How to use an AR-15 rifle for Beginners (Colt, Stag Arms, Bushmaster, DPMS, Mossberg,etc)

Video for beginners on How to use an AR-15 rifle, its features, and operation. This is applicable to any AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

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Author Stephen R. Barnhart EdD ( ago)
Enjoyed the video..Thanks!

Author Paul Dilacio ( ago)
Good job explained well thanks

Author Tom n (902 years ago)
I am sorry dunce master Incorrect video. Suggest you write a script, have
the facts checked then read your script from Q cards.

Author rogermurph101 ( ago)
The "clip" is a magazine. The "little door" is a dust cover. The "little
buttons" are a magazine release, a bolt release, and a forward assist. The
forward assist is it for clearing jams. It's for use in the event that the
round does not fully seat in the chamber. Lastly, the safety can be engaged
anytime that the hammer is cocked. You don't need to have a round chambered
or a magazine inserted.

Author pmessinger ( ago)
what's a buh-an?

Author Kevin O'Callaghan ( ago)
thanks, just bought one this helps

Author Muzzle Brake ( ago)
"Lock open the slide" haha Apparently you're new to the Ar platform as
well. It's a BCG "Bolt carry group"

Author Aleksfoxtrot ( ago)
you're an idiot.

Author saecoex ( ago)
Well intended, but inaccurate/missing info stated. a couple examples:

- 5.56 should be clarified with 5.56x45
- ar15 is not the same as an m16 for civilians. An Ar15 neither has
full-auto or burst
- no one seemed to point this out, but you CANNOT insert and seat a loaded
magazine with the bolt closed, like you state. try it and you'll figure iut
- leaving the charging handle retracted then hitting the bolt release is a
no-no. youll slamthe charging handle necessarily plus scrape the top of
your stock depending onthe size of both. its alsonot safe for any fingers
in the way
- you do not need a round inthe chamber to use the safety

these are basics and this guy should know them beforw teaching others.

Author Angelic Warrior ( ago)
Thank you so much for the specifics! I learned from you. I'm in the
shopping for a home defense rifle.

Author Billy Celli ( ago)
dude dont train if you dont know. the safe will go on if the hammer is
cocked. period. and clip really? i know it was a mistake but get training
before you train others. i came here to learn but know more than you..

Author degoose (935 years ago)
great video , obviously everyone needs an automatic rifle for protection
(this is sarcasm by the way)

Author Killian Deaton ( ago)
I'm really excited to get an AR, it will be my first gun. Hopefully the
dumbass government won't ban them or make the price worse by the time I try
to get one. Any Suggestions?

Author Cheke Big ( ago)

Author AGENT CHARLIE ( ago)
Great video. Thanks for the info!

Author Mike Cuyugan ( ago)
a very good presentation. kudos!^^

Author Casey Dawes ( ago)
You called the magazine a clip, just one time lol. Nah bruh.

Author dave nmemphis ( ago)
If it has M-4 feeding raps in the upper and a M-4 barrel it`s a M-4, if not
it`s a AR-15. Just because you have a 16 inch barrel and a adjusting stock
don`t mean it`s a m-4.

Author tie oneon ( ago)

Author Big Dave ( ago)
Bro. It the gun is cocked and empty the safety will work. You are using the
charging handle incorrectly. Please get more experience before posting
misleading video like this. We appreciate the gesture, but YOU come off as
a raw beginner, not am experienced teacher.

Author davidgau ( ago)
Thanks for the review I am an older guy and have never owned a gun but due
to all that I have read and heard this last few years I now believe every
american citizen should be armed. If you read and understand history, the
Word of God (The Bible),and your Constitution you will too.

Author Jamie Pomeroy ( ago)

Author CarnivorousManimal (1371 year ago)
Nice, clear explanation. Thx for sharing

Author Jch ( ago)
Nice video i love my Ar 15 🇲🇽🇲🇽

Author alvin375 ( ago)
Excellent Thanks! Exactly what I wanted to know.

Author Max Zweck ( ago)
Good Video Thank You

Author Clayton Jenison ( ago)
Weapon is not on SAFE

Author mitchell whisenhunt ( ago)
So long as you are trying to inform...u did a great job.......Thank you for
taking the time ..

