Gay Short Film 031

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I do not claim copyrights. For entertainment only.


Author TheFabulous Brad (4 months)
Check out and subscribe to my channel for all things gay :)

Thanks guys!

Author Ole Vilhelm (1 month)
That's gay

Author leon mucha (6 months)

Author jlsschaefer (5 months)
freakishly lame, sick, twisted, and demented for sure.

Author LENOVOVO (6 months)
Would someone please inbox me when you have some time and help me
understand this sick, twisted, and demented short movie, I mean really now,
come on

Author Lacrimula (2 months)
What an insane horror piece. I dont like it that way, no matter if there
are two guys, girls or a men and a woman. 

Author Pauls Rave (3 months)
HA....... GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Myron Caracut (5 months)
Ok. I like men and THIS was disturbing to me. And im pretty open minded
when it comes to gay films, but this was just..weird.

Author Mason Barclay (7 months)
Doesn't anyone see the checkerboard floor, red walls! That is all I have to
say, look it up.

Author Maxx Peak (6 months)
Back in the summer, I posted my number on here, and later that day a guy
named Chaz texted me. After a night of talking and other stuff ;) we went
to bed, and I tried to text him one day but his number had changed :( if
Chaz or any guy who is looking for love ever sees this, they can text me at
571-528-5292, I'm Jake. Thanks

Author Lawrence Hunt (1 day)

Author Scott Relerford (6 days)
that was cute I liked it 

Author abdimalik Adam (10 days)
2 910 182 hits hhhhhhhhhhhhhh it means half of youtubers are gay....
Deal with it

Author aj pierre (1 month)

Author Huolalupin (5 months)

Author heidi TAMBADOU (17 days)
The last guy has a foot fetish 😂😂

Author ooi898 (6 months)
nice piece

Author Ben Jackson (8 months)

Well it use to be that if you was born left handed you was of the devil.
Was being left handed a choice? No they was born that way. Look there is 7
billion people on earth we have multiplied, over multiplied. They are
people, kids that are starving to death each day. As for the bible, God
said in the 10 commands Do not kill, but later in the bible he told them to
kill. So what's up with that? If the bible is so true then why would God
say 2 different things in it? So the bible isn't always true, it was
written by men, DUH, and they said God told them to write it. So if someone
is gay, or what ever who cares. Let them life their lives and live your
own. We can't choose where we are born, we can't choose our parents, we
can't choose the color of our skin, so what makes you think we can choose
who we love? There needs to be more understanding in this messed up world!

Author dontyoutrytostopmee (16 days)
Well here's how I interpret it, all of them had their own perceived
thoughts of him or how they thought he would be and the their dreams "died"
when he turned out to be none of the what they expected so two of them
turned away but the one with red hair loved him for who he truly was and
their original dreams faded. That's how I saw it anyway

Author Rubén Roberts (4 months)
Check "Trapped in a locker room", the gay musical (Now in youtube)

Author Jordan Smith (7 months)
call 911 for God sake! XD

Author daniel degregori (6 months)
Kind wear.

Author Swarup Sutar (8 months)
Hi,i am subrata,from india (kolkata),,,9239717583

Author Jenice Matsuda (6 months)
:-( the poor fishies and aww the poor guys

Author kassy burt (7 months)

Author Ryph Alie (8 months)
this video is weird

Author Savannah Wren (6 months)
I want to laugh so hard... Its great! Really is... One question though...
The hot one, yeah in the red shirt that theyre all dreaming of? Is he
actually gay!!? 

Author Wesley ter Heege (17 days)
I like this !!!

Author mirroredhour (7 months)
Interesting and unique.
This is definitely a gay short film of its own caliber. If this was a movie
and elaborated more on the relationships and story, I would definitely
watch it.

Author Alejandro Chavez (8 months)
All love is unrequited. All of it.

Author Cat YoungBae (8 months)

Author CDemby Tony (8 months)
Nice peace of work. Too bad it is untitled. 

Author coolkidsarenothere (8 months)
xD i too

Author rebecca grice (5 months)
I think I am going to be sick

Author Silver Zinčák (2 months)
Uchilny skurveny gayovia :D

Author Timothy Beebe (5 months)
Good art piece love the symbolizm

Author jeffrey gray (8 months)
Now this is what a good short film is about. Great work.

Author Mathias Schonenberg (7 months)
Is nice i want to be love somebady

Author Adzkie Ade (8 months)
it is solemn

Author Stephen Emery (6 months)
Loved your short. Check out mine - Hooked Up (Reunion) - gay themed short
film by Stephen Emery

Author Pakito De Dios (8 months)
Omg... kill the fucking driver... bitch

Author Carlos Gonzales (6 months)
Hi ...I'm gay I'm 20 years old ..... I'm looking forward to meeting new
friends... I wondered if you could add me on facebook....I appreciate so
much your adding me 

Author Michael Kerasotes (9 months)
I saw this movie today and it is a beautiful thing. These kids fantasies
are hot. Hugs Peoples, Hugs

Author indra hariady (6 months)
I like your videos

Author Orlando shot (28 days)

Author Brandon Wolfe (1 month)
what the fuck was that!!!!! HORRIBLE

Author Kholoud Ibrahim (3 months)
Ok, this stupid film i ever seen i think he died near him ok stupid, BORING
AND STUPID and that was not a gay sex ok that's stupid. =p

Author Almir Rodrigues (8 months)
So Sad this movie, But I´d like a copy this! Can you send Please?

Author Dini Amelia (5 months)
Omg... I freakin love this beautiful meaningful movie

Author Donnell moore (3 months)

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