Strange Sex - Balloon Fetish Guy

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Added: 4 years
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Author HollywoodPrince21 (6 days)
The fuck that's so weird... Surprised there where hot girls there 2 lol 

Author SwiftlyEj (3 months)
Most people have a weird fetish. I have a main normal one and a weird one

Author Lilwallyjr (2 months)
still a better love story then twilight.

Author Rebecca Raymond (8 months)
This is what my home town is known for. :) Rutland! ...-.-

Author Madison Lynn (3 months)
How did I get here ? 

Author ViciousGubbins (7 months)

Author dmccxp (4 months)
Someone told me they had a balloon fetish and I thought he was joking at
first but then I looked it up and I don't think he was... he LITERALLY
asked if I had any balloons and asked to see them. Wtf. Ultimate deal
breaker. (We never had a deal in the first place, but he thought so)

Author GiGi H (5 months)
How did I get here

Author Super Mikey (5 months)
I'm in this part of youtube again...

Author apoctriforce (8 months)
:46 Dildo costume right there lol 

Author Jacob Johnston (8 months)
I wonder if he's orgasm if he popped too. He looks like a balloon,
certainly. No h8.

Author Harriet Eaton (7 months)
His laugh when the balloon pops at the start is hilarious

Author rhesusmonkey25 (9 months)
Keep him away from kids party ;) 

Author Mija MijaWeb (10 months)
so much plastik ...

Author George Bush (9 months)
That's enough internet for me tonight... 

Author Alfredo Pedraza (9 months)
The fuck I just watched

Author Bob B (11 months)
Fetish never comes alone.
Among ballon fetishists,
98% are pedophiles
80% like puke
76% like piss and scat,
71% are bdsm
66% are skinny fetishists

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
what does your tolerance says about I like to fuck a mylar balloon?

Author DJDubSaw (2 years)
hey, this myfunnyassvids guy, just warning you all, is a child molester

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
I hate everyone who hurt mylar balloons

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
great comment, when I was a teen I was scared to tell people about my love
of Mylar Balloons, when I was around 17 it was the frist time I admin it

Author tina tilaklovesturtles (1 year)
im scared of balloons _evil_

Author LoveDreamMusicMedia (2 years)
"...I'm bringing about 200 balloons to New York City...and I'm not bringing
any of 'em back heheheheh" XDXDXD

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
I have my room full of beautiful Mylar Balloons

Author 777Skeptic (1 year)
Cheaper than dating. But porn is even cheaper than balloons.

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
you are gay, theres nothing wrong with I kiss my Mylar Balloons

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
interesting I have never heard of that fetish with bass makes you cum I
will admin for you I like Mylar Balloons I like to fuck them in my bed

Author gokumetrix80 (1 year)
I think this is the most inocent fetish there is

Author jelatinMAN (2 years)
Is Up a porno for this guy then?

Author 7even2wenty1 (1 year)
I get the feeling he was getting auto-erotic asphyxiation the first time he
did it/pleasured himself, and that first time developed a strong
association between that incident and feeling good. Blowing on the balloon
likely brings him back to that first time. The fact he doesn't seem like a
legit happy guy as well, makes me believe he is reminiscing with his
childhood as well in doing this. I'm serious when I say this is probably
hugely therapeutic for him.. Or maybe I'm oversimplifying this.

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
no you need help, theres nothing wrong with letting my penis being a
aganist a mylar balloon.

Author Makayla Thomas (1 year)
Meant people

Author Alex Korova (1 year)
I feel your pain, Tina. Do you have Clown Syndrome, too?

Author HaiFluttershy (1 year)
My friend. She has a key fetish.

Author Marklyu2 (2 years)
I meant

Author donisetaylor (1 year)
Am I the only one who is curious to see how he screws the balloon?

Author Dragon123561 (1 year)
3:33 for balloon orgy

Author Bebe Loco (1 year)
I will organize a party like this for this kind of people, just to lock the
doors and set the room on fire with everyone inside.

Author TheLastHeartToBreak (2 years)
by the age of 80 its the only movie that will make him able to get it "UP"

Author PurityandDeath (2 years)

Author Reece Oleśen (1 year)
I'm not afraid to say I'm a looner. I'm the non-popping type tho. Balloons
are so cuddly.. Mmmm

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
I like to fuck a mylar balloon in my bed, so do you hate me ErinTurco21?

Author Mandelbrot Set (2 years)
I'm celibate, yet I have a strong particular fetish. I'm way past this guys
level on my fetish. (I'm not a looner)

Author Jon Locke (1 year)
You know what? I honestly don't care what people fap to as long as they
aren't hurting themselves or other people. If this guy really enjoys
balloons, more power to him.

Author PurityandDeath (1 year)
Psychology used to consider homosexuality a divergent unnatural sexual
orientation. Pseudo-sciences are based on speculation. I still think
there's merit to that argument. Even if it occurs in other species in
nature. I think it occurs naturally because experimentation is natural but
it's not a functional orientation which means it's something that people
should mentally come to terms with and reject. Evolutionarily it has no
prospects. I think all evolved creatures are pansexual at the root.

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
normal = retarded.

Author Kathleen (2 years)

Author Tampanda (1 year)
Hostile creep crashed my kids tenth birthday party, my first thought was
the safety of the children......he went straight for the balloons.

Author Goddess .FourWinds (1 year)
Did you even look up Objectum Sexual?

Author Mylar Balloon (2 years)
no you are. theres nothing wrong with rub my penis against a foil balloon.

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