Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers (Bench Press Numbers)

Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers in history based on their bench press numbers!

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Author ALMIGHTY KING (2 months)
LMAO This is FAKE!!! It's fan made. Henrys is the world's strongest man, he
once lifted a car and he was in the olympic games as a legit strong man. So
how can he be lower than Lesnar? I want legit information not fan made
P.S. Lesnar IS strong via but when it comes to strength he'll definetly be
a little bit lower than Henry's. Lesnar's attributes that exceeds Henry's
are resilliancy, speed, and technique.....

Author Joker36094 (3 months)
What about Jeff Hardy he benchpressed 500 lbs :I

Author Andre Ellis (1 month)

Author Daniel Cundiff (1 month)
Where's 123 kid? Aka xpac???

Author Silvercrank (6 days)
John Cena can lift more than lesnar, where are you getting these numbers,
oh and 900 lb deadlift? LOL the world record is 1000, lesnar should by no
means come close to that.

Author Vathican (1 day)
people are confusing strenght with skills, mark henry is the strongest in
the wwe, held a record for the bench and especially since the title says
(bench press numbers) mark should be number 1 in this spot, sure brock can
and most likely beat him in a fight but that doesnt change the fact that
henry is stronger, if it was all about strenght in a fight then people who
arent strong should just leave, this especially plays a big factor in
boxing. Skill over strenght any day

Author Will Thomas (2 months)
Don't forget about Ted Arcidi (record breaking powerlifter), Ken Patera,
Tony Atlas, and Ivan Puski. Ken was an olympian and Ivan was in the world's
strongest man competition. You might want to check these. Also you might
want to check Ron Simmons, former Florida State player.

Author da_gr8est (2 days)
What is the most I've ever bench
pressed? .............................................................................................These
nuts. More
girl on these nuts.

Author drgedy atmadja (1 month)
Goldberg jackhammer giant ( 550 pounds )... meh this video sucks

Author WereWeBall (3 months)
Jeff Hardy bench pressed 500 in 2008

Author 99vickey (2 months)
Fake as shit everyone knows John cena is the strongest 

Author Alex No last name (21 day)
lets clear some things up : Lesnar is 6'2, not 6'4. Lesnar, among many
WWE stars took cycles of steroids bc of big pay checks that came with the
pressure to be strong and sized.

Cena, may not have injected, but he has probably taken dbol or a pro-ana or
Test in matrix combo stack with all the super-expensive supplements out
there. And yes, training hard for years stacked with gains will help, but
it doesn't allow a 6'0-6'1 male to be anywhere near 225lbs in a natural
state. The perfect weight for a male at that height is 185lbs… even a pro

Coming from a medical background, I am amazed that anyone thinks
bench-pressing in general is good for the body. Squatting twice your body
weight can induce an internal hernia rather quickly, not inclusive to
improper internal damage to your intestines which requires immediate
surgery should you rupture something. I personally, lift weights correctly
and have for years and @ 6'0 165lbs, I am very cut and lean but not skinny.
I could press or squat in the 400's but then my knees will hurt while I
sleep and i am prone to meniscus tears.

point is saying this, is that there is more to lifting weights than lifting
heavier weights. Injuries will prevent you from further gains and
sometimes, knock you out of the gym for months up to a year or more. 

Author roger b (15 days)
My brother did 500 in competition,actually 3 times.once he got 505,and
no,i'm not lying.The only times he would lose a bench-press competition is
when there was no testing.He was 42 then,now 55 but can still bench close
to 400 pounds.Not bad I think.

Author Venom101002 (3 months)
My first question would be, where did you get these numbers? I would
definitely question their validity.

Author Joel Tardieff (29 days)
If Brock is that strong I find it hard to believe couldn't fit on an NFL
roster somewhere. 

Author Crazy Shit (1 month)
Why the FUCK isn't the strongest wrestler The Rock on this shit list ?

Author James Warner (20 days)
this list is of recent wrestlers only. The warlord and dino bravo could
both bench over 500, as could several other wrestlers of the past.

Author Stuart Davis (4 months)
Sorry but 400lb bench press for a 6'4 280 pound proffesional wreslter is
crap I can press 380 and im only 210 pound.

Author Michael Smiley (12 days)
I PERSONALLY saw Triple H Incline 405 for 6 reps at the 24 hour fitness in
Reno circa 2003.. I'm sure he could bench more than 420lb one time. The
rest of these stats are wrong. Mark Henry is ranked as the top three
strongest men of all time, along with Zavikas and the 3x American WSM champ

Author TheUltimate3D (22 days)
These numbers are bull shit and fake

Author Spaw PetSalon (16 days)
WWE.COM: What is the most you have ever bench pressed?

