Windham Weaponry AR-15 vs. Bushmaster AR-15

Jim talks about the Windham Weaponry AR-15 compared to the Bushmaster AR-15 and introduces the Surefire 100 round magazine clip.

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Author wcresponder ( ago)
100 round mags are stupid.

Author Ben W ( ago)
My Bushmaster xm15 is stamped "BMP 5.56 NATO 1/9" on the barrel and I fire
5.56 through it all the time with no issues. It also says made in Windham
Maine on it and after contacting Bushmaster and having them look up the
serial number I was told it was made in 2009 , which was over 2 years after
Bushmaster was supposedly sold and moved to New York. I contacted Windham
about it but they said all Bushmaster records went with them when they
moved. So I have no idea what to make of this whole thing. Apparently I
have a Windham made rifle that sat in inventory for 2 years?

Author Tyler Brown ( ago)
Windham weaponry you tools

Author Rick Balderas ( ago)
Wasn't bushmaster bought out by Winchester? Not Remington.

Author Dean Counts ( ago)
Yep far better

Author Dean Counts ( ago)
The multinational Freedom Group (owner of Remington) purchased Bushmaster
then closed the factory in the small town of Windham , half killing the
town, and moved production of Bushmaster elsewhere. The former owner of
Bushmaster a Mr Dike came out of retirement at 78 and re-opened the factory
and re-naming it Windham Weaponry after the town he just saved.

Author Elias Dias ( ago)
154 looks likenerf bullets in the ground

Author fakemail4suckers ( ago)
And the "X" stands for military reject/overrun ammo.

Author E. White ( ago)
XM193 comes in brown and white. Pretty sure 855 does too.

Author Jason Loewe ( ago)
i feel like they are talking to me like im a kid

Author fakemail4suckers ( ago)
I'm more than just "pretty sure" And if it was "X" for no longer in use by
the military then there wouldn't be "X"M855. The box color doesn't matter.
That has more to do with lot and load. (notice how the xm855 tends to come
in brown boxes and the xm193 comes in the white)

Author E. White ( ago)
I'm pretty sure the X means it's no longer used by military. PMC makes an
M193 and M855 load but they still mark it with X even though the brass is
as clean and shiny as a well polished mirror. I'm pretty sure with M193,
the white box is legit, the brown box is rejects, but still acceptable.

Author fakemail4suckers ( ago)
That is exactly what the "X" stands for. It is military over-run/rejected
ammo. It still functions fine. But if you look there might be small dings
or dents/ discolorations. The military rejects ammo for strange reasons

Author E. White ( ago)
The white box still says "XM" but the white box isn't rejected ammo.

Author E. White ( ago)
Yes I have checked the headspace. It's a legit 5.56. has the
white box federal m193 and m855 from time to time.

Author fakemail4suckers ( ago)
Not saying your rifle isn't a 5.56 (because Bushmaster HAS made 5.56
chambers) BUT Have you actually checked the headspace? Just because it is
marked or isn't showing "signs" doesn't mean it is a 5.56. And if you rifle
functions fine with 5.56 it's not like it matters.... BTW Where are you
getting Federal M193 M855? All I can find is XM193 and XM855. (same ammo
loading but "rejected" from the military)

Author E. White ( ago)
None of the new ones are. They're all marked 5.56. My ORC runs Federal M193
and M855 like a champ. No accelerated wear, popped primers or other signs
of true .223 chambering.

Author fakemail4suckers ( ago)
Not all of them. Bushmasters are strange. Many of them are actually
chambered in .223 not 5.56

Author Mike Regier ( ago)
Yeah everythings over 1000 because of Obama. Think before you speak.

Author E. White ( ago)
Bushmaster is 5.56 NATO you idiots.

Author Ad Meliora ( ago)
Wow... Zero information in this video. "This is a windham arms ar-15...
this is a bushmaster ar-15" Gee thanks, di**.

Author fijillian ( ago)
First and last video I will ever watch from this channel. Absolute SHIT
facts and does not know shit what he is talking about.

Author GlockMan89 ( ago)
You and your little red dog are idiots.

