Tekkit Tutorial: How to Use a Water Mill

bry25 goes into the land of tekkit to show you guys how to operate a water mill and do everything efficiently and correctly! Also guys IF YOU WANT DIRECT POWER AND YOU DONT WANT BATTERIES simply replace the batbox with an appliance (such as a macerator or electric furnace)

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Author iHas Drew (3 months)
tekkit didnt make all the mods. Differnet people did.
Like Buildcraft
Industrial Craft
and more!

Author nat bu (2 months)
Good tutorial, but water strrainer is far better, doesnt cost much to
upgrade a water mill to one, and you can hook the pipes straight into it
(no more manual bucketing!)

Author TheUpAndComingNobody (8 months)
also A BATBOX IS NOT JUST FOR BATTERIES! it's the lowest holding machine
for power. learn before you make a video plz

Author Christopher King (9 months)
i built all that step by step in the game just to learn you have to bucket
it in one at a time. you can just build an infinite water source. idiot

Author louay saba (1 year)
Why don't you just get a bucket of water from the water source instead of
making a pointless machine

Author nate lockwood (11 months)
fuck you duncan

Author MrAstro212 (1 year)
cant u hook up the pipes to the water mill??
No need for the buckets and more efficient 

Author nathan drijver (1 year)
and tekkit is not an actual mod its a modpack which means that he is wrong
saying that the guys that made tekkit were gifted, because he is using
industrialcraft and buildcraft

Author Duncan McClure (1 year)
This is not efficient what so expect is to bucket water bucket
by water bucket into the water mill? Freakin idiot

Author Luka Briglevich (1 year)
Steam engines explode? o_O

Author nathan drijver (1 year)
i think this guy doesn't know that you can use fricking energy condensors
to get al those buckets

Author OPGamingHD (1 year)
how di u get bandicam to record ur voice?? i cant do it

Author Flat4Buggy (2 years)
You can automate it. check out this vid. /watch?v=Y2gijrRxKkw If you don't
know how the link works, just search on YouTube for: ThePh3ll Tutorial:
Infinite energy with Water Mills

Author Ryandw2 (2 years)
Hold on the title says Water Mill you USED A PUMP NOT A WATERMILL!

Author Admiral Chicken 4 Life (2 years)
you seem to have speaking problems might wana see a doctor for that lol jk

Author Beast (2 years)
shur, just message me when its done

Author Beast (2 years)
i tried it out myself....

Author TheNoberify (2 years)
Fucking love you! Made it so much easier and it looks cool and realistic
not that infinite shit! Thank you mate I love you!

Author bearspiritjpz (1 year)
steam engines explode if they have nothing to out put energy to

Author eiddie123 (2 years)
._. i ll just make a solar panel...

Author BowlingGlaceon (2 years)
steam engines don't explode and redstone engines can explode if you put a
steam engine behind one and power both of them i learned that when i tried
to power a quarry with a redstone engine and then a steam engine behind it
and 3 minutes later the redstone engines exploded

Author GeorgeDJx (2 years)
yes they can... dipshit.

Author YodaSquirrel (2 years)

Author MaXerxo (1 year)
instead of using a pump to get the water to a place, you can use a infinite
water source... Man cmon, its minecraft. take the easy way

Author LegendBrotherz (2 years)

Author kamea61 (2 years)
What is that box you used in the beginning?

Author YodaSquirrel (2 years)
so to reduce the explosion just but reindorced stone or glass around it and
walla safe.

Author Alex viegas dias (1 year)
he said combustion engines dumbass

Author Lightknight064 (2 years)
Sorry kid, but this is a very bad way to go about a watermill server
style... In a server, a watermill should be automatic that way you can
leave it there all night and get power while you sleep... and common, be
real.... tekkit is the automated mod

Author DarkDragonofSPORE (2 years)
Thanks. Helped me alot to charge my MFSU.

Author Brandon Hysell (2 years)

Author nmoncaleano (2 years)
Just use a nuclear reactor

Author unprofesionalrussian (2 years)
oh then that is a good reason

Author takuma reptile (2 years)
how did it not help you? i just did it and its a good way to get a little
more power

Author bob smith (1 year)

Author kylelavery97 (2 years)
you could also if in a desert and have limited water make a infinite water
supply so it in side an smaller just to help people!

Author Brad100715 (2 years)
You could use a water strainer, I know for a fact they are in tekkit 3.1.2

Author Werty Line (2 years)
Can`t you pipe the water directly into the the water mill instead of
emptying buckets in them?

Author Stealth Berg (2 years)
yeah... or just klick "R" in the crafting recepy fuck u.. last time i look
at your vids..

Author ¿L&? (2 years)
2x2 really

Author committed paintballer (2 years)
no they don't

Author XxnatrocksxX (2 years)
doesn't help me either need an automatic way

Author Elite071 (2 years)
a pump

Author cray frazer (2 years)
god dosent exist.

Author BlizterFrost (2 years)
All you need is an unlimited water source not all that witch-craft shit...

Author YodaSquirrel (2 years)
done it but it will take ages to render out as fraps file size are HUGE

Author ProVertorex (2 years)
dude, you stuffed up so bad.

Author Viking (2 years)
why u guys bitching... its not Varustyæs fault its the way it was made if u
dont like this way make a solar panel or something, he just made a vid of
how u can use this so stopp whining and telling this pro to stopp making
vid's!!! TY! for making this video it helped me and many others.

Author ¿L&? (2 years)
Personally, why would you use a pump to get all the water? Why not use a
infinite water source for the water? The pump is mainly used for pumping
water to combustion engines and pumping oil. Why would you try to help
someone by using something that someone may not know how to craft?

Author TheMany Doms (2 years)
yh how do you do that?

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