Proscan 10.1 Internet Tablet Review.

New 10.1 inch Proscan Internet tablet.

Biglots $129.99. Save $12.00 if you use your biglots value card.

How to install Google Market. Works with the Proscan and Android 4.0

Product Specs
 10.1" Capacitive Multi Touch Display
 Resolution: 1024 X 600
 Aspect Ratio: 16:09
 OS: Android 4.0
 CPU: Boxchip A10, Cortex A8
 Processor: 1.2GHz
 Memory: 1GB DDR3
 Storage: 4 GB NAND Flash (Expandable up to 32gb
via card slot)
 HDMI 1080P Output
 TF Card slot
 Built-in Microphone
 Hi-Fi Speaker
 Supports 3G Dongle
 Built-in Front Camera
 G Sensor, V-Sensor
 WIFI: Supports 802.11 b/g, Realtek 8188
 Connections: 1 Mini USB port, 1 headphone Jack, Mini
 Battery: 5000 Mah/3.7V
 Supports all common Photo, Music & Video formats.

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Added: 2 years
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Author Alain Guillemette (3 months)

Bonne tablette pour le prix 10.1 proscan 

Author Cylon Incorporated (1 month)
I owned the white version of this tablet. Best tablet ever.

Author Lana Fowler (1 year)

Author David Andrade (11 months)
I just received this same tablet that you reviewed here. They (the
manufacturers of this device) must have made some improvements from your
tablet. The title of this tablet is the same on the box as you describe and
this one came with a case and a keyboard and does have blue tooth and WiFi
and Netflix runs just fine along with Hulu+. The only reason I am not
keeping it is it didn't support my bank mobile app and some of the
streaming TV apps weren't supported otherwise I agree with you analysis of
your test devise but after a little thought I decided it would make an
appropriate gift for my 10 year old grandson with one condition that he
agreed to which is he must still go outside and play. He did agree. Thank
you for you review I look forward to future reviews, David A

Author jack g (1 year)
not one single comments online have been positive of not only this 10.1"
and any others proscan product is very negative. Not recommended at all.
You pay what you get. You must pay at least $200. for minimum. Otherwise
your throw out your money.

Author asia johnson (1 year)
He is not talking about a keyboard he talk about the feature of the tablet 

Author Joseph Rotello (1 year)
Whatcha doing down in Sevierville ? Just interest, being up here in

Author luke brian Hill (2 years)
Does the market/playstore work for the proscan 7inch tablet it is running
android 4.0?

Author Justin Sands (2 years)
Can me where you downloaded Google App store please and finding a
compatible download site for Chrome has been really difficult for me, can
anyone give me a download address for Chrome for me please. Thanks for the
review by the way.

Author izaiha oquinn (1 year)
my tablet has slideME market and i want to change

Author Donree Daniels (2 years)
detail how to add google ply and android market and chrome to my proscan 10
tablet also?? thx.....

Author N2tech (2 years)
There is a link in the notes below the video, hope it helps.

Author Track babee (2 years)
how do you screen shot??

Author LaRoy Turner (1 year)
hey great review. does it support bluetooth?

Author marty760 (2 years)
is it a micro hdmi port or a mini hdmi port? in the video you say micro,
but in the description it says mini

Author Jack Marshak (2 years)
The HDMI will only work with video playing...just to let you know. I know
it's a real let down when you can't get the OS up on a bigger screen.

Author Javierm0324 (2 years)
If youre thinking about selling let me know.

Author DonoHP2011 (2 years)
hey this was lots of help I am thiking on getting two for my brothers for
Xmas cuz I got Acer iconia a200 the tab u got is only 119.00 at my big lots
but how is YouTube app and mainly basic browsing like will it be good for
mobile school? plz reply thx

Author Shenna Hall (2 years)
how can I unlock my tablets...

Author N2tech (2 years)
No sorry, I read the whole manual and it didn't mention how to take a
screen shot.

