Professor Is Serious: No Texting in Class! Smashes Students Phone

This college professor has a strict policy: No texting in class. The penalty, you ask? Let's just say you won't pull out your new smartphone during a lecture.

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Author abigguitar (2 days)
And people wonder why we have college campus shootings. Hello.

Yes, I do realize this was for 'dramatic' purposes. But, it's not the right
message to send to students in the class... "I'm going to destroy your
device if I catch you doing this". Not smart.. in a place where being smart

And it's perfectly okay for that student just in front to have a notebook
open. Like that's any less distracting than texting on a cell phone. Is he
going to grab that notebook and smash it too? Double standards at work

Author Shawn11986 (1 month)
Breaking it seems a little overboard. And in a legal sense, destruction of
personal property.

But the kid also should've turned his phone off too. So they are both wrong
in a sense.

Author Brandon Jaquez (3 months)
Yeah, it is rude to text in class but that doesn't give anyone the right to
smash and destroy your property. Also, as far as I'm concerned, the
students for the most part are PAYING to attend. So, if they want to slack
off and blow money, that's their problem. Not the professors. I think the
ego of some professors get to them, like, really, get over yourself. Just
ask the student to put the phone away or if the student often ask redundant
questions about the topic you just went over, let them know the business.

Author Bahzad23 (16 days)
If my teacher did that I would stand up and cut his head off with my knife.

Author BrettyBoy200 (4 months)
If that teacher broke my mobile I would break something belonging to him.

Author Jacob3922 | Roblox | Minecraft and more! (2 months)
Well I know who is getting sued if this is in America.

Author mrozzdude (2 months)
why is everyone hating this teacher?

Author Ishbu101 (5 months)
I'm a teacher and trust me a lot of students are real cock suckers. I'm not
the kind that yells a lot but I don't put up with shit either otherwise
your students will run a train on your ass

Author Bruno Lins (7 days)
is everyone in all these comments retorted or some shit??? it literally
says its a prank in one of the things that pop up 

Author SurveyofFilmMusic (7 days)
GUYS THIS IS A FAKE> The teacher wa smacking a point.>>>>> feck sake! watch
the ENTIRE fucking thing

Author BrettyBoy200 (4 months)
Holy fuck, what that teacher did was just wrong. Mobile's cost way too much

Author woahmorganx (4 months)
I'm literally cringing at all the stupid people in the comments....

Author EPIC CLAW KID (12 days)
fuck that teacher

Author ViVa DOUD (4 months)
Great teacher, i wish they all do this an the start of the first class, to
point what happen when you send text messages or use the phone in their

Author sara noon (21 day)
even tho it was a fake vid it just is wrong people work hard to get phones

Author Constitutionalist in CA (22 days)
Love it!

Author Samuel Ebea (24 days)
Well I wouldn't have smashed the guy's phone but sometimes you gotta do
what you gotta do

Author vjpearce (25 days)
Is that the same teacher who smashed a student's violin in a prank video a
few years back?

Author meghantherese21 (25 days)

Author Gokaishu Onimitsu (26 days)
HAha! Great prank

Author Alejandro Muñoz Medina (1 month)
Looks like 99% of you, Youtube commenters, didn't watch the full video. If
you did, you wouldn't be writing so thoughtlessly.

Author Themacncheese1231 (3 months)
sue him

Author Haxterz (1 month)
If this teacher wanted my phone I'd get up and walk right out the door and
drop his class

Author Richard Jones (2 months)
That teacher is a a hole at least just keep it until class dismissel then
give back the phone

Author Jermaine rankine (20 days)
I would of beat my teacher up lol

Author psk1zoUploads (4 months)
thats what i call real education 

Author William Cawley (2 months)
and they think it is funny some guy lost a $400 plus phone 

Author Hexthemaster (1 month)
Why did the student just stand there letting him destroy his phone? Well,
maybe he sued the professor into buying him a new one.

Author Tj Kearney (2 months)
For every idiot like, I wouldn't have let him crush my phone or it's so
wrong. Dude the fucking slackers in these classes pay how much per class to
be in college? How much money do you lose out for failing this mains class,
that's a lot more than what that stupid phone is worth. Your punk ass
generation has no concept of what has value.

Author MrAlesha1015 (2 months)
He would buy me a new phone

Author Ed Kingsly Dungo (1 month)
Please everyone watch the damn video. It was damn staged. Don't take it

Author bruno bastos (2 months)

Author Lulu Washington (2 months)
I didn't know this was a prank because the title never said it so I kinda
feel like I was tricked to watch this video just so that they could get
more views.

Author JamieLvsMusic (2 months)
Okay, I am going to make a very clear explanation on this video. For all
those who are saying that the professor is mean for smashing the phone and
should be sued... THIS EVENT WAS STAGED!
He purposefully smashed the phone in order to make a point so that students
won't text in class. Re-watch the WHOLE video again; it will make more
sense. :D 

Author Gman Sir (5 months)
It would have been effective if they never revealed that it was a prank so
the students would be kinda scared to use their phones.

Author Nik Coffman (6 months)
...Yeah cause most teachers have a sledgehammer near by, just in case. I
believe he staged this involving that kid to prove a point.

Author iPunchedApuppy01 (6 months)
he really wants to make a point. just fail him.

Author Liam Portsmouth (20 hours)
Why does he have a sledgehammer in the cabinet?? >.<

Author Meow Meowington (2 months)
at that moment all the students who were not caught hid their phones

Author Cam Wheler (3 days)
Sooo funny

Author Julia Coble (21 hour)
I mean it is rude to text in class but still

Author PSI Starman (7 days)
Gotta love the huge number of comments that evidently didn't catch that
this was a prank.

Author REESERAMPAGE1 (2 days)
lol thats bullshit the kid payed for that class he should be able to whip
his dick out and piss all over the floor if he wants

Author Farhan M (3 days)
Very funny 

Author Johanna Vierneza (1 day)
I won't go in that school ever! What if it's emergency? Something has
accident or fire?

Author mooki3babiiyonkerz (15 days)
lol what a fun teacher.

Author KingHarlaus1 (2 months)
Strict phone policy? Must be living hell for Americans in Australia, we
aren't permitted to take out phones out of our lockers and must stay there.
We have 3 uniforms, Sport, Summer and Winter uniform with ties, belts and
everything you can think of. Wearing the wrong socks or not doing a button
gives you a detention, have fun and don't die. I've said this on several of
these videos and I'm not surprised they're all from the US.

Author Melanie Serrano (15 days)
Everyone acting like it was real lol he even said it was a mock phone

Author matthew landsberg (23 days)
it fake retardes

Author Nor Stump (18 days)
So he sees a guy texting with his phone but not recording?

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