Professor Is Serious: No Texting in Class! Smashes Students Phone

This college professor has a strict policy: No texting in class. The penalty, you ask? Let's just say you won't pull out your new smartphone during a lecture.

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Author hollywood hollywood (12 days)

Author joshua91138 (4 days)
Did all of you retards only watch half the video? It was an act....

Author sam mich (2 days)
It was fake you Idiots.Thats why the kid took a bow.He was just making a
point not to use a phone in his class.

Author Brandon Jaquez (7 months)
Yeah, it is rude to text in class but that doesn't give anyone the right to
smash and destroy your property. Also, as far as I'm concerned, the
students for the most part are PAYING to attend. So, if they want to slack
off and blow money, that's their problem. Not the professors. I think the
ego of some professors get to them, like, really, get over yourself. Just
ask the student to put the phone away or if the student often ask redundant
questions about the topic you just went over, let them know the business.

Author Phillip Kuhn (10 days)
I've never understood this, IM PAYING TO BE AT COLLEGE. This is not high
school. as long as i am not disrupting the class then it doesn't matter
because ultimately it's my problem and my money. This is a classic example
of professors who think they are God's gift to humanity. 

Author Shawn11986 (4 months)
Breaking it seems a little overboard. And in a legal sense, destruction of
personal property.

But the kid also should've turned his phone off too. So they are both wrong
in a sense.

Author Nassim Bendimerad (2 months)
Damn if that man did that 2 my phone i would kick his ass until he bleed

Author Emilie Ferry (13 days)
that son of a dick dieee you stupid teacher 

Author Funnyvideos (18 days)
Why did the teacher have a sludge hammer I thing this is fake

Author therealjordiano (3 days)
haha nice act xD 

Author tallfriendlyguy (1 month)
Anyone with a half of brain should know it's fake because no professor
would be that retarded.

Actually professors don't care if you text because you are the one missing
valuable information being taught lol

Author tommytomted44 (1 month)
*Didn't one of you bother to watch until the end? This was a student from
last year with a mock phone who was helping the teacher show the new
students the "no texting policy". **No real phone was broken in this
video. Try watching to the end!*

Author Ishbu101 (8 months)
I'm a teacher and trust me a lot of students are real cock suckers. I'm not
the kind that yells a lot but I don't put up with shit either otherwise
your students will run a train on your ass

Author Razorokc (7 days)
I know its fake but have seen others where it may not be. Sad kids think
its ok to text in class because they pay (more likely their parents ) pay
for the class. No such thing as basic respects anymore.

Author Hugo Dillanger (8 days)
Well I would have spent the night in jail if a college professor broke my
phone. What a cunt.

Author mrozzdude (6 months)
why is everyone hating this teacher?

Author abigguitar (3 months)
And people wonder why we have college campus shootings. Hello.

Yes, I do realize this was for 'dramatic' purposes. But, it's not the right
message to send to students in the class... "I'm going to destroy your
device if I catch you doing this". Not smart.. in a place where being smart

And it's perfectly okay for that student just in front to have a notebook
open. Like that's any less distracting than texting on a cell phone. Is he
going to grab that notebook and smash it too? Double standards at work

Author Bahzad23 (4 months)
If my teacher did that I would stand up and cut his head off with my knife.

Author Thomas Moore (1 month)
I would just make him pay for a new one 

Author Catalin Mesaros (1 month)

Author Marco A. Bussotti (5 days)
Very good idea ! Ha, ha, ha, ha !

Author DG+DJ (19 days)
If you guys watch the whole thing, youll see this is a prank.

Author Charles Maniscalco (26 days)
I understand its only a prank but if it wasn't everything I wrote would

Author Truffy S. (2 months)
EVERYONE, THIS IS A SKIT. THE PHONE WAS A PROP. This was all staged and it
was made for dramatic purposes. Please calm down.

