Who's the hottest Gosho Boy? :3

Kudo Shinichi: IIIII IIIII II
Hattori Heiji: IIIII I
Hakuba Saguru: IIIII II

Last updated: October 30, 2011

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Author Meisterdieb Nr. 1412 ( ago)
my Favorit ist Kaito Kid ich liebe dich 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Author ‫حمزة حمزة‬‎ ( ago)
my favoret boy is kito kit

Author Javiera Ignacia Monterrey Hernandez ( ago)

Author Javiera Ignacia Monterrey Hernandez ( ago)

Author Javiera Ignacia Monterrey Hernandez ( ago)
me encanta la canson y las lindas imagenes de mi chinichi kaito conan y
helli se been lindos😍!!!!

Author Minhhieu Do ( ago)

Author Wang JunKai ( ago)
What is this song?

Author Maud mouri ( ago)
I love shinichi and kaito 

Author Katie Koch ( ago)

Author ShalieShalie ( ago)
I wish Hakuba was more important.. I love him <3

Author Khalisa Fauzi ( ago)
Shinichi and kaitou kid like cousin

Author จิรัชญา ปันดีกา ( ago)
i love kaito...

Author Chanchao Titwattanasakul ( ago)
Kid sama~

Author Kuroba Kaito ( ago)
Hattori Heiji and Hakuba Saguru?! >\\\<

Author Sasuke Uchiha ( ago)
4minutes (huh ).. the theme song

Author E Byrne ( ago)
He has to win!!!!!

Author toshiki kai ( ago)
Hakuba and Heiji!

Author fuwio robeyr ( ago)
kaito kid and shinichi

Author Kendra T ( ago)

Author Wong Chee Choy ( ago)

Author jennate laamyem ( ago)
Kaito and Shinichi. Definitely.

Author Francoise Hotaru ( ago)

Author Nana Jung ( ago)
Kaito ♥♡♥
By the way, its korean girl group 4minute's song

Author Siew Yien ( ago)

Author Béryl Nguyên ( ago)
KAITO!!!!!!!! XD
After Shinichi and Heiji are equal
Last Hakuba

Author Angelina Tri Putri ( ago)

Author yejin cho ( ago)

Author Denise Laube ( ago)
i've watched this many times but does anyone know the name of the song?

Author Nicola Malorny ( ago)
What is the name of this song?

Author animefanxmanga ( ago)
kaito kid

Author Nicola Malorny ( ago)
Shinichi *-* ^-^

Author sharonzhu29 ( ago)
Kaito kidddXDD

Author kebwins ( ago)

Author Thorn and Sliver ( ago)
Its True. Magic Kaito was made in 1988 while Detective Conan was made 1994.
Btw, my vote goes to Kaito

Author LadyStella99 ( ago)
KAITOOOOO *O* ♥ hat 6 stimmen mehr :o

Author DragonGirlx33 ( ago)
Shinichi *-*

Author Naminé Kuroba ( ago)
I love Kid and Shinichi <3

Author Yasemin Erdogan ( ago)
Und Hakoba und Kid xD

Author Yasemin Erdogan ( ago)
Shinichi und Heiji ♥

Author Aoiko Draws ( ago)
never mind

Author Aoiko Draws ( ago)

Author Natalie Lunk ( ago)
also die chibi versionen hier sind die besten! <3

Author Anna Konopka ( ago)
Shinichi und Kid sind immer noch die aller süssesten

Author Helena Rena ( ago)
Kaitou Kid all the way!!! I love him SO much I made a cosplay and it's one
of my favorites!

Author BluemoonL ( ago)
Omg there's like 666 comments on this video....oops now 667. But anyway my
vote goes to Hattori

Author Nomis nom ( ago)
I have to say Heiji :3

Author Nguyen Tan Phat ( ago)
hakuba í so hándom

Author Celina Zander ( ago)
Kaito & Shinichi *Q*

Author Flavia Agib ( ago)
i love Kid Shinichi Heiji and Kuraba

Author MelonMusicFly ( ago)
I never said that XD hahaha.

