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Author Fatimarafiya Noori (2 months)
Assalamu alaikum Wa rahamatullah
Ensan jab duniyame Aate he uski kaanome Azaan ki Aawaz sunaye deti hai Aur
duniyanse Ruksat hota hai to namaz k saat, to bas Azaan Aur namaz k
darmiyan jo Waqt hai utni he zindagi hai ensaan ki, Allah subuhanaw tala
ham sab k gunha ko maf farmaye aur khabar k Azaab se bachaye Ameen ya rab

Author Ahmet Öztürkmen (1 month)

Author Md vilayat ansari (1 month)
Ye allha hum log bhut gunaha gaar hai hum log ko ki magfirat farma dijye

Author Shafique Ahmed (1 month)

Author hasnaian raja (7 months)

Author Umair Ahmad (7 months)
قال اللہ تعالئ.. کل نفس زائقه الموت ....
ارشاد باری تعالی ہے .. سب کو موت کا زائقه چکهنا ہے ..
Uma!r cheema in KSA ←132→

Author Rehana Khan (1 year)
ya allah hamain qabr k azab bacha dekho koi nhi hoga qabr main ya allah ham
sab ko is din se bacha......AMEEN....

Author abubaker al hamed (6 months)
Ya allah protect us from hell fire allah akbar ya allah forgive us and yeah
guys “Whoever says, ‘Subhan Allaahi Wa bihamdihi, {Allah is free from
imperfection and His is the praise}. One hundred times a day, will be
forgiven all his sins even if they were as much as the foam of the sea.
(Bukhari, Book #75, Hadith #414)

Author shabbir gujjar (1 year)

Author رفيق القدسي (1 year)
الكل حينزل هنا

Author mina Chercheuse (10 months)
plz someone translate in English so that i can share it! great message

Author Mohamed Sharafudeen (11 months)

Author Rukshan Shan (1 year)
follow in twitter \ sannimuslim\

Author hasnaian raja (7 months)

Author حياة العز (11 months)
الله اكبر لله درك .....فك الله اسرك يا شيخنا خالد الراشد 

Author Garba Mamoudou (9 months)

Author qasim hasnain (1 year)

Author jamal saeeid (8 months)

Author Mohammed Faruk (1 year)

Author MAHEEN MALIK (1 year)

Author েসখ নাজমুস সাআদাত (1 year)

Author CoWives Islam Mauritania (1 year)

Author sjsssjjss (2 years)
في ناس مايستوعبون الا الاسلوب الترهيبي من عذاب وغضب الله الجبّار.. وناس
يستوعبون ويفهمون الاسلوب الترغيبي بالنعيم والراحة والسعادة الابدية.. اللي
بعد تعب حول ستين او مية سنة.. وكلّن له اسلوبة ومُعجَبِيه

Author MrPaddingtonFrisk (2 years)
The fact that you have to ask what you're not good at is proof that you're
not any good. Your statement ',,,original point to my statement...' is
telling. At NO point have you made a point. Now, as explained, I am trying
to get a sense of what you are trying to achieve and help you become more
effective? 1) If you're trolling, you're ineffective: your comments are not
interesting or striking enough to provoke. The only person who gets het up
is you.

Author Good Influence (2 years)
you dont need quickness on internet forums, u can take as much time to
respond as u want (cant beleive im explaining this to a geek that probly
spends half his life online) I never denied having an ego, i just thought
because your so good with that mirror dr paddington id bring mine out. i
actually enjoy arguing with self-righteouss ppl like urself, is y i dont
leave. my generalisation of religions was intentional, thats my base when
arguing a religions merit, how the majority behave.

Author Good Influence (2 years)
the very fact that u have not walked away from this argument proves that
you have an ego to defend. and u can try and state you replies are
effortless and ur dominating me but any possibilty of that dissolved when u
tried to use insults like cunt, twat and racial stereotypes to inflict you
will. BESTED again bitch

Author sloom lardhi (2 years)
say what u want u will know the truth islam is the right dont judge about a
islam by some muslimes , your hand fingers not the same we have good people
and bad people > read about it and try to listen to يوسف استس or احمد ديدات

Author ParadiseOrHellFire . (2 years)
lol its only evil for you not me...i love islam

Author shakeel dar (2 years)
u bull shit son of bitch.who r u critchen,Hindoo or Budhist i hop after u
dead through ur body to the hungary Dogs.

Author MrPaddingtonFrisk (2 years)
No, I didn't. I have sent you a personal message (I think). Lest you think
I'm unwilling to discuss. And, LOL. I'm from Leicester originally, going to
be the first place in the UK to be ethnic 'majority' (by that I mean the
'indigenous whites' will be a minority to the cumulation of other
ethnicities in the city) so race and 'multiculturalism' is of interest to
me, as are the EDL (and others). Sadly I'm about as far from a member as
you can get.

