Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976

requested by Jashar1984. =)

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Author jam2music (1 month)
Get on the peace train..What we need to do in this life time!

Author Gustavo Zaragoza (3 days)
...very nice performance...

Author Monica Nath (4 months)
This song just came to my mind

Author Megan Whittaker (3 months)
Everyone ride on the peace train,

Author Thomas MacKelly (4 months)
Damn he was a better person before he converted. Now he just issues fatwas
and supports the lynching of innocent artists.

Author Sandy Somewhere (1 month)
*Peace Train - Cat Stevens* *We carry on Dr. King's mission of peace &
equality today & always*
#catstevens #peacetrain #mlkday2015 

Author so sad (5 months)
My God! I had forgotten how gorgeous this man was!
Oh if I only had a time capsule. Lol

Author Andrew Baker (1 day)
Why no Peace?
Look at the 60s/early70s, the trajectory was so positive, toward such
Music, from the Beatles to Cat Stevens and almost everyone in between, so
positive, uplifting - peace love and happiness all over it.
We, as a collective humanity, face planted. Tanked. Why?
How did we go from the peace, love and happiness of then to the hate and
anger and war of today?
Some blame religion. Others, media. And of course, most blame drugs.
But all those things, require human will.
Drugs never wrecked tribal societies. No religion is born from hate. And
media has an off switch.
When Cat Stevens sang this song, the one percenters had less than 8% of the
Now, (1974 - 2015) they have 50%.
Take food from a nice dog and you get an angry dog.
If a species horded like humanity hordes, it would have died off long ago.
For Peace comes only through Sharing.
You don't "get" Peace. You "give" Peace.
But the "give" it seems is not in us anymore.
Society judges us one what we have, rather than what we don't have.
Success is quantitative.
"Give" Peace a chance. - John Lennon
That is the path for the salvation of Humanity.
Not bombs and rockets, but flowers and love.
Every war that has ever been waged is a war over resources.
A war of "Take." A war against "Give."
Religion is used as a cloak to hide the true motive of conflict.
If only we realized humanity is smart enough to solve all the world's
problems without war.
Without hording.
Without taking.
If only we realized to be human, is to be connected with the ground.
"Hum" - of ground.
Stop elevating above.
Stop building a castle up in the sky.
Stay grounded.
Be like a flower.
Share your beauty. Take nothing. Give everything. - AB in SunnySantaBarbara

Author principessa di ghiaccio (3 months)
....rose on a train :) ......

Author Mark Wyatt (6 months)
Too bad he rejected the true peace train.

Author Isadora Rae- McLean (2 months)
LOL.... Who remembers this one??? My mom is still a hippy!

Author Michael Häffner (2 months)
Now, come and join the livin'.
It's not so far from you
And it's gettin' nearer;
Soon it will all be true

Author Fernando Tarrach (13 days)

Author de (18 days)
This guy was so talented.....

Author prentice morgan (3 days)
There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace returns to rule the His
creation. Without Jesus there is no peace. Come soon Lord Jesus!

Author Holger Hirrschoff (3 months)


Peace Train, so auch der Titel seiner derzeit stattfindenden Tour.
Feierabendzeit, wie immer Schreibtische, Labore, Praxen, Werkstätten und
Küchen klar machen und Richtung Ruhezone begeben.
Schönen Feierabend allen Googlern und Mitplussern

Author Patricia Kamadulski (26 days)
I absolutely did and still do love The Cat. Especially this song. This was
my generations message, "PEACE". Could someone tell me what on earth
happened. I'm a true born again Christian so I do differ from his beliefs.
But that's his choice God gave him that right. But man I still love his
music and his message. Come on young people GET ON THAT PEACE TRAIN!!!!!

