Halo 4 Rap Song - Requiem Awaits

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We set out to make an awesome rap song about Halo 4 and Requiem Awaits is what we created.


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We hope you enjoy it!


Wake up, John. You're finally needed
It's been 4 years since the Covies were defeated
You finished the fight, but now you're just getting started
As you float off through galaxies uncharted

There's not much left of the Forward Unto Dawn
So watch your step, you know you can't respawn
For when Cortana wakes you from your sleep, you gotta make a promise that you know you can keep

What's that? It's the UNSC Infinity
Emerging from the clouds with its brilliant divinity
Not landing, rather crashing to the ground
Get to it quick, because the Didact's inbound

There's a whole handful of new enemies to fight
The Promethan Crawler, the Watcher, the Knight
Hop into a Mantis, Warthog, or a Ghost, run forward into battle shouting out AXIOS!

Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, you know what you gotta do
Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, go do what you gotta do

Pimp, out, your Spartan IV
Cuz we be on Infinity playing games like War
You've never seen a player like me before
Get a sniper and go sneaking, up, on your back door
Headshot, BOOM, I'm raising my score
Specializations are all mine to explore
Got armour so sick that you can't ignore

Impact, Solace, Ravine, Complex
Ragnarok, Erosion what map will be next?
Each one better than the previous one
And I just can't wait to have some fun
Forge Mode's SICK, it's got all the new features
And I can't wait for the Campaign's new creatures
But one mode's gonna beat out all the rest
It's War Games son, and it's gonna be the best.

Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, you know what you gotta do
Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, go do what you gotta do

Lasky, Del rio, Master chief and more
Bear witness to the revolution known as Halo 4
War Games, Spartan Ops, Theatre or Forge
Packed so full of game modes that your eyes they will engorge

Requiem awaits, it's gonna be a test
Cortana's got your back, she knows what to suggest
So puff up your chest, you gotta be the best
The best of the best of the best of the best

November 6th approaches and I want you all to hear
Precicely what I'm doing when the game is getting near
I'm buying some Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Micky Ds
Getting double XP so I'm ranking up with ease

Battle, Assault, and Designated Marksman rifles
Comin at you so deadly that you can't focus you will stifle
Every single breath you take you're gonna wish you had another
If you're bringing a controller then you know you are my brother

Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, you know what you gotta do
Save Cortana, face the Didact, blow some stuff up, and don't look back
Requim is waiting for you, grab your BR, go do what you gotta do

Raps performed by Greenskull and Minolta1034.
Chorus performed by Sarah Weaver.

Together we have formed the most powerful rap group in the long and storied history of internet-based video game rap, and intend to one day conquer the world and penetrate the foundations of modern geography with our incredible rhymes.

The beat was found on by Kustom.

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Author Sean Sean (1276 years ago)
halo 5 is out now lol halo 4 feels so old now, it's kind of sand

Author FPS GamePlayer ( ago)
Great song, sounds professional!

Author Kylester 005 ( ago)
Still old still badass

Author Hunter Crippen ( ago)
emoji spam
awesome song by the way,keep up the good work!

Author Soldierkimi ( ago)
Cool song

Author Axel Perez ( ago)
yeah !!!!!!!**

Author Zekk41 - Gaming and More ( ago)
Halo was my first video game in general.

Author Zekk41 - Gaming and More ( ago)
Watching this 3 years after,noticing Dan can rap pretty good.

Author GamingGecko543 ( ago)
My phone broke lol

Author GamingGecko543 ( ago)

Author Lakisha Thomas ( ago)
i love these song

Author Lakisha Thomas ( ago)
sooooooooo cooooool

Author Jordan Keeley ( ago)
Why is this so good 0:00 to 4:20 AAAHHHHH

Author PsychoMoFoGaming ( ago)
better than kanye west

Author Chat Noodle ( ago)

Author PixelSlayer ( ago)
And... Whats AXIOS event mean XD

Author Lakisha Thomas ( ago)
soo cool

Author Ninjas Gaming Official ( ago)
I remember this rap

Author Marco Sosa ( ago)


Author João Faria ( ago)
Halo 5 song: Locke awaits.

Author Ender Dragon123 ( ago)
I love it Axios

Author Real_Halo_MC ( ago)
I can't believe that this came out 3 years ago....

Author Ethan Ross ( ago)
You should make a Arbiter song please.

Author FearTheGamah ( ago)
Are you going to do a song like this for Halo 5? Cause you totally should.

Author Ethan Ross ( ago)
I suggest you make a Sangheili rap please. :)

Author rex games ( ago)
this id epic

Author Christopher Baptiste ( ago)
Watched this in 2012, ran into it again on YouTube. Remembered how amazing
it was.

Author Gingergeek101 ( ago)
AM i the only one that liked Halo 4? I mean it wasn't a good HALO game but
i still love it anyway...

Author Video Game Brothers (524 years ago)
I'm so glad I have halo 4 😃

Author Video Game Brothers (712 years ago)
me too Iove this song

Author XPC AXIOS! ( ago)
i love it

Author NoQpiki ( ago)

Author JoséRB ✮DecoratedSilver✮ ( ago)

Author BFAproductions ( ago)
Listen to this on 1.5 speed

Author Desiree Perez ( ago)
Deose greenskull have xbox360 because im a big fan of RUL and i want to
send him a friend request

Author Arctic Soldier ( ago)
i like how halo was good when it first came out but after the mayor game
updates it ruined it

Author Sam Miller ( ago)

Author FlashDemonic ( ago)
Fanboys be like

Author MyImmaculateQueen ( ago)

Author Fire king1005 ( ago)
awsome keep up the good work

Author The Arbiter ( ago)
It's nice

Author Harry Potter ( ago)
Almost 3 years from this...jeez! i was hoping this would be awesome game
instead its was flop.