JOHN CENA: Four hundred sixty-five pounds.

WWE.COM: What is the most you have ever bench pressed?

KANE: Five hundred twenty-five pounds with no [bench] shirt, no wraps,

WWE.COM: What is the most you have ever bench pressed?

BRODUS CLAY: All-time bench press is 525 pounds.

WWE.COM: What is the most you have ever bench pressed?

BIG E: Five hundred seventy-five pounds.

Author Angel polanco (3 days)
Ur dumb as fuck John cena is the strongest u dumb bitch

Author james street (7 months)
As far as all around strength, the Big Show when he first came to the WWF
was possibly the strongest man that ever lived. I would love to have seen
him on the atlas stones in the WSM competition.

Author Joel Tardieff (29 days)
I'm surprised Cena had such low numbers on his squat and deadlift. 

Author BGJ 66 (7 days)
they didnt mention big poppa pump scott steiner ..i read a while back he
did a 645 bench,,,and back in the 80s big john stud did 700 ib bench!

Author ramy m (1 month)
big e bench press 700 right ? 

Author Inggasson (14 days)
Nobody can squat more than they deadlift, which you say Brock can. Also,
whilst Brock is a beast, I don't believe he could out-lift Mark Henry, who
is a world-class strongman and powerlifter. I call bullshit on this list.

Author Gary Hooper (4 days)
i was shocked to see that kane can out bench the Big Show. 

Author Andrew Lewis (7 days)
Mark Henry isn't really the World's Strongest Man its just a award you get

Author dave z (3 months)
this is the most ridicoulous list ever. HHH 315 lol seriously. where are
the road warriors, dino bravo, hulk Hogan, savage, luger, ted arcidi did
over 700 and he was a wwe wrestler, john stud so if HHH is 14 then this is
a list you made up. LOL SO FUNNY

Author stevieblfc12 (14 days)
Where the Rock I watched a film with him in it and he was absolutely

Author thomas lewis (4 days)
jeff hardy pressed 500 pounds

Author Steyr001 (28 days)
And of course these are 1 rep max. Meaning they do like a quarter of a rep
with bad form with their backs arched out of their fucking mind with the
help of 3 guys.

Author Eminem is a Rap God (1 month)
1.Henry 2.Show 3.Kane 4.Lesnar 5.Big E 6.Cena 7.Cesaro 8.Lashley 9.Taker

Author Master Mewtwo (1 month)
This needs updating

Author Showtime By KO (4 months)
LMFAO Brock can't even tough 655. Not even 600.

Author 1vootman (6 months)
Those are incorrect/pretend numbers for Lesnar. I don't think he'd even
make those up they are that exaggerated.

Author Calum McLaughlin (20 days)
Only thing al say is where is bill kazmmier

Author James Lynch (24 days)
I believe the WR powerlifting total is 2400lbs and according to that Lesnar
has more.. I don't think so

Author Jarrid Wilson (3 months)
"Brock lesnar is totally not on steroids"

Author Coby Johnson (1 month)
Brock Lesnar is a monster! All of the WWE superstars know it too! He is by
far the strongest man in the WWE!

Author James Bennett (25 days)
Xpac is a sucky joke he has the worst thame song ever 

Author Trey Teli (15 days)
Wait hold on is that last one for real

Author Wakil Karimi (1 month)
This is a very very very very very fucking fuckinh list dislike !!!!!

Author StreamerVideo (1 month)
I simply do not believe the Great Khali can bench 600. I know for a fact
that Brock cannot squat 920lbs and bench 655lbs.

Author Nick Coombs (29 days)
I'd really like to know where you got these numbers cuz some of these don't
seem legit 

Author Louis The Hatman (4 months)
I am the strongest wrestler in the history of the WWE/F that has never
competed in the world's strongest man

Author William Levy (1 month)
The only real people that could actually lift that much is mark Henry, big
show taker Kane

Author Bossi Oran (1 month)
This is so wrong mark henry is the strongest guy there and not because
there weight make them strong btw brock lesnar is so weak its better you
delete this video because it make no sense.

Author ToonandBBfan (2 months)
Crush could bench about 575lbs
Bret Hart said that he once saw Jim the Anvil bench 600 in a Calgary Gym
Road Warrior Animal in his prime often lifted over 600.
I bet 20 years ago, Taker could lift more than 395 (Dynamite Kid in his
prime did 455)

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