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Author 2danextlevel (1 month)
Sick movie

Author abdimalik Adam (10 months)
2 910 182 hits hhhhhhhhhhhhhh it means half of youtubers are gay....
Deal with it

Author Qhairun Nisa (1 month)
I'm straight and I'm a girl but damn I love gay couple more than straight

Author themoviereviewhunk (2 months)
you people have no hearth for the fishes

Author Eng Khalid (1 month)
i am top so call me if u are bottom

Author PikabotS (3 months)
I love this also
I'm single and gay

Author Michael Benjamin (8 days)

Author Laquail Hill (1 month)
That is fucking gay : /

Author Awesomegirl 101 (2 months)
That is so sad at the end 😢😢😢😢

Author philippe lelièvre (2 months)
sympa ce petit coté énigmatique...

Author Aizam Mohd (3 months)
im single to but im bord because i don't have a parne

Author Halim Halimbp (2 months)
Also we police

Author Gaston Automotive, LLC (2 months)

Author Kaitlyn Boyll (2 months)
I got wired out and confused at the end

Author Iyanlatrueblood Trueblood (19 days)
Almost of the youtubers are not gay Hunter geurink isn't gay Mikey Murphy
isn't gay all the youtubers I watch isn't gay 

Author Doan Dac Le (11 days)
noooooooooooo fisssshhhhhhhh

Author serdar aysabar (9 months)
bende sikiciyim antalyadan 

Author Guy McGuy (3 months)
The ginger one is really yay cute

Author karariley12 (5 months)
Find Your GAY Partner Here: BABEHERE------------c0m

Author one Just (2 months)

Author Fuck You Bitch Im Gay (1 month)
ooh damn im down for what ever haha

Author phocian (3 months)
I admit that I have had erotic daydreams about people. I hope it never gets
to the point that I would want to cuddle with their dead body.

Author futuristic monster (5 months)
If you look at it like there's no inner message it will result creepy, hot,
funny and cruel...cruel cos the guy kill the fishes D:

Author Salim Abdirahman (21 day)
They are soo gay.

Author HardcoreFanfictioner (5 months)
I hadn't looked at it as God/Science vs Family/Friends until I read some
comments, and looking at it that way makes me like it more. However, I do
have one question - were there any fish harmed in the making of this video?

Author Big Daddy-san (9 months)

Author cutesmile9999 (4 months)
sooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird lol

Author Indra maulana (4 months)
Mau doanx di gitukan

Author ali aman (5 months)
Gak pala seru pun videonya masa cerita nya tentang cinta terus

Author Despo Georgiou (4 months)

Author lehyan Haddouche-Taalba (5 months)

Author Scott Relerford (10 months)
that was cute I liked it 

Author Andreas Øksenholt (8 months)
I love gay, i am gay, gay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Tommy Grøtta (8 months)

Author Kobe Brown (9 months)
Ok for the people that don't get it. The three boys are clearly gay.And
they guy that is playing football is straight. This is represented by him
playing football and doing push ups which is a metaphor for him being
straight. The next message that this film gives us when he throws the ball
and he touch's hand with one of the guys. That's a metaphor for a gay guy
devopling a crush on him. This is more drivin to the fact when they start
to to fantasize about him. Spiritually(Church) Mentally(The doctor) and
emotionally(The boy in the tub). When the straight guy gets hit by the car
that's again a metaphor as to say reality has hit them. They know they
can't have him because he straight. But a part of them still wants to
believe that maybe the person will like them. So he clutch to him even
though he knows nothing will happen. It's something that LGBTQ people
experience alot.

Author dávid cserép (8 months)
I <3 gays soo much, like rly. omg

Author Hermeisha McKinley (9 months)
That was just weird they didn't do anything 

Author Ole Vilhelm (11 months)
That's gay

Author jlsschaefer (1 year)
freakishly lame, sick, twisted, and demented for sure.

Author Sandy Cindy (5 months)

Author المجروح المجروح (4 months)

Author Joe Shahzwan (6 months)

Author daimen kuysten (9 months)
Like it <3 ;)

Author Christy Ann Balila (7 months)

Author Mirek Sochor (10 months)
nicely done! What have you used for grading ?

Author TheFabulous Brad (1 year)
Check out and subscribe to my channel for all things gay :)

Thanks guys!

Author jay kumar (8 months)

Author abrahem Wledeslesa (8 months)
The bast

Author Riddle Flyboy (1 year)
WTF did I just watch?

Author Kaiden Bray (9 months)
480p we meet again

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