Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976

requested by Jashar1984. =)

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Author principessa di ghiaccio (15 days)
......better world ? and the beautiful rose in the train <3 :)

Author emma jones (27 days)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Harriet Thornton (1 month)
Peace Train

Author losepoundsandinches (4 months)
Peace Train ... with Salman Rushdie being dragged behind it to his
(well-deserved) death. Right, "Cat"?

Death to free speech! Isn't that right, "Yusuf"?

Author Ulf Ross (19 days)
The comments on this video are so mean. They contrast with the song, not in
a good way. 

Author Kathy Acuna (6 days)
Great as Cat Stevens Great as Yusaf Islam.

Author nintoolapcfloyd (1 month)
he looked so happy before he discovered the infinite compassion and love of

Author nashrox61 (27 days)
why does he say "what" right before he starts the song?

Author Mark Wyatt (1 month)
Too bad he rejected the true peace train.

Author Sarra Sam (1 month)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Boobie Needham (1 month)
Peace Train is my fave!... Happy B-day Cat... LUV' YA!!!

Author kerim Güler (1 month)
He finally found this 'peace train' with islam elhamdulillah

Author Ernie Palumbo (1 month)

Author Stephan Wolf (1 month)
Until now, all dreams of mankind have come true and so will the one of

Author Starla Anne (2 months)
Cat Stevens died when Yusuf Islam was born. He somehow morphed into this
hateful, violent man who sings of a peace train but said he would willingly
*kill* author Salman Rushdie for the Islamic 'crime' of writing a book with
which he disagrees.

Author principessa di ghiaccio (2 months)
better world :) yes :) good dreams friends :)

Author Michael Ruben (5 months)

Author George Martin (2 months)
Hey Bic lighters.......I had a zippo

Author Markus Meier (2 months)
Das war noch echte Musik :(

Author David Courtney (3 days)
the whole world needs 2 get on the peace train is all the crap ever going 2

Author legionify (11 days)
Elhamdulilah i am muslim from Albania and i love alll people in the world
,no matter if they are white black yellow green they are all goo people , i
just hate POLITICIANS 

Author Junior D (10 days)
I wonder if he ever sang this song in the Middle East??

Author Sacha Powaschuk (8 days)
does anybody know what he's saying ''what'' too.

Author alfred cap (3 days)
Peace Train is coming!!!

Author Sisah vom Fließtal (3 months)

Author popeye3234 (5 months)
What a difference in the performance of this song, here in the past and the
way he performs it now. Here he's all "Pop Star and Show Biz" and now it is
more quietly and sincerely performed. See the rendition (Yusuf Islam -
Peace Train - OUTSTANDING!) where he commemorates a Nobel prize recipient
in the introduction. Much better.

Author SuperJeddy1 (3 months)
rock n roll hall of fame brought me here what a great singer song writer

Author Ash Almond (6 months)

Author Hale Beyza Avcı (13 days)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Rainer Sokoll (3 months)
Damit ihr mit einem Lächeln in den Tagesrest geht.

Author Søren Dam Haurum (16 days)

Author winogirlll (3 months)
Did they call him Cat because he was like Cat Nip to the ladies? I am
feeling high for him. Meow!!!

Author Hernie Lakes (23 days)

Author Dore Bedell (22 days)
Maybe someone can Book Cat to sing this on top of Mecca... lol

Author Astral Frost (20 days)
A beautiful person. Really amazing performance. 

Author drummerkid71 (25 days)
To all of you here...I wish peace to you all :)

Author Cora Visser (22 days)
love this very much.

Author Andreas Thiele (27 days)
Dieser Song wird immer mehr zur Bedeutung, wenn man berücksichtigt, was
gerade in unserer....betone, unserer Welt vorgeht. Bitte macht eure Augen
auf und verschließt euch nicht vor den weltweit verbreiteten Lügen

Author Kevin Zwirner (1 month)
Hop on the peace train! :)

Author MusicMC1 (4 months)
Astoundingly Beautiful! Cat NEEDS JESUS not mohammed. ONLY JESUS WILL BRING
PEACE and SALVATION! No disrespect intended Only PREACHING THE ETERNAL

Author Michael Langer (4 months)
Hey guys instead of writing "Peace to Allah" or "Peace to God", write
'peace to each other' because god is supposed to be about loving each
other, as is this song. Why can't we live in bliss? :)

Author maestro22121 (1 month)
This makes me happy. Everyone jump on the peace train!

Author Patrícia Krafčíková (1 month)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Maria Lourdes Navarro Granados (1 month)
I love this song, i love this feeling <3

Author Peru Vienne (1 month)
Peace Train:
"...Dreaming about the world as one
And I believe it could be
Some day it's going to come..."
Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

Read more: Cat Stevens - Peace Train Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Author Trixi Schondolinski (1 month)
I hope it

Author Mark Christensen (1 month)
Now I've been crying lately, thinking about the world as it is
Why must we go on hating, why can't we live in bliss

Cause out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this country, come take me home again

Author Yoav Savir (1 month)
May peace come to Israel and Gaza

Author Justlooking (11 months)
cat,, i love you entirely! meow

Author Billy C (10 months)
Another great musician said "All we need is Love" and "Imagine", lets all
go with that as well. Cat or Yusuf matters not, Listen to the message.

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