Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976

requested by Jashar1984. =)

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Author Delana M. (1 month)
Peace to all my Google friends
+1 if you want to join my peace train across Google this morning!✌🚂
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live):

Author Megan Whittaker (1 month)
Everyone ride on the peace train,

Author Thomas MacKelly (1 month)
Damn he was a better person before he converted. Now he just issues fatwas
and supports the lynching of innocent artists.

Author Christine Felixon (14 days)
We really need to stop all the nonsense and get to this :))

Author Monica Nath (2 months)
This song just came to my mind

Author Ulf Ross (4 months)
The comments on this video are so mean. They contrast with the song, not in
a good way. 

Author BLAZE Chris (14 days)
Clearly NOT on acid...

Author Heiner Hirn (5 days)
Aus immer wieder gegebenen Anlass, für unsere muslimfeindlichen Freunde:
*Cat Stevens, 1976 - Peace Train (live)*
heute Yusuf Islam, Muslim... ach so, er singt dieses Lied übrigens immer

Author KINGMJ1990 (16 days)
He went rogue after his conversion..Real crap...He was a seeker...a good
man..a great musician before that. I still like and love Cat Stevens. I
don't like Yusuf Islam.

Author Holger Hirrschoff (28 days)


Peace Train, so auch der Titel seiner derzeit stattfindenden Tour.
Feierabendzeit, wie immer Schreibtische, Labore, Praxen, Werkstätten und
Küchen klar machen und Richtung Ruhezone begeben.
Schönen Feierabend allen Googlern und Mitplussern

Author Hikuru Agata (9 days)
People can't seem to wrap their feeble minds around the idea that a great
person like Cat Stevens converted to Islam. It's his personal choice, and
he's still a great person and great artist. That Salman Rushdie shit was
stupid, but it's not like he went and murdered someone in the name of
islam. Get over it geez

Author Alex Lusio (2 days)
Love him... Thank god he is an awsome and inspiring artist that did'nt die

Author Jason Hurtado Daniels (3 months)

*Cat Stevens - Peace Train (Live)*


Author Mel Voss (2 days)
Peace Train keeps riding through Muslim countries, but they refuse to get

Author nintoolapcfloyd (5 months)
he looked so happy before he discovered the infinite compassion and love of

Author Dan Falquez (6 days)
Ooo Waa Eee Ahh Ooo Waa,,,,who writes stuff like this anymore? I like it

Author Michael Häffner (14 days)
Now, come and join the livin'.
It's not so far from you
And it's gettin' nearer;
Soon it will all be true

Author Lung Nep (5 days)

Author Kent McCoy (5 days)
LOVE the hip thrusts, I'm sure Allah would object, but thank you, Cat!!

Author SeekTheTruth10004 (18 days)
*Peace Begins in Your Mind ~~► I Suggest You To Read "The Present" at

Author Hassan Aftab (1 month)
What a brilliant performer when live :D

Author EtaCarinaeStar (11 days)
First heard this song when I watched Remember The Titans at school when I
was twelve. I like it so much!

Author Marina Fais (19 days)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live):

Author principessa di ghiaccio (4 months)
......better world ? and the beautiful rose in the train <3 :)

Author Michael Shane David (1 month)
*Peace Out* from the live tour 1976!

Be nice to each other ... chat you in the new day!


Author Marwan Bayoumi (1 month)
Well I came here to enjoy this song and I won't engage any of these
judgemental assholes that want to tear the world apart and spread hatred
between people of different beliefs. Try and listen to the lyrics harder!

Author so sad (2 months)
My God! I had forgotten how gorgeous this man was!
Oh if I only had a time capsule. Lol

Author Mortesa Dariani (1 month)
We need a real peace train right now which rolls through every country
until the last day this planet exists. Way too much wars going on in the

Author Mpumelelo Ntshangase (1 month)
i needed to hear this song today. I think the world needs to give this song
a listen. All these "new age" artist, be it rappers or pop singers, they
all need to hear Cat Steven. Maybe then we can all return to this era of
music, real music.
I cant wait to listen to this song with my kids one day, 20 years from now.

Author emma jones (4 months)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Author Karen K (15 days)

Author Harriet Thornton (4 months)
Peace Train

Author Mark Wyatt (4 months)
Too bad he rejected the true peace train.

Author Vero Young (5 days)
LO_VE him!

Author Shirl Derifield (1 month)
I find it very sad that people find it so necessary bash people and
religions on this site. I do not believe that is what this sight is for.
No wonder the Middle East hates Americans. Ask yourself before you post -
am I helping make the world a better place...or am I enforcing the lines
that divide us??!!!

Author Willes S. Geaquinto (21 day)
Adoro viajar nesse trem!!!

Author Heidi Warren (29 days)
how does he feel now that all his so called people stand for murder of so
called "infidels"...he rides the slaughter wagon now

Author John Knottenbelt (1 month)
Cat says it so well.... and man, wasn't that an era of social observation
& enlightenment...

Author Ximena Acevedo (1 month)
I love him at that time , now I love his memory

Author naufal adam (1 month)
I dont get problem he change his religious view...but it will be really big
problem if he make new song that is auto-tuned like all the music shit

Author Wayne Lindsey (2 months)
why cant there be artist like this anymore? Truly an amazing performer and
song writer

Author TheOlddantucker (22 days)
Nice song God bless you

Author Pınar Güvenel (2 months)
okyanusu birlikte geçmiştik,ny.dönüşü.O bütün bir gece kuran
okumuştu.Yanıbaşımdaki koltukta...............

Author Marc Boyer (1 month)
too many fucking adds - fuck right off with the bullshit

Author Tim Nolan (8 days)
Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976

Author Fernando Gaspar (1 month)
Cat Steven"s convertion to Islamism is a proof of how powerful and
attractive is the Islam appeal to a human being.

Author Ron Weiss (2 months)
What a Shame. He went from The peace Train to the death train of Islam.
There is NO peace in Islam.

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