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Author jennate laamyem (4 months)
Kaito and Shinichi. Definitely.

Author Béryl Nguyên (5 months)
KAITO!!!!!!!! XD
After Shinichi and Heiji are equal
Last Hakuba

Author Chanchao Titwattanasakul (1 month)
Kid sama~

Author E Byrne (2 months)
He has to win!!!!!

Author Sasuke Uchiha (2 months)
4minutes (huh ).. the theme song

Author Denise Laube (6 months)
i've watched this many times but does anyone know the name of the song?

Author fuwio robeyr (2 months)
kaito kid and shinichi

Author Wong Chee Choy (3 months)

Author toshiki kai (2 months)
Hakuba and Heiji!

Author Kendra T (3 months)

Author จิรัชญา ปันดีกา (1 month)
i love kaito...

Author Angelina Tri Putri (6 months)

Author Nana Jung (5 months)
Kaito ♥♡♥
By the way, its korean girl group 4minute's song

Author Sakura Cherry (7 months)
Heiji!!! HEIJI!!!

Author Naru Woods (7 months)
I love kaito 

Author Francoise Hotaru (4 months)

Author Siew Yien (5 months)

Author Kuroba Kaito (1 month)
Hattori Heiji and Hakuba Saguru?! >\\\<

Author Marina Zhang (10 months)
Kudou Shinichi and Hattori Heiji.

Author Chrome Kagamine Otaku (9 months)
Can I have the name of the song ?

Author Stephanie Bergmann (7 months)
Kaito or Shinichi.

Author yejin cho (6 months)

Author Kim Tanvijit (7 months)
Kaito Kid And Detective Shinichi

Author Christy Kuroba (7 months)
It's Kaito♥♥♥

Author Duyminh Ha (7 months)

Author pala1021 (8 months)

Author Kim Msp (9 months)
shinichi !!

Author DelilahLou89 (1 year)

Author Salbei (9 months)
Shinichi und Kaito :)

Author Smoor Moony (10 months)
Hatori heji

Author Alyn Rosales (9 months)
This is the hardest question. Like, legit. How is one suppose to answer
that when I love all four equally.

Author Khanzhou Cho (9 months)
not familiar with hakuba but i love all of them lol 

Author Kishinuma Ayumi (11 months)
Heiji!! <3 ~ Heiji! Hattori Heiji! Heiji Hattori! Son of Hattori Heizo, the
annoying but amazing butt kicking Osakan Detective of the west! :D

- honestly all of 'em are hot but well.. Heiji's just.. Heiji hot! xD

Author allManija (10 months)
K A I T O:)))

Author Kai toun (10 months)
Whats the name of this song??

Author Janine Steinhoff (10 months)
Conan/shinichi, heiji + kaito ;**

Author lovecolplay (11 months)
KAITO!!! <33 *_*

Author Neko Fujoshi (1 year)

Author Nhung Linh (11 months)
siêu trộm kid,shinichi,hattory,hakuba,đẹp trai ghê

Author sakuracandy104 (7 months)
Shinichi and kid!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author Shiho girli (1 year)
Kid and Shinichi :D

Author Amethyst Ciel (1 year)
Bốn nhóc này cứ giống giống nhau, không biết Hakuba thì sao chứ Heiji,
Kaito với Kudo cải trang thành nhau suốt

Author persia rassuli (1 year)
Kudo shinichi all the way........... ne conan kun?

Author Aoiko Cartlaw (1 year)

Author isabella garcia shapiro (1 year)
Shinichi!!!! <3

Author K'kanyanat Official (8 months)
Kaito Huttori Chiniji . ><' <3

Author LadyOkami (1 year)
Kaito kid <3

Author Dhammaporn Asawaprecha (1 year)
Kaito kid!

Author 月夢光 (1 year)

Author Claudio Cotticelli (1 year)
shinichi and kaito

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