Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers (Bench Press Numbers)

Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers in history based on their bench press numbers!

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Author Asalieri2 (6 months)
Dino Bravo could bench 715

Author StopMotionHeadBanger (2 months)
I heard Brock benches 500+, but definitely not 655. That's just insane. 

Author Alex Blouin (5 months)
Thomas listen john cena is not the strongest people say he is strong
because they like him and john used steroids

Author Jordan Phillps (2 months)
People say Taker and Kane are weaker than others like HHH and Cena... There
is a reason why Taker and Kane don't tombstone Khali and Big Show... They
are too tall, they could break there necks... Taker has tombstone Vader,
Henry, and Diesel easily... Kane is even stronger... Cena, Ryback, and
Goldberg either put them on there shoulders or suplex them, so thats why
they can lift taller and heavier guys then Taker and Kane...

Author Alex Sheldon (7 months)
Wait a minute, Ryback bench presses 550 lbs so where is he?

Author Ricky Smith (3 months)

Author AllanPageDCUO (1 month)
Pretty sure if they did roids they would be warned and later dismissed on
second violence. Dunno about others but I don't think Cena does roids. The
new wrestlers seem smaller because WWE has been fighting against wrestlers
using steroids. So in time you'll see smaller but healthier wrestlers. Cena
and Brock were passionate about wrestling since childhood so probably
started lifting weights as a teens and hence the big body.

Author alfred king (20 days)
that means brock has broken the powerlifiting total record by 200lbs lol

Author ProSportsForums (1 month)
These numbers are all bullshit.

Author ASHTON man (5 months)
mark henry #1
big show# 3 ezekiel jackson #2

Author Gamebox27 (3 months)
Superstar Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, Ted Arcidi, Bill Kazmaier,
Warlord, Road Warrior Animal, and Big John Studd could all bench a lot of

Author StrangeXFellow (3 months)
Rockin' the Lordi. Nice.

Author Berke Uğur Tekin (2 months)
Goldberg's bench record 605 lbs not 540 lbs

Author Jack Dowd (3 months)
For those of you that didn't know khali was a power lifter. So yes, he is
that stong. Mark henry should be first though. 

Author DonRSPS (2 months)
Wow Kane is a machine

Author MrCall_Of_Duty (6 months)
Fake as hell. 

Author Bobby Stocks (3 months)
stephanie mcmahon can lift ALL their nuts with a punishing low blow haha

Author Catherine Kingsbury (5 months)
I love wwe

Author Thomas Brandner (5 months)
I love wrestling as much as the next person, but scrolling through some of
these comments listening to people 'oh he can do more than that', or that
sounds legit, or the undertaker can do reps with 395lbs...395lbs is a
fuckin legit heavy ass weight for bench press! Mark Henry and John Cena's
#'s are the only ones that are right on here, because they actually take
pride in power lifting and are known power lifters. John Cena is pound for
pound the overall strongest guy out of all these guys, Lets see a video of
someone benching over 500lbs on this list, you won't find it because its
all here say or produced by the WWE and they wouldn't fudge number let me
tell ya!

Author Frederick Appleby (6 months)
And all these numbers are true because pro wrestling is real and pro
wrestlers would never exaggerate how much they could bench. 

Author Thomas Brandner (5 months)
Where are you sources? You realize the numbers Brock Lesnar supposedly put
up are in the world record category? (2475lbs)

Author misterx632 (2 months)
this is bs...Brock doesn't count cause he's gased up.

Author sydney rayne (7 months)
up excuse you jeff hardy can lift 500 pounds

Author LIAM SPARKES (6 months)
I believe Brock could but I think top 3 would be 1 ryback 2 Brock leaner 3
mark Henry 

Author Doyle Murphy (3 months)
They should have had LOD. Both Hawk and Animal were monsters who benched
over 600 lbs.

Author Michael Gembicki (4 months)
With the long arms most of these guys have their is no way they put up
anywhere near these numbers. The farther you have to press it the more
leverage you lose.

Author Trent Richard (5 months)
john cena can bench 755 pounds now

Author firebird brad (6 months)

Author Dre Dae (4 months)
Obviously doesn't care about the superstars of old. Of course it does say
WWE and not WWF where it was PROVEN that British Bulldog, Barbarian, and
Big Poppa Pump all Benched at least 600lbs. and Ultimate Warrior, Lashley ,
and Dino Bravo ( who may have benched 600 as well ) where all in the high
500's. I don't see Brock being stronger than Mark Henry either and
definitely not THAT MUCH stronger than Goldberg.

Author RoyalGrigsby (4 months)
The deadlift is the ultimate measure of strength, not the bench press.

And Kane supports Ron Paul?!?! :D

Author David Hamm (8 months)
dude you forgot Jeff Hardy he lifted 500 pounds!

Author Simão Andrade (6 months)
Undertaker Can Bench Press at least 450 lbs

Author Jamison Herryman (1 month)
jeff hardy benched 500 lbs... he should be in here

Author Brian Adams (3 months)
Ted arcidi benched 705 ( IN ACTUAL COMPETETION )

Author Żryj Kluski (8 months)
crna stonger than triple h and undertaker and mark henry than big show ?

Author WingitMan27 (8 months)
Mark Henry is an Olympic Weight lifter as opposed to the other who are
just lifters on a ton of juice, Lesner is of course a fighter but I dunno
how legit his numbers are compared to Henry which are legit. Just to tell
you guys looks and size mean nothing in bench pressing. 

Author Winston Mai (7 months)
where is the rock

Author sydney rayne (7 months)
um yeah why is mark henry the strongest man alive but not stronger than

Author FlechFisher (27 minutes)
can some one give me hulk hogans numbers?

Author TheMinarBros (2 days)
What about the rock

Author Matt Newell (5 days)
i met the big show that guy is so huge. 

Author LatinoAction (7 days)
What is the song called??

Author Fariko Coveted (24 days)
It's Not Fake

Author Hina Patel (10 days)
Let me get this straight these number are made up and + john cena is the
strongest person so this is just 1 minutes and 10 seconds wasted of my life
so dude please hang yourself

Author Traey Berkley (7 months)
goldberg is a beast

Author Viking Sanders (6 months)
Needs to be updated Cesaro benches 405, Langston benches 600

Author Niko SkatesHD (1 month)
Jeff hardy bench pressed 500 pounds

Author Scott Pilgrim (10 days)
Okay let me correct some of these....
John Cena can dealift 638lb
Khali can only bench 360lb, not 600 LOL
Brock can DeadLift 705lb and squat 685lb

Author Roger Saintlace (5 months)
Another fraud. When you don't see the name Bruno Sammartino who hoisted
the weight legit, you know this is a bunch of bull. 

Author Rich Man (5 months)
Silly Teenage boys still living at home with mommy & daddy talking RUBBISH

Brock Lesnar, and Bill Goldberg are LEGIT STRONG!...I dont mean Gym/
bodybuilding strong (like Batista) I mean Freakishly strong!

Brock Lesnar use to train for PURE strength! thats different from
bodybuilding. thats why he was able to toss around guys like

Big Show: 500lb
Mark Henry:400lb
Bubba Ray:320lb

the list goes on...

As for Goldberg?..(sigh)..MONSTER STRENGTH! ..just look at the way he used
to military press guys FOR REPS over his head like it was nothing!

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