Winding of an Electric DC Motor

This video illustrates the process of winding an Electric DC Motor by Florida Bearings.

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Author Nguyen Trong Nguyen ( ago)

Author Dian Herpadiana ( ago)
I 'm understand why you choice that music,...
But great job

Author Bakjam Gai ( ago)
lol chinese guy in the video is like, why the fuck is this guy following me
around with a camera!

Author Eden Adam ( ago)

Author Multvolts ( ago)

Author Mauricio Galano ( ago)
Beautiful work, congrats!

Author jeff fraley ( ago)
Wow, I am fighting to hear the narration because.... grrrrrr really?
Who's idea was that? 

Author joseph mcgish ( ago)
excellent learning video UNFORTUNATELY you left that damn hill billy crap
going in the background and I put a bullet thru my brain 2 minutes in
%#&)&&$%$$%egadds !!!!

Author nam le van ( ago)
Mr Thien...Vietnamese

Author llVIU ( ago)
that is the most enthusiastic person I ever heard in my life. Also,
bullshit music. I got my own music if I want to listen to music, not your
melancholic/depressive bullshit music that makes it hard to understand what
you're saying. It's already hard enough as it is to understand what you're
saying. drink 3 liters of coffee next time before making a video

Author Ghahu ( ago)
why the music, and why country??? good video though

Author Nathan Swisshelm ( ago)
Turn the fucking music off dumb ass!

Author Jack Jiang ( ago)
Why the music here? I am confused,it made trouble...

Author dennis Bergkamp ( ago)
Why do Americans sing songs and constantly talk about being free? They're
free to do only two things, free to work or free to starve.

Author dennis Bergkamp ( ago)
This man has a very relaxing assuring tone, the music is bollocks though.

Author E. Edgar Bruce (267 years ago)
Very interesting and varied field of work this....rotating electric
machinery repair, dc or ac, motor/generator; and winding design,
construction and installation. Good clear video.

Author AllienKreature ( ago)
Help; how many possible contacts would exist in a starter motor which has
25 commutator contacts? 26 only? are 32 possible? 

Author Bill H ( ago)
The music has to go. I'd much rather hear your comments.

Author UglyArmadillo ( ago)
Nikola Tesla mastered armature winding. I learned how to optimize my motor
through his work. You can buy his collection of patents on amazon

Author Ivan Ivanov ( ago)
Nice video !!! :))) 

Author Tarro Tarro ( ago)

Author stargate905 ( ago)
i have always admired the work of motor re-builders or winders

Author Masto Page ( ago)
No music Growwwwww

Author Carmel Pule' ( ago)
It looks like a lap wound machine with one turn coil consisting of three
parallel wires. I used to make such motors with solid bars as in the
starter motors. I appreciate the equaliser hidden behind the commutator, I
never made one like that as the equalisers were at the other side of the
winding, no mistakes here, eh?
In my time around 1954 to 56 while doing my apprenticeship with the Royal
Navy, I remember putting the armatures in a tall column where we first
heated it UNDER VACUUM CONDITIONS and then without opening it to atmosphere
we opened a valve and the varnish or shellac would enter to immerse the
armature. The the shellac would be drained off through vacuum control and
the heat applied again to dry it. Once it went in for this procedure it was
never subjected to the atmosphere ensuring that all humidity was
extracted. But the Royal Navy could afford the best back then.
We used to wrap steel bands around the armature to hold in the winding and
in the slots we used a half round ebonite or such old material by another
name. Leatheroid and fibreglass tape I remember and I obtained better
cooling than shown in this video. The worse are fully enclosed motors as
used in coal mining activities.

Author Định Lê ( ago)
Is he Thien Vietnamese?

Author GManGT ( ago)
the music made me want to 'wind' a noose

Author TehNetherlands ( ago)
ready to power my grandmom's mobility scooter

Author Frank UHMW ( ago)
I'm curious how much motor winders make an hour. I'm sure it depends but an
average say.

Author ulas sahin ( ago)
Seriously Florida Bearings. An awesome video but you´ve destroyed it with
that background music. Please eliminate it and let the craftsman's talking
do the "singing".

Author stevegek ( ago)
Was looking to wind my own hobby-motor... which is 1:500th the size of this
beast. And just kept on watching this movie. Nice, great craftsmanship. 

