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Re-Upload Because Stupid You Tube Shut Down My Original Account...Ger ~Always Yours~ ~EatDrinkAnime~ LOL
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hi everyone plsss subscribe tnx!


Author isabella garcia shapiro (3 months)
Shinichi!!!! <3

Author Manu Kurobaa (1 month)
Heiji e Kiddooooo ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author Deiska Khairunisa (2 months)
Heiji~ <3
I dunno, i just find him attractive >w<

Author Neko Fujoshi (1 month)

Author Ari (3 months)

Author MK Lee (2 months)
Hakuba Saguru

Author ruweydaruun (1 month)

Author Shiho Conan (1 month)
Kid and Shinichi :D

Author Anita Hailey (1 month)
Hakuba, Kaito, shinichi, Heiji. Sorry Heiji and shinichi! It's just not as
fun when you already have pre-determined girlfriends! 

Author Megan Whistle (1 month)

Author Claudio Cotticelli (1 month)
shinichi and kaito

Author supreya narchom (2 months)

Author Phi Doan (1 month)
Shinichi and Kaito!

Author mie røpke (2 months)
Shinichi of kaito

Author Hwang Fitri (1 month)
always shinichi..

Author Hyoudou Rika-Riko (4 months)
Hattori Heiji and Kudo Shinichi are the hottest Gosho Boys

Author Gwendolyn Dreams (24 days)
Shinichi & Kaito, dude!

Author Dhammaporn Asawaprecha (1 month)
Kaito kid!

Author Starfishs Fishs (3 months)
Kaitoooooo and shinichi

Author LadyOkami (1 month)
Kaito kid <3

Author lan buitan (4 months)
song is huh of 4minute

Author Febi Suryani (3 months)
shinichi all the way!!

Author Camila Ristenpart (3 months)
Heiji <3<3<3

Author Super Smily (3 months)
Shinichi and Kaito! ^ ^ gaaa

Author Ji Seon Lee (2 months)

Author ouioui50458 (2 months)
Hakuba and kaito<3<3<3<3<3<3

Author Lam Do (3 months)
baj hat nay ten la gj vay cac ban

Author Nhiên Dương (4 months)
Shin n' Kid

Author Relakanal (2 months)
Shinichi! <3

Author ruweydaruun (1 month)

Author lan buitan (4 months)
thanks sayashiraa ^_^

Author xTRSMoon (10 months)
Kudo und Kuroba

Author licasimeon29 (1 year)
Gosho is trying to kill us by making these very hot and sexy boys x) and
they dont even exist x) HAH!

Author Daughter of the Sea (5 months)

Author Antonia M. (8 months)
I ♥ Kaito Kid

Author alebuggea (9 months)
Shinichi 3

Author Frodon Cailloux (9 months)
Kid-sama <3

Author Nana W (6 months)
Good video! I like kaito the most :3 and what's the songs name? :)

Author shadowlyn666 (9 months)
1-Kaito 2- Shinichi 3- Heiji

Author MsJebaselvi (8 months)
kaito <3 n kudo

Author Easha Nair (9 months)
Kaito is my fave.Shinichi is second and Heiji and Hakuba are third,but I
love em all

Author nunnaddsd nn (9 months)
HEIJIIII heijii is soo sweet omgg <3 <3 3< heijiiiii <3

Author Alcala Jalil (6 months)
Kid and Shinichi !! :D

Author luke winchester (1 year)
why ppl why no show him some loveeeeeeeeeeeeee????????????????????????

Author Mikoto Suou (1 year)
Saguru Hakuba are the best!!!:)

Author mio san (11 months)
i love 1:16

Author Denise Laube (6 months)
sorry to the others but... kaito wins

Author amara147 (9 months)
Shindig <3

Author Ami Luciana (1 year)
Shiniti and Heiji and kaoto and hakuba I love <3

Author Megan Whistle (5 months)

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