Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976

requested by Jashar1984. =)

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Author Patrick Pierquet (5 days)
Cat Stevens at his best! Love it...

Author Alaaeddine Barakat (6 days)
I simply love this song and the performance as a whole.

Author CyberneticBlonde (10 days)

Author handsmlake (3 months)
one of the best of his time

Author DrostanDeRos (14 days)
Is this not the best song in existence? I think it is. 

Author Jason Hurtado Daniels (4 months)

*Cat Stevens ~ Peace Train*


Author Samia Elsaid (3 months)
I love #live concerts ....

Author Ash Almond (1 month)

Author Michael Ruben (27 days)

Author DAVIDE CAMBIE (2 months)

Author popeye3234 (1 month)
What a difference in the performance of this song, here in the past and the
way he performs it now. Here he's all "Pop Star and Show Biz" and now it is
more quietly and sincerely performed. See the rendition (Yusuf Islam -
Peace Train - OUTSTANDING!) where he commemorates a Nobel prize recipient
in the introduction. Much better.

Author Fitzgerald McWafflez (1 month)
To the guy below me; what makes this version so bad? I find it better
personally because it's more lively and euphoric, although the newer
rendition is great for more of a meditative feel. But seriously, it's the
same guy and the same song, just sung differently, so please stop deriving
hate from such a peaceful song :)

Author sahiblindberg (7 hours)
that drummer always makes me smile :) great song!

Author Michael Langer (21 hour)
Hey guys instead of writing "Peace to Allah" or "Peace to God", write
'peace to each other' because god is supposed to be about loving each
other, as is this song. Why can't we live in bliss? :)

Author linco515 (18 hours)
He is so awesomely magnificent. I never cease to be amazed. Glad he's

Author Pamela LaBrake (5 days)
Congrats on the RRHF : ) Peace !!!

Author Umer Siddiqui (5 days)
The song became so much more, because of his performance. 

Author Lee Way (4 days)
I am humble; It was unclear where this came from;

"The nation of Love has a different religion of all religions — For lovers,
God alone is their religion" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author MusicMC1 (6 days)
Astoundingly Beautiful! Cat NEEDS JESUS not mohammed. ONLY JESUS WILL BRING
PEACE and SALVATION! No disrespect intended Only PREACHING THE ETERNAL

Author farhan00 (8 days)
He converted to Islam.

Author Vera Cook (5 days)

Author MrEllgato (10 days)
awesome song here my friends!

Author Nicole Robinson (9 days)
Fantastic! What energy :) Love it!!

Author jack ryan (13 days)
Back when he was cool.

Author samsever69 (28 days)
Awesome!! very lively!

Author john doe (3 months)
this song seems to be more relative nowadays than it was when written. 

Author Laura Farulla (16 days)

Author Therese C. (2 months)
Reliving this classic piece! Simply an incredibly talented musician. So
nice to see and hear this beautiful track again.

Author seattwa (3 months)
Wow being this is from 1976 it sure has sharp video and clear audio.

Author Jack Landwehr (3 months)
Merry Christmas!!! Peace!!

Author 11Airshow11 (13 days)

Author Daniel Reuter (2 months)
What a talent - one of my favorite songs and brings back great memories. I
love to play "Peace Train" on the piano!!!

Author Rajiv Paranavithana (2 months)
Nowadays none of the songs have any taste,
Nothing beats the classics!

Author Belted74 (1 month)
such great energy!

Author Ibrahim Sarioglu (1 month)
YUSUF İSLAM hi find rigth way..

Author Chad Snyder (18 days)
Peace train take this country......

Author PWSweetbanana (1 month)

Author Greasy Jungle (20 days)
So much soul. Pours his heart into his music.

Author abr702 (3 months)
I always go back to this song.

Author gabriel contreras (3 months)

Author CryOverdage (4 months)

Author Lucinda Moorsom (2 months)

Author TheBrowneyedgirl1960 (1 month)
♥ PEACE & LOVE FOR THE WORLD!!....Peace for the Ukraine! Amen ♥♥

Author Cool Co (3 months)
Jesus said "bless the Peacemaker, for he is called the son of God"..... so
bless you Cat/Yuzuf, I believe you already adopted by God as one of his

Author Joni Laiconna (2 months)
Sure was cutie. I used to love Another Saturday Night, and I ain't got
nobody. I got some money, cuz I just got paid. I wish I could find someone
to talk to. I'm in an awful way. He joined the Islam faith now.

Author thatdevilguy (3 months)
The ultimate in irony as Cat Stevens sings a beautiful song about peace,
converts to Islam, changes his name and calls for the death of author
Salman Rushdie.

Author Ron DayVoo (2 months)
truly beautiful song.

Author Leta Robinson (1 month)
was it the song or was this guy seriously tripping? anyhow happy song!

Author Dawn Borkowski (3 months)

Author r leahey (3 months)
Remember when the bush White House thought this guy was a terrorist. 

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