Bohrloch Fräse mit Motorsäge / Drilling with Chainsaw, Special Tool Stihl

Drilling with Chainsaw, Special Tool Stihl etc....

Bohrlochfräse, Anbau Dorn.Kann an jede Profi– Kettensägen - Schwert/ Elektro/ Benzin!
Loch - Grössen 90/ 110 / 120 mm je nach Schwert Breite Ihr gewünschtes Loch in der Tiefe ausgefräst. INFO :

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Uploaded by: Bruno Schläpfer
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Author willieboy561 (4 years)
Ain't that kind hard on that bar runnin' that chain so hard againt the
sides?? Pretty neat tool but ain't something to use everyday I guess.

Author Wouter d.B. (4 years)
Interesting, I can't come up with a reason to use it yet, but interesting

Author aud6875 (4 years)
mak some nice beds with that

Author txrelichunter (3 years)
Can you show these morons how this can be used in rustic furniture
building.. Where can I get one?

Author nebomatt (3 years)
could be used to cut square holes for a mortise

Author LikeHellaHellaLike (3 years)
poor bar and chain :( ------------they died so young, i guess the good die

Author Steve Ivy (3 years)
Beds sure, yeah you could do that but the first thing that occurs to me
when I look at it is how good it would be for making joints for round-wood
frames. Now if there was just a jig you could add to the chainsaw that
allowed you to "lathe" a small diameter log to perfectly match the same
diameter hole that drilling jig thing just created.

Author advthinker (3 years)
Looks just like the tool i made for my stihl 360. but i used 1/2 in bar
stock, as it was on hand and was stainless steel. i would of bought one,
but it,s hard to find acc,s for the chain saws. and yes you can cut a
square hole with this, but you have to put a locater coller, on so when you
plunge down and pull out, you rotate 90 deg. for the next plunge. with some
practice you get a nice square. but the farm boss bar is all most 4 in
across and i needed a much smaller square. did not buy new bar

Author T I Z DESERT RAT (4 years)
wut is this for

Author SupraFanatic (3 years)
Don't you guys own drills?

Author mictrik (3 years)
I wonder if that stresses the tip? I would use a bar that does not have a
sprocket tip like the Duromatic.

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