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Author HetIsThom (3 days)
I have been to Trolltunga, Norway. There is nothing more beautiful than
that one.

Author torstvillinger (4 days)
Sir(s): If I may, It is good to be here. --Jim Day.

Author Lanikai07 (13 days)

Author Top 8 (16 days)
Nice Video!
I did something like this!

Author Stud03Muffin (17 days)
Visited Ireland a couple years ago, absolutely beautiful and the people
were some of the best around 

Author sundevilification (18 days)
it gets old after being a jet-setter for 40 yrs. yawn. ha ha ha

Author Žiga Pavlin (22 days)
Lake Bled in Slovenia is amazing

Author Dave C (1 month)
Who would love to go to these places? I would!

Author Job Schiebergen (1 month)

Author Jasmine Manalo (1 month)
Hawaii is better than all of the places on earth because they have the most
beautiful beaches on the planet!Bam what!

Author علي التعمري (1 month)

Author Yash Trivedi (1 month)
Taj Mahal because believe it or not some parts are even made out of GOLD!

Author Jerin Pullattu (1 month)

Author Nick Dodaj (1 month)

Author TheBirdman621 (1 month)
Tibets landscape is astonishing 

Author 274Phoenix (1 month)
New Zealand

Author moti raizner (1 month)
Hii all
I want to invite you to my group , i hope you like it :

Author Mehdi Ranjha (1 month)
ya realy beautifull taj mahll

Author Siamese Smurf (1 month)
I can't chose what I like the most :( 😄

Author Havanasleo (2 months)
Beautiful video, you really like climbing!

Author Nora Quintero (2 months)
these places are beautiful but the one i want to visit is norway

Author cristian albei (2 months)

Author Nympha Lindze (2 months)

Author Babitha Swaroop (2 months)
salar de uyuni, bolivia. Love it

Author Torkel Trollberg (2 months)

Author Jenson Xavier (3 months)
Nice places, Pls tell me abt this video back ground music

Author Aaron Hernandez (3 months)

Author Jeffrey Agosto (3 months)
check this out

Author Ashish Rai (3 months)
you missed nepallll

Author SMUNGLE (4 months)
Miami, florida baby!

Author lee anne (4 months)
hmm you have obviously never heard or seen of the African safari

Author Harshita Budumuru (4 months)
loved it!
I think lake bled, Slovenia is the best.

Author DaPopexI (4 months)
This isn't porn????

Author metalgear1977 (4 months)
Anywhere in Switzerland,absolutely stunning country :) 

Author Jason Bouaphakeo (4 months)
You forgot the Grand Canyon in USA

Author Joel Vazquez (4 months)
my home

Author Gwyneth Tint (4 months)
Number 4 is the most Beautiful Place in the world

Author Deb Chap (5 months)
Big Sur, California coast! Yosemite, the Grand Canyon

Author Hameed Haykal (5 months)

Author EB Eventsbot (5 months)
TOP 20 MOST #BEAUTIFUL PLACES ON #EARTH! To watch complete Video, click on: TOP

Author Nathan Reiff (5 months)
3:Japan 2:Bolivia 1:rainbow Mountains,china and oh yah and ANYWHERE BUT
AMRICA(country) ( besides a few places)

Author Rasha Al Jilani (5 months)

Author Antoine Hawa (5 months)
Or maldives

Author 민민경현 (5 months)

Author rhonz pakner (5 months)
mt everest nepal

Author 함다니엘 (5 months)

Author 권오숙 (5 months)
온통 기쁨이었으면...

Author יעקב בסנדילוב (6 months)
very nice place............

Author irina alferova (6 months)

Author Jc Smith (6 months)
Philippines ! I like the places there !

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