How to use an AR-15 rifle for Beginners (Colt, Stag Arms, Bushmaster, DPMS, Mossberg,etc)

Video for beginners on How to use an AR-15 rifle, its features, and operation. This is applicable to any AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

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Runtime: 9:34
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Author Corey Theus (3 months)
Nice for us first timers. Thanks for this..

Author Sic Semper Gumby (11 months)
The .223/5.56 part isn't a debate; 5.56 produces 20,000PSI more chamber
pressure than .223. One is liable to blow their asses up, so to speak.

And it's not a clip. It's a magazine.

Author Colin Getz (7 days)
I'm sooooooo glad that those evil retractable stocks are illegal... Do you
know how many people are killed by stocks that aren't fixed???!!!!

Author Zombie Apocalypse (2 months)
1. you can put the safety on while it is empty and no round in the chamber.
if not use the charging handle to reset the trigger to put it on safe
2. its a magazine, not a clip
3. if it is chambered in .223, there is no debate. DO NOT SHOOT 5.56 OUT OF
4. when you pull the charging handle to the rear, push it back in position.
when you release the bolt, it will pull the charging handle violently
forward and grab skin and it will hurt.( 4:02 )

Author Corey Theus (3 months)
Nice for us first timers. Thanks for this..

Author Lance Cochrane (2 months)
Note....the chamber designation is what is "stamped on the barrel", not
what the lower says...

Author Nick K (1 month)
So if you can't have a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds in your
state, please explain to us why you have one right next to you in this

Author greenhavennn (3 months)
Great job explaining the basics. Great introductory video. Thanks for

Author P C (2 months)
Very informative. Thank you.

Author Hawkgts (1 month)
Cameltoe! Just sayin

Author Deprogrammed (1 month)
Thanks Duncan Meter !! Nice intro. video on AR15..

Author TheUsafpilot (3 months)
Great video thanks for your help!

Author frank castle (2 months)
nice cameltoe

Author Tom Gardner (7 months)
Nice informative video. Thanks!

Author Kevin McGrew (3 months)
Very helpful, really appreciate you taking the time to make it simple and
explain all the basics.

Author Shelton Moreland (4 months)
Nice and simple video for beginners...Great Job !!! 

Author Felecia Young (3 months)
longshotin05, I get it.

Author Richard Clark (2 months)
good info thanks

Author Martha Jackson (5 months)
Excellent demonstration and a professional presentation. Thanks

Author C Wilson (6 months)
So helpful! Thank you for posting :)

Author Dog (10 months)
Hi guys, I'm from the internet and I'm a gun nuts.

I like commenting on this video and show how it full of errors because I
want to look cool and educated on the internet, because I'm a gun fanatic,

Author jehan athar (8 months)
Great intro video, perfect for someone who just wants the basics. Maybe
operate the rifle with some snap caps just to tie it all together. 9/10

Author natserog (6 months)
Good job on video! thanks!!

Author Hunter JA (8 months)
1000th sub yay

Author corpse2222 (3 months)
stopped watching when you called a magazine a clip

Author SHJ Gaming (7 months)
Despite some slight errors, this video has been very informative.

Author olipk01 (1 month)
Very helpful. I just picked one up and until I can get to the range and
get trained, this served the purpose.

Author kerneldeadpixel (6 months)
Thanks for the video. Yes, I do agree with others that there were some
errors in your video but as someone who knows nothing about ARs, it was
informational for a barebones beginner. I at least know how to handle one
and operate it. That's what I was looking for as a starting point and I
have yet to see any other video out there that assumes you know NOTHING. I
didn't expect to know everything about an AR by watching this video. Now, I
can safely handle and operate it when I buy one. Then at that point, I can
do more research to know how to disassemble it, clean it, etc. just like I
did with my other guns. Again, thanks!

Author Gary Cropper (7 months)
Good job on the video. informed me exactly on what I wanted to know.

Author Paul Clarke (6 months)
thanks for the info

Author extra .innings (9 months)
Thank you, excellent video, very informative:)

Author Edgar Ruiz (7 months)
Notice he said beginners... people complain too damn much but don't provide
any help. Quick to criticize buy no one is willing to do the work.

Author blocker297 (8 months)
what kind of scope is that? did it. come with the mounts?

Author Sondest Louis (4 months)

Author gzcwnk (8 months)
Pretty good intro. Points out there issues with different state laws as
well, which could get you in hot water if you get it wrong. About the only
thing I would say always start with is check the firearm is empty.

Author Brandone Reed (8 months)
I've always wonders is an ar15 a class 2 weapon 

Author Irietree007 (1 year)
Awesome video. ... thx for the info. 

Author Greg masters (1 year)
Thx dude for the info 

Author MrCotaman98 (7 months)
Thanks..good vid..looking to buy one. How much should i be spending for
entre level AR?

Author Mang Shawn (1 year)
Thanks for the Video, Very simple and informative for beginners. And for
all of your guys and girls that think your the expert i have heard many
experts refer to items both clips and magazines even though there is a
difference but we get the point...OK?

Author L.D. hartman (1 year)
Thank you so much.This video was explained and simplified so we could
understand everything. I appreciate that cause when u try to ask others
they make u look like an idiot.I learned a lot and was able to go out and
shoot my ar with ease.
thank you again

Author James Ode (1 year)
Thx for the information but I was wondering is the at 15 hard to handle 

Author Trey Pritchard (1 year)
Its no a CLIP! Its called a magazine! If your gonna teach people, use the
right terminology! You sound like a libtard 

Author mike80411 (9 months)
Thank you for sharin video.Very nice.

Author Saul Goodman (1 year)
A well intended video. Thank you. A helpful (I hope) suggestion others
have not mentioned. Please lead by example, do not ever have live
ammunition anywhere in the area (same room) when doing any type of
demonstration or handling of weapon. Use dummy rounds if necessary.
Safety first. If you are preparing to load and make ready, that is

Author Charles Connell (1 year)
Nice video man. People will always hate. Remember haters, this video is for
noobs so don't get so bent on the nomenclature.

Author Th3Kiddd1 (1 year)

Author Gabriel Kewan (1 year)
Very good very good

Author shawnfarand (1 year)
Would also like to start by saying that I think your effort is commendable,
and while fairly new to the weapon, I wanted to point out that the weapon
system can be put into "safe" by cycling the charging system. I don't
believe it must be "loaded" with a mag and one in the chamber. Pull the
charging hammer back, release bolt catch, and move fire select to "safe"
position. without ammo and without a mag in the well.
please let me know if this in incorrect. thank you

Author Enlowra (1 year)
ive owned a colt, stag arms, and sig sauer. I never had a single problem
with my stag arms :) I loved it. not too bad of a video though for a quick
ref for the AR

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