TB Joshua -- Urdu -- Diabetes Foot Ulcer Healed

Augustine Ugha has a terrible leg ulcer due to diabetes. One leg has been amputated and the second leg is now bad. Watch how he receives his healing in the name of Jesus Christ. With voice translation in Urdu.

اردو میں ترجمہ آواز کے ساتھ .Augustine Ugha ذیابیطس کی وجہ سے ایک خوفناک ٹانگ السر ہے.ایک ٹانگ ہے نے کاٹا اور دوسری ٹانگ اب خراب ہے. دیکھیں کہ وہ کس طرح یسوع مسیح کے نام پر ان کی شفا یابی حاصل کرنے کے.

Augustine Ugha एक भयानक पैर अल्सर मधुमेह के कारण है. एक पैर काट दिया गया है और अब दूसरा पैर खराब है. देखो कैसे वह यीशु मसीह के नाम पर उसके उपचार प्राप्त है. उर्दू में आवाज अनुवाद के साथ.

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Author Samuel Prasetya (1 month)
It will happen again and again till kingdom of GOD come down to earth. In
the Jesus name.

Author Orlando Jose Orozco Ramirez (1 month)

Author Lara Paula (3 months)
Deus é fiel in Brazilian

Author Juan Jimenez (3 months)
Con Jesucristo todo lo podemos por que el es el medico por excelencia 

Author Jose Ricardo Pineda Reyes (9 months)

Este hombre que DIOS esta usando, llegara al continente americano, a
Colombia, en la Ciudad, Cali en el estadio Pascual Guerrero los dias 11 y
12 de Julio de 2014, toda la gloria sea para DIOS

Author Anthony Onuegbu (10 months)
TB Joshua -- Urdu -- Diabetes Foot Ulcer Healed:

Author D T (7 months)
Mark 16:16 "He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does
not believe will be condemned."


Este hombre que DIOS esta usando, llegara al continente americano, a
Colombia, en la Ciudad, Cali en el estadio Pascual Guerrero los dias 11 y
12 de Julio de 2014, toda la gloria sea para DIOS

Author Dedy Ahmad (9 months)
Orang ini menderita diabetes dimana kakinya mengalami borok yang sangat

Dalam nama Yesus, dengan memercik air yang sudah didoakan didalam nama
Yesus, penderita diabetes ini sembuh, dan luka2nya sembuh.

Haleluyah Puji Tuhan...

Author Jesucristo, la única esperanza (6 months)

Author Roy Costa (1 year)
thank you jesus

Author adeeb khokhar (1 year)

Author Monickaraj Arul (1 year)
Might be useful....
Healthcare is mercandised these days!!!
Divine healing is more prefered .....
Lord heal, and help the poor and manifest thy glory .....

Author aman ul haq (1 year)
اللہ کا کوئی بیٹا نہی ھے /عیسی علیہ السلام اللہ کے بیٹے نہی یہ شرک ھے 

Author TheGreennblue (1 year)
Wow! Praise the Lord! There's no way that thing was going to heal without
Divine intervention. Thank you Jesus!

Author farima vlet (8 months)
We can see the handwriting of GD allover at SCOAN, where miracles are

Author Shiny Shine (5 months)
Jesus my healer... I love u lord...I love u Jesus...

Author Hellen Amelie (1 year)
Todo lo puedo en crito si hay fe hay esperanza

Author Jose zamora reyes (1 year)
Al Señor Jesus sea toda la gloria y la honrra, Señor Todopoderoso eres el
mismo de ayer,hoy y siempre y grande tu amor por la humanidad, grande es tu
misericordia. 1 de Timoteo 1:17 Por tanto, al Rey de los siglos, inmortal,
invisible, al unico y sabio Dios, sea honor y gloria por los siglos. Amen

Author Agnaldocoiffer (1 year)
este é o DEUS do impossivel.

Author daniel heller (1 year)
Does anybody know who is singing those two songs on this youtube video Lord
I believe and Jesus of Nazareth....I would like to get this music of praise
and worship.

Author Tiago Mazzini (2 years)

Author mightymiracles (1 year)
They are from a 2005 CD called Appreciation by the choir of The Synagogue,
Church Of All Nations

Author mightymiracles (1 year)
It is no longer available for sale, but if you Google "Lord I Believe (из
альбома Appreciation)" you will see that a site called has
the songs from this album online to listen to.

Author daniel heller (1 year)
Can I order this online or from the website? Thank you

Author myloanking (1 year)
wow I believe in JESUS CHRIST for HEALING and deliverance 7000 videos prove
it to me.............after 3 hours of singing the Holy Spirit comes where u
can see HIM working

Author robertwarrior (1 year)
yay thanks Jesus This reminds me to be grateful for what i have. These
lovely souls in the 3rd world countries are leadin the way with thier faith

Author Peter Lobo (1 year)
obrigado jesu

Author Samuel Buliher Nababan (1 year)
Wonderfull Jesus

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