Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers (Bench Press Numbers)

Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers in history based on their bench press numbers!

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Author Maria Dalida ( ago)

Author Basit Khan ( ago)
big show is most powerful, if you c mark henry vs big show 2015 matches he
can chock slam mark henry

Author Assguy Fine ( ago)




1. THE ROCK!!!!!

Author Bradley Kay ( ago)
I love your videos

Author Phillip White ( ago)
John Cena is on this list. My life is validated.

Author Char Aznable ( ago)
395? Taker is pretty weak for his given size....

Author PhilosopherRK (536 years ago)
LOL, these numbers are massively overstated. These guys use to come to
Champs gym in Ypsilanti, MI, when they came to Detroit. I also worked out
there and Kane, Ron Simmons (Farooq), and Mark Henry were/are some real bad
ass motherfuckers, the rest I have seen (and not all of them came
obviously) weren't lifting really anything impressive: Most of these guys
lift for looks not power.

Author Daniel Larmour ( ago)
1.Mark henry
4.brock lesnar
6.john cena
7.big show
8.ezekiel Jackson

Author Khaos Visual Effects ( ago)
I can bench press 800, just hold my beer.

Author Weapon of Light ( ago)
sweet maria...Lesnar is not human

Author ‫محمد التويجري‬‎ ( ago)
strongest top 3 of all time
1-kane definitely
3-brock lesnar

Author Diego Flores ( ago)
These numbers are obviously made up. I should know because i am a
bodybuilder. My squat is 250 and dead lift is 375. The dead lift should be
greater because you have a smaller leg contraction and you are also using
your back. If any of them were to squat 900 pounds, their quads and glutes
should be way larger than their upper body

Author Jamal Jackson ( ago)
Lesnar said in an interview once that Kane is the strongest person ever in

Author Dom Susterac ( ago)
Nathan jones?

Author Ludvig Borga ( ago)
What the hell happened to Dino Bravo?

Author Alabama15NCS ( ago)
The Rock???? Where is he?

Author Chris Nelson ( ago)
Bench pressing is hard as hell if you have long arms. Hard to believe Khali
did that much.

Author George Massoud (1916 years ago)
Guarantee that scott Steiner can bench more than 395... How that guy is not
on here is ridiculous. In one interview from a former wrestler, he said he
saw Scottie in the gym doing behind the neck presses over his head with 3
plates, also, just look at the guy.

Author ClownPrinceJoker89 ( ago)
Song is Lordi - Blood Red Sandman for those not wanting to scroll

Author Nolan Moore ( ago)
Glad to see Kane in the top 5, he's one of the baddest fuckers in wrestling
history, if not THE best, rivaling the Undertaker

Author Junior Trejo ( ago)
i can life more weights then anyone

Author parkerbohnn ( ago)
The strongest man of the modern era Bill Kazmaier did put in some
appearances on WCW wrestling lifting weights in the ring (mainly the
overhead press with dumbells) but never appeared on WWF or WWE wrestling.
His deadlift record would put all these guys including Mark Henry to shame.

Author chavo (1631 year ago)
Dude Goldberg should of been number one and for the record Goldberg kick
the shit of all this guys but not John cena or undertaker but if Goldberg
had a chances he will destroy cena and taker js

Author TheBrahmabul ( ago)
Big Van Vader benched over 600, andsquatted 900

Author Panegyric123 ( ago)
I'm surprised at Kane at #4 ahead of Big Show and Goldberg. He doesn't
look as ripped or as bulky as some of the others so there must be a lot of
natural strength there.

Author The Staggy ( ago)
Naturally big men will always have more strength than a guy that gets
pumped up. If the naturally big man himself trains, then good luck.

Big Show and Mark Henry would probably be able to crush your rib cage in a
bear hug and I'd imagine that a man of Big Show's size would have a
vice-like grip.

Author Crampsy ( ago)
Top 10 Biggest Bench Presses By Wrestlers:
1) Ted Arcidi (700 lbs)
2) Bill Kazmaier (660 lbs)
3) Scott Norton (650 lbs)
4) Mark Henry (620 lbs)
5) Nick Busick (605 lbs)
6) Nikolai Volkoff (600+ lbs)
7) Doug Furnas, Tony Halme, Tank Abbott, Ivan Putski, Tony Atlas & Jos
LeDuc (600 lbs)
8) Billy Graham & Crush (585 lbs)
9) Big E (575 lbs)
10) Dino Bravo (570 lbs)

Honourable mentions:
Big Show - 500 for 12 reps
Warlord - 575 for 6 reps
The Barbarian - 550 for 3 reps

Author Crampsy ( ago)
Every single one of these are incorrect...

