lions kill cheetah (Nat Geo Wild)

two male lions kill a cheetah

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Author PILOT AMARI (5 months)

Author omar urriola (4 months)

Author Jasmine blake (10 months)
Fucking jerk lions!

Author Jay Plejaren (11 months)
That cheetah was injured after the fight from what I remember when I saw
the documentary 

Author ImmaBlackCat DrivingABlackEscalade (7 months)
I fucking hate lions...

Author Frank Medina (1 year)
i wonder how it feels to actually be the cheetah

Author bruceownsu (1 year)
...and that cheetah couldnt run fast as it was wounded by the other lion
when the lion attacked and killed the female cheetah (not shown here) if u
watch the full version it will all make sence.

Author MrBuds58 (1 year)
holy fucking shit man!

Author Lhin Doh (1 year)
I cant believe they interrupted the key initial strike scene with that guy
just looking.

Author Daniel Warren (1 year)

Author Rory Dimond (1 year)
Lions don't usually kill cheetahs to eat them, they do it to eliminate

Author Cal Rage (1 year)
cheetah was exhausted from a fight and hunt too bad rest in peace in lion

Author Osmar Zapata (1 year)
the cheetah was jogging ? why? maybe had the stomach full or was tired
because i highly doubt a lion can be faster than a cheetah.

Author Cengiz Han (1 year)
vay orosbu çocukları

Author Lawrence Shuda (1 year)
I just had some Cheetos, and they were very good!

Author skillfull26 (1 year)
Why on earth did the fastest animal on land run away?!

Author lester mendoza (1 year)
This is impossible cheetahs are faster then lion

Author episode1ful (1 year)
The Cheetah DESERVED to die...WHY?...had plenty of space to RUN...the idiot
jogs a few steps then looks back...IDIOT

Author aakashthelord (1 year)
Lionss are true king of jungle !!!

Author Lordcamilo2 (1 year)
maybe she was resting b4 a failing hunting some meat...

Author wedingo (1 year)
The cheetah was weakened by a previous fight. Lions, like most predators,
are experts at spotting weakness. Normally they wouldn't bother trying to
chase a cheetah.

Author Hans Kamp (1 year)
And indeed. The fight at the start of the video may have exhausted the
cheetah and made him accelerate slower than he is used too.

Author joão boladão (1 year)
chorei ao ver o animal que eu mais admiro na africa ser devorado por o leão
mais e a lei da natureza cada 1 luta pela sobrevivençia

Author 7jerryv7 (1 year)
Lions need toys too

Author A Han (1 year)
I think the cheetah was already tired out by an early chase whileout
hunting. the lions took that opportunity

Author Dinzel Walker-Smith (1 year)
That made me kinda angry

Author hotntotrider (1 year)
I'm agree with you but maybe the cheetah was sick or someting else.

Author kai kukid (1 year)

Author FilyDarth Vader (1 year)
thats not hayena!!! stupid lion!

Author whatever04811 (1 year)
i came to here to watch animals not two pricks

Author episode1ful (1 year)
tigers live in the jungle dude, not lions...scrap that saying.

Author Jason Fehr (1 year)
That's pretty raw haha, and people call my horrible when I shoot a
deer...welcome to the real world

Author Kenny Sessoms (1 year)
Seen this video b4 the cheetahs were fighting over a female and one got
hurt that's y he didn't take off as fast as they usually do

Author 29294265 (1 year)

Author GeekedUp2ThaMax (1 year)

Author rick dawkins (1 year)
poor cheetah, at least the lions gave it a clean death, the poor cheetah
was resting and overconfident/ also weak, its shame the lions killed the
cheetah, they must have been hungry lions

Author Yvette Austin (1 year)

Author donors555 (1 year)
WTF they are watching for???? Damn it!!! Get a gun, and hunt away the lion,
that is not so difficult to do.

Author moinuddin ahmed (1 year)

Author King Rabani (1 year)

Author General Vlax (1 year)
the cheetah at the beginning was like who's there.. the lion: sup bitch..
cheetah: oh shit!

Author Wolf Black (1 year)
"Que pasada de vídeo."

Author vng704 (1 year)
lol, that's why you don't do solo missions. You get ganked.

Author deny hendra (1 year)
lions just jealous with the beautiful colors of cheetah,... but beware
lion, dont try do this to a tiger

Author jr plenago (1 year)
what the fuck!

Author TheMrbantu (1 year)
tigers are overated ,lions are more trained and built for fights

Author Sureshbabu Babu (1 year)
This style of vid is why I relax and watch Youtube. I waste an awful lot of
time by doing this. But the vast majority of people are slowly but surely
KILLING their dogs - without realizing it. The stuff they use in pet food
leads to cancer malignancy and makes dogs die young. I figured that out the
difficult way. My family dog died aged 6. If you have a dog and you want to
help save its life and overpriced vet fees and make sure your pet lives for
longer then try to find Double Life Dog Diet (G

Author adwreal (1 year)
who the fuck talks that shit on the background!?

Author chrisak49 (1 year)
I thought cheetahs were supposed to be fast...?

Author IGnIZ117 (1 year)
Pobre cheetah, creyó que los leones no lo seguirían por su velocidad y
decidió detenerse, ahí esta el costo de su error :/

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