Author Symphoniics ( ago)
Ahhh.. It's about that time again. I'm feeling the Halo nostalgia again.
Every time I listen to this, I get really happy and remember how much I
enjoyed Halo 4's campaign. The vocals in the chorus bring me so much
emotion. Finally revealing the Forerunners was such a relief. No longer
having to imagine everything felt so great. Man, I'm all over the place
with this comment. So much nostalgia rushing through me right now. Haha.
Now I need a Halo 5: Guardians Rap to put on replay. :D

Author xFALLENx07 ( ago)
You MUST make a halo 5 rap. This was amazing.

Author xFALLENx07 ( ago)
This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I've always loved
halo and I loved halo 4 and this song fucking rocks!

Author Saxton Turner ( ago)
All these years and this song is still the shit! Nice song

Author Hashyyy ( ago)
This makes me cringe so hard

Author Rasmus gååse ( ago)
Love dies song 

Author koby wheatley ( ago)

Author UnworthyKing95 ( ago)
Haven't listened to this in a while. I forgot how good it is

Author chase koch ( ago)
this is a very good muisc

Author Boarderlands ( ago)
I play this song when I play halo 4 and then I cry because I always play
the last mission 

Author N Diaz ( ago)
Will you make a Halo 5 song please ??? 

Author Romeo A Rincon ( ago)
EMILE:you and me are a lot alike blowing stuff up with your finger up

Author menderus ( ago)
dude my hype limit is being tested while waiting for halo 5
i don't think i ever had this much hype for anything EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in all seriousness im a huge halo fan and god dam iv been doing all the
reserch i can possibly do i think im one of the most knowlage out of all
players in my league *HYPE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Author fear red for blood ( ago)
Axios is from forward onto dawn

Author victoria kramp ( ago)
Who ever says halo 4 is stupid needs to stfu and hop off a bridge and get
hit by a big rig!!! Lol

Author victoria kramp ( ago)
I love this rap

Author Jack Hoddinott (92 years ago)

Author Deniz Sarıgül ( ago)
halo 4 hayranları evet yasın

Author Mairim A ( ago)
wow i like it i liked it!

Author halo lover Largealien3 ( ago)
It is awesome

Author Je'Daii Parker ( ago)

Author Mason A ( ago)

Author Nate Koch ( ago)
In the start when it says "You know you can't respawn" sorry ready up live
but you CAN repsawn. And I love your videos! especially the master chief

Author Tobie Arfstrom ( ago)
Halo is the best game

Author Mathus Sinn (A2ndFamine) ( ago)

Author Hunter Maloney ( ago)
The best halo song i heard amazing 

Author Mathus Sinn (A2ndFamine) ( ago)
My finger hurts from hitting the replay button so much!

Author Mathus Sinn (A2ndFamine) ( ago)
This song is epic!

Author Yahya Chegrani ( ago)

Author charly manclock ( ago)
I m jhon

Author Cameron Wood ( ago)
I only like the guy

Author Sharna Mcintosh ( ago)
Sooooooo hot

Author gameboy ( ago)
simply awesome !!!!!!!!! Keep it up

Author Chantelle Stokes ( ago)
This is soooo good 

Author Alvaro Norris ( ago)
anyone else just found out the video length is 420

Author Get Rekt ( ago)
2015 and still listens to this

Author SafetyBunkerStudios ( ago)
Best Halo 4 song out there.

Author Synthetic Reign ( ago)
So....Halo 5 Guardians rap???

Author Ashden Spaulding ( ago)
I love it so much it makes me ikspowd you show it on tv i think you are

Author lemon joy ( ago)

Author Tyler Barden ( ago)
two and a half years later this song is still great. shock by so few views

Author Joel Fox ( ago)
eTo kpyTo!))
nocTaBJIio JIauk) 

Author halolegomaniac1 ( ago)
2 years after the games release and this videos release and its still

I soo have to put this on my cd I am going to burn! :)

Author CreepaGonnaCreep ( ago)
dude awesome rap song :D

Author Red Arbiter ( ago)
I myself loved Halo 4! I think its amazing! I just want to know, why does
everyone hate it? I mean its still a Halo game right?
Its either this or some dumb game copying Halo like Cod. If I had a choice
between Halo 4 or Halo 5 I would choose Halo 4. I mean the weapons are
balanced and the rocket launcher is the SPNKR instead of some military
looking rocket launcher.

Author isabelms29 ( ago)
When it says didact it sounds like di do

Author Pascal Fischer ( ago)
OMG I f**king love this song!!! *-* <3

Author GreatfulGert ( ago)
CHAIN: Wake up John you're finally needed,

Author Al Lee ( ago)
your ante sonds so sexy

Author preadaraptor ( ago)
song is awesome dudes

Author nicholas hood ( ago)

Author Alex R. ( ago)
Like if you're watching in 2015! 

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