Gay Short Film 031 After

Based on the poem "After School, Street Football, Eighth Grade" by DENNIS COOPER
Their jeans sparkled, cut off
way above the knee, and my
friends and I would watch them
from my porch, books of poems
lost in our laps, eyes wide as
tropical fish behind our glasses.

Their football flashed from hand
to hand, tennis shoes gripped
the asphalt, sweat's spotlight on
their strong backs. We would
dream of hugging them, and crouch
later in weird rooms, and come.

Once their ball fell our way
so two of them came over, hands
on their hips, asking us to
throw it to them, which Arthur did,
badly, and they chased it back.
One turned to yell, “Thanks”

and we dreamed of his long
teeth in our necks. We
wanted them to wander over,
place deep wet underarms to
our lips, and then their white
asses, then those loud mouths.

One day one guy was very tired,
didn't move fast enough,
so a car hit him and he sprawled
fifty feet away, sexy, but he was
dead, blood like lipstick, then
those great boys stood together

on the sidewalk and we joined them,
mixing in like one big friendship
to the cops, who asked if we were,
and those boys were too sad to counter.
We'd known his name, Tim, and how
he'd turned to thank us nicely

but now he was under a sheet
anonymous as God, the big boys crying,
spitting words, and we stunned
like intellectuals get, our high
voices soft as the tinkling of a
chandelier on a ceiling too high to see.

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Author cleide regina contao ( ago)
mily está mi ouvindo

Author Camilly Kauane alonso Dos Santos ( ago)
quem e de foz do iguaçu

Author lego boy 2015 Abrego ( ago)
he gets hit by a car

Author Seymur Cabbarlı ( ago)

Author Sandro Santos ( ago)
gostoso demais

Author iiSeason ROBLOX ( ago)
The Ginger is hot as hell

Author Daniel Konkkola (539 years ago)
this short is amazing.

Author DON'T Q2 Ghr ( ago)
وشو اخبارك

Author Carlos Iniguez ( ago)
ai no mames

Author Dimitri confle ( ago)
This is creepy D:

Author Lawrence Llanasas ( ago)
You got to be kidding me your taking a bath with fish that's a poor fishy

Author Kasman Asnawi ( ago)
Ngentot telanjang hot

Author Marcel Siqueira ( ago)
Que merda!!!

Author Annabeth Graham ( ago)
Poor fish

Author Anmi Lámar ( ago)

Author gibsonFERCHO 14 ( ago)
I made a bet with some friends, guess what was the bet ( Im straight) :(

Author Denise Gomes ( ago)
Be your self. In love

Author Michael Benjamin ( ago)

Author Doan Dac Le ( ago)
noooooooooooo fisssshhhhhhhh

Author Salim Abdirahman ( ago)
They are soo gay.

Author John Vincent ( ago)
Check this out!!!

Author 2danextlevel ( ago)
Sick movie

Author Qhairun Nisa ( ago)
I'm straight and I'm a girl but damn I love gay couple more than straight

Author Laquail Hill ( ago)
That is fucking gay : /

Author ItsGayWorld ( ago)
ooh damn im down for what ever haha

Author Eng Khalid ( ago)
i am top so call me if u are bottom

Author one Just ( ago)

Author philippe lelièvre ( ago)
sympa ce petit coté énigmatique...

Author Awesomegirl 101 ( ago)
That is so sad at the end 😢😢😢😢

Author themoviereviewhunk ( ago)
you people have no hearth for the fishes

Author Halim Halimbp (998 years ago)
Also we police

Author Emily B ( ago)
I got wired out and confused at the end

Author Gaston Automotive, LLC ( ago)

Author Jake Burgess ( ago)
You won't regret checking out "RequireFilms"!

Author phocian ( ago)
I admit that I have had erotic daydreams about people. I hope it never gets
to the point that I would want to cuddle with their dead body.

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Author Aizam Mohd ( ago)
im single to but im bord because i don't have a parne

Author Guy McGuy ( ago)
The ginger one is really yay cute

Author PikabotS ( ago)
I love this also
I'm single and gay

Author cutesmile9999 ( ago)
sooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird lol

Author Despo Georgiou ( ago)

Author Indra maulana ( ago)
Mau doanx di gitukan

Author HardcoreFanfictioner ( ago)
I hadn't looked at it as God/Science vs Family/Friends until I read some
comments, and looking at it that way makes me like it more. However, I do
have one question - were there any fish harmed in the making of this video?

