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Author Linda Costa (3 months)
Very passionate! This aerial waltz makes me fly in the arms of a beautiful
ghost, on the 1st andamento. Does a Suite has andamentos like in a

Author tiziano marciani (2 months)

Author Applicationmaster1 (2 months)
Best Mascarade !!! Why in nagano, in Japan?
Does conductor have something special to do with Khatuatrian? ?
I've listening many different mascarade by Khatuatrian and this is the

Author Raymundo Dorantes (29 days)
Thanks for allow us enjoy this great performance.

Author Durudarshan Dadlani (1 month)
What beautiful music is produced by the timely and controlled playing of
each musical instrument. That is a great pointer. Magnificent!

Author Okan Yılmaz (1 month)

Author steven tre (8 months)
Is there a specific name for the movement starting around 9:30

Author Rafael Gerardo Magaña Santos (7 months)
This is the best interpretation of the Khachaturian Masquerade Suite I have
ever heard...Honestly..!!

Author Peter Bromberg (7 months)
*Khachaturian, Masquerade Suite*
Nagano Philharmonic Orchestra.
Junji Yamagami:Conductor, Koji Morishita:Guest concertmaster

Author Valerie Schwartz (7 months)
I love this! I makes my blood burn! Exhilarating insanity, laugh and cry
at the same time. Yet, it has the light consistency of a waltz, a perfect
dichotomy and balance!

Author REZA M (1 year)
"Khachaturian, Masquerade Suite"
The Incidental music to Masquerade was written in 1941 by
"Aram Khachaturian" for a production of a play of the same name by Russian
poet and playwright Mikhail Lermontov. It premiered on 21 June 1941 in the
Vakhtangov Theatre in Moscow.It is better known in the form of a
five-movement suite.

Author Kevin Gonzalez (1 year)
in the minute 18 : 16 the drummer drop the stick and soon after the
xylophone player confused the keys [c f f ] small details

Author Людмил Бочев (1 year)
Обичам тая музика!

Author Giampaolo Usai (1 year)

Author adam ziani (10 months)

Author spaghettiqueen (1 year)
Love it!

Author Eduardo Allberto Vaneskeheian (1 year)
obra de arte del gran compositor armenio Aram Khachaturian, en los
brillantes años de la Union Soviética

Author aldamil96 (1 year)
es muy hermosa :´)

Author Andreas Horn (1 year)
*Masquerade from Khachaturian*

One of my favorite compositions with many different sounds!

Author Hugo Carlos Gonzalez (1 year)

Author Hyortee Jan (1 year)
Poloruh Chinatzee en lol i love it!!!!!!

Author Francisco Sunderland (1 year)

Author Heru- deshet (8 months)
Just close your eyes and be transported.

Author Boris Lekhovitser (1 year)

Author Khairilanuar Othman (1 year)
I hope the Masquerade Mao Asada skated to was recorded by this orchestra.

Author corrado latino (1 year)
bella musica anche con pezzi di sentimento ricordatoci che e khacaturian

Author Betigul Ceylan (1 year)

Author BLANCA AZUCENA robortone gil (1 year)

Author BLANCA AZUCENA robortone gil (1 year)

Author samuel hassard (2 years)

Author DrewFlute (2 years)
I heard this on the radio and I fell in love... This piece is amazing.

Author em299001 (2 years)
I like the cymbalist :) good player

Author komikakka (1 year)
Thank you for posting comments, for all of you!! This is one of my favorite

Author BLANCA AZUCENA robortone gil (1 year)

Author bemister1989 (2 years)
The 2nd movement makes me so happy.

Author komikakka (2 years)
Thank you for watching our performance!!

Author ferociousgumby (1 year)
I didn't know I knew this - then I remembered it from my childhood. This is
all about the percussion!

Author plyau1 (1 year)

Author Camille Bouchard (1 year)
wonderful !

Author TheArielSuaznabar (2 years)
It happened the same to me

Author mm5425 (2 years)
Love this piece

Author mike jones (1 year)
Bunch of Chinatzee's playing Khatchaturyan I love it!!!

Author ooghegh (1 year)
Thank you for posting. I am proud to hear Japanese musicians performing
Armenian music. Mike jones. They are not Chinatzeez. This is a Japanese

Author Superbonnuit (1 year)
아사다마오가 2010 올림픽에 사용한 노래다!

Author viraf mulla (1 year)
The Symphony Orchestra Of India played this at their concert last Monday in
Mumbai. My wife & myself heard it for the first time and fell in love with

Author Serj Javadyan (1 year)
it's awesome!!! i am armenian as Aram Khachaturian and i am proud that such
a beutyfull orchestra plays this ..

Author goldieken (2 years)
What an amazing piece of music - and how beautifully played! Thank you to
everyone involved in bringing this to us. A wonderful perfomance of a
gorgeous suite. Ken

Author komikakka (2 years)

Author komikakka (2 years)

Author Ken Devitt (1 year)
Brings back wonderful memories of childhood in Dublin of the early fifties.

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