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Author Prasad Kumaria (8 months)
Stonehenge is less than half as old as the "oldest man-made structures in
the world." Also, the oldest known long-distance trade route in the world,
known by translated records and trade objects, is from Sumer to Harappan
Empire, over 3,000 years before Stonehenge. Tsk Tsk on Anglocentric
Attenborough, disappointed fan.

Author handy monky (5 months)
nero couldn't have decorated the colloseum with it, for it is built after
his death...
but, nice documentary anyway :)

Author Prasad Kumaria (8 months)
Pliny the Elder, Roman naturalist, found out about amber's origin from
tribal Germans, who traded it from the Baltic to Rome. He used the test to
check their claim.

Author FPLANETA FPLANET (1 year)
(The Amber)
#Fplanet. #FPdinosours

Author danielthethiel (4 months)
I love every time I pick a documentary to watch and find out David
Attenborough is narrating it. Right when I hear his voice, I know it is
going to be a good documentary.

Author icansaywhiteboyflows (11 months)
Cut a pine and collect some and keep it forever..

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