Hummer H2 vs. Mercedes Unimog (unstuck)

Off road Revue Miting Šiklův Mlýn

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Author MrMrsregor ( ago)
not really "VS" ...more like; Hummer H2 helping out a unimog slightly

Author Manoel G Gomes ( ago)
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

Author homer0278 (1425 years ago)
h2 shit!

Author Brandon Ashley ( ago)
I'm American and yes the hummers. H3 and H2 are deal but the H1 spoons is a
beast of a machine 6.8 liter dramas diesel 6 split differential with steel
plates underheath for landmines because it is a direct descendant of the

Author Fahmi Nabli ( ago)

Author jitterball ( ago)
Why/how was Mog to begin with?!

Author OnLinE xD ( ago)
Hummer = BEAST

Author Revordnal ( ago)
People should be required to take photography classes before operating a

Author FEGTTTSDH ( ago)
This video is stupid. I want to see the Hummer pass the same obstacle

Author Diraphe ( ago)
Did the hummer make it through or is it just pulling out the unimog? Hard
to believe the unimog would be beat.

Author crass mouse ( ago)
yeah you showed that unimog whos boss... as I'm sure the h2 went right
through the creek and out the same line first

Author MrKukenimunnen ( ago)
What do you mean "versus", they are going the same direction...

Author frank doster ( ago)
unimog much better vehicle. plus you can buy attachments such as snow
blower, plow etc.

Author Classic Car Racer ( ago)
Unimog= The best off-road truck ever made. Nothing in it's class can beat

Author Tyler Hare ( ago)
H-how did they get an Unimog stuck.. I can't even comprehend that 

Author Tyler Hare ( ago)
H-how did they get an Unimog stuck.. I can't even comprehend that 

Author Heiko Kallweit ( ago)
Hummer is american bullshit

Author thedefinitive ( ago)
Now there's something you don't see.

Author ilia xaker ( ago)
go hammer go

Author Alexandru Dodu ( ago)
do you know what vs. (versus) means?

Author K-9 COOPER ( ago)
Anyone posting any negative comment is acting like a 7 year old child
throwing a temper tantrum and an asshole at that....grow up...Cheers

Author TheGetriebekiller ( ago)
Doesn`t have this funny Hummer a differential lock? Or what was his
problem? The Unimog does a great job!

Author Anticostio ( ago)
John Cena drives a hummer

Author unimogman404 ( ago)
The H2 was built under contract by AM General at a specially constructed
plant in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA. The H2's final frame assembly is made up
of 3 sections: The front uses a modified GM 2500-Series utility frame, the
midsection is all new and is completely boxed, and the rear section uses a
modified GM 1500-Series frame which is upgraded for the 8,600 pounds (3,900
kg) gross vehicle weight. YOU CAN ONLY AS STRONG AS YOUR WEAKEST LINK ! ;)

Author tvfreakful ( ago)
dude ur going way too far with the h2. In u.s. there never scrap and are
still expensive in the late models. Ive never seen one be incapable of
recovery and are a better than what you might be putting them down for and
they are not tahoes. they have much stronger frames that are based on 2500
trucks. the mog was being pulled against a edge that's why it wasn't being
(towed) by the hummer

Author fabiantmartinez ( ago)
D king fuk a benz looks like shit , bet u drive ur moms car anyways!!

Author Adrian Warlick ( ago)
You know you should stop trying to off-road once you get an Unimog stuck.

Author Nor Wester ( ago)
"What you have there" is the same POS GM based "blowjob" that we have
around here... or HAD. Funny you don't see many of them anymore. Youre an
idiot and I guess I am too for responding to you... but you're really
stupid if yoy thimk that's even a MEDIOCRE 4wd. Poorly made, poory
designed, overweight amd oversized... end of story.

Author 38-Slug ( ago)
shut the fuck up, YOU don't know shit about hummers, we have here just
another hater going through hummer vids and posting bullshit tell me have
you ever been in a hummer ? ever off roading it ? no, shut the fuck up and
how old are you ? bummers ?? really ?

Author MrCodythegreat ( ago)
the hummer is just a flashy square body on a Silverado chaise, so ugly
ontop of junk lol yup im with you id take the unimog

Author Nor Wester ( ago)
wow you clearly know NOTHING about 4wd's... Toyota LC's/Hiluxes and Merc.
G-wagens are the best "light" duty 4wds (Toyota being the best made/longest
lasting). LR isn't even on the list they break so easily... Go back to
school, you need it.

