Collier Motors AMC (The Last AMC Dealership).


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Author Mike Piercey (2 months)
is it even possible to acquire these cars? Who owns them?

Author Mosin54R (10 months)
Why do I watch things like this when I know it will just make me sad :\

Author SS Smithsonite (1 month)
Another American company, fucked by government-mandated emissions
standards. Wonder what would have become of the 20 or so other
manufacturers that died as a result? I'd bet we'd have much better quality
cars & trucks to choose from today. What could have been ...

Author Jacques Labuschagne (1 month)
need to cut some grass and give those cars some life 

Author Alex E (8 months)
Sad that they are just left alone to rot :(

Author Mike Piercey (2 months)
1:29 ??????

Author myfeeling4you (4 months)
Is this a dealership that the owners walked away and left the cars there ?

Author andersport (1 month)
They should pull all those cars out and sell them as is at auction. They
should get a lot of bidders.

Author Jim Ervin (3 months)
Thanks. Half a Healey is better than none, I guess.

Author shnimmuc (4 months)
This this video makes me sick, what a waste.

Author Joel Holmes (2 days)
Where's Mitt Romney? (His late father George W. Romney [1907-1995], ran AMC
in the 1950's and popularized the Rambler car.)

Author 1965ace (5 months)
Great photography !

Author Mosin54R (10 months)
This is depressing

Author Knightcowboy89 (8 months)
The one under the tarp at 2:00 looks like its brand new.i wouldn't mind
taking that one and a few of those javelins home with know,if those
are dealership cars,i think that makes them unregistered vehicles.someone
save these cars.

Author MrBlackmaxDK (11 months)
Name on car at 0:49

Author Connar Downes (3 months)
cool vid shit music!!!

Author martron1962 (3 months)

Author Arthur Netteler (6 months)
This is a damn shame!!! I could not get people to sell/give me AMC Cars
when I was running my restoration business in Missouri in the late 1990's
early 2000's. Now they are just sitting and ROTTING!! I closed up and moved
to the Philippines, too late now!

Author CovertOperation13 (6 months)
Please action these cars off and save them before it's to late !!!!

Author Jim Ervin (4 months)
Is that Nash Healey still there, I wonder? Or was there two of them?

Author markyncole (6 months)
Talk about your fixer uppers!

Author D Fuller (6 months)
Can these cars be purchased?

Author oclat1scb (5 months)
I heard that Pickers ( History Channel show) was there last week & they
bought a couple of cars.

Author TheSkinnybiker (7 months)
My first job as an apprentice mechanic was at an AMC Jeep dealership. They
were fairly easy cars to work on. They were also a Renault dealer at that
time, I hated the R5.

Author Mike Steele (1 year)
"I'ma gonna fixum up someday", said the 80 year old hoarder that parked
them outside with the windows down 30 years ago. "No, durn it, they ain't
for sale. Now GIT!"

Author greg hassen (10 months)
check this place out on google maps. go to street view. there are ALOT of
on that lot still. Plug in Collier Motors AMC, 4713 U.S. 117, Pikeville,
NC 27863
into google maps

Author onebigkahuna69 (11 months)
I actual live near this place and its been like this since the 80's and
its sad that those cars have been sitting outside for all those years.

Author David Sartison (9 months)
love amc cars.

Author Diecastmodels (10 months)
look at 1:06 they even forgot to put the window up. 

Author Rob Spalding (8 months)
Beautiful autos!!

Author veggiepowered (1 year)
so sad they should have been kept inside a building or even inside a barn

Author Christopher O'Rourke (1 year)
What saved American Motors was its life saving Javalin &AMX models which
came out for the 1967 model year, and for the 1970 model year, Jeep became
an American Motors line, the Hornet, & Gremlin models are what all together
helped save American Motors. American built the Marlin for 1965-that car
was a total was a disaster for American Motors-it was only built one model

Author Fleur Black (1 year)
what car has the dark rear end at 1.13? taillight looks cute?

Author CHARLIE ARROYO (1 year)

Author DPG2203 (1 year)
Is a Lincoln Continental MK V in the 1.13 black back.

Author brian shrock (9 months)
No rust

Author commonman80 (9 months)
Yep. The AMC was no better or worse than a FORD. However, The desire to own
one Faded in the late 70's... Ford won... AGAIN!!

Author Diecastmodels (10 months)
someone should restore them

Author Bill Vaughn (11 months)
Those abandoned Javelins are worth some cash

Author Stefan Goodluckstef (7 months)
where is this i must get pics

Author san379 . (4 months)
gosh what a shame.. check my channel for AMC videos

Author rafacruiz (5 months)
launched as money,

Author AssAlarmMyLincoln (5 months)
Sad all these wonderful cars are just going to waste

Author Statimtek (10 months)
Seriously? 2 first gen AMX's sitting outside rotting away? say it isn't

Author desolategrey (1 year)
my mind has been blown

Author Doug Beard (1 year)
Any of those AMXs still for sale?

Author Edwin Pike (1 year)
this place is in pikeville nc on hwy 117 i have been there walked around
been inside he has low mileage show winners in the front of the building i
grew up about 10 miles from there went to school 2 miles down the road when
i went 1 time they were installing a 401 in a amc 4x4 spirit it was wild
the parts room still has factory parts on the shelves he will sell but is
a bit pricey but he has stuff no one else does

Author DDon670 (1 year)
I would love to have one of the AMX's or Javelins restored. Also that late
80's Cherokee is nice, personally I think the Laredos of that period were
the best looking of that cars entire run.

Author ROOR MAN (1 year)
amc was the best if they would have had the backing like gm they would
still be around and jeeps would still be jeeps instead they look like every
other suv and dont offroad near like they should with modern tech

Author Brisco Mayhem (1 year)
Definitely some restorable vehicles in there. A convertible Rebel...don't
see too many of those. Nice AMX and Javelins too. Amazing...

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