How to use an AR-15 rifle for Beginners (Colt, Stag Arms, Bushmaster, DPMS, Mossberg,etc)

Video for beginners on How to use an AR-15 rifle, its features, and operation. This is applicable to any AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

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Author Tom Johnston (2 months)
I had to stop watching this video because it is loaded with errors and poor
terminology indicating that you must be new to the AR-15 and you certainly
shouldn't be instructing other beginners. When it comes to weapons, you
should know what you are talking about before explaining it to others.

Author stanfordcoffee (3 months)
It's no wonder you disabled the ratings. Full of errors.

Author mbh8280 (3 months)
"clip" "Magazine holder" ??? If you're going to teach "new" people about
firearms, you shouldn't be new to them yourself. delete this and start over

Author pjamese3 (1 month)
Try learning what you are talking about before you make an instructional
video. This video is full of errors. There's no need to list them all
because the good people of YouTube have already done so below. Apparently,
you've never been in the Armed services. If you were, there's no way you'd
make all these errors...especially the first one: Can't put the rifle on
safe without a magazine or a round in the chamber? Really?!!

Author godlyk3 (3 months)
First off magazine not clip... there is a difference. Also, an M-4, AR-15,
and M-16 are all different. Yes they are all variations of the same rifle
family but fundamentally they are different weapons with different
purposes. Admittedly I did stop watching at 2:14 so if you correct
yourself sorry and disregard.

Author Tom Johnston (2 months)
There's an error in your video. You can put an AR-15 on safety without a
round in the chamber as you say. You can even put it on safety without a
magazine in the rifle. The rifle can be put on safety anytime it is cocked
whether or not there is a round in the chamber or even whether or not there
is even a magazine inserted. I just thought I'd mention this because this
video is for beginners and misinformation can be dangerous.

Author L.D. hartman (2 days)
Thank you so much.This video was explained and simplified so we could
understand everything. I appreciate that cause when u try to ask others
they make u look like an idiot.I learned a lot and was able to go out and
shoot my ar with ease.
thank you again

Author javier vasquez (14 days)
Ok, Rifle expert it's not a "Clip" its a Magazine!!!!

Author Irietree007 (2 months)
Awesome video. ... thx for the info. 

Author shawnfarand (2 months)
Would also like to start by saying that I think your effort is commendable,
and while fairly new to the weapon, I wanted to point out that the weapon
system can be put into "safe" by cycling the charging system. I don't
believe it must be "loaded" with a mag and one in the chamber. Pull the
charging hammer back, release bolt catch, and move fire select to "safe"
position. without ammo and without a mag in the well.
please let me know if this in incorrect. thank you

Author Mang Shawn (3 months)
Thanks for the Video, Very simple and informative for beginners. And for
all of your guys and girls that think your the expert i have heard many
experts refer to items both clips and magazines even though there is a
difference but we get the point...OK?

Author Saul Goodman (4 months)
A well intended video. Thank you. A helpful (I hope) suggestion others
have not mentioned. Please lead by example, do not ever have live
ammunition anywhere in the area (same room) when doing any type of
demonstration or handling of weapon. Use dummy rounds if necessary.
Safety first. If you are preparing to load and make ready, that is

Author Trey Pritchard (1 month)
Its no a CLIP! Its called a magazine! If your gonna teach people, use the
right terminology! You sound like a libtard 

Author carlos silva (5 months)
very informative,looking to buy my first ar-15,happy with this video

Author Philip Betancur (2 months)
This "little door" you mean the ejection port cover.... 

Author Noel Singletary (4 months)

Author Maria Gomez (20 days)
I am new to guns and trying to learn now. I noticed the comments saying
that this video had a lot of errors. Does anyone have a link for a correct
video for beginners? That would be so helpful!! Thanks 

Author Michael Sakowski (5 months)
Good video! If you are a deer hunter, I would recommend a 30-30 type rifle
- better knockdown, simpler, and safer. But my son might be using mine so I
am borrowing this gun.

Author Speed Phreak (4 months)
Good video, but dude.. PLEASE stop calling them "CLIPS"!!! they are
"Clips" haven't been used since WWII 

Author Caines Rage (2 months)
Sorry but if its not a Colt, its not a "True" AR-15. Your just getting some
reversed engineered version. Nice looking rifle though..

Author Hien Nguyen (28 days)
How much do you want for that AR15?

Author Dolores Baltierra (3 months)
I just got my Stag Arms AR15 and needed an overview before I hit the range.
You explained everything I needed to know very concisely. You didn't ramble
like other videos. Thanks I'm subscribing. 

Author Blade Beats (1 month)
This video was published in 2012, hopefully by now in 2014 you know more
about the AR platform. How can you make a video trying to teach beginners
about their new AR when you sound like a beginner yourself. There were so
many errors in this video. I might make a video with my AR just to teach
you a few things. And like pjamese3 said, who told you that you couldn't
put the rifle on safe without a mag or a round in the chamber? 

