Rudy Francisco - Love Poem (Full) (1/9)

To the Girl who works at Starbucks down the street from my house on Del Mar Heights Road; I swear to God, I'm not a stalker.

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Author I. Obuekwe ( ago)

Author Anna Sun ( ago)
I swear though, when our lips touched, I can taste the next sixty years of
my life..

Author LaDiva Lady K ( ago)
This is my WANT this is my NEED - #LOVE

Author Sabrina Evans ( ago)
This is the kind of Love I want...

Author Mito Walter ( ago)
Shakespeare has nothing on this guy.

Author NoelsaysHi ( ago)
oh my gawd does he have a girlfriend? I'm inlove <3

Author Vlak Vark ( ago)
Where can I buy a licence to use Rudy's Poems in my videos

Author KG Homie (367 years ago)
.........................................................*Applause* Damn!
talented. This is true lyrics amazing word play and yet people like Lil
Wayne gets recognition!

Author jesayyka ( ago)
thanks so much for uploading these!

Author Thuthuka Mjomle ( ago)
Scared but reckless...

Author Courtney Black ( ago)
Rudy Francisco - Love Poem (Full) (1/9):

Author Monay Miles ( ago)
I Can't Handle The Feels I'm Getting Right Now! 

Author Amy C ( ago)
Rudy's metaphors are what I live on.

Author Joshua Guime (1963 years ago)
Love poem!.. Kinda long but worth watching.

Author Kristi Murphy ( ago)
Rudy Francisco - Love Poem (Full) (1/9):

Author Madi F ( ago)

Author Jin Bambino DiGeronimo ( ago)
Talented for certain!

Author Dorian Jenkins ( ago)
I Want/Need this kinda #Love

Author TheMasterkyle79 ( ago)

Author racia murry ( ago)
is it possible to fall in love with someone simply by the words that they
speak ? lol, im not sure , but i just fell in love !!!

Author kirkland meadows ( ago)
Brilliant , funny....

Author JNRe E (572 years ago)
I'm a straight guy n even MY panties are wet! LOL. To those who hit the

Author BronzeStarz ( ago)
"I will penetrate your darkness until you speak in angel wings. Pull me
close to you, tell me that you love me, and then scratch your future into
my back so that I can be everything you live for. I promise, that I will
die for you daily and then resurrect in your screams." God, do I love
hearing poets talk about sex

Author Stacey Chamberlain ( ago)
God damn!!! I need to stop watching Rudy's poems!! I love the ending my
mother told me that when you find the perfect women you do what ever it
take to make sure she next to you. 

Author Alyssa Jacobsen ( ago)
I will scratch my future into Rudy Francisco's back and let him resurrect
in my screams any night. 

Author sally sheriff ( ago)
you are melting my heart <3 :) (^_^) (>_<) 

Author Yolanda Jerome ( ago)
Marry me!

Author sitomer95 ( ago)
god i wish i could write like that 

Author Hannah Rantan ( ago)
Pauses it to stutter every now n then....then says "will u marry me?!"
Halfway through....😍

Author KSHills ( ago)
"I love you the way I learned to ride a bike. Scared, but reckless, with no
training wheels or elbow pads, so that my scars could tell the story of how
I fell for you."

Author Malayshia Lawrence ( ago)

Author missmenyc 1 (missmenyc) ( ago)
"I wanna be your ex's stunt man and do the things he never had the courage
to do?".. Damn. This left me speechless.

Author Krystal Sepulveda ( ago)
"I want to be ur ex boyfriends stunt man. I wanna do everythung he never
had the courage to do"

Author Krystal Sepulveda ( ago)
You have great delivery and your choice of words definitely reflect the
emotion ur trying to have the audience feel. Definitely one of my
favorites. Great job!

Author Steffanie Padilla ( ago)
Absolutely amazing. 

Author tyra o ( ago)
Beautiful wow 

Author Samazing614 ( ago)
This man is talented ! 

Author Palesa Maselela ( ago)

Author Karagirl Young ( ago)
Omg! Tooooo Deep, I love it!

Author Dimples Rellama ( ago)
poetry marathon at 3am :)

Author WOLVESVIDS ( ago)
This poem is the most amazing thing I have found in ages!!!

Author Chris McBride ( ago)
Not much of a love poet? You could have fooled me…..WOW, simply wonderful:
I smiled the entire poem, trying to visualize every word that you shared
with us.

Author Assata Acey ( ago)

Author Assata Acey ( ago)
OMG. OMG OMG woah. *praise break* yess

Author Pris B (501 year ago)
oh my my my......pure talent

Author Rosie Bourbon ( ago)
He is the MAN!!!!

Author Dark Atmosphere ( ago)
Wow I cried so much

Author suspendedsky ( ago)
this left me speechless.

Author Malayshia Lawrence ( ago)
killed it to the fullest

Author Alexis Wilcox ( ago)

Author Homie Soul ( ago)
Shout out Shihan The Poet

Author Flor Ramos ( ago)
omg he is amazing!! Wow ♥

Author Wendolens Ruano ( ago)
"I want to be your ex-boyfriend's stunt man and do all the things he never
had the courage to trust you..." OH MY GASH! 