Author evilcowboy ( ago)
I live in one of those states. I said fuck em and when I got a compliant AR
I grabbed me a gen 2 M4 telescoping stock and the pistol grip back on and
added a 30 rounder.

I am not going to have some goddamn government official tell me what I can
own and cannot own in my own home. When they pay my house payment then
maybe they can talk.

I dare them to come and get liberties and freedom will come on
the tip of a bullet. The same way as my founding fathers and my relatives
secured our freedoms.

On a lighter note I got the same exact gun. Awesome weapon and is very
smooth and works very well. Aside from the buck engraved on the side it is
a very beautiful rifle (just not into bucks)

I keep getting told I don't need 30 rounds to kill a deer or a military
grade rifle (aka "Assault Rifle") to go hunting or to protect my home. I
always just ask then why do the police need 30 rounds and a military grade
rifle to kill a human being? It's not like they're going hunting with it.
At least in the hands of a civilian you stand a better chance of the gun
being used to hunt animals. In the hands of a cop they are only going to
shoot one thing........people.

And don't hand me that they are trained shit. I saw the video of a DEA
agent shooting himself in the foot. That is a person with more training
than an average cop and yet he managed to have an accident with a gun.

Author ZEROEDN72 ( ago)
Knowledge is power. So many people don't know that it is better to get
you AR in 5.56 so you can shoot BOTH .223 and 5.56. If someone tries to
shoot a 5.56 (larger) out of a .223 you will blow the firearm up, PERIOD
!!! Keep up the good work. HOOAH !!!

Author David Dellman ( ago)
Great job.. thank you

Author Fred Tornillo sr ( ago)
Thank you. I'm learning.

Author Colin Getz (1134 years ago)
I'm sooooooo glad that those evil retractable stocks are illegal... Do you
know how many people are killed by stocks that aren't fixed???!!!!

Author olipk01 ( ago)
Very helpful. I just picked one up and until I can get to the range and
get trained, this served the purpose.

Author Deprogrammed ( ago)
Thanks Duncan Meter !! Nice intro. video on AR15..

Author Nick K ( ago)
So if you can't have a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds in your
state, please explain to us why you have one right next to you in this

Author Hawkgts ( ago)
Cameltoe! Just sayin

Author Richard Clark ( ago)
good info thanks

Author P C ( ago)
Very informative. Thank you.

Author frank castle ( ago)
nice cameltoe

Author Zombie Apocalypse ( ago)
1. you can put the safety on while it is empty and no round in the chamber.
if not use the charging handle to reset the trigger to put it on safe
2. its a magazine, not a clip
3. if it is chambered in .223, there is no debate. DO NOT SHOOT 5.56 OUT OF
4. when you pull the charging handle to the rear, push it back in position.
when you release the bolt, it will pull the charging handle violently
forward and grab skin and it will hurt.( 4:02 )

Author Lance Cochrane ( ago)
Note....the chamber designation is what is "stamped on the barrel", not
what the lower says...

Author TheUsafpilot ( ago)
Great video thanks for your help!

Author Felecia Young ( ago)
longshotin05, I get it.

Author Kevin McGrew ( ago)
Very helpful, really appreciate you taking the time to make it simple and
explain all the basics.

Author corpse2222 ( ago)
stopped watching when you called a magazine a clip

Author greenhavennn ( ago)
Great job explaining the basics. Great introductory video. Thanks for

Author Corey Theus ( ago)
Nice for us first timers. Thanks for this..

Author Corey Theus ( ago)
Nice for us first timers. Thanks for this..

Author Sondest Louis ( ago)

Author Shelton Moreland ( ago)
Nice and simple video for beginners...Great Job !!! 

Author Martha Jackson ( ago)
Excellent demonstration and a professional presentation. Thanks

Author iDeltasTv ( ago)
What should i do if i dont know if the gun is loaded ? So if i load it a
secound time i lost a bullet or what sry for asking iam a gun noob :D

Author SuperTinyTomato ( ago)
Haha i didn't. I just wanted to clear it up.

Author avery gentry ( ago)
What state you in?? Sounds like California, Why can't we all be like Texas

Author LexBailey1 ( ago)
Sure looks like a little door. Maybe he didn't try out for Marine Recon as
you sure did.

