Winding of an Electric DC Motor

This video illustrates the process of winding an Electric DC Motor by Florida Bearings.

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Author Brian Wolfe (6 months)
Just in case you have ever wondered what's inside a DC motor.

Author hashem hashemi (5 days)
Why on earth would you mix in elevator music?

Author Traf Rellik (6 days)
Nice video, although I had to turn the audio off to avoid all that noise in
the background (some might call it music, but it's just ear pain to me).

Author Don Foster (23 days)
Very interesting video. Instrumental music (or none at all) would have been
a lot easier to hear the craftsman through instead of singing. Old guys
like me are already three quarters deaf.

Author Ccm Casey (1 month)
big fucking dc motor.

Author Dan Frederiksen (5 months)
The camera work is too restless and shaky. The music is way too country.
Also speak a little clearer. Don't kill the messenger. 

Author duenodelustucru (4 months)
Chinese patience and craftsmanship, of course.

Author Phil Karn (2 months)
What is the rating of this motor?

Author PsychoNarcoSatanico (2 months)
Nice video, just turn the country down a notch

Author Jordan Rayfus (4 months)
How big is this motor?!?!

Author John Aseniero (1 month)
What's the title of the background music..?

Author f wtennis (4 months)
can u please tell me what is that measuring device that is used in the
video to measure the temperature.....I like this video.....Thanks a lot

Author Matthew Dulude (4 months)
Whats the shitty ass music have to do with these windings.

Author g2macs (1 month)
How to make an interesting subject dull.......1. shaky iPhone..2. mumbled
commentary....3....Garth Brooks type Brokeback Mountain music, yeeeh haah!

Author Bandicoot803 (3 months)
Too much music, especially when it gets very loud at the end! A good way to
spoil a informative video with music!

Author Sompong Tungmepol (1 year)
Winding of an Electric DC Motor

Author joeashbubemma (5 months)
Labor intensive work, these guys are craftsmen.

Author XxNatrixX (10 months)
Woahh!! bakers test box! Use one of them myself! fine piece of equipment!

Author Ayman Milhem (6 months)
seconding the motion!!

Author FloridaBearings (1 year)
Thank you for your suggestion.

Author rick james (9 months)
freedom is a lie i hope you know

Author FloridaBearings (1 year)
I'm sorry you didn't like the music. We will take that into consideration
for future videos. Thanks for the suggestion.

Author scootd1 (1 year)
Just wanted to make clear that I meant no disrespect at all. Just didn't
want people to think that was the same motor. You guys obviously know what
you're doing. Also by the way I like the music too! I am working in my 27th
year of electric motor repair and have enjoyed the videos that you have
posted. I am working in large motor assembly at IPS Carolina in SC. Keep up
the good work!!

Author FloridaBearings (1 year)
Yes, it is a different motor during the heat test. Our objective was to
illustrate the complete winding process, but we were lacking footage of
that step. Good eye!

Author Prashant Chormale (1 year)
Thank you sir

Author nikushim666 (1 year)
Mylar works just fine for High voltage, just not high current. Current +
resistance = vaporized Mylar. Mica is good for high current due its high
thermal stability (Phlogopite can tolerate up to 900c) However you also
have to account for its dielectric nature.

Author tartin69 (1 year)
Your tinning marks are to long,never allow tinning around your
bends(potential coil shorts),coils are to slack in the slot,would recommend
a slot packer,my policy is to always over tape the whole coil in
terylene,dont Americans wedge,a top packer with banding tape is a cop
out,must be a 4 pole anything above would disintegrate on over speed

Author George Louis (6 months)
wow I got two many negative votes. I know a motor spins around and I know a
little more about them now then I did before.

Author FloridaBearings (1 year)
The insulation paper is called nomex/ mylar/ momex. You can purchase from
the Essex Brownell website...YouTube won't allow me to place the link in
this reply or I would give it to you. Hope this helps! (And sorry for the
delayed response.)

Author noone sya (9 months)
like the sOng...

Author BenReece101 (1 year)
This video would have been more enjoyable sans country music.

Author eddiequest4 (1 year)
It looks like a good video. But UGGG - that "music" made it difficult to
hear - it's GOT to goooooooooo.

Author brad will (1 year)
it would be better to vpi the armature then diping it

Author HWman1991 (8 months)
Вот как выглядит рождение коллекторного мотора

Author scb232 (8 months)
Electricity is like water flow. Electric current is like the speed and
direction of the water flowing. Voltage is like water pressure, it
determines how much work the electricity will do. In an armature the
windings have two ends. One end will have current run into it and the other
will have current run out. The reason why the ends are so far apart is
because current flowing into the winding will make a north magnet around it
and current flowing out will make a south magnet (or vice versa)

Author Matheus Moreira (5 months)
Is it going to be put in a Dover elevator traction mechine? Just
wondering... that would be amazing...

Author my05hammer (2 years)
Thanks for the answer.

Author FloridaBearings (1 year)
Thanks for your input. I'll try to fix that.

Author Chinnu Skumar (1 year)
plz edit this video so that we can what the techie is saying..

Author stripes5150 (11 months)
Biggest step...where to

Author Mustafa Daif (1 year)

Author Darcy Takhar (1 year)
how does it take to finish one. That seems pretty fine job

Author fpm1979 (1 year)
I liked the music and the video too. Jimmy Buffet comes to my mind. :)

Author FloridaBearings (1 year)
I'm sorry you don't like the music and thanks for the suggestion. We will
take that into consideration on future videos we make. Not sure on the
jerky video....I haven't had that complaint from anyone else. Maybe it was
a bad internet connection??

Author manhdywtrt35327373re (1 year)
this guy is FILIPINO nice one pride of our country thru skills work keep it
up man show us what you've got... rock en roll dudes!

Author supermike2164 (9 months)
there gotta be a better way

Author FloridaBearings (1 year)
Thank you!

Author scb232 (8 months)
Learning the basics of electricity and magnetism shouldn't require math if
it's taught correctly. George, this is a video about armature winding, not
about its function. The armature windings create magnetic fields between
them in the grey iron core seen in the video. Because of the position of
the brushes and windings the magnetic field will change from
"North"/"South". There are things called "field coils" inside the motor
that are stationary electromagnets. The armature rotates because its

Author Rigondi Giulio (1 year)
thank you for sharing! : )

Author Voxters (9 months)
LEARNING about Magnetism and Electricity in Youtube..... omfg...

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