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Author Dee Dubbs (12 days)
Safety glasses. Safety first, you wont get a second.

Author Ronin Iscandar (1 month)
About what RPM of the AC motor/generator are you getting self excite? (it
looks like you have similar pulley sizes so perhaps close to gas motor rpm)
What are the specs of your AC motor/gen?

Author beingsneaky (7 months)
funny thing i was just thinking of sheldon too.. lol

Author valveman12 (11 months)
Fun Experiment. You remind me of Sheldon from Big Band Theory.

Author J. Dalton (10 months)
" I'm going to overload it,... Ok maybe not"
Cool stuff dude keep it up

Author Roger Romesund (1 year)

Author APCWORLDSUXAZ (1 year)
is this the famous hojo motor? I thought that was a joke?

Author jose gpe reyes (3 years)
este negocio hay bases que se deben de seguir una de ellas es producir
mucho con tampoco nostros tubimos que hacer un generador con imanes
deneodimio y anezarle una base de lata en lis imanes para evitar que se
frenet y tenga una libertad te dire trabaja con motores muncho mas pequeños
y de entrada menos de los 2 amperios de consumo del motor de trabajo pero
aparte le anexamos un valancin de 15 kilos y en verdad se mantiene a muy
baja presion

Author ownerheard (3 years)
I Love The Video It Can Increase My Knowledge this is the same electric
motor in this video as the first. i wanted to see if a stronger engine
turning the motor would give me better output.

Author animebsd (4 years)
i loved the version 1.0 and this one good craftman ship good work just a
heads up the smoke stack on the exaust need a support if u run it without
one the vibrations from the engine will ruin the threaded exaust port on
the block

Author dave251430 (3 years)
The net result was a loss, but if you're designing a power generator that
can be used during outages, then good job with that. Great experimentation
work and I enjoyed your video.

Author joe muncey (4 years)
seems to work deacently

Author kwacz (3 years)
@guruji243 you can not have more outplt than input. If anyone else claims
this, they are lying. The motor and generator wil both get warm (power
loss) and then there is a mechanical loss just turning the thing. also no
motor and no generator is 100% efficient. for this to work it would have to
be more than 100% efficient, which is not possible. The additional energy
has to come from somewhere.

Author matthebest018 (5 years)

Author KiwiPowerNZ (2 years)
I wonder if it could cope with larger loads using a soft starter?

Author AlternativePowerMan (4 years)
Fun stuff eh!! Getting an AC generator to consistently make 60Hz will be a
challenge without a good feedback mechanism to the engine. That is why I am
a fan of DC generators and using inverters. You don't have to worry about
the 60Hz, and you can you a battery to supplement peak demand. Keep it up!!
Good work!!

Author Kyle R (3 years)
Too awesome Dude, I'm mainly digital electronics, but I understand what
You mean by hooking up the AC caps in parallel, thank You for explaining
this to Us, now I'm a little bit more ready for being off of the grid in a
pinch. Take Care.

Author yuandrew (5 years)
Assuming 1 horsepower is 746 watts and multiplying that by . 25 (since you
mentioned it is a 1/4 hp motor), it would only do around 186.5 watts worth
of load continuously (not counting the losses in the capacitors used to
excite the rotor). That grinder probably draws a lot more current than
186.5 watts under load which is why it eventually tripped the thermal
breaker Try finding a bigger electric motor (1hp or above)

Author anakmudajaman (3 years)
Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing this is the same electric motor in this
video as the first. i wanted to see if a stronger engine turning the motor
would give me better output.

Author Vee (2 years)
Induction motor generators are pretty bad at starting non-linear loads,
like anything with a motor. Since electric motors may need up to 10x their
starting amperage to spin up. Power just drops too fast and the field

Author CableWrestler (2 years)
Compared to an alternator, how is this more efficient?

Author Pedro Cockwell (2 years)
Porque no pones un puto esquema de que cojones estas haciendo??????????

Author ayamsory (3 years)
Good, I like that you share this video, I wish success always this is the
same electric motor in this video as the first. i wanted to see if a
stronger engine turning the motor would give me better output.

Author Emiliano Cese (2 years)
Induction motor + CAPs in parallell + WIND + WIND TURBINE + oven resistance
and hot water for free! green revolution in action, let's change!