Author unwinsis (2 years)
Gave this to my son for Christmas today. We're also finding the browser is
slow and stops often. Youtube does not play well on the bowser either.
Don't know why, but the resolution is terrible on youtube videos, and the
taskbar isn't there either, so I can't change the quality. Also I can't
rewind or forward videos. There's a playbar, but it doesn't work. I hope
google chrome works better, or there is some patch out there for it.

Author ced3361 (1 year)
Hi, i have the very same tablet but i cant connect to the internet.i don't
want to connect externally but with my sim card. pls help

Author Martha Zambrano (1 year)
how can i save fotos , i try it by leaving my finger for a while, and the
small box that says "to save foto or copy" won't come out. NEED HELP ASAP

Author elcoronel1987 (2 years)
Can i use google play with this tablet?

Author Frank Joseph Quiroz (2 years)
or google play?

Author HOODSTRZ (2 years)
Whould someone please help I have a klu by curtis and I'm trying to use a
usb controller on it but it does not work please help contact me at

Author TheShadowGRIM2WM (2 years)
does it support Adobe Flash?

Author Selmidin Hodza (2 years)
Za Polaroid PMID800, Molim objasnjene za Format??? Kako mogu Formatirati
PMID800 prokleti Tablet.

Author N2tech (2 years)
Just disconnect and try to re-connect, if that doesn't work check to see if
the Access point has a password. All else fails read the directions.

Author Jefe MeraZ (2 years)
How did u get a market on it

Author N2tech (2 years)
To be honest I don't mod review units. I would think since it's so new and
so little is known about it if you tried to mod it you would probably brick
it. I would wait until the tablet goes mainstream.

Author N2tech (2 years)
Check out the link in the note section should answer all your questions.
Thanks for watching.

Author Berenis Aceves (2 years)
have you found any ways to put a custom rom on it like cyogenmode?

Author magentawave (2 years)
Rooting should eliminate all the weird stuff. Have you rooted it yet?

Author Depro Nine (1 year)

Author DonoHP2011 (2 years)
k thx my brothers are barley on Netflix

Author unwinsis (2 years)
The link worked great for Google Play, but Chrome will not run. Everytime I
try to open Chrome I get a msg saying "Unfortunately, Chrome has stopped."

Author R goldy (1 year)
did it come with key borad

Author Amy Odaniel (2 years)
netflix works great on mine. Bought mine at big lots too. Everything I have
down loaded works fine. The only one I have problems with is Skype the
video is not working. Other than that. Its fast downloads fast.
Really good tablet i was happy . But I think some of the problems with ppls
being slow is your internet. Cause everybody is saying its slow....but ours
is not. I was real worried about that. but I am happy for the price. :)

Author JOPPMAN8000 (2 years)
do a review for the double power t708

Author N2tech (2 years)
Check out the link in the note section should answer all your questions.
Thanks for watching.

Author bandroidx (2 years)
Can you confirm it definetly has 1gb RAM? It says it does but I am suspect
that is a misprint because every single one of these 1.2ghz single core sub
$200 10.1 laptops has 512mb of ram. I have a viewsonic gtablet running
android 4.0 and its horrible because of the 512mb of ram. Youtube has no
RAM it can use to buffer HD video so it constantly is stuttering to
rebuffer. Are you able to playback high quality fast frame rate HD youtube
w/o issue?

Author Donree Daniels (2 years)
yeah I need detaikl

Author DonoHP2011 (2 years)
K thx for reply!

Author Frank Joseph Quiroz (2 years)
i have the same exact tablet but i cant figure out how to put the android
market into it. how did u do it? plz respond

Author The6970 (2 years)
i bought but can't wifi to work says it's connected but when tap browser
doesn't connect and keeps trying to connect can you help me new to tablets

Author N2tech (2 years)
Youtube and browsing is fairly good for a low end tablet. I haven't been
able to get Netflix to work.

Author Berenis Aceves (2 years)
do you know how to take screenshots?

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