Author MrUnder30seconds ( ago)
stick that in your funjet

Author michael settlemire ( ago)
Interesting video. There are several flaws in this video, first off the
coil leads are tinned, a armature of this size should have coils tig welded
to the commutator. The problem with soldering a comm is as the motor is
loaded and the temperature increases the solder will melt and sling out,
causing a open circuit in the commutator. Next they banded the armature all
the way up to the back side of the commutator riser.thus cutting off the
air flow that would normally cool the armature. This armature will fail
because the winder did not pay close attention to what he was doing .Air
flow is essential in cooling a D.C.motor.

Author Miguel Serrano ( ago)
Watched about 30 second of it, heard the country music in the background
then quit watching!

Author malik maliksahab ( ago)

Author Franco Brizuela ( ago)
whats ussualy the purpose of this motor?

Author Mark Paine (1890 years ago)
Loose the music. 

Author arklanbk ( ago)
is this guy drunk or slow or something? he talks slow/slurred

Author Robert Saballa ( ago)
I've been rewinding DC locomotives for 12 years mostly this are
manufactured by CLAYTON of this type others are GOODMAN, JEFFRY, GENERAL
ELECTRIC, the commutator segments are Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welded. WAVE
winding is used

Author hashem hashemi ( ago)
Why on earth would you mix in elevator music?

Author Traf Rellik ( ago)
Nice video, although I had to turn the audio off to avoid all that noise in
the background (some might call it music, but it's just ear pain to me).

Author Gutsyndicate ( ago)
our machines are hand made and baked, while our food is processed and
machine made?

Author Gutsyndicate ( ago)
what is with the country music?

Author Don Foster ( ago)
Very interesting video. Instrumental music (or none at all) would have been
a lot easier to hear the craftsman through instead of singing. Old guys
like me are already three quarters deaf.

Author g2macs ( ago)
How to make an interesting subject dull.......1. shaky iPhone..2. mumbled
commentary....3....Garth Brooks type Brokeback Mountain music, yeeeh haah!

Author Ccm Casey ( ago)
big fucking dc motor.

Author John Aseniero ( ago)
What's the title of the background music..?

Author Bongnang missingU ( ago)

Author Phil Karn ( ago)
What is the rating of this motor?

Author ElectroGod ( ago)
Nice video, just turn the country down a notch

Author ahmed shams ( ago)

Author Eddie Kilby ( ago)
I believe I could have better under stood him If they didn't have that
confounded music in the background.

Author Bandicoot803 ( ago)
Too much music, especially when it gets very loud at the end! A good way to
spoil a informative video with music!

Author bongojim420 ( ago)
Not only does the music suck it is too loud.
Besides that wow a lot of work!

Author duenodelustucru ( ago)
Chinese patience and craftsmanship, of course.

Author f wtennis ( ago)
can u please tell me what is that measuring device that is used in the
video to measure the temperature.....I like this video.....Thanks a lot

Author Matthew Dulude ( ago)
Whats the shitty ass music have to do with these windings.

Author Jordan Rayfus ( ago)
How big is this motor?!?!

Author joeashbubemma ( ago)
Labor intensive work, these guys are craftsmen.

Author Alem Aklil ( ago)
Winding of an Electric DC Motor

Author Dan Frederiksen ( ago)
The camera work is too restless and shaky. The music is way too country.
Also speak a little clearer. Don't kill the messenger. 

Author Kasin Sitthiroj ( ago)

Author Matheus Moreira ( ago)
Is it going to be put in a Dover elevator traction mechine? Just
wondering... that would be amazing...

Author Walter's Playground ( ago)
Electric motors are complex marvels of engineering... don't underestimate.

Author George Louis ( ago)
wow I got two many negative votes. I know a motor spins around and I know a
little more about them now then I did before.

Author spirogrinder2 ( ago)
you plug it in and it spins around - viola!

Author Chakaj Chaiviratikul ( ago)

Author Ssembwa David ( ago)
what happens to the papers when it is being heat?

Author Ayman Milhem ( ago)
seconding the motion!!

Author Willi Bleimeister ( ago)
Just in case you have ever wondered what's inside a DC motor.

Author G. Gibson ( ago)
Just in case you have ever wondered what's inside a DC motor.

Author Bridget Wolfe (Pan Incarnate) ( ago)
Just in case you have ever wondered what's inside a DC motor.

Author Dimitri Andreou ( ago)
Oh that music... I am in love with electric motors too <3

Author LHUPA ( ago)
Great work! It would be a masterpiece!

