Strange Sex - Balloon Fetish Guy

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Author Sky Prower ( ago)
I have this kinda thing I like haveing it tho balloons are fun and I just
love playing with them I also love inflatables 

Author Daniel Cassidy ( ago)
there is the magic words. if I had a girlfriend.

Author Daniel Cassidy ( ago)
I only date hot air baloons now. I'm moving up.

Author Twilight Grace ( ago)
I...just don't understand how is this a weird fetish.

Author Asuka Lanley ( ago)

Author Miguel ramirez ( ago)
As long as he's only killing balloons right....

Author Monica Light ( ago)
wtf that's so weird... I don't wanna know what he does when he gets horny
with balloons lol wtf

Author Kristen Nguyen ( ago)
how the fuck did I get here

Author Asten Clarke ( ago)
I see your back with your fat ugly ex now her profile picture features her
10 year old with a balloon dog. If that is a fucking coincidence then I
dont know what isnt.

Author RRpkTT60 ( ago)
im crying hahahahaha

Author GavinJ37 ( ago)
Thats the asswipe who got one of my video's removed. Clearly Youtube loves
him. Heres a challenge for ya mate. Get all mine removed in 24
hours...starting now. You can do it.

Also no one wants to see a 300 pound gorilla blowing balloons. Its

Author Grace 夢幻專家 ( ago)
i am in the weird category of youtube again....................

Author Matthew Spires ( ago)
The underground world of balloon fetishes! Ha that's hilarious. 

Author GlitchedGaming 1087 ( ago)
This guy is awesome XD

Author Justin Smith ( ago)
So... When they pop, he pops?

Author Scaleon Khan ( ago)
nobody take him to watch the movie Up

Author Chris Dalton ( ago)
From Mike Tyson videos to balloon fetishes. Ok, time to call it in.

Author HollywoodPrince21 ( ago)
The fuck that's so weird... Surprised there where hot girls there 2 lol 

Author Stinky Poop ( ago)
balloony poony all the way!!!!

Author Reece Oleśen ( ago)
I'm not afraid to say I'm a looner. I'm the non-popping type tho. Balloons
are so cuddly.. Mmmm

Author gokumetrix80 ( ago)
I think this is the most inocent fetish there is

Author Gerry Bonker ( ago)
Look on the bright side, least he's always got a rubber!

Author Fabenst ( ago)
3:17 he's so excited, I love it :D

Author 7even2wenty1 ( ago)
I get the feeling he was getting auto-erotic asphyxiation the first time he
did it/pleasured himself, and that first time developed a strong
association between that incident and feeling good. Blowing on the balloon
likely brings him back to that first time. The fact he doesn't seem like a
legit happy guy as well, makes me believe he is reminiscing with his
childhood as well in doing this. I'm serious when I say this is probably
hugely therapeutic for him.. Or maybe I'm oversimplifying this.

Author Corey Wissig ( ago)
oh o OH YESsS YESSSSSASSSS!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Author luis carlos valverde navarro ( ago)
que estupides ,en la vida habia visto algo tan tonto como eso

Author Occult Gibbet ( ago)
imagine this guy doing kids parties.. "hey kids! this is how i neck!"

Author Nom Apel ( ago)
His name is Robert Paulson

Author DABOMB_BLOWN ( ago)
i clicked off when i read he has had an orgasm to a baloon

Author L00n13 P0n3 ( ago)
Its a good thing you did this. My dad saw this and got the idea that what I
supposedly had years ago (may had been fake) is normal. First time he asked
me if I was a looner (and yes, he said looner) I said no and called them
perverts. I told my mom a long time after and then finally my dad. I can't
believe but am greatful they support me. If my wouldn't have seen how
harmless this is from this show, I may have gotten a different reaction.

Author luvpoppinloons ( ago)
I think there where a few looners at the party but all the girl there Live
in NYC and go to fetish Events all the time.. So to answer your question
None of the females where Looners.

Author 777Skeptic ( ago)
Were those hot girls just staff paid to be there and party, or were they
actual looners?