Author OhZejml (28 days)
I'f he tried that on my shit I woulda popped his ass and taken my phone but
then again I aint goin to college anyway lol

Author Jeremy Rockwell (2 months)
Fake schools army allowed to have weapons = illegal in school

Author Henery Hill (2 months)
If my teacher did that I would slash his tires.

Author Lv Yin (1 month)
i am wondering why the professor never mind the girl who was using labtop
but did this shity punishment on the boy

Author Max Tamir (1 month)
It's very rude to smash someone's phone even if he's texting in class, but
u gotta edmit the way he did it was funny XD Hes just like I'll give u your
phone in a second, then he smashes it and sais here you go :)

Author EmmzyLayne01 (24 days)
Y'all seriously need to watch till the end. 

Author Tim Welch (23 days)
he made his point it was fake

Author john be (19 days)
Whats a teacher doing with a sledge hammer?

Author James Kegley (18 days)
Who took that video then?

Author Emmanuel Wreh (2 months)
For those who are not aware, although you may be in college and apparently
paid for you education does not legally make you immune of being
reprimanded by you professor therefore your cell can be confiscated but not
destroyed as illustrated in this video. However the professor can levy
sanctions on students in terms of grades points loss. You may ask how is
that legal, well the syllabus that teachers read on the first day of
classes are actually legally binding agreement between you and the class
instructor thus, by staying in that class relegates you to comply with all
of the regulations and rules pertaining to the class as put forth by the
professor. In so doing anything within that syllabus can be used against
you if you do not comply or adhere to it. so if it is written in the
syllabus that you will lose participation points for texting in class and
you get caught doing so, it is well within the professor legal right to
deduct points from your grade. 

Author Olaf Voss (1 month) lächelt die ganze zeit so freundlich......

Author JonDiens (2 months)
Hey people, watch through to the end. Fuck.

Author Pro64TM (11 days)
It was all an act. fp

Author Bill (2 months)
I figured this was staged, as smashing somebody's property would be a crime.

Now, if you want students to pay TOTAL attention in German class, have them
read Cordwainer Smith's "Mark Elf" (in English) at the very start. It
features a war machine known as a Menschenjager (Man-Hunter) that detects
German thoughts, and kills everybody who does not have German thoughts.
Instructor: "I heard that several of them will be trotting around the
campus toward the end of the semester."

Author fooloof (2 months)
If I was a prof, I wouldn't care if students texted in my class; I'm
getting paid, either way. if they want to be idiots and waste their
tuition, then that's their problem. just set the texting to "silent mode"
so that no one can hear the tapping of the keys.

Author Josh Cutsa (1 month)
I would make that chode buy me a new phone. Fuck the students laughing!

Author João Pedro Ramos (2 months)
What university is that?

Author no google I don't want to use my real name. (1 month)
so it is alright to video tape with phone in class? haha.

Author himynameisaziz (1 month)
It is a joke guys what is wrong with you. He is just trying to prove a

Author SurveyofFilmMusic (3 months)
GUYS THIS IS A FAKE> The teacher wa smacking a point.>>>>> feck sake! watch
the ENTIRE fucking thing

Author sean cook (1 month)
I'm surprised the student didn't start a fight with the professor 

Author Frank Bartol ills (1 day)
Did you guys even watch the last minute they explain it was a joke and he
pulled out the real phone from his pocket it was a prop that he smashed

Author Chris Moody (1 month)
He switched the phone you embarrassments to mankind!! 

Author Deven Powers (1 month)
Did anyone watch until the end? You people can't just assume the show is

Author Tj Kearney (6 months)
For every idiot like, I wouldn't have let him crush my phone or it's so
wrong. Dude the fucking slackers in these classes pay how much per class to
be in college? How much money do you lose out for failing this mains class,
that's a lot more than what that stupid phone is worth. Your punk ass
generation has no concept of what has value.

Author Matman stabchop (16 days)
hammer time

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