Shapeoko Laser Cutting

Cutting craft foam.

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Uploaded by: Kevin Strain
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Author Kevin Strain (9 months)
Listed as a 2 watt on ebay. Always run less than a watt. They blow easily
though. Sorry for the confusion.

Author kcalvano1 (3 months)
Hey Kevin, i'm looking to cut 1/4" eva foam. Will a 2 watt 445nm do the

Author Simon (9 months)
So is it a 1w or 2w laser diode?

Author Gaurav Loyalka (10 months)
Hey Kevin

What is the wattage and wavelength of the laser? What all materials have
you cut with this?

Author ZambitisFinest (1 year)
Nice squirrel 

Author GrommettTube (1 year)
Very nice result. Thanks for sharing.

Author Stephan Kyriakopoulos (1 year)
did you make your laser, is it an add on kit?

Author Kevin Strain (1 year)
All separate parts procured on ebay, 1 watt blue laser diode, 12mm rail
mount, 12 v fan and 3 x 7 inch aluminum mounting plate.

Author Robert Clark Jr (1 year)
I am planning on building on of these very soon!

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