Author Flavia Agib ( ago)
bella la canzone

Author Alcala Jalil ( ago)
Kid and Shinichi !! :D

Author Aoiko Draws ( ago)
No.It's just that Shinichi was based on Kid.

Author Denise Laube ( ago)
sorry to the others but... kaito wins

Author LadyStella99 ( ago)
WOW SOOO Hooot <33 Amazing Work!

KAITO KID even though its against the law

Author Nana W ( ago)
Good video! I like kaito the most :3 and what's the songs name? :)

Author Monserratt Vásquez ( ago)
bueno los únicos que conos son los de detective conan, kid el gato no se si
es hombre o no shinishi (también ablo de conan) son hombres co heiji atori

Author Nathanael Kevin ( ago)
Kaito !

Author Holmes Sherlock ( ago)
end? hết rồi á? ơ cụt thế @@ đang đoạn hay nhất mà?

Author Nessa Ar-Feiniel ( ago)

Author Kurotsuki ( ago)
Shinichi and Kid <3

Author huiyi liu ( ago)

Author TheGoldenMemories98 ( ago)
The´re all hot. It´s so hard to chose !!! By the way who sings this song i
really like to know???

Author me good ( ago)
역시 한류 k pop이 짱이짘ㅋ

Author Sarana Ryoko ( ago)
Kid <3

Author fritzie love ( ago)
shinichi forever xxx

Author Antonia M. ( ago)

Author Yasmin Jammal ( ago)
Guys you can't really say which one is the hottest cause each one of them
looks different & has different futures ! Shinichi looks different from
heiji & hakuba maybe shinichi & kaito look a little a like, but if you look
closely you'll see that they're quiet different. They're all pretty hot, &
tbh: i think its rather stupid to try saying which one is the hottest. they
all have their own unique, hot, looks. Done.

Author jdcaprio2000 ( ago)
shinichi kudou!!!!

Author Sissi Bister ( ago)

Author Florice Ubalde ( ago)
FTW all of them! *-*

Author Mskudo x ( ago)

Author xRanAngel ( ago)

Author Elisa Nguyen ( ago)
All. Look at them!!

Author kryzelle atienza ( ago)
Kudo Shinichi<3

Author nadya putri ( ago)

Author yasha allex ( ago)
1. Shinichi (hot and funny) 2.kaito kid (hot and funny) 3. Heiji (super
funny and hot ^_^)

Author verena len ( ago)
kaito <3

Author Kimiko mella ( ago)
Kaito und Shinichi

Author Aoko Kid ( ago)
Kaito ♥

Author Lucille Lukas ( ago)
Hattori-kun <3

Author Temari Sabakuno ( ago)

Author Blaktas ( ago)
Very good video. I love it <3

Author Justin Ty ( ago)

Author Antonia M. ( ago)
I ♥ Kaito Kid

Author Elisa Kid ( ago)
Kaito Kid ^^ Kaito KId Kaito Kid Kaito KId .......

Author MsJebaselvi ( ago)
kaito <3 n kudo

Author QueenKaito ( ago)
kaito kid...nuff would probably be able to tell by my pic xD

Author Julia Bannat ( ago)
Kaito is the best *-* <3 :*

Author Julia Bannat ( ago)
1. Kaito 2. Shinichi 3. heiji 4. saguru

Author Frodon Cailloux ( ago)
Kid-sama <3

Author Shazwanz Wanz ( ago)
Kudou and KAITO!!!!!!!

Author rearks styles ( ago)
kudou and keito

Author Adriana De Rosa ( ago)
shinichi kaito heiji

Author xMrsDefect ( ago)
they're all hot...

Author Easha Nair ( ago)
Kaito is my fave.Shinichi is second and Heiji and Hakuba are third,but I
love em all

Author nunnaddsd nn ( ago)
HEIJIIII heijii is soo sweet omgg <3 <3 3< heijiiiii <3

Author Nguyễn Thanh ( ago)
cả 4

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