Author tommy tommy (2 years)
Reply to Hindu Zionist By knowing a true nobody can tolerate the false ...
So Muslim r

Author Steve Porter (1 year)
Any terrorist group or "religion" that promotes hate and violence like the
Muslims should be outlawed! God Bless The USA!!!

Author guddu alam (2 years)

Author rommanji (2 years)

Author MrPaddingtonFrisk (2 years)
And the quickness was not in terms of how soon you respond, but the speed
and wit of mind in order to do so. I notice, with interest, that you STILL
have not made one valid point or argument. Odd, because my use of 'besting'
was in relation to your approach - it was used archly.

Author Ashok Patel (1 year)

Author thehindu zionist (2 years)
i don't have to read bhramasutra . ayesha was playing with dolls when dirty
muhammad inserted his rotten 53 year old dick inside 9 year old girl ayesha

Author Good Influence (2 years)
yes thats correct, i just figured, as long as you can understand the
message i am trying to get across that is all thats important. I didnt
realise every word had to be spelled correctly. if you spend too much time
focusing on the twigs, you fail to notice the entire tree that is in your
way. I doubt you'll notice the metaphor because you'll be too busy looking
for spelling and grammar errors so you can reply with something witty yet

Author kanaf amin (2 years)
ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﻧﻲ ﺍﺳﺄﻟﻚ ﺣﺴﻦ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﺗﻤﻪ

Author nerf_me! (2 years)
listen dude i said that i wa a muslim ones but i cant belive in allah every
thing about him is fake :). THERE IS NO GOD !!. and no its not allah hwo
created the universe haha.

Author Good Influence (2 years)
the masturbation remark was in correlation to u beleiving your the shit
because u have firm knowledge in literacy and u probly out speak ppl in
forums, only due to how u construct ur statements and not to the overall
topic at hand. only making it seem like ur "besting" everyone, then u go
home an masturbate while looking at yourself because you think your so
great. but it seems the message behind the mock is lost on you...

Author MrPaddingtonFrisk (2 years)
My life is varied, understanding people, and their intentions, is merely
one facet of it. Winning a war of literacy is not an interest; holding a
mirror to people's thoughts, arrogance and lack of perspicacity is. Not
that this is a 'war', but I have bested you in all ways, on all counts.
Being an Australian, irony is most likely lost on you, but have a look at
what you wrote. Then use your 'open mind' to think about it. Put very
simply, you're not very good at what you do.

Author MrPaddingtonFrisk (2 years)
Surely, then, in light of the fact that you're not walking away, you have
an ego to defend. And, as a point of fact, I resorted to using those terms
as a way of reflecting your methods - your generalisation of a religion
utilising a stereotypical view; your attempts to deflect by using abuse -
vis-a-vis - masturbation. Unfortunately for you, you're neither smart
enough to realise this (coming from the person who 'misspelled on purpose')
nor quick enough to respond.

Author Syed Hussaini (2 years)
please read understand your BRAHMA SUTRA , IT SAYS EKAM BRAHMA DIVITYA
NASTAY NAHINA NASTAY KINCHAN IT MEANS there one and not a two and not on

Author MrPaddingtonFrisk (2 years)
Surely trying to spell correctly, or at least couch your message in legible
syntax and punctuation, can only aid what you were trying to get across, be
it regarding academic education or otherwise. Unless it was a wind-up? If
it was, it was a little bit shit because, despite what you might think, it
makes you look stupid and undermines what argument you may feel you have.
For example, are you a raging Christian or what? It makes you seem
borderline retarded, which is funny yet ineffective

Author MrTriggerHD (2 years)
This has more views than my videos :(

Author Alan Hs (2 years)

Author Shahbano Sherazi (2 years)
Dude i dont go by books and read te comment bellow,m not fighting i believe
umanity is te biggest religion amoung all..plase stop being negative.

Author ImitateTheBestQueen (2 years)
The Mehdi(dua) also known as the Yamani(dua), the relative of Prophet
Mohammed(dua and salawat), and the Savior to help gather the truth seekers
for the 12th Imam(dua and salawat) has arrived. His flag is the best, his
teachings are noor, to obey him is mandatory, and he is spoke of in the
will of Prophet Muhammed(dua and salawat) on the night he died more info.
at wwwTheArrivedCom or watch the Movie "The Arrived" or "The Awaited
Reformer" to learn about the Imam of our time feeamneeALAH

Author Good Influence (2 years)
you are pretentious because you beleive u have a greater understanding of
whats going on because u use correct spelling and grammar. really? your
searching for the answers to the manner of how i communicate, u have a very
fulfilling life. u seem to be more concerned in winning a battle of
literacy. your mind is only closed when u fail to take in outside
information. Even though im constantly convinced islam is fake, im still
open to enlightment on the views if islamist. always same answers

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