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Author yarl kumaran ( ago)
World End - Nuwara Eliya - Sri Lanka ;-)

Author Sagun Basnet ( ago)

Author Amazing Places To Visit ( ago)
l like this video

Author Jessica Hadkins ( ago)

Author Ankush Suman ( ago)
Chek this out

Author bilge filozof ( ago)

Author Teresa Lopez ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube: I 

Author Jonathan Faull ( ago)

Author Jessica Sutton ( ago)

Author Kollin San Diego ( ago)
what is the music title

Author Kollin San Diego ( ago)
that music makes me cry and dream for some deep wishes when i sleep :(

Author George Gromovoy ( ago)

Author Kathy Kuehl ( ago)

Author John Bertram ( ago)

Author Adeline Carolina ( ago)

Author Tall Beauty (1650 years ago)

Author Erica Bowers ( ago)

Author Florance Ryan ( ago)

Author Cristine Giraldez ( ago)

Author Brad Demoss ( ago)
I would love to visit all of them .. ;)

Author kk1209 ( ago)
I believe a few from Australia or New Zealand could have been added

Author Nathan Davis (946 years ago)

Author Moath Al Showaiman (Mouthink) ( ago)

Author Bonnie Davies ( ago)

Author William Lawrence ( ago)

Author Chakoury Said ( ago)

Author ranjan suraweera ( ago)
very nice

Author AK SHARMA ( ago)
taj mahel is the best

Author LoVuE@RtH ( ago)
These may be top amazing places in the world but beautifulness is the
nature of Earth...... Everywhere...liked it

Author Qua-Z ( ago)
Adirondack Mountains, Antarctica (in its own way), Iceland, Northumberland,
Wales, Scotland, the Redwood forest in California, etc. So many places to
visit. So little time.

Author Lisa Ailstock ( ago)

Author Bandila Ioan ( ago)
Romania is the most beautiful place on earth!

Author Pascalis Claudius Lotinggi ( ago)
I can't ask for anything more beautiful.

Author enrico carraro ( ago)
ah, this video is pathetic. It's impossible to make list of the most
beautiful places in the world! Moreover in this video there's nothing
about Italy, for example. Is this possible? It's proven that Italy has the
higher concentration of masterpieces in the world... You cannot compare
Tuscany to that mediocre "Swallow's nest", for example.

Author rene cazeaux ( ago)
Très belle vidéo

Author Mimi Imene ( ago)
You forgot kachmir a paradise on earth

Author Blazej Wolejszo ( ago)
i thought on number 10 that big massive wow wow was a tsunamo but it was a
76TH biggest montions

Author Neagusebidj Mihaelahh ( ago)
Romania is the most antic place in history and the first language in europe
and romania is the most beautiful place in history

Just the right places to see in a life time. I have added a few more
information on my channel I have found interesting

Author Nurbu Sherpa ( ago)
All of this places are so beautiful but there are lots of beautiful places
in Nepal too

Author Yo ski ( ago)
psh no clue!!

Author Tabatha Chan ( ago)

Author Total Top 10s ( ago)
It is amazing how many views this video has. I also make videos like this,
but I don't get this many views

Author Lia Tabbz ( ago)
Chocolate Hills, Philippines
Boracay Island, Philippines
Palawan Cave, Philippines

Author Abang Geutanyo ( ago)
what about Bali,our best place in Indonesia?

Author Melody Adams ( ago)
The Colorado Rockies, Biltmore House Asheville, Aspen Colorado, The redwood
forest in the US, Little Switzerland US, 

Author Reece Powsey ( ago)
Lock ness

Author steviebaby13 (533 years ago)
the Great Barrier Reef

Author Cadentopia ! ( ago)
I like it

Author AlfredTvPranks H ( ago)
Albania is a good country 😄

Author Moez KAROUI ( ago)
Tunisia, Algeria, Morrocco, Egypt, Lebanon are missing! Africa is

Author Tribhuwan Bisht ( ago)

Amazing creater

Author Ram Naidu ( ago)
Nice Places
sometime in life need to visit all this places
thanks for sharing, good work

Author EnragedSephiroth ( ago)
Kill Bill.

