Prototype Camera Crane Jib Pan/Tilt Head

This is a camera crane I built a few years ago along with a pan/tilt head. I am currently on my 5th prototype crane and hope to bring it to market very soon. this is a photo of this one finished

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Author Sethy Jean-Pierre (3 months)
Good job!!! Where did you get this joystick from?

Author Foto Klub Tražilo (3 months)
where I can Buy biger gear likr this????

Author Gaurav chandrashekhar (5 months)
Hey.. Video Is Coooollll.. I need a lil Help of U...!!!
Can u Plz Tel me How You Varied Ua Motor Speed?? Means wat u Used for
That?? :)
N why we use 2 Gears of Different Size ??? plz Help ME... :)

Author Rudie Mac (1 year)

Author Zsolt Boica (2 years)
Thanks a lot. The problem is that I'm from Europe, Romania, and I could not
find gears like this at all.

Author Manjula Alagiyawanna (1 year)
what is the RPM of this motors

Author Jeremy Sawatzky (2 years)
look up servocity on google!

Author Callum Burns (1 year)
Do you have any images of this fully built? I found your thread on reduser
forum but all the images no longer show up! :(

Author Zsolt Boica (2 years)
Can you tell me where did you get the big gear?

Author Sandy Oumar (1 year)
what a smooth rotation! ,, wonderful

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