The Deadly Yamaha YZ490 "Venom" The Widow Maker is coming for you.

1982 Yamaha YZ 490, {Venom} Concept by (Adam T Dayen) This motorcycle has a mystique like no other, Some say she is evil, most that have ever rode it have been hurt, one of the previous owner told me it was possesed like the car in the John Carpenter movie "Christine" , All I know is, it gives me the chills everytime I fire it up , And I shake after get off of her. Its like being in another dimension , There's nothing like it.. Adam T Dayen...

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Author novascotia oceanwalker (1 month)
awesome bike bro

Author tosgem (3 months)
Fucking ball SHIT, a CR500 is way faster. Fuck the YZ490

Author Super Kyle (2 months)
Drum brakes aren't gonna stop that thing.

Author rexburn1955 (1 month)
Its Not jetted right its tunning like shit. If I remember right these bikes
are a bitch to get jetted right. You spend more time test /tuning them then
going out and enjoying a bike that runs good. There a waste of time in my
opinion due to the jetting issues. 

Author Jim Treadwell (3 months)
From what I remember in old magazine tests and shootouts the 490 was junk,
it either blubbered and fowled plugs or pinged and seized, it was
impossible to jet correctly, the previous year YZ 465 was a much more
capable and forgiving motor.

Author James C (10 months)
Had an 88 yz 490. The motor was awsome, except for the vibration. But
handled horrible. I can ride my rm 250 alot faster in the woods. Rode a
buddy of mines cr500 it handled great compared to the yz. The yz had the
motor but nothing else.

Author WaffenSS4life (2 months)
Too scared to ride it?

Author autoparts321 (4 months)
Looks Cool. How did you get everything in Black? Did you just paint it?
Powder coated or what? But why does it sound like all the screws are loose
on the motor when you rev it up? Is that the famed yz490 engine ping? I
heard there's a head mod that can be done that fixes the ping problem and
makes it more rideable. Look into it. 

Author Chase Cannon (5 months)
Damn you could just tell that thing was fast just as he started it xD

Author Hakuna Matata (1 month)

Author FVKVPAYME NOLIMIT (4 months)
fuking suck ride it

Author john cichon (8 months)
sounded liked it bogged a bit.....not so secure in that!! lmfao
so 1 out of 10....i give it a 7 for looks too

Author hay lee (7 months)
Get a freind get a camera get on the bike and show us you didnt just buy
that to piss off your neibours By the way seriously cool bike i would trade
my yzf450 in a heartbeat for that and aircooled too love it

Author darrylsh (7 months)
These things were a bitch to start hot or cold but when running they were
awesome. Wish they would bring back the simplicity of a large air cooled

Author gamejr84 (10 months)
That's exactly what jason rode at camp crystle lake....

Author skullish (4 months)
that thing is a monster

Author North Georgia Dual Sport NGDS (6 months)

Author MATT VRONA (11 months)
i want to ride it

Author skullish (4 months)

Author Johnny Boy (1 year)
The XR650R was one of the best desert bikes ever created and has over 16
Baja 1000 victories under its belt, or....ehhhhh......handlebars i guess.

Author cooknasty300 (1 year)
nice bike dude. but why does every idiot just let their bike idle. man up,
get a cameraman and let that mahfacka go

Author usnixon (1 year)
the 465 and the 490 wer good i had both but my Honda CR500 well ya know

Author nitrorcfreak100 (1 year)

Author Mitch Mabee (1 year)
Further observations on the so called mystique. The fact that the
rider/owner doesn't know how to ride and always hurt themselves does not
instill mystery into the bike itself. Have you considered the far more
likely that theory that the owner is a moron? Give it some thought

Author BMWMarv (2 years)
This thing is a subdural hematoma waiting to happen. I like it.

Author Adam Dayen (1 year)
I just did.

Author CR500freak (2 years)
widow maker? i don't wanna die on that thing...

Author TheJmz1983 (2 years)

Author BlaCKMaGiC2K8 (2 years)
It dont scare me haha!!

Author Will Bell (2 years)
I want one

Author khalidmalikbadass (2 years)
nah i owned one in 92-93 raced at bmc pro it was naff to ride powerband was
sudden and died out quick i blew cylinder twice so threw it in the gutter
and got a kx 250

Author sxhxaxnxexbxixlxlxs (2 years)
2stroke smoke! Bike is sweet man. It will eat 450s for breakfast.

Author Johnny Boy (1 year)
LoL -CR500

Author SRTS11 (1 year)
You are not the only one that feels this way. When Yamaha went from the 465
(which was a great engine) to the 490, something went wrong. It seemed like
no one could get these things to run correctly. They went through reeds
like they were potato chips and jetting was always a nightmare. I
eventually sold my 1984 490 and bought a 1985 YZ250, which was a fantastic

Author socalme1 (1 year)

Author OUTDOORSiSUZUKI (1 year)
I also have a YZ 490 it's not a venom tho. Ur venom looks badass. Whatever
bike he has it wouldn't beat my 490 and a venom is a 490 on roids got high
performance everything on it so I think they should shut the fuck up and
suck a big dick there just pussies hatin on u cause they can't get a 490
like urs

Author soberbrent (1 year)
fuel to noise converter!

Author jefff163 (1 year)
the bike sounds like its sucking to much air

Author dowaditti do (2 years)
I like it,especially the "hard face" seat.Maybe add a little neon blue
accents here and there?

Author runescapeownsnubs (2 years)
that looks gay nd sounds like shit

Author 8ile (2 years)
"That's one bad mother fucker" is from the film "Pulp Fiction" it's a
Samuel L. Jackson quote.

Author TrashCanyon (2 years)
what a demon

Author John Knox (1 year)
i had 2 yz490 and yes i hurt my self and loved it cr 500 was way better
geared better 490 was 4 speed the 500 was 5 speed way faster better

Author sxhxaxnxexbxixlxlxs (1 year)
4 strokes are a lot like tampons bud. Every Pussy has one.

Author blazeraider (2 years)
not for first time riders, Even experienced riders, if you are not familiar
with the two stroke and the power band associated with the two stroke try
the 250... now that u think about it the 250 got i bit of an attitude. ahhh
fuck it just get on and hang on. DONT let it catch you off guard b'cause
the awnrey fucker will throw you to the ground, turn around and stomp on
you. GOOD ADVICE ride it in some sloppy mud if you keep the rpm's in the
power range its not as unpredictable and its a BLAST!!

Author sc10crashtestdummy (2 years)
iencvibwefubwfveubv. Sorry, just my jaw hitting the keyboard!

Author brodie thorpe (2 years)
hahaha yeh nasty

Author MrDeerslayer53 (1 year)
ride it man

Author Possum Living (2 years)
I have a YZ490. Pretty fast bike.

Author Thomas Woods jr (2 years)
yes it is a lot of power.i had one an i love it. an it got my ass a lot of
time times

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