Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers (Bench Press Numbers)

Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers in history based on their bench press numbers!

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Author 1vootman (1 month)
Those are incorrect/pretend numbers for Lesnar. I don't think he'd even
make those up they are that exaggerated.

Author DANIEL CLARKE (1 month)
But they said Mark Henry is the strongest man in the world.

Author THE Bigragu (7 days)
Animal of THE Road Warriors was well over 600lbs on the bench........

Author Evan Foster (1 day)
this is bullshit brock lesnar does not have any lifts in the 900s that is
up there with world records for his 3 lift max

Author James Reese (8 days)
Pulled those number directly out of the Official Statistics Bureau of your

Author AllanPageDCUO (3 months)
Pretty sure if they did roids they would be warned and later dismissed on
second violence. Dunno about others but I don't think Cena does roids. The
new wrestlers seem smaller because WWE has been fighting against wrestlers
using steroids. So in time you'll see smaller but healthier wrestlers. Cena
and Brock were passionate about wrestling since childhood so probably
started lifting weights as a teens and hence the big body.

Author simplyopprison (3 months)

Author Michael Coyle (28 days)

Author StopMotionHeadBanger (4 months)
I heard Brock benches 500+, but definitely not 655. That's just insane. 

Author Jamison Herryman (3 months)
jeff hardy benched 500 lbs... he should be in here

Author Jordan Phillps (4 months)
People say Taker and Kane are weaker than others like HHH and Cena... There
is a reason why Taker and Kane don't tombstone Khali and Big Show... They
are too tall, they could break there necks... Taker has tombstone Vader,
Henry, and Diesel easily... Kane is even stronger... Cena, Ryback, and
Goldberg either put them on there shoulders or suplex them, so thats why
they can lift taller and heavier guys then Taker and Kane...

Author B-Swoller (4 months)
Sammartino, Road Warrior Animal, Billy Graham, Bobby Lashley, Tony Atlas,
Bob Holley, Ryback

Author JBL Pyro (2 days)
dude the big show weighs over 500lbs...u think he can only bench a little
over his bodyweight? come on now.

Author Ricky Smith (5 months)

Author cedric walker (2 days)
Lol Brock is the strongest man right load of bull his max was 495 which is
impressive. But animal and hawk 605 a piece Bills max was 515 at a golds
gym, Mark Henry and Big E is by far besides Ron Simmons that actually used
raw power bench press numbers look them up. Big E owns raw bench press and
Mark curled the uncurlable dumbbell. But they are only stats til you see
all these people do.this live in person so we can say anything besides the
six I've seen on WSM competitions

Author xR3B3LBrockaholicHD (4 months)
Goldberg's bench record 605 lbs not 540 lbs

Author alfred king (2 months)
that means brock has broken the powerlifiting total record by 200lbs lol

Author CableReadyTechnoSIut (13 days)
Brock best is 595

Apparently Kane was able to max 650 before his bicep injury. 

Author Richard Smollett (10 days)
Although he wrestled for WCW, Bill Kazmaier benched 672.

Author REHJR2008 (18 days)
has proved it time and time again. someone is on the lesnar bitch list
obviously..they proved it by posting this bullshit video. .that tool cannot
even be in the same locker room as Mark Henry. he has to hold back to not
hurt wrestlers otherwise he would be breaking their bones or throwing them
out of the ring. same goes for the big show. so i think the strongest #2
would be the big show and # 1 Mark Henry. 

Author lethalfatality (11 days)
No way mark henry and khali still strongest thats what they do 

Author burk3385 (18 days)
This is the worst list I have ever seen and no where fucking close to
legit. Big-E benches almost 600 so he should be on this list. But Lesnars
#'s are fucking retarded. The world record for raw bench is 700, Lesnar
does not do 45 pounds less. You sir are a fucktard.

Author ProSportsForums (3 months)
These numbers are all bullshit.

Author John Goode (14 days)
I didn't see Ted Arcidi in that list either.

Author Tanzil Quddus (16 days)
and mark Henry should pick up over 850

Author Alex Blouin (7 months)
Thomas listen john cena is not the strongest people say he is strong
because they like him and john used steroids

Author Aaron Russell (15 days)
those numbers for lesnar are bullshit, some fanboy jerk off fantasy. he
never benched over 600 pounds, and also never squated more than 600. i
HIGHLY doubt hes deadlifting 900+ pounds either

Author wilfredo rodriguez (18 days)

Author Punk970King (29 days)
This is fucking bullshit. Brock lesnar's real stats is this.

Bench press: 475lbs
Deadlift: 720lbs
Squats: 600lbs.

Author garrett denham (24 days)
Bull shit list mark Henry is the strongest man ever in the WWE plus this
list does not include The LOD Hawk and Animal who would put many of these
guys to shame on top of that there is no Iron sheik who was a Olympic
weight lifter for Iran back in the 70s Brock dosent even train the typical
BB movements he has always stuck to heavy Dumbbells and Dynamic resistance
training with sand bags and logs

Author Rikesh Shakya (25 days)
Wot a bullshitt....

Author shinrips (1 month)
I wonder how much the British Bull Dog could lift.

Author Mysterio Gamer (26 days)
Brock Lesnar ? wtf hahaha. Mark Henry is the strongest man in the
world,brock lesnar is not the superstar more stronger.I am portuguese sorry
if my english is incorrect

Author Delishua Gibson (29 days)
I meant stupid not dupid

Author taseer Khan (1 month)
What the flip

Author Savaş Yaldız (1 month)
Hulk hogan

Author eagles maniac (1 month)
mark henry is the strongest

Author lethalfatality (11 days)
No way mark henry and khali still strongest thats what they do 

Author Carter Sanabria (1 month)
Jhon Cena picked up the big show and the edge 

Author Liam Smillie (1 month)
Jeff hardy is way stronger then goldberg he should be in here

Author Tanzil Quddus (16 days)
andre the giant should be 2 

Author wilfredo rodriguez (18 days)
Where's billy graham he benched pressed 606lbs

Author MrMferg240 (1 month)
tripls hhh has said himself that he can only bench 350. he uses weights and
steroids to get the physique. Bruno sammartino bench pressed 565 pounds
over 50 years ago when he weighed 240 pounds. he did it the REAL way, 2
second pause on his chest before overhead. and no steroids.

Author randleCobbTrain (1 month)
these numbers, are - - pulled from ass?

Author Devon Campbell (1 month)
Lesnar doesnt lift tht much someone is just a bork lazer ass kisser 

Author dawulfmann (1 month)
ken patera

Author Z Stone (1 month)
wow its on youtube must be all the wwe wrestling. 

Author Dan O'Sullivan (1 month)
glad you got khali in there... :-))..

Author Delishua Gibson (29 days)
Are you dtupid mark henry is the world's strongest man he did not get that
name on wwe and he moved 2 18 wheelers 

Author FlechFisher (2 months)
can some one give me hulk hogans numbers?

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