Storm Tips - How To Play Dry Lanes

Randy's back with these great tips for dry lanes.

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Author Marlo Dreaux (4 months)
Good advice except the part about throwing the ball faster. If you speed
up the ball, you speed up the revs, which in turn will have the ball still
hook just as much.

Author Saqib Baloch (2 months)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover best cricket tips and
tricks try Cranstirk Cricket Player Channel ( search on google ) ? Ive
heard some super things about it and my cousin got great results with it. 

Author Charles allen jr (2 years)
That looks like my center I bowl on Thursday nights: AMF Capital Plaza

Author ratatouillez (2 years)
Lol, i noticed that too. But I think he threw some purple ball - maybe a
storm iq first and then the ball at the end of the lane was a lucid.. i was
like, what?

Author Anthony Buscemi (2 years)
I usually polish my polished ball after polishing it.

Author LargestBowlingNut (2 years)
ahahaha ya I saw that too! XD

Author Luke Rosdahl (1 year)
These are good tips, but I facepalm myself for the people who can't figure
this stuff out on their own. If the lanes are dry and you can't figure out
that you need to use weaker equipment and throw the ball harder . . you're
not going to do well in life.

Author Brandon Richards (2 years)
He says use weaker equipment, yet I think I see a Lucid going through the
pins at 0:50 :P Other than that, great video for people learning about
different conditions :)

Author INViD420 (2 years)
I use my Polar Ice solid 2 handed for strikes on extreme dry conditions.
Which happens more than often because my bowling ally is CHEAP! X-/

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