Author Owen Vaags ( ago)
holy shit! I wanted to cry with pure joy that I am alive and even if it's
not for very long. I get to experience beauty like this piece

Author lytaneable ( ago)
Love it!

Author Missy Jenkins ( ago)
If you let me be your sunlight, I promise I will penetrate your darkness
until you speak in angel wings. Pull me close to you, tell me that you love
me, and then scratch your future into my back so that I can be everything
you live for. I promise, that I will die for you daily and then resurrect
in your screams. I promise that I will love you. I promise that I will love
you as if it’s the only thing I’ve done correctly.


Author TurnOffTheLights Geez ( ago)
Jesus... that was amazing

Author N Aleshire ( ago)
I wanna be your ex boyfriends stuntman...I wanna do everything that he
never had the courage to do...Like Trust you. #Damn Rudy!

Author Nadine B. ( ago)
i just stumbled upon this and fell in love with it! Doopppe.

Author Msbrkdance ( ago)
I can not describe how much I have fallen in love with these words 

Author Vyctoria Bradley ( ago)
Love all ur poerty its so amazing

Author vytautas vycka ( ago)
Let’s get it out there. I’m terribly jealous of my neighbor currently. He
has actually been single for life. Yet somehow he’s managed to get a
swimwear model to inform him she is head over heels in love with him in
under a thirty day period. How is that achievable? He informed me he tried
the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone gorgeous told me that… I
can’t remember ever before seeing him so content. Sort of makes me sick.

Author Araceli Valadez ( ago)
"So that my scars can tell the story of how I fell for you..." <3 Damn.

Author Edna Mode ( ago)
Your poems are sick! Yet I feel good every time I listen to it

Author Mrsdevsgirl ( ago)
This is just pure LOVE, unconditional love....There is just no words for
how this poem makes me feel...

Author Tess H ( ago)
This is Outstanding. "If I was a love poet" You are

Author Ijeoma A. ( ago)
6:10 is life

Author Sierra Coleman ( ago)
I am beyond in love with him. Like what?!

Author Mamello Lekhema ( ago)
ya ei ♥ ----↓

Author shattertheuniverse ( ago)
Can we all just...

Author superanjeezy ( ago)
Don't think I'll ever get over this!! Wonderful.

Author Elizabeth Ashford ( ago)
His words are so sweet, that I get a sugar rush every time he speaks.

Author Keane Zane ( ago)
this guy makes a better rapper than lil wayne lol

Author Debinka Worrell ( ago)
I love him!!!!

Author Nicole O. ( ago)
Oh , man . I was first introduced to Rudy Francisco through Keone Madrid's
"Lois Lane" piece & I'm so glad I stumbled upon this vid because it
reminded me how much I enjoy hearing him recite his poems . Thank you for
uploading this . --- Nicole

Author Ayonna Smith ( ago)
"If you were here now, I would massage your back until your skin sing songs
that your lips don't even know the words to" this poem is beautiful:)

Author Che “The Fake Revolutionary” Castro ( ago)

Author poetryfiend15 ( ago)
I love his flow, in some ways it reminds me of Shihan.

Author irenexplores ( ago)

Author Maria Fernandez ( ago)
"Every time our lips touch, I can taste the next 60 years of my life" wow I
want that kind of love.

Author Bre Mims ( ago)
I love every thing about that

Author AnMa Pi ( ago)
I wish I could give it 4 thumbs up....consider it a compliment...excellent

Author Blaque Moses ( ago)

Author emmanuelthegreat94 ( ago)
It's Spoken Word Poetry

Author Willie Allen ( ago)
Ta hell with the 12 that didn't like that ish

Author diego gal ( ago)
Bro.. damn..

Author xVenomousxDreamsx ( ago)
how is such perfection achieved D: let me love you!

Author SkittleszBabyG69 ( ago)
"I wanna be your ex-boyfriend's stuntman. I wanna do everything he never
had the courage to do." Speechless.

Author Brianti Williams ( ago)
Actually this was a poetry competition called Anthem. Still at cal poly

Author Brianti Williams ( ago)
@ThatWannaBeHalfBlood this is a poetry series/open mic that happens first
Wednesday of every month at my school Cal Poly SLO called Another Type of
Groove (ATOG)

Author CShanny22 ( ago)
See: Shihan -ThisType Love Poetry inspires poetry. I dig it

Author ThatWannaBeHalfBlood ( ago)
What is this type of event called? Is this a poetry slam?

Author Thinkslikemakeup ( ago)
forgot how much I love this, defiantly not on bookmark for nothing.

Author alexis dinkins ( ago)
is this girl real? cuz if shes not someone but i can change

Author renzypooh1 ( ago)
i'm in love everytime i hear this poem

Author Supramandon ( ago)
Rudy Franciso.... good..eerr sorry can't find
words to describe your poem! 1st reaction - whoa :)

Author Climaxxiin ( ago)

Author alexus grac ( ago)
Silence is the loudest kind of noise

Author Head Hancho ( ago)
my favorite part was when you used reincarnation to look for your love. ima
put this on my ipod lol iknow my poem isnt as good as your but check it out
on my channel

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