Author Ronnie DJ ( ago)
Great video. It looks like you guys do top notch work. Motor looks like a
first class American made product.

Author dtiydr ( ago)
That had to take about a whole day to do all that?

Author coolmanhalo ( ago)
background music in a technical video ? i opened this to learn something
not listen to country music... cmon man

Author Relojeria Ulrich ( ago)
What is the name of the two themes used for the video? very good, greetings
from Argentina

Author Юрий Урьев ( ago)
Ремонт древнего движка на щётках..

Author scb232 ( ago)
Electricity is like water flow. Electric current is like the speed and
direction of the water flowing. Voltage is like water pressure, it
determines how much work the electricity will do. In an armature the
windings have two ends. One end will have current run into it and the other
will have current run out. The reason why the ends are so far apart is
because current flowing into the winding will make a north magnet around it
and current flowing out will make a south magnet (or vice versa)

Author scb232 ( ago)
windings and the positioning of the brushes changes the magnetic field
between the windings based on their relation to the field coils that
basically act as constant north and south pole magnets (they alternate so
in a 4 pole motor it would be N S N S each would be 90 degrees apart). It
is easier to understand with a visual. (google DC motor animation and the
first one should be a 2 pole motor) In the animation the big blue and red
objects are the field coils and the armature is simplified.

Author scb232 ( ago)
Learning the basics of electricity and magnetism shouldn't require math if
it's taught correctly. George, this is a video about armature winding, not
about its function. The armature windings create magnetic fields between
them in the grey iron core seen in the video. Because of the position of
the brushes and windings the magnetic field will change from
"North"/"South". There are things called "field coils" inside the motor
that are stationary electromagnets. The armature rotates because its

Author Theopolis Winston ( ago)
Do not let anyone tell you how to learn, no matter how many meaningless
pieces of paper they may have. Anyone who goes to lengths to try and throw
negative energy deserves no attention. Just study it all day, everyday.
Fuck your TV, radio, and entertainment. Train your mind...blah
get the point. If it does not work you are not doing it right! ; )

Author George Louis ( ago)
I understand what you are saying. I believe really out there stuff then I
realized my beliefs were not justified. I believed these things because of
the internet. I WANT TO LEARN! but I have a learning disability. I can't
learn from books. Just typing online (which I do often) is overwhelmingly
frustrating. My eyes hurt when I type, my brain can't even remember the
whole of the paragraph I typed. It's very foggy and frustrating. I like
videos, they help me learn.

Author Voxters ( ago)
60% of the Youtube/Internet wonabe students belive in perpedual motion...
altleast that should open your eyes. The Time where Internet was a source
of wisdom is gone for years. Today its all about Money, Trolling, and
attention (and sex offcourse) Best way to learn? Good old Books! Magnetism
+ Electricity is 95% math. Sorry about my English... German Dipl. Ing. of

Author George Louis ( ago)
You got a better idea!?

Author Voxters ( ago)
LEARNING about Magnetism and Electricity in Youtube..... omfg...

Author Ed Charles ( ago)
outstanding armature was tested before and after banding. a lot of folks do
not set coils and relieve the pressure from the corners before cutting off
coil ends. if the coil ends are cut off before testing and there is a
problem you may not be able to reuse the coils

Author FloridaBearings ( ago)
Yes, that is correct.

Author FloridaBearings ( ago)
The reason for the 45 degree angle is to have the coil ends meet at the
proper slot of the commentator.

Author Raul Costa ( ago)

Author rick james ( ago)
freedom is a lie i hope you know

Author Barry Morton ( ago)
You left out the dirty work. Looks like it was soldered and the you had to
clean the varnish off the part of the shaft that was dipped before the bake

Author skyflyer900 ( ago)
What i am talking about below can also be seen very well at 2:15 . Both
sides of the coil have about 45 degree bends instead of just having the
coil go across the armature as a straight line.

Author skyflyer900 ( ago)
Why do the coils on the armature bend about 45 degrees before being
inserted into the commutator? As seen at 1:56

Author supermike2164 ( ago)
there gotta be a better way

Author FloridaBearings ( ago)
Thanks for the suggestion.

Author noone sya ( ago)
like the sOng...

Author EJ 877 ( ago)
I guess you could call this an armature video...

Author XxNatrixX ( ago)
Woahh!! bakers test box! Use one of them myself! fine piece of equipment!

Author ka7wyf ( ago)
haha good luck. get a magnet off your mamas fridge and play a bit haha

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