Halo 4 Rap Song - Requiem Awaits

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We set out to make an awesome rap song about Halo 4 and Requiem Awaits is what we created.


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We hope you enjoy it!


Wake up, John. You're finally needed
It's been 4 years since the Covies were defeated
You finished the fight, but now you're just getting started
As you float off through galaxies uncharted

There's not much left of the Forward Unto Dawn
So watch your step, you know you can't respawn
For when Cortana wakes you from your sleep, you gotta make a promise that you know you can keep

What's that? It's the UNSC Infinity
Emerging from the clouds with its brilliant divinity
Not landing, rather crashing to the ground
Get to it quick, because the Didact's inbound

There's a whole handful of new enemies to fight
The Promethan Crawler, the Watcher, the Knight
Hop into a Mantis, Warthog, or a Ghost, run forward into battle shouting out AXIOS!

Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, you know what you gotta do
Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, go do what you gotta do

Pimp, out, your Spartan IV
Cuz we be on Infinity playing games like War
You've never seen a player like me before
Get a sniper and go sneaking, up, on your back door
Headshot, BOOM, I'm raising my score
Specializations are all mine to explore
Got armour so sick that you can't ignore

Impact, Solace, Ravine, Complex
Ragnarok, Erosion what map will be next?
Each one better than the previous one
And I just can't wait to have some fun
Forge Mode's SICK, it's got all the new features
And I can't wait for the Campaign's new creatures
But one mode's gonna beat out all the rest
It's War Games son, and it's gonna be the best.

Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, you know what you gotta do
Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, go do what you gotta do

Lasky, Del rio, Master chief and more
Bear witness to the revolution known as Halo 4
War Games, Spartan Ops, Theatre or Forge
Packed so full of game modes that your eyes they will engorge

Requiem awaits, it's gonna be a test
Cortana's got your back, she knows what to suggest
So puff up your chest, you gotta be the best
The best of the best of the best of the best

November 6th approaches and I want you all to hear
Precicely what I'm doing when the game is getting near
I'm buying some Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Micky Ds
Getting double XP so I'm ranking up with ease

Battle, Assault, and Designated Marksman rifles
Comin at you so deadly that you can't focus you will stifle
Every single breath you take you're gonna wish you had another
If you're bringing a controller then you know you are my brother

Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, you know what you gotta do
Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, go do what you gotta do

Raps performed by Greenskull and Minolta1034.
Chorus performed by Sarah Weaver.

Together we have formed the most powerful rap group in the long and storied history of internet-based video game rap, and intend to one day conquer the world and penetrate the foundations of modern geography with our incredible rhymes.

The beat was found on by Kustom.

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Author Darkpie1000 (3 months)
listening to this while waiting until the master chief collection comes out

Author HappyZoo5 (8 months)
Up to the release of halo 4, I would listen to this song multiple times
over every singe night :). I might have made up a large portion of the
views. Ah good times... This song will stand in my memories as my absolute
favorite part of halo 4, as inaccurate as it is. SPOILERS! You don't save
cortana! :)

Author Alex R. (25 days)
Like if you're watching in 2015! 

Author GreatfulGert (14 days)
CHAIN: Wake up John you're finally needed,

Author Devan Wasburg (11 months)
Meh, doesn't really feel like an Halo song. When I hear the Cortana part, I
honestly feel like that part was straight way off. I'd expect something a
little vague and complex, not "Blow some stuff up" and "Grab your BR".
Maybe something like 'You've carried me far, and I have the same for you"
Meaning that he taxied her around, and she gave him all the motivation to
endure it all. Still, take a 6/10. Mainly because Halo 4 didn't get close
to live up to my expectations

Author Symphoniics (9 months)
I just wanted to say that this video of yours brings back so many good
memories. I love reading the books, playing the games, etc. I seem to
rewatch this video every few months because of the nostalgia it brings me.
I absolutely love the Halo universe. <3

Author SN1P3R_W0LF_2573 (2 months)
as a fan of the series, I am loving Halo 4, though sadly the armor used by
chief from Halo 2 til now must be unlocked by beating the game of
Legendary, time for me to find a friend to play COOP with me, because I
know that I cannot do it alone

Author isabelms29 (5 days)
When it says didact it sounds like di do

Author Robot Soldier (2 months)
Songs good, Halo 4 sucks, ODST had more for it then this game....but good
song though.