Author Meenmethly KSA (16 days)
ههههههههههههههههههههه زمان الطيبين حقهم
ولا سحرني غير الورده الملصوقة في المايك هههههههههههههه الله يغفر لك يا
يوسف اسلام 

Author Zachary O'Dell (5 months)
why cant we make music like this anymore :[ i literally find ut so
upsetting that i am one of the few from my generation that listin to this
type of music still :[

Author Bread Sandwich (21 day)
0:47 you're welcome

Author katz spooner (1 month)
Now I've been crying lately, thinking about the world as it is
Why must we go on hating, why can't we live in bliss

Author Jonathan LaPointe (1 month)
That performance was AWSOME!!! Such huge energy. The song the lyrics the
band just incredible! every time I watch that video it gives me goosebumps!
Does anybody know of any other bands that have covered this song? full
bands not acoustic solo artists? This song is still great acoustic but just
not the same as with a full band.

Author John Knottenbelt (3 months)
Cat says it so well.... and man, wasn't that an era of social observation
& enlightenment...

Author Jason Hurtado Daniels (5 months)

*Cat Stevens - Peace Train (Live)*


Author NiraRuth37 (24 days)
love this song , Miss the old Cat. Shallom from Israel

Author Steve Austin (2 months)
I want to introduce you to the band..... oh wait, I already did that! LOL

Author Hiroshi Kitagawa (1 month)
JOBS 2014 brought me here

Author Lori Sue (1 month)
Peace Train

Author LORI NEVERS (1 month)
Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live):

Author T Crowell (1 month)
Really sad how religion can change a person ... how the institution of
religion can destroy an individual from being a free thinker to a mere
puppet, incapable / unwilling to recognize his/her own hypocrisy. And this
is true of all religions, where fundamentalism is the foundation.

Author James Dittman (17 hours)
To me his best performance of the song he is most known for. Lots of energy
and passion...Gotta love it....a true favorite of mine from my favorite
artist. Outstanding.

Author OLIAKOS (1 month)
u never see a greek converting to islam especially because the attrocities
comitted against the greeks by the turks especially the greek cypriots this
guy boggles my mind yusuf islam ti ekanes re malaka

Author Heiner Hirn (2 months)
Aus immer wieder gegebenen Anlass, für unsere muslimfeindlichen Freunde:
*Cat Stevens, 1976 - Peace Train (live)*
heute Yusuf Islam, Muslim... ach so, er singt dieses Lied übrigens immer

Author Alberto N. Vargas Callejas (4 months)
Temon de Cat Stevens...

Author Rogers Brandy (1 month)
I'm joining the peace train! Who's coming with me?!

Author Ron G (29 days)
Now it's simply "blow up the peace train" after he's converted.

Author Ozzy Kent (2 months)
Ya Rabbim EL Hamdulah...
Merhaba Alem ya Dunya...
Come on take me home...
We need together a peace train...
In the paradise is enough peace...
and Love &freedom together...
ASelam i aleykum my peace train:)

Author Ron Weiss (5 months)
What a Shame. He went from The peace Train to the death train of Islam.
There is NO peace in Islam.

Author Stephen Gabriel (22 days)
Get on the ♫ Peace Train ♫ ...

#catstevens #peacetrain 

Author Bonnie Tomlinson (1 month)
This is the greatest song and our world so needs to hear it these days.

Author stugabe33 (22 days)
Get on the ♫ Peace Train ♫ ...

Author tom o'conner (15 hours)
Great song.. shame he went muslim, the song prcoess as gone!! 

Author Alex Lusio (2 months)
Love him... Thank god he is an awsome and inspiring artist that did'nt die

Author Ira Haimann (1 month)
The dualing Ovation guitars sound great. 

Author tkandme3 (1 month)

Author axeofgod72 . (1 month)
everyone jump on the submission train.

Author Carlos Sanchez (1 month)
Magnificas canciones !!! Lo mejor para todo el mundo este proximo 2015 y
por siempre.

Author Diane Robertson (9 days)
1 x drive to Sandton is taking a lot longer than expected... on the
positive, today is a good day to do Nova :) :) :) :) :) :) :) *happiness*

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