Author Alex Korova ( ago)
I feel your pain, Tina. Do you have Clown Syndrome, too?

Author Patrick ( ago)
you've become pretty famous! first on TLC then 'coming out' on youtube!

Author Bebe Loco ( ago)
I will organize a party like this for this kind of people, just to lock the
doors and set the room on fire with everyone inside.

Author Marko Janković ( ago)
i am scared of baloons

Author Leisurels ( ago)

Author 777Skeptic ( ago)
Cheaper than dating. But porn is even cheaper than balloons.

Author eocine ( ago)
People make fun of what they don't understand. But at the end of the day,
if you are making fun of someone who isn't doing anything wrong, and is
having a good time...You're the one in the wrong. You can call it weird,
but aren't we all? Rather be weird than mean, honestly. The guy enjoys
popping balloons. If that really bothers you, you are the weird one if you
ask me.

Author Makayla Thomas ( ago)
Meant people

Author Makayla Thomas ( ago)
Is he one of the retarted pople

Author umhowboutno13 ( ago)
@Mylar balloon.. Okay you have fun with that.. Obviously no one is judging
you so why you post so many things talking about your balloons? Lol no hate
just asking..

Author umhowboutno13 ( ago)
Okay so he goes to newyork to have THIS kinda party lol well at least he's
happy... I woulda really partied though..

Author Julianna Petraitis ( ago)
i love balloons but i dont think id be turned on by them but then again i
havent see one in like 4 years so you never know

Author Dragon123561 ( ago)
3:33 for balloon orgy

Author Andrés Torres ( ago)
a lot of baloons are dead, not funny dude

Author Tim Popper ( ago)
Ah, I see, guilt by deranged imagination. Honestly, Asten, you are pathetic.

Author Tim Popper ( ago)
Asten, where's your proof? All I ever hear from you are accusations, but no

Author vodkagal28 ( ago)

Author Melissa Turner ( ago)
It's a little weird but he's not hurting anybody *shrugs*

Author HaiFluttershy ( ago)
My friend. She has a key fetish.

Author Jon Locke ( ago)
You know what? I honestly don't care what people fap to as long as they
aren't hurting themselves or other people. If this guy really enjoys
balloons, more power to him.

Author leea marie ( ago)
Weird. But To each their own.

Author jonathanbain14 ( ago)
christ, what's the big deal, i don't have this fetish, but i mean, it's
only balloons... not like it's harming anyone, what's the big deal?

Author billywichdoctor ( ago)
he also abused my dick

Author pseudorockstar ( ago)
bob's burgers...

Author FreakDaMIghet ( ago)
And I thought MY fetishes were weird! lol

Author donisetaylor ( ago)
Am I the only one who is curious to see how he screws the balloon?

Author PurityandDeath ( ago)
Psychology used to consider homosexuality a divergent unnatural sexual
orientation. Pseudo-sciences are based on speculation. I still think
there's merit to that argument. Even if it occurs in other species in
nature. I think it occurs naturally because experimentation is natural but
it's not a functional orientation which means it's something that people
should mentally come to terms with and reject. Evolutionarily it has no
prospects. I think all evolved creatures are pansexual at the root.

Author Goddess .FourWinds ( ago)
Yet psychology doesn't find it so. It's even being considered as a "type"
of sexuality like hetero-. homo-, and bisexuality, according to what I've
heard lately.

Author Marleen Do ( ago)
so would watching this be considered porn or

Author PurityandDeath ( ago)
I've heard of this condition before. With a specific musical instrument in
one case. I wouldn't necessarily point to a traumatic psychological event
in those cases. More a brain malfunction or crosswiring. Perhaps a physical
injury or a Munchausen type sociological disorder.

Author Goddess .FourWinds ( ago)
Did you even look up Objectum Sexual?

Author PurityandDeath ( ago)
What I see here is an obviously a gay man shifting his sexual desires onto
bright colorful balloons because he had extreme difficulty with his
sexuality which broke him and made him have an alterior focus. Most likely
due to past trauma. Possibly surrounding balloons at a young age or just
colors or something related. He may have enjoyed being raped by a male
clown as a young boy. How old is he and where is he from again? No
connection to John Wayne Gacy?

