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Author veggiepowered (15 days)
so sad they should have been kept inside a building or even inside a barn

Author CHARLIE ARROYO (20 days)

Author Fleur Black (2 months)
what car has the dark rear end at 1.13? taillight looks cute?

Author DPG2203 (2 hours)
Is a Lincoln Continental MK V in the 1.13 black back.

Author Doug Beard (14 days)
Any of those AMXs still for sale?

Author Chris Peterson (3 months)
Where is this? there are parts there from cars I need!!!!!!

Author desolategrey (18 days)
my mind has been blown

Author Robin Shirk (1 month)
My 1st car was a 1972 AMC Javelin SST with 401 v-8 ,Go-Pac Gauges,2 Tone
sky blue/argent silver with 46,000 original miles;I bought from a Neptune
Society employee in the early 80s...gr8 car,but had to rebuild the T-727
auto the 1st year tho

Author Mike Steele (15 days)
"I'ma gonna fixum up someday", said the 80 year old hoarder that parked
them outside with the windows down 30 years ago. "No, durn it, they ain't
for sale. Now GIT!"

Author mickkjh (2 months)
Great video. I wonder why some of those cars haven't been preserved

Author Christopher O'Rourke (2 months)
What saved American Motors was its life saving Javalin &AMX models which
came out for the 1967 model year, and for the 1970 model year, Jeep became
an American Motors line, the Hornet, & Gremlin models are what all together
helped save American Motors. American built the Marlin for 1965-that car
was a total was a disaster for American Motors-it was only built one model

Author Earl V (1 month)
I don't know what kind of metal they used to make AMC or ramblers with but
they dissolved like they were made out of powdered sugar, I havent seen one
in 25 years in any car show

Author Brian Anderson (1 month)
Definitely some restorable vehicles in there. A convertible Rebel...don't
see too many of those. Nice AMX and Javelins too. Amazing...

Author ROOR MAN (2 months)
amc was the best if they would have had the backing like gm they would
still be around and jeeps would still be jeeps instead they look like every
other suv and dont offroad near like they should with modern tech

Author itrollabsolutelyeveryone (1 month)
Nobody Cares about you hicks living in your polluted inbred little hicky
part of Canada. 

Author Rob Washere (2 months)
besides the Fact that its heartbreaking to see All these amc-s rotting into
the ground and the owner obviously doesnt care,anyone know what car that is
at 2:06 ??
thanks in advance.

Author dmitri senda (27 days)
My first car was a Javelin too. Paid $ 700 for it. It ran but had a hole in
the floorboard. I liked it though.

Author DDon670 (1 month)
I would love to have one of the AMX's or Javelins restored. Also that late
80's Cherokee is nice, personally I think the Laredos of that period were
the best looking of that cars entire run.

Author Edwin Pike (3 months)
this place is in pikeville nc on hwy 117 i have been there walked around
been inside he has low mileage show winners in the front of the building i
grew up about 10 miles from there went to school 2 miles down the road when
i went 1 time they were installing a 401 in a amc 4x4 spirit it was wild
the parts room still has factory parts on the shelves he will sell but is
a bit pricey but he has stuff no one else does

Author learflyer2 (27 days)
Would love to have the old 53 Nash @1:49 needed some TLC but looked in
pretty good shape .

Author nowitsabadtime (1 month)
0:48, I'll take it ;)

Author lolzorrice (5 months)
Everyone really loves the god damn tetris style music in these videos.

Author EM JAY (3 months)
typical HOARDER....That shit will rot in the ground before anybody buys it.
Those Hoarder types price it high cuz they dont wanna get rid of it anyway,
Very sad... Someone would love to preserve that history.

Author Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer (9 days)
Damn what a shame! If I had a car carrier I would pick them all up and
restore them with friends.

Author MaryStewart (3 months)
amc was crap! LOL

Author chisty4 (3 months)
you wearing a wig ??

Author Steve McGill (3 months)
AMC made ugly cars, they were ALL hideous!

Author chevyhead420 (6 months)
where are these

Author Joey Elson (1 year)
this is Collier Motors, they are still open & selling cars!, every car you
see in the video is for sale, he sells about 30 - 40 cars a year. all you
have to do is make an appointment to look around.

Author newittmark13 (10 months)
Do they sell parts looking for part for 69 rambler rebel

Author capecodunderground (1 year)

Author Joey Elson (1 year)
This is Collier Motors & They are still open! every car is for sale! all
you have to do is make an appointment ! HOTROD magazine did an article on
this place

Author capecodunderground (1 year)
no idea, just found these pics on the web. i hope not....

Author spartamx71 (6 months)
I've been there. You can buy the cars. He's a used car dealership still in
business but he's know what they're worth. Man I'd love to see the
dealership restored, like an AMC heaven.

Author RockotheCat13 (6 months)
I've seen a 401 SB Rebel run a 12 sec. 1/4 w/ just headers & slicks.

Author john iorio (5 months)
thanks for the post AMC's were always my pick- esp. hornets...they handled
like a charm with that widened a-arm suspension

Author lou pelez (7 months)
Nice score on the Nash Healey. Although I like the early 50's ones :D

Author robert G'Sell (7 months)
The '57 Rebel (limited production) in the first 2 photos and the
Nash-Healey are worth more than all the others combined. I hope a lot of
these vehicles were saved as many are worth restoring.

Author FriendlyRambler (6 months)
That's just sad. You'll never see my old Rambler in a field junked, that's
for sure. Not in my lifetime.

Author jeepersdrew2 (1 year)
Thats really sad.

Author jimbzh56 (1 year)
so sad!

Author capecodunderground (6 months)
that's right.

Author spencrc (1 year)
So sad to see. I'm a big AMC enthusiast and it's tough to see all those
cars just rotting into the ground. Especially the AMXs, those are really
expensive now-a-days.

Author Jan Almkrona (1 year)
Does anyone know where this location is, planing to go to US next year, and
i collect these cars in Sweden

Author capecodunderground (1 year)

Author Menolifee (1 year)
Shame. I love AMCs.

Author Matt Forty (6 months)
You can go buy one if you want, theyre here cause theyre all for sale by
appointment, talked to him a couple times. he kinda priced the healys way
higher than anybodyd want to pay cause i dont think he wants to get rid of
em, hes got four.

Author edro31111 (6 months)
If you're a car enthusiast and especially old cars, check out carsinbarns
web site and you'll be really sad! Can't believe people let classic cars
sit and rot and won't sell them to anyone.

Author 88musicrox (6 months)
I new i recognized the music it's from AFC music ran by Adam A.k.a

Author robbo comeaux (8 months)
I had an orgasm @ 1:35; and my wife looks like a big bug.

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