Maria-sama ga Miteru マリア様がみてる Live Action Full Movie Preview

RAW is already out!! check out my LJ for more info ;)

The DVD will be released JULY 2011!!!!
Info here:

A live-action film adaptation began screening in Japanese theaters on November 6, 2010.
Main Cast: Honoka Miki as Yumi and Haru as Sachiko

Official Website:

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Author katherine camacho (2 months)
Oye, sabes donde puedo conseguir la pelicula con subtitulos en español?

Author BestOTP (2 years)
I really want to watch this movie. As a huge fan of MariMite, I just
want/need to. In fact, I check everyday to see if it's already available
with subs, hoping that I'll finally find what I'm looking for. Why is it
that MariMite has a lot of fans, but it seems like, even the raw isn't out
yet. How can that be possible? Many people are waiting for it, especially
those who hadn't bought the DVD, knowing that it doesn't have English subs
included. I'll wait until someone is kind enough to share it.

Author TheViolin89 (3 years)
@sunlightovercast really? have u seen all the season and OVA ?Its all
great....^^ I think it's warming heart story and there's so many things u
can take from them........

Author ArtOfLUV (1 year)
where cn i watch this with sub?

Author TheViolin89 (3 years)
yes, i mean the DVD... I really want to watch the movie badly...><
especially satou sei...:)

Author lenasvideos (2 years)
@BestOTP the raw is out! its on Nyaa Torrents. :D It was posted on a
Marimite fansite.

Author sunlight overcast (3 years)
@TheViolin89 yeah sei looks pretty :) usually i was told that dvd comes out
6months to one year period.. sigh..long wait hmm? :c

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@lenasvideos thanks ;)

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@BestOTP yeah! ;) i bet it'll be soon! ;D

Author yanzi1811 (3 years)
where can I download this movie?? (>,<) share it plz~

Author Quetta12 (2 years)
can anyone please tell me about this soundtrack music? such as what's the
title, which band perform it and such?

Author krugervolk (3 years)
I can't wait for this!!!!!!! since I don't understand too much of japanese
I will wait for a fansub version but in this case I don't mind having the
original in my hands! it's marimite live action movie! I will buy it for

Author yuripako1 (2 years)

Author MonroeMonster (3 years)
How much longer till it's out and subbed?? (:

Author TheViolin89 (3 years)
what??-_-a half a year....OMG... ok, i've been fan of marimite for about 8
years...6 months is nothing....:p

Author MonroeMonster (3 years)
How much longer till it's out and subbed?? (:

Author lenasvideos (2 years)
@sunlightovercast You're welcome, I tried watching it last night, and it
was hard. I'm going to wait for the English subs to come out. Should be
soon, i hope.

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@85ZingoGTR oh im glad u did ;) same here.. just did the anime translation
instead hahha ;)

Author alepowerification (2 years)
It's the instrumental version of Kirei na senritsu, performed by KOKOTO.
Ending for the Marimite OVAS. ^_^

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@BestOTP i feel the same.. :(

Author Nina Windstorm (2 years)
I wanna see the full movie.:( Sachiko is so beautiful there...

Author yepdrinker (2 years)
Is there eng sub for the movie?

Author TheViolin89 (3 years)
@sunlightovercast are you sure???? OMG...i have'nt stop to clap my
cheeks....>< where i can get te dvd? thanks for the information u give...^^

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@85ZingoGTR exclusive catholic school for girls :)

Author sunlight overcast (3 years)
@TheViolin89 i think u hafta buy it at amazon for example when its going to
be released.. but i suppose some fanatics would prolly upload it somewhere
else ;) lets all wait for it xxx

Author TheViolin89 (3 years)
@sunlightovercast me too...:) SP good, but sure marimite is the best yuri
anime.. i recommended candy boy if u like yuri anime

Author ra2dino (2 years)
As a fan of Yumi, I'm a bit disappointed that she looks way too young to be
a high schooler.

Author MonroeMonster (3 years)
How much longer till it's out and subbed?? (:

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@85ZingoGTR watched it over at animax while i was super bored.. that time i
wasn't even a fan of anime. since i came from an exclusive school way back
in HS, i kind of somehow relate with the story line :) how about u?

Author sunlight overcast (3 years)
@TheViolin89 hi.. it was released november 6, 2010 in japan's movie
theaters.. if u mean the DVD.. i have no news to when will it be out.. im
also looking forward for it too :) thanks for dropping by my video :)

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@lenasvideos i didnt mind watchin it raw awhile ago hahaha! :D but yeah an
english sub would be great! ;)

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@MorroccoSurrogate lol i lol'ed at "certainly not a garden of maidens" ;)

Author heartlessconqueror (3 years)
How damn beuatiful is Youko!?!!?? She's so much alike the character in the

Author BestOTP (2 years)
@lenasvideos OMG thank you so much for informing me! <3 @sunlightovercast
yeah, now that the raw is out, I hope someone would share some English
subs. xD (Someone actually heard our plea ;D)

Author sunlight overcast (3 years)
@TheViolin89 goodnews :) finally, the dvd will be released sometime july
this year!!! :D i posted the link for more info ;) or just visit their
official webby

Author sunlight overcast (3 years)
@TheViolin89 yes i've seen them all.. its actually the first yuri anime i
have ever seen ;) and next was SP.

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@85ZingoGTR how abt torr ent? :)

Author gilliannedomingo (3 years)
i badly want to watch this movie!!!

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
@85ZingoGTR if u check my other fan vids of marimite.. u can see there is a
raw available online already... u can try searching ;)

Author setsunaminako . (1 year)
can you put link to movie up?

Author TheViolin89 (3 years)
when this movie will release?

Author himeneya18 (2 years)

Author Hina Matsuri (3 years)
just another month more.... i caanntt waaiiitttt to watch it!!! >< :))

Author Katherine Trần (2 years)
What the song for video ? Who know ?

Author sunlight overcast (2 years)
i have no idea :(

Author sunlight overcast (3 years)
@TheViolin89 lol yeah another few months to wait or worst a year ..i hope
not though.. :( ive been a fan for a few months now :)

Author May mat (2 years)
where did they film this at? the school looks so nice :O

Author Hina Matsuri (2 years)
@lenasvideos OMG! its out..!!!? Finally! ive been waiting for this for like

Author MorroccoSurrogate (2 years)
I went to a Catholic girls' school that had an elevator system from junior
to senior high and a pretty campus with roses and azaleas and whatnot and a
sister system similar to the one at Lillian Jogakuen... but that's where
the similarities end. It was most certainly not a garden of maidens. XD

Author dRomLycan (9 months)
2013 is almost over but still no eng subs? :(

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