How to use an AR-15 rifle for Beginners (Colt, Stag Arms, Bushmaster, DPMS, Mossberg,etc)

Video for beginners on How to use an AR-15 rifle, its features, and operation. This is applicable to any AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

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Comments: 344

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Author zfairfan (6 months)
How do you make an instructional video on something you have no knowledge
on yourself? This video is bad. Magazine not a clip. Magazine well not a
mag holder. This video is bad on so many levels and I feel bad for anyone
who is new and watches this video. And yes, actually you can put the rifle
on safe without a round in the chamber. You should probably take a few
classes yourself, then come home and delete this video and remake it based
on your newfound knowledge. 

Author Bill Connor (1 day)
I'm not sure why you would go through the trouble to make a video like this
and call a magazine a clip. You know gun people are going to freak out.

Author RoyalDog214 (6 months)
Hi guys, I'm from the internet and I'm a gun nuts.

I like commenting on this video and show how it full of errors because I
want to look cool and educated on the internet, because I'm a gun fanatic,

Author Roy Rodriguez (22 days)
to-ma-toe / to-ma tow it's a fucking mag ..not a clip... '' close this
little door '' w.t.f. is this dude up stuck in the chamber if it
did not come out of the mag so jam it in further by hitting this ..... look
down the mag holder .. ??? tune in folks for the 20 lbs of crap bolted on

Author Anonymous 1001110100 (3 months)
Tight ass shorts are cutting the blood circulation to your balls bro.

Author Lbsthapink (1 month)
Sorry. But you just made yourself look a little ridiculous. Learn, take
classes, train. Then come back and make a video. Plus, you're giving out
advises like you're a trained professional. That could come back to bite
you in the ass. Especially if someone says I learned it from this dude on

Author Sic Semper Gumby (7 months)
The .223/5.56 part isn't a debate; 5.56 produces 20,000PSI more chamber
pressure than .223. One is liable to blow their asses up, so to speak.

And it's not a clip. It's a magazine.

Author stanfordcoffee (11 months)
It's no wonder you disabled the ratings. Full of errors.

Author Joshua Penrod (26 days)
Also not always does the round come out when you pull the the bolt carrier
back there could be an unfortunate bullet hiding. you always look into the
chamber after you are done to make sure there isnt a round in it . NOTE'
fanger straight and off the trigger no matter what thats your best safty.

Author ar556nato (1 month)
Say what? You can only put the safety on if there is a round in the chamber
and a magazine in the magazine "holder"? What's a magazine holder? This is
complete misinformation. The only condition that needs to be present to
engage the safety is to pull the charging handle back which cocks the
hammer. There needs to be no magazine in the MAGAZINE WELL and there
doesn't need to be a round in the chamber. Only the hammer needs to be
cocked. I stopped the video at this point. It's nonsense. I don't want to
be rude, but this video is full of incorrect information.

Author Lbsthapink (1 month)
By the way, the button is called a forward assist.

Author Tom Johnston (10 months)
I had to stop watching this video because it is loaded with errors and poor
terminology indicating that you must be new to the AR-15 and you certainly
shouldn't be instructing other beginners. When it comes to weapons, you
should know what you are talking about before explaining it to others.

Author ghostrdr007 (1 month)
A clip, you must be talking about an M1 Garand, You should learn about
firearms before you make a video and somebody gets hurt with bad

Author jehan athar (3 months)
Great intro video, perfect for someone who just wants the basics. Maybe
operate the rifle with some snap caps just to tie it all together. 9/10

Author kerneldeadpixel (2 months)
Thanks for the video. Yes, I do agree with others that there were some
errors in your video but as someone who knows nothing about ARs, it was
informational for a barebones beginner. I at least know how to handle one
and operate it. That's what I was looking for as a starting point and I
have yet to see any other video out there that assumes you know NOTHING. I
didn't expect to know everything about an AR by watching this video. Now, I
can safely handle and operate it when I buy one. Then at that point, I can
do more research to know how to disassemble it, clean it, etc. just like I
did with my other guns. Again, thanks!

Author Shelton Moreland (24 days)
Nice and simple video for beginners...Great Job !!! 

Author MCWheezyDaddy (1 month)
I've neve used an ar and that's why I started watching this video. You lost
me when you called a magazine a clip & I thought well I guess this guy
doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Author Yukon Silvermoon (18 days)
Oh God, just no.