Author kwacz (4 years)
ac generators (most of the afordable ones) have terrible unsteady outputs.
start a load with a heavy surge and the lights will show it. THis cant be
food for certain electronics, but it is an emergency generator mainly for
lights heat refrige. so these items can tolerate dirty inputs more so than
a computer for example. but the dc generator paired up with a sine wave
inverter and a decent battery bank would allow perfect output under any
condition and allow fuel saving during light loads gen off

Author Rares Florea (3 years)
do you speak romana?

Author Sérgio Silva (3 years)
You are smart... you will burn the car is behind you with the grinder.

Author KiwiPowerNZ (2 years)
Who would dislike this, this is really interesting. Though I'm puzzled
about how the motor starts generating initially? Assuming the capacitors
are discharged and there's is no permanent magnets inside a induction
motor, how is the stator coils excited initially? And when it's running do
the capacitors cause a phase shift in the power? Being an induction motor
and not an alternator I'd be interested to see on an oscilloscope if its
still a nice sine wave.

Author Colin Hammill (2 years)
Should the fly wheel on the petrol generator not be bigger than the one on
the ac generator to give max rpm?

Author James001984 (2 years)
Is this guy Sheldon from big bang theory?

Author impavitus (2 years)
Are you sure the motor is a quarter horse? Looks like a Standardbred to me

Author Raven Metonoutofindout (2 years)
awesome stuff..thanks for sharing

Author hello112100 (5 years)
sounds better definetly

Author bikr1975 (3 years)
why dont you use this setup to power a hho cell for the motor?? the next
step to self sustainability ;)

Author junkman6261 (5 years)
how would a 3 phase motor be wired up to do this?

Author kwacz (4 years)
@Pierre5484 pure sine wave output. if you regulated the engine rpm to keep
60 cycles and regulated the voltage then it should be able to run the tv. i
ran an older tube tv fine for several hours.

Author edstar83 (5 years)
Very good job! but becareful with that angle grinder man... You gave me a
heartattacik a couple of times.

Author Jojaco (3 years)
@kwacz So if I understand correctly you've wired the capacitors in parallel
creating a capacitor bank, and you've wired the capacitor bank as a whole
in series with the load (to be driven by the generator). How many Farads
are we talking here? Another thing: would wiring capacitors in series with
the load also work for a three phase induction motor/generator?

Author yuandrew (3 years)
Start the gas engine with the electric motor like in the original
weed-wacker video but leave the motor plugged in instead of switching it to
'generate' then adjust the throttle on the gas engine so it spins the
induction motor slightly faster. It will generate power in the same manner
using utility power to excite the windings instead of the capacitors but it
will back feed into the supply. (continued)

Author impavitus (2 years)
not enough amps for the grinder?

Author guruji243 (3 years)
try using a motor to generator and see if you can generate itself like
another guy on youtube would be interesting

Author Tom D (5 years)
i like this video of the generator i mite try it

Author spartakexe (3 years)
i cant heaaat you... i cant hearr you

Author Garrett Q (3 years)
Still should have a muffler though..

Author Pierre Bugeja (4 years)
Can this system actually run an HDTV without damaging the electronics? And
is this producing a pure sine wave or a modified sine wave?

Author yuandrew (3 years)
Assuming the setup generates more power than what is being consumed by all
the electric clocks, battery chargers, and other standby loads in your
house (unplug or turn off the breakers supplying them), it will start to
feed power back into the grid and a mechanical meter would begin to spin

Author kwacz (5 years)
i dont know but you could try putting the caps between l1 l2 and another
set between l2 l3 and see if it works. keep both sets of the same total
value. caps add up as you paralell them. dont know if it will work, but you
got nothing to loose. if it dont work try bumping it with a 18 volt drill
batt on each set of caps for a half second. if it doesnt charge then it
prob isnt done right.

Author Dan Riewer (4 years)
What brand engine is that?

Author yuandrew (3 years)
I wonder if you have electronic "smart-meters" in your area yet
(preferably, you'd want to do this with the old mechanical meters as a
smart meter may react differently when it senses a backfeed) (continued)

Author kwacz (5 years)
it wouldnt even be worth the time as far as output would be if it worked,
but just to prove it works or doesnt that would be cool to try, if i ever
get such a motor, i will try it.

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