Author LexBailey1 ( ago)
Thank God, that you cleared that up!!!

Author camilo young ( ago)
very helpful

Author Jon D ( ago)
super helpful as my gun came with shit for into. thanks man!

Author nastythrash ( ago)
thanx for the video new to ars I just got a rock river arms tactical
car 4

Author Danny Giles ( ago)
a clip is what goes in an M1 Garand or a mosin nagant

Author 18661873 ( ago)
2:11 A 10 round "clip"? It's called a magazine. A clip is something

Author SuperTinyTomato ( ago)
3:20 It opens a little door? It opens the dust cover dude, not "a little

Author GRIDVIDS ( ago)
Good info for me. I'm thinking of buying and glad guys you like there take
the time.

Author MrJakesavestheday ( ago)
dude. great video. and i feel your pain as far as gun bans. i live in MD.
one of the worst states to live in for gun owners.

Author ysman007 ( ago)
Very informative, thank you.

Author Apex831 ( ago)
For the purpose of training, words like magazine or clip is irrelevant,the
poster is explaining,mi d

Author Rodrigo Chagas ( ago)
MAGAZINE!!!! it's not a clip.

Author Rodrigo Chagas ( ago)
Negative.... the weapon can be put on safe only if the hammer is in the
cocked position... it does not have to have a round in the chamber and has
nothing to do with the magazine being inserted or not. The proper name
would be "Magazine well" NOT "Magazine holder".

Author Chris Whatmough ( ago)
The hole in the side where the spent casing comes out is the ejection port,
not the ejector. The ejector is located on the bolt which is located within
the bolt carrier.

Author Chris Whatmough ( ago)
A clip refers to a stripper clip. CLIPS are used to load MAGAZINES. more so
in your older rifles. A clip and a magazine are two totally different items.

Author AFBmex ( ago)
nice video but its not a clip its a magazine..ars dont use clips

Author SolarBang ( ago)
Thanks for the video man.

Author Ro Gal ( ago)
Good intent, but a scripted dialogue would've improved this video by 99%.
Suppose there is a reason the ratings feature is turned off. Ya think he
knew it's not so good?

Author Dan Sung ( ago)
Looking to buy my first AR15 soon, and your video was very informative.
Thank you for the great video.

Author John Gresham ( ago)
Thanks for taking the time to help a beginner!!

Author randomuser75 ( ago)
From what I understand (I could be wrong) is an AR-15 is a civilian version
of the gun meaning semi-automatic only. it can be outfitted with what ever
sort of customization you want, long or short barrel, fix or collapsible
stock. If its says AR-15 its designed for civilian use. M4 is a short
barreled version of the M16 which are both military and have the options of
being full auto in the right configuration.

Author R.J. C ( ago)
Make sure you ask if it is NATO it shoot both!

Author Casey Roman ( ago)
Re read my post. "As long as the hammer is cocked, you can engage the

Author Michael Mitchell ( ago)
that depends on how much you want to spend and where you find them. You can
look on Ebay for cheaper name brand upper and lower recievers as well as
barrels. At some point I'm going to build my own barrel assembly to update
my Carbon 15 changing out the pencil barrel for a heavy barrel with a
Yankee Hill gas Block.

Author Michael Mitchell ( ago)
actually the hammer needs to be cocked to engage the safety. It is the same
with shotguns rifles and semi-auto handguns.

Author 22brandon ( ago)
how often should you clean it? the barrel and whatnot..

Author b777jetseter ( ago)
The lower receiver caliber designator isn't nearly as important as the
barrel stamp.

Author de lo ( ago)
im lost I thought a Ar-15 was the version without a collapsable stock and
had a longer barrel like 20 inches or so? Would this be an M4? a better
question would be what defines a Ar-15 vs an M4?

Author Steven ( ago)
oh no he said "clip." I can already feel the fatass biggots shaking with

Author Sean John ( ago)
Nice Vid

Author imgettinby ( ago)
Thanks, just bought one so I was following along with you. Apparently it
sucks to live where ever it is you live, I'm sorry.

Author Brandon Lee ( ago)
Get your panties out of a bunch faggot.

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