Author ali aman (dalimunthe) ( ago)
Gak pala seru pun videonya masa cerita nya tentang cinta terus

Author futuristic monster ( ago)
If you look at it like there's no inner message it will result creepy, hot,
funny and cruel...cruel cos the guy kill the fishes D:

Author CrAzyMoOnKy117 ( ago)
RIP fish :/

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Author karariley12 ( ago)
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Author Joe Shahzwan ( ago)

Author Luke Cyrus ( ago)
enjoyed your video!! I'm new to youtube and would feel so happy if you
checked my channel out if you have time!

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Author brokedownshoes2u ( ago)

Author manuel chavez ( ago)
tres sueños terminaron ese día pero uno lo deseo mas que los demás ......

Author Sid thaKid ( ago)

Author Lyrics Centre ( ago)

Author Emily Chatzaki ( ago)
Follow your Dreams...........<3 Deep......

Author Joey Yogurt ( ago)
deep and scarey and creepy

Author Charles Drew ( ago)
This is so fucking deep

Author bob hofstede ( ago)
OMG zo leukk


Author basil1906 ( ago)
take a chill pill and get over it its 2013.

Author Idek Bro ( ago)
Lol am I the only girl here? Btw I love these types of vids; gay, straight,
romance, action whatever. I love these

Author Floryn Star ( ago)

Author Engelebrt gilles ( ago)
My ass waits you

Author Franklin Wibisono ( ago)

Author Maxx Peak ( ago)
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Author mystery123thing ( ago)
really great!

Author I don't Have ( ago)
So sick !

Author Alex Tan ( ago)
I don't know why am i here i just search " Gay " and i found this

Author Alex Tan ( ago)
I want sex

Author عبدالعزيز الشهري ( ago)
شعور رائع

Author Consrignrant ( ago)
It's a movie.

Author Consrignrant ( ago)
no, the French hate dumb fucks like you

Author Raymond Nguyen ( ago)
I cannt understand this movie and Y didnt anyone call an ambulance?

Author 95MrMatti ( ago)
i luv this vid;), anyone want sex?

Author Trường An Nguyễn ( ago)
Cannot understand

Author Justin Mann ( ago)
i love how the first kid wanted candle wax on him lol

Author 예거 에렌 ( ago)
oh shit hey! what are you donig oh fuckfuckfuck

Author MrStoned93 ( ago)

Author LovelyXoxo ( ago)
This movie depicts the beauty and the faithfulness of true and eternal love
...♥ brilliant

Author Felix Hartmann ( ago)

Author Martin Kennedy ( ago)
This is what they must call surrealist art; lots of symbolism. How pure the
boys are with the Virgin Mary statues and is symbolic, I am
sure. It was just a movie so I would think the fish were ok or we will call
in the friggin humane society or maybe they dont have that in France!

Author aurigirls ( ago)
the fish trip scared me... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!

Author Sarah Elizabeth ( ago)
This was so deep, I'm literally CRYING.

Author andell1 ( ago)
Honestly, I doubt it. You see the fish, but I imagine before the fish bowl
got smashed, someone removed the fish. Unless someone in the film
production actually stated that the fish died, I doubt that it did.

Author Kean Ramirez ( ago)
What did I just watch.

Author xJackYitch ( ago)
nice fucking lekker

Author Michael Torres ( ago)
Very nice

Author Mike Kerasotes ( ago)
This is very good. I never imagined such a thing. These kids fantasies are
hot. I agree with Oozaru85 it is a beautiful thing. Thanks you, Michael
Kerasotes Hugs October 10th 2013 Thursday Morning

Author kiki lanfadlian ( ago)
i like it

Author Greg Beaver ( ago)
Yea I know, guess so they swim up his

Author Richard Hall ( ago)
Shit man

Author Oozaru85 ( ago)
I know beautiful thing. have watched it 3 or 4 times already. XD young love
is still the best, anyway. it's really a great film. one of my favourite
gay movies. I also like "shelter" very much. but I still watch chinese,
korean or japanese BL movies most of the time. I'm a yaoi-otaku-girl at
heart. :P but if there is a good western gay film out there- even better. :D

Author marsscape ( ago)
You asked for a "decent gay movie".Check out "Beautiful Thing" on UTube. It
was originally a play in London, & Australian Film Makers made it into a
Full Length Film, shot in London. I think its the Best Gay Film I've ever
seen! The film also has a Website, if you want to look more into it. I act
in Regular Indie Str8 Films, so I know great films! I think you're going to
love this film. All of the characters are amazing, and it has a happy
ending! Enjoy! Btw, the 2 boys are str8 in real life.

Author Janjua Heather ( ago)
So sad.

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