Author arnold vreeken ( ago)
I have bin to number 18, it was horrible it should't be in the top 20. It
was aan good top 20 but I missed Amsterdam. 

Author xaheen ibrahim (xaki) ( ago)
Love it!?

Author iwanwh ( ago)
Somebody really likes cliffs and things that hang off of them... or perhaps
I am psychoanalyzing too much :-)

Author Ly'sa S'ylla ( ago)

Author Vatturi Nalini ( ago)

Author armando javellana ( ago)
you need to travel more.

Author William Grant ( ago)
Dubai is missing and some places right here in the good old USA.

Author ЕМ ЕНД ДЖИ ТУРС ( ago)

Author alyna385 ( ago)
just wonderful

Author JulStyle1.10 ( ago)
Nothing in here from Sweden, Fuck you! I like Stannum, Gråbo, StockHolm och

Author Ivette Alvarez ( ago)
There are so many amazing places on earth, that it is very difficult to do
a Top 20

Author Laure Cheyroux ( ago)
If we only considered the landscape : el salar de Bolivia es, a la puesta
de sol, la destinación más linda por su reflexión y su inmensidad

Author King A.I. ( ago)
where's the pyramids of egypt??

Author heberto Molina ( ago)
i think the most beautiful place on earth is la laguna de bacalar, mexico

Author Mohammad Nadeem ( ago)
No MAKKAH MUKARMA and MADEENA MUNAWRA Is most beautiful in world

Author Glenn Jeffery ( ago)
I love this place.

Author Denva Beaubrun ( ago)
I love this place.

Author Jura stublic ( ago)

Author Vasile LupasgamingRO ( ago)
Lol a original and traditional romanian music and no romania

Author sujan kunwar ( ago)
nepal is great..............dont forget
mt.everest,pokhara...........include thatttttttttttttttt

Author fabian moron ( ago)
Forgot the most beautiful and there aren't buildings and cities AMAZONE
brazil, colombia, peru, ecuador

Author sam ( ago)
Poor choices No pyramids

Author Shane B ( ago)
carribean for me and you already know what I like

Author Naeem Shah ( ago)
Swat located in northern pakistan is the world best natural beautiful place
on the earth

Author Militoni Finau ( ago)
u make brazil the first cause u live in brazil right?

Author M.H.M MANAS ( ago)
New Zealand, tibut, norway, china, Australia and USA

Author Honey Orpilla ( ago)
yes all nice places,

Author ‫عبوش العمري‬‎ ( ago)

Author Key Holder ( ago)
If you look at @Drsharp24 on Twitter you'll find some crazy places

Author Bentaarit Wael ( ago)
my home

Author Blackrainbow ( ago)
You left out Santorini Greece.

Author Humera Khanam ( ago)
Taj Mahal, beautiful monument

Author Sagar poudel ( ago)
Mount Everest Nepal

Author CornealAverage ( ago)
Nyan cat world

Author Marco Bernabe ( ago)
Totally not agree,there are more beautiful places on earth...Where is
Palawan or the Venice's canals?

Author Daniel Pearson ( ago)
Why is France/Paris in everything. I do not have romantic thoughts when in
France. I took my wife there and it was such a boring place full of
assholes. We went to Croatia and enjoyed very much and beautiful.

Author Arthura de Gobineau ( ago)
So, anything that's hanging from a cliff????

Author nadine CLICQ ( ago)

Author tomnightlife ( ago)
Of course, any place in Brazil that is not overrun by crime and AIDS is

Author FURSAN WOROOD ( ago)

Author yaaaaaaaaaaa ( ago)

Author Svetlana DeGraff ( ago)
Where Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm (Cambodia)? This ancient city is much more
interesting than some of the places in this video.

Author HateMePlz123 ( ago)
What's the song called? I know it's off kill Bill haha 

Author HateMePlz123 ( ago)
What's the song called? I know it's off kill Bill haha 

Author Abhishek Dhakal ( ago)
although i have never been to any of them, but trolltunga, norway seems to
be the best of all.. :)

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