Author Tad Evans ( ago)
Guys, this guy is only ranking the wrestlers using their bench press
record. Out of this list the strongest wrestler is Mark Henry, as if you
look at his squat and dead lift records, you can see that he is the

Author Sultan Ramadhan (134 years ago)
Goldberg 1 Lesnar whatthefuck 900 LBS

Author Scarlett Bishop ( ago)
I was watching raw and it said kane could bench 305 and big show had to put
kane on the top tope to Chock slam him

Author xdesiccatorx ( ago)
khali 600? lol list is shit written by a dick cheese.

Author MrNoodle1664 ( ago)
Well the strongest wouldn't be based just on bench press weights as bench
press refers to your arms and shoulders, someone like HHH is a prime
example of someone whom used a bench press bench a lot. Mark Henry was a
very good dead lifter and more so than a bench presser, this means his got
a very strong back and thighs. Squats is similar to a dead lifter but more
strength is needed in the legs and less so in the back.

Author Mary Otoole ( ago)
ITS WRONG mark henrey is the wordls strongest man

Author Taylor Lee ( ago)
Lol I can already tell all of these are inaccurate 😂 Isn't mark Henry the
worlds strongest man😐

Author Jillian Englert ( ago)
John Cena should be first and Roman Reighns and Dean Ambrose should be

Author HayOllie ( ago)
haha all these stats are bull shit, 900b deadlift aha don't think so, the
american record is 909lbs. the top powelitfers in the world are just
getting those numbers

Author kdm71291 ( ago)
What about wrestlers from earlier Patera?

Author Supper Galaxy ( ago)

Author Le Tigidou ( ago)
I can only press two benches at a time. How the fuck do you do 600? That's
like a mid sized venue.

Author Derek Noppe ( ago)

Author f3possessed ( ago)
the big show would easily be the strongest on bench press ! he probably be
one of the strongest human beings alive.

Author Gavin Winn ( ago)

He can even lift great khali and Kane

Cena should be 1st he lifted up big show and everyone

Author Edward Watson ( ago)
Where's the rock in the list

Author James Shepherd ( ago)
Total nonsense

Author ParagonRex ( ago)
Where are these numbers coming from?

Author Main Man ( ago)
Big Show doesn't bench that much, Great Khali doesn't bench that much,
Brock Lesnar doesn't bench that much, and Mark Henry benches more than

Author Turki Yousef ( ago)
Andre the giant is the strongest

Author Tengis Zulsar ( ago)
Wheres Hulk Hogan?.

Author Pixel dante 0310 ( ago)
Exuse me the rock is to

Author diego zecenarro ( ago)
I like music :)

Author Hope Goff ( ago)
how is John Cena #9? He can lift Big Show and Edge, thats over 700 pounds

Author Spencer Beck (1434 years ago)
All these stats are fake and to be honest mark henry should be number one
he has won world strongest competions and your stats say 525 lolllll

Author Nate Weisbarth ( ago)
This is impressive

Author Rami Albanna ( ago)
Cena is stronger than Mark Henry and big show

Author R.J. Perfetto ( ago)
Where did you accumulate these numbers from? Thank you.

Author AppleCapper ( ago)
undertaker should be hier and goldberg shuold be 1

Author petur brimdal ( ago)
i don´t belvie bruck can deadlift 900lbs

Author Murat Yıldız ( ago)
markhenry WWE's most powerful (because the world's most powerful man)

Author lift0dem0weights1 ( ago)
IT'S ON BENCH PRESS!!! Do u guys not read titles? So and so should be
higher cuz he's stronger overall. STFU!! This ain't that conversation. How
bout we rank reading abilities? 

Author Dark shadow 123 ( ago)
Brock Lesnar is not the toughest 

Author Dark shadow 123 ( ago)
Totally wrong. Mark is the toughest man in the world

Author Scott Lanzara ( ago)
Goldberg Goldberg 

Author Christian Del Wiel ( ago)
Brock Lesnar can bench press 510lbs and goldberg bench presses 505lbs! Are
you fucking high about lesnae bench pressing 600+lbs ! Bullshit vidieo

Author Peter Parker ( ago)
HHH is stronger than Undertaker?

NO WAY is Kane stronger than Big Show

I thought Mark Henry was the strongest dude in the company. He's only #3?

Author KINGD353 ( ago)
why is everyone in teh comments section so pissy.....

Author Saqib Khan ( ago)
john cena is strongest because he picked up big show (very heavy)

Author bigscot08 ( ago)
I don't know where these numbers came from but Goldberg was on national
television benching 625 and no way in hell khaki presses 600, his arms are
way to long

Author Erlyk Dalkien ( ago)
Total crap.

Author Snake2570 Clash And More ( ago)
I agree with all these guys Brock your my favorite

Author Jack Edge ( