Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976

requested by Jashar1984. =)

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Author Jason Hurtado Daniels (13 days)

*Cat Stevens - Peace Train (Live)*


Author principessa di ghiaccio (1 month)
......better world ? and the beautiful rose in the train <3 :)

Author emma jones (1 month)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Harriet Thornton (1 month)
Peace Train

Author Elliot Vardis (4 days)
Vote for peace..........

Author Tdubbzskis (4 days)
This song makes you feel so good inside! Feelin' the holy spirit over
here!! God Bless!

Author Otmane Bekkaoui (1 month)

Author chimeranzl (11 days)
fantastic song

Author Carlos Shelton (13 days)

*Cat Stevens - Peace Train (Live)*


Author Ulf Ross (1 month)
The comments on this video are so mean. They contrast with the song, not in
a good way. 

Author Joely Mena (29 days)
#EscuchandoAhora #CatStevens
*Se me inunda el alma de alegría y esperanza al instante de escuchar este

Author nintoolapcfloyd (1 month)
he looked so happy before he discovered the infinite compassion and love of

Author nashrox61 (1 month)
why does he say "what" right before he starts the song?

Author Mark Wyatt (1 month)
Too bad he rejected the true peace train.

Author Sarra Sam (2 months)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Boobie Needham (2 months)
Peace Train is my fave!... Happy B-day Cat... LUV' YA!!!

Author kerim Güler (2 months)
He finally found this 'peace train' with islam elhamdulillah

Author Ernie Palumbo (2 months)

Author Jody Brathovde (1 day)

Author Greenpicks (1 day)
Heute ist Tag des #Weltfriedens. Wir wünschen uns Frieden für heute und
alle darauf folgenden Tage.

Sag uns, was Frieden für Dich bedeutet?

Today is Peace Day. We wish pease for today and all following days.

Tell us, what means peace for you?

Author MiKeDiZzZLeTV (8 hours)

Author Stephan Wolf (2 months)
Until now, all dreams of mankind have come true and so will the one of

Author CheapTicketsNYC (5 days)

Author Zachary O'Dell (2 minutes)
why cant we make music like this anymore :[ i literally find ut so
upsetting that i am one of the few from my generation that listin to this
type of music still :[

Author red jvs 1899 (3 days)

Author Tay Gray (6 hours)
Jus enjoy the song. Stop making it some bullshit.

Author Pedro Mateus (2 days)
They don´t make them like this anymore

Author principessa di ghiaccio (3 months)
better world :) yes :) good dreams friends :)

Author David Biviano (5 days)
Watching/listening to this gave me chills - classic!

Author Cesar Vazquez Correa (8 days)
now i've been happy lately :)

Author Stephanie S (14 days)
I loved a few cat stevens songs when I was young. Kind of lost track of him
when he disappeared. Lately I have renewed interest in his music and a
different outlook than when I was very young. I was turned off a bit about
the whole Rushdie thing but upon looking at it closer I do believe it was
kind of a misunderstanding. Now I see that his music from before is almost
all really meaningful to me now that I've lived 50 years. That he wrote
much of it when he was himself so young kind of amazes me. I might be a bit
wondering about where he ended up, but the fact is that he did go
"searching for higher meaning", instead of falling into the lifestyle that
most of us end up in and for that I respect him. Now granted when you've
got money you are able to go "find yourself" testing out different
philosophies and such, whereas most of us are just slogging around trying
to make a living, but yet many who really do have the means look like they
don't really search out anything deeper.

Author Rachid Fakhawi (13 days)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Author Jeremy Morin (13 days)

Author David Courtney (22 days)
the whole world needs 2 get on the peace train is all the crap ever going 2

Author Junior D (29 days)
I wonder if he ever sang this song in the Middle East??

Author Sacha Powaschuk (27 days)
does anybody know what he's saying ''what'' too.

Author Clash Show (18 days)
Cat Stevens he is Muslim 

Author Lou Asma (1 month)
Yes, peace train holy roller ♥

Author Stacy White (23 days)
love you all...really...We have to do something...XOXO

Author alfred cap (22 days)
Peace Train is coming!!!

Author Sisah vom Fließtal (4 months)

Author Paul Revere (4 days)
*Peace Train* :

Author WA3ZGT (29 days)

Author Hobbit (26 days)
I can't believe the NSA put this guy on a no-fly list.

Author Hale Beyza Avcı (1 month)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Søren Dam Haurum (1 month)

Author Hernie Lakes (1 month)

Author Dore Bedell (1 month)
Maybe someone can Book Cat to sing this on top of Mecca... lol

Author Astral Frost (1 month)
A beautiful person. Really amazing performance. 

Author drummerkid71 (1 month)
To all of you here...I wish peace to you all :)

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