Author LeBlonde James (5 months)
The game sucked, especially forge :( I loved the whole mission a day thing,
but the campaign was soooo bad. This song though, its beautiful ;_;

Author Jalal Aram (1 month)

Author League jesz (1 year)
like if waching in 2014!!!

Author Al Lee (15 days)
your ante sonds so sexy

Author theextremegamer (4 months)
I love your song !!! I like it so much it's been stuck in my head for 4
weeks now!

Author preadaraptor (20 days)
song is awesome dudes

Author Endergamer (6 months)
if you like halo then you will like this rap

Author Zaber (6 months)

Author Darth Puma (3 months)
I hope we get one for Halo 5 Guardians next year!!!

Author NthStingray (4 months)
OMG I remember this song when halo 4 was about to come out I listened to
this song every day memories 

Author MonkeyxMoo35 (4 months)
This song is still a regular on my music. After two years as well!

Author Slime master115 (5 months)
this song I love it I can't get it out of my head and im starting to sing

Author Halo master :) (2 months)
I love how you did a reference from halo forward until dawn sorry no good
spelling I'm arabic

Author Mohammed Mohyuddin (6 months)




Author Chris Upton (2 months)
same and i unlocked every gun, viser, and armor

Author Star Wars HQ (11 months)
Holy cow +Ready Up Live This is awesome! Hahaha :D I couldn't get to
sleep because I was so pumped up over this song. Save Cortana! Face the
Didact! Damn, I am putting in Halo 4 today!

Author mitsos ziogas (1 year)
AXIOS:proud to be greek ;)

Author Ethan Grigg (2 months)
Best halo rap out there

Author Julian 9613 (11 months)

Author Marco Cruz (2 months)
Pimp out Spartan IV

Author Nick Munoz (10 months)
I miss the days when halo 4 wasn't out. now its worse than reach IMO

Author GreatfulGert (3 months)
Is this made originally? Or a parody? Or what?

Author hayescamp (4 months)
This song is stuck in my head I can't get out. help!???!!?!?!?

Author Alex Greenhalgh (3 months)
I cant tell you how many times I've listened to this.

Author killer tails12 (4 months)
dont die from halo 4 its going to be the best!!!!!!

Author Endergamer (6 months)
CHEIF BLOW SOME STUFF UP i love this rap

Author Andrew Gaikowski (3 months)
Its so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it

Author Counter Strike (1 month)
Samantha sucks at halo 4 so dont talk to her because shes stupid and my
gamer tag is MicroAssassin90

Author RakoonDude4 (6 months)
Yu deserve million subs for this yu make the best music vids

Author Kathya Salas (5 months)
"save cortana " LOL "you know what you gotta do" all halos are cool the
song is beast super cool!!!!!!!! :]

Author Master Chief (1 month)
Samantha,we all know you wanna show off your boobs but Counter is right you
suck we died because of you 

Author nicholas hood (22 days)

Author Mr.Turtle !!!! (4 months)
Best song ever!!!!!!!!!!

Author stefan david (6 months)
YeaaaaAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Booooooooooooiiiiiiieeeeee

Author Fiel Gonzalez (4 months)
Halo way better then cod

Author FlawlessCowboy (7 months)
Man! I still remember the words!

Author Eddie Boxell (4 months)

Author cckk0 (7 months)
I really want the instrumental

Author DudesRawr (8 months)
I remember when I just was searching what people recently uploaded and saw
this song. Now that I listen to it it brings back the memories of the hype
I had when halo 4 was around the corner.

Author reddead405 (5 months)
game was kinda poopy, but this song is the best

Author john rovine (5 months)
What trailer was used for the begining of this song?

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