Author mark J (4 months)
Good review dude. I JUST bought a Bushmaster M4 Patrolman, and your video
gives me the basics on how to clean it. Very informative, thank you.

Author American Hawk (3 months)
We can use telescopic stock in california but should us bullet button.

Author Charles Connell (4 months)
Nice video man. People will always hate. Remember haters, this video is for
noobs so don't get so bent on the nomenclature.

Author worddunlap (5 months)
have speed loading 'clips' to load my magazines. I pity you living in
such a state, the adjustable butt-stock come in handy in the Winter etc.
Storage is easier. The safety works on my AR(S) loaded or not. 

Author Gabriel Kewan (1 month)
Very good very good

Author Enlowra (2 months)
ive owned a colt, stag arms, and sig sauer. I never had a single problem
with my stag arms :) I loved it. not too bad of a video though for a quick
ref for the AR

Author Th3Kiddd1 (1 month)

Author Nick Hiles (1 month)
The biggest error i saw in this video was that looking into the ejector
port and down out the mag port is how you verify that a gun is not
loaded... thats about like saying just pull the trigger to find out if its
TO YOU REPEAT THE PROCESS AGAIN I am in no way trying to be mean by downing
your video, I know of many people who have put holes in their floors,
ceilings, walls and refrigerators because they havent been taught the
proper way handle a gun. 

Author Brian Childers (4 months)
Nice video DuncanMeter. Really appreciated the simplicity of description
for newbies. 

Author Vladimir Sanchez (2 months)
Dude live ammo is a NoNo in a gun presentation

Author The Katherine Savage (5 months)
Thanks-going to range today & didn't want to look like an idiot-good

Author GJBEDNA (5 months)
OMG Please use correct nomenclature and review the PROPER operation of
this style of weapon. Another example of well intentioned bad advice on
you tube.

Author jonny bravo (5 months)
cheers for the vid, great for beginners like myself,

Author CopyrightedCuban (5 months)
Good videos for beginners. Few things I'd like to add though. It's called a
magazine, not a clip, there's a big difference. It's called a mag well,
that's where the magazine goes. The weapon doesn't have to be loaded in
order to be placed in "Safe", it only needs to have the hammer cocked. You
can cock it by pulling the charging handle even without a mag in the
firearm. If your barrel is rated only for 223 Remington, do not fire 5.56
or it might explode. Seriously. If you have any other questions, google and
YouTube have hundreds if not thousands of videos and forums. Have fun.

Author Steven Spahn (7 months)
oh no he said "clip." I can already feel the fatass biggots shaking with

Author Coey Bellinger (11 months)
5.56 is mm, .223 is caliber, made it 46 sec then quit

Author quicklady (11 months)
are you as anal about people that call "ammunition cartridges" , "bullets" ?

Author njtech2005 (1 year)
Very big LIKE on this video. Thanks for helping to demystify these rifles

Author sailure1 (1 year)
No. The CMMG (or any .22lr conversion Bolt) has a chamber converter on it.
Its in the shape of a .223/5.56 case that fits inside your .223/5.56
chamber turning it into an non-threaded part of the barrel. You simply swap
the .223/5.56 bolt out for the .22lr conversion bolt along with the
magazine. No other parts are needed. Takes under 1 minute to swap

Author Michael Mitchell (7 months)
that depends on how much you want to spend and where you find them. You can
look on Ebay for cheaper name brand upper and lower recievers as well as
barrels. At some point I'm going to build my own barrel assembly to update
my Carbon 15 changing out the pencil barrel for a heavy barrel with a
Yankee Hill gas Block.

Author Travis McIntosh (7 months)
Not to mention stating that there needs to be a round in the chamber and a
loaded magazine to actuate the safety. That just seems like an accident
waiting to happen.

Author randomuser75 (7 months)
From what I understand (I could be wrong) is an AR-15 is a civilian version
of the gun meaning semi-automatic only. it can be outfitted with what ever
sort of customization you want, long or short barrel, fix or collapsible
stock. If its says AR-15 its designed for civilian use. M4 is a short
barreled version of the M16 which are both military and have the options of
being full auto in the right configuration.

Author LIGHTSxOUTxGAMING (10 months)
You best dispose of that before it decides to get up and go shoot people by

Author bg gutta (1 year)
The sw mp 15 22 is AMAZING but remember Remington ammo sucks.

Author hailfire82997 (10 months)
If you want a better value go with Bushmaster or if you want top quality,
go with Colt. Not that it matters, all AR's are basically the same thing.

Author Jason Cox (7 months)
Make sure you ask if it is NATO it shoot both!

Author MrBawston (9 months)
Welcome to MA

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