Author Antonio Rodriguez (2 months)
This video should be

Author mbh8280 (11 months)
"clip" "Magazine holder" ??? If you're going to teach "new" people about
firearms, you shouldn't be new to them yourself. delete this and start over

Author Martha Jackson (1 month)
Excellent demonstration and a professional presentation. Thanks

Author pjamese3 (9 months)
Try learning what you are talking about before you make an instructional
video. This video is full of errors. There's no need to list them all
because the good people of YouTube have already done so below. Apparently,
you've never been in the Armed services. If you were, there's no way you'd
make all these errors...especially the first one: Can't put the rifle on
safe without a magazine or a round in the chamber? Really?!!

Author Tom Johnston (10 months)
There's an error in your video. You can put an AR-15 on safety without a
round in the chamber as you say. You can even put it on safety without a
magazine in the rifle. The rifle can be put on safety anytime it is cocked
whether or not there is a round in the chamber or even whether or not there
is even a magazine inserted. I just thought I'd mention this because this
video is for beginners and misinformation can be dangerous.

Author nesto (2 months)
I think he is trolling, even optic sights is facing wrong way :-D

Author godlyk3 (11 months)
First off magazine not clip... there is a difference. Also, an M-4, AR-15,
and M-16 are all different. Yes they are all variations of the same rifle
family but fundamentally they are different weapons with different
purposes. Admittedly I did stop watching at 2:14 so if you correct
yourself sorry and disregard.

Author natserog (2 months)
Good job on video! thanks!!

Author C Wilson (2 months)
So helpful! Thank you for posting :)

Author gzcwnk (3 months)
Pretty good intro. Points out there issues with different state laws as
well, which could get you in hot water if you get it wrong. About the only
thing I would say always start with is check the firearm is empty.

Author Patrick van Gils (2 months)
WTF? Learn about your weapon system before trying to teach others.!

Author Edgar Ruiz (3 months)
Notice he said beginners... people complain too damn much but don't provide
any help. Quick to criticize buy no one is willing to do the work.

Author SHJ Gaming (3 months)
Despite some slight errors, this video has been very informative.

Author ahmet mehmet (4 months)
AR 15 was originally designed for and used in military first and before M16

Author Sondest Louis (15 days)

Author Gary Cropper (3 months)
Good job on the video. informed me exactly on what I wanted to know.

Author Hunter JA (4 months)
1000th sub yay

Author blocker297 (4 months)
what kind of scope is that? did it. come with the mounts?

Author Paul Clarke (2 months)
thanks for the info

Author Gutpile Charlie (5 months)
Might I suggest that before you make an "instructional video", you have at
least a basic knowledge of what the hell you are talking about. We don't
need crap like this on the internet. I always wonder what the
"motivation" is for all these internet experts that jump through their ass
to make an instructional video to show others how to do something. Please
take this video down. You are embarrassing yourself! 

Author Tom Gardner (3 months)
Nice informative video. Thanks!

Author ezrabrooks12 (8 days)

Author Philip Betancur (10 months)
This "little door" you mean the ejection port cover.... 

Author L.D. hartman (8 months)
Thank you so much.This video was explained and simplified so we could
understand everything. I appreciate that cause when u try to ask others
they make u look like an idiot.I learned a lot and was able to go out and
shoot my ar with ease.
thank you again

Author Hien Nguyen (8 months)
How much do you want for that AR15?

Author Mang Shawn (11 months)
Thanks for the Video, Very simple and informative for beginners. And for
all of your guys and girls that think your the expert i have heard many
experts refer to items both clips and magazines even though there is a
difference but we get the point...OK?

Author Maria Gomez (8 months)
I am new to guns and trying to learn now. I noticed the comments saying
that this video had a lot of errors. Does anyone have a link for a correct
video for beginners? That would be so helpful!! Thanks 

Author Brandone Reed (4 months)
I've always wonders is an ar15 a class 2 weapon 

Author Noel Singletary (1 year)

Author extra .innings (5 months)
Thank you, excellent video, very informative:)

Author Gutpile Charlie (5 months)
May I also suggest you erase the word "clip" from your vocabulary. Go find
out the difference between a "clip" and a "magazine". 

Author Lauro L Navales (5 months)
I don't know much about guns and any info. I get about AR-15s is a plus
till I get one for myself. 

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