Author Nor Wester ( ago)
an then broke it's steering links when it came back down HAHAHAHAHA

Author Nor Wester ( ago)
ah I see, so you're another poser who think Bummers are "cool"... reality
check you dick with ears, H2's are some of the WORST built, most incapable
4wd's ever made. end of story. Clearly you know nothing about cars/trucks
other then putting clear taillights on them and then claiming you made "100
more HP".

Author Nor Wester ( ago)
how is this a -vs-??? The Bummer 2 (SUCH a POS vehicle, they;re all gonna
be in scrap heaps in 5 years) sure as hell didn't make that climb or go
through the river and the only thing it did was help the Mog get to better
footing and then drive itself out. Unimog 1,000,000 > Any POS GM product,
especially a POS H2. I'm guessing he H@ broke it's steering right after
this vid ended. FUCK Hummers, they're worthless, PERIOD, end of story.

Author KarlosTheMighty ( ago)
yeah ... H2 is bullshit, but check Czech rebuild - Hummer H2X :)

Author Gavin Irvine ( ago)
defender is military fuck wad

Author Robert Palmer ( ago)
Ahhh, so you've seen me in my Ranger. Cool. And thanks for living up to the
Hummer douchebag code of ethics.

Author ksushka363 ( ago)
haha 30 haters. even sit? sounds like someone is mad at the world. im sure
your late 90s ford ranger is waaaay cool. fags.

Author vardagspendlarn ( ago)
i was not talking about a Humvee.Have you ewer seen a Volvo C303 (TGB 11

Author vardagspendlarn ( ago)
Land rover defender? i think a Unimog ore a military 4x4 machine is a
little bit better.

Author vardagspendlarn ( ago)
Land rover Defender? i think a Unimog ore some military 4x4 machine is a
little bit better.

Author 38-Slug ( ago)
always in hummer videos there got to be stupid fuckers commenting shit nice
video man

Author TheAllimania ( ago)
if the hummer was stuck, the unimog would have pulled it out in no-time...

Author rsra048 ( ago)
I'm impressed the hummer pulled the front wheel off the ground 00:31

Author geckoadventure ( ago)
surprised the mog was even stuck they are so capable must have been a
hummer driver driving it

Author mrcodypettit ( ago)
You didn't understand my comment correctly. You would actually look like a
douchebag being stuck in a unimog than pick a seat in an all luxury vehicle
known to us as the h2 hummer.

Author Robert Palmer ( ago)
Really? I look like one. Man, that really hurts, and it's so amazing that
you can see me.

Author mrcodypettit ( ago)
you would actually look like a douchebag. h2 hummers have the luxury and

Author beaglemanzzz (1329 years ago)
If i could have either truck, I'd be split between a unimog and an H1, but
unimog and H2, unimog all the way

Author rashed al rashed ( ago)
is strong

Author harisminfaris ( ago)
Why is the Unimog even stuck? Who was driving? A Hummer-Driver? Lol!!!

Author xblev360 ( ago)
Hummers...LOL..Everybody knows the H2 and H3 are just Chevy tahoes frame
and suspension with a big cheap hummer body...USELESS...Should have bought
the best 4x4xfar...

Author mrvrandom ( ago)
hummer just used a tank of fuel

Author hunghuge12 ( ago)
You can't because it won't.

Author Jesus Palacios ( ago)
I would like to see the H2 doing the same path

Author Michael(MyOwnGalaXy)Jackson ( ago)
و الله سيارة الأحلام طلعت موب هينة go hammer go

Author باسل باس ( ago)
والله انك كبير ياهمر

Author woogie88888 ( ago)
I agree I have seen what these things can do.

Author Rui Moital ( ago)
the unimog its stuck because of the driver

Author abdullah ahmed ( ago)
cause you are more than mega douchebag .. you are extreme douchebag .. ass

Author Robert Palmer (1152 years ago)
I'd rather be stuck in a Unimog than even sit in a mega douchebag Hummer.

Author Phil H (674 years ago)
Possibly one of the most stupid places to stand whilst trying to recover a

Author andpinger ( ago)
why the fuck is that hummer covered in mud???

Author adrianadrian2233 ( ago)
nechápem ani ja, kurva ked už ideš vyťahovať tak fullovka dpc !

Author borec54n3 ( ago)
zase bez uzavierky? vrecic vyjadri sa

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