Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976

requested by Jashar1984. =)

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Author Monica Nath (19 days)
This song just came to my mind

Author Mark Wyatt (3 months)
Too bad he rejected the true peace train.

Author so sad (1 month)
My God! I had forgotten how gorgeous this man was!
Oh if I only had a time capsule. Lol

Author Elliot Vardis (1 month)
Vote for peace..........

Author Jason Hurtado Daniels (1 month)

*Cat Stevens - Peace Train (Live)*


Author principessa di ghiaccio (2 months)
......better world ? and the beautiful rose in the train <3 :)

Author emma jones (2 months)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Harriet Thornton (3 months)
Peace Train

Author Alberto N. Vargas Callejas (7 days)
Temon de Cat Stevens...

Author Analia S Monteiro (2 days)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live):

Author Debra Ulrich (2 days)
#Peace is immediately discovered in this.. moment.. stopping the #train of
your endless thought loops. ~+Gangaji (@Gangaji) #quote #catstevens +
YouTube #music #video via +YUSUF ISLAM SUFI 

Author Fabian Lindmeier (1 day)

Author AHMED DILMI (4 days)

Author Thomas MacKelly (5 days)
Damn he was a better person before he converted. Now he just issues fatwas
and supports the lynching of innocent artists.

Author Patti Ellis (5 days)
This man was always an old soul.....

Author Wayne Lindsey (15 days)
why cant there be artist like this anymore? Truly an amazing performer and
song writer

Author Ron Weiss (1 month)
What a Shame. He went from The peace Train to the death train of Islam.
There is NO peace in Islam.

Author Juan Morell (5 months)
Jesus high as fuck, singing about peace and stuff.

Author Zachary O'Dell (1 month)
why cant we make music like this anymore :[ i literally find ut so
upsetting that i am one of the few from my generation that listin to this
type of music still :[

Author Sherry Lynn (1 month)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author losepoundsandinches (6 months)
Peace Train ... with Salman Rushdie being dragged behind it to his
(well-deserved) death. Right, "Cat"?

Death to free speech! Isn't that right, "Yusuf"?

Author Tdubbzskis (1 month)
This song makes you feel so good inside! Feelin' the holy spirit over
here!! God Bless!

Author Otmane Bekkaoui (2 months)

Author chimeranzl (1 month)
fantastic song

Author Ulf Ross (2 months)
The comments on this video are so mean. They contrast with the song, not in
a good way. 

Author Joely Mena (2 months)
#EscuchandoAhora #CatStevens
*Se me inunda el alma de alegría y esperanza al instante de escuchar este

Author nintoolapcfloyd (3 months)
he looked so happy before he discovered the infinite compassion and love of

Author Shirl Derifield (3 days)
I find it very sad that people find it so necessary bash people and
religions on this site. I do not believe that is what this sight is for.
No wonder the Middle East hates Americans. Ask yourself before you post -
am I helping make the world a better place...or am I enforcing the lines
that divide us??!!!

Author Roberto Ortiz (6 days)
I would like this -
Peace Train- in Palestine, once and forever.
Get out Israelites of Palestine.

Author Carlos Grun (3 days)

Author Fernando Gaspar (8 days)
Cat Steven"s convertion to Islamism is a proof of how powerful and
attractive is the Islam appeal to a human being.

Author Casedriver (9 days)
Greatest Performance I ever seen from "Cat Stevens".......

Author Pınar Güvenel (9 days)
okyanusu birlikte geçmiştik,ny.dönüşü.O bütün bir gece kuran
okumuştu.Yanıbaşımdaki koltukta...............

Author Kitty/Kat H (17 days)
Love it. He was so damn SEXY back then. Hot. Hot. Hunny.
Cat had it going On.
Damn fine !

Author lori james (10 days)
wish we could all find the peace he has found with his life.

Author Andrea Wagner (18 days)
My favorite song by him !!!!

Author Angela Wolff (12 days)
Yeah love it :)) Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Fede Ca (18 days)
@ZacharyO'Dell yeah, well I'm 18 and I think I was born in the wrong
generation... I would love to live in the 70s/80s/early 90s... Actual
musicians only do commercial shit :c

Author Matt Tomich (19 days)
One of the best beats ever!!

Author shelby durango (20 days)
one of his best...

Author Shell Trek (1 month)
2 simple words: "Peace Train"!
Can't we all just get along?

Author Foxden902 (1 month)
Yusuf / Cat Stevens Peace Train ...Late Again Tour #CitiPerformingArtsCenter
#WangTheatre, Boston, MA 12/7/2014 08:00 PM 

Author Simeon Zoeckler (29 days)
The live version is better than the studio version by far

Author Verônica Semljanos (29 days)

Author Jody Brathovde (1 month)

Author Greenpicks (1 month)
Heute ist Tag des #Weltfriedens. Wir wünschen uns Frieden für heute und
alle darauf folgenden Tage.

Sag uns, was Frieden für Dich bedeutet?

Today is Peace Day. We wish pease for today and all following days.

Tell us, what means peace for you?

Author MiKeDiZzZLeTV (1 month)

Author Claudine Koch (1 month)

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