Author morgan banks ( ago)
The new bushmasters are awesome

Author Mikey22LR ( ago)
The title implied that you were going to actually TEST FIRE the rifles!

Author Tyler Brown ( ago)
Its Windham weaponry

Author NoGuff ( ago)
Freedom Group bought the name/trademark "Bushmaster." Windham owners still
had the factory and equipment, and started a new company.

Author Imabeast191 ( ago)
Windham are the original bushmaster owners

Author morgan banks ( ago)
I'll stick with my bushmaster never failed me so I don't see the problem
with I gues all these people cant afford one so they get a windham and
become biased one them

Author morgan banks ( ago)
You have always sucked.

Author Jordan Cookie ( ago)
Fuck both of those riffles, it is all about the sig sauer ar-15,
specifically the m400.

Author THE1212HURRICANE ( ago)
Bushys have always sucked.

Author TheMetalHeaD256 ( ago)
change the description. it's a 100 round magazine, not "magazine clip."
don't give gun control lobbyists ammunition.

Author TheJust4dl ( ago)
I watched it again. I don't like either of you

Author TheJust4dl ( ago)
at what point is the review?

Author TheJust4dl ( ago)
omg, the old guy is crazy

Author blastermitch ( ago)
Great review and comparison. Very informative and helpful. Now I just need
to figure out the differences between Windham Weaponry and Bushmaster.

Author MrKeithStone ( ago)
Haha, professional actor uuuuuuuhhm!

Author Maddie Matthews ( ago)
This video was incorrect and pointless.

Author Foges584584 ( ago)

Author kiddt1999 ( ago)
Windham has a lifetime warranty, 850 at academy, what a deal

Author kiddt1999 ( ago)
Windham is the original Bushmaster right?

Author Noah U.S.A. ( ago)
you got that right. My dad has been on the DeKalbn SWAT team for 30 years,
and we just bought a whindham weaponry ar-15. My dad said that the thing is
just as reliable if not more reliable than their colt m4s that they use in
SWAT. He said that the thing would out match a bushmaster or armalite any

Author Jordan Decker ( ago)
I thought winchester bought out Bushmaster? Remington/Winchester same

Author rkrzbk ( ago)
Can't say enough good things about Windham. They keep the prices down by
concentrating on only the essential parts, taking TIME and CARE into
producing their rifles, and leaving many 'could-be' features to the user
(staked castle nut, improved trigger, mil-spec tube, cheap plastic). For
me, idc about most of that stuff, and would much rather pay a lower price
and wait to upgrade all that stuff. Honestly, the staked castle nut and
trigger are the only things I'm worried about.

Author whatupted ( ago)

Author thutruf8 ( ago)
Been shooting nothing but Russian steel throughmy windham and it eats right
through it no problem

Author bnighter ( ago)
no shooting?

Author Matt JB ( ago)
I heard that Windham weaponry's ARs are far better than Bushmaster's (I
bought a Windham weaponry AR recently for this reason)

Author eatleadyo ( ago)
new bushmaster is trash. Windham makes great stuff

Author youngshooter192 ( ago)
bushmasters blow.

Author Chad Davis ( ago)
To be clear.....Remington was supposed to keep all the employees and
manufacturing at the old Bushmaster facility in Windham Maine. After they
purchased it they took everything out of state. So since they went against
their word the guys who originally owned Bushmaster started a new company
Called Windham Weaponry. So yes the the old Bushmasters are the same as the
New Windham Weaponry AR's. The new Bushmasters....who knows.

Author AGuyNamedPatriic ( ago)
I'm also a fat dude that likes shooting guns. haha

Author CDLTonyPC ( ago)
Same people-Same gun basically!!!!!!!

Author axis810 ( ago)
It's a Bushmaster built by people that are happy to have a job. TOP
QUALITY! No jams yet, aside from cheap russian crap ammo. Wouldnt sell it.
.223 and 5.56 fired though mine and its going strong. Tracer rounds, brass
all good. Just stay away from the steel.

Author Gavin Miller ( ago)
Representing Maine. Same facility, so basicly, its a Bushmaster.

Author MainelyGlock ( ago)
Way to get the name wrong... It's Windham Weaponry, not Windham Arms.

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