 years)
I want one!

Author Mark Lilay (1 year)
I'm really impressed

Author John Harrison (2 years)

Author Mrflyright2day (2 years)
I'm impressed. Well done guys...

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