Author PurityandDeath ( ago)
Yeah. I'm sure people can find escapism from reality when they have a
psychological break with anything. When reality (in this case his being
gay) is too much for him to deal with so your mind manifests something
kinder and simpler to focus on.

Author Goddess .FourWinds ( ago)
There is something called an Objectum Sexual. Like heterosexual or
bisexual. :)

Author Halvdan Knutsson ( ago)
All of my wat

Author Silje Kristiansen ( ago)
He likes balloons so much he's turning into one.

Author Trippy ( ago)
That is such an easy fetish to have. You ever try to get a girl to choke
you until you're about to pass out and then get her to shove her fist up
your anus and slap your dick with her other hand while you're tied up and
she's wearing a leather suit? Ain't easy.

Author Tampanda ( ago)
Hostile creep crashed my kids tenth birthday party, my first thought was
the safety of the children......he went straight for the balloons.

Author luvpoppinloons ( ago)
I ask myself why I come back to this video so I can see all the very harsh
comments people say about me i guess, I am really proud to have the courage
to come out to the world about this fetish that Millions of people have, I
guess its not so wierd after all, if anything I was trying to help people
feel more confitable with there fetish including myself and look it worked,
I am very happy with my fiance..and very very happy to help allot of Looner
across the globe.

Author GrumpyCat AJ ( ago)
funny i bet the party store knows him well

Author kalinda619 ( ago)
I've gone too deep into the weird side of Youtube.....

Author pandarapesmm ( ago)
Alot of people probably make fun of this guy, but honestly, he's happy so
who cares? At least he's not getting STDS, drama by getting involved with
girls, or getting someone pregnant. If he's happy and not hurting anyone
then let him be.

Author Kathleen ( ago)
I just studied this is Human Sexuality!

Author Kathleen ( ago)

Author Katherine Murphy ( ago)
What the hell is the matter with you...?

Author Jack Smith ( ago)
I can't stop laughing omg theres saliva allover my macbook.

Author bugman bugman ( ago)
although this guy is really weird, I do kinda get it.I mean popping and
expanding have always been associated sexually in one form or another

Author izadefender1 ( ago)
i've crossed into that weird side of youtube again havnt i.

Author Stephen Nicolaou ( ago)
atleast he's not on drugs right???

Author LoveDreamMusicMedia ( ago)
"...I'm bringing about 200 balloons to New York City...and I'm not bringing
any of 'em back heheheheh" XDXDXD

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
it feels better than women.

Author ErinTurco21 ( ago)
No, but you are a sick fuck.

Author PurityandDeath ( ago)

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
whats your problem with mylar balloons are my girlfriend?

Author PurityandDeath ( ago)
And you're an idiot. I never said being gay was wrong. I just said he is
gay. Kissing your balloons though... Yeah, there's something wrong with
that. Some kind of psychological break or personal defect.

Author Red Soviet ( ago)
Go for it! Why in the hell would it bother me what you masturbate too? Or
better yet would I care, the answer is no... Just enjoy yourself and
remember that "Barriers" are fictional, unleash your desires and be
yourself. =)

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
yeah I also don't think its my fault I am attracted to Mylar balloons.

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
my penis likes mylar balloons

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
you are gay, theres nothing wrong with I kiss my Mylar Balloons

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
screw normal! I love to fuck mylar balloons. I even married a Mylar
Balloon. any problem?

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
normal = retarded.

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
I live in Denmark and I fuck Foil Balloons, any problems? America is
awesome I love the Foil Balloons.

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
no you are. theres nothing wrong with rub my penis against a foil balloon.

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
have you heard of Mylar Balloon basturbation?

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
what does your tolerance says about I like to fuck a mylar balloon?

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
no you need help, theres nothing wrong with letting my penis being a
aganist a mylar balloon.

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
My dream is to be a foil balloon seller

Author Mylar Balloon ( ago)
I like to fuck a mylar balloon in my bed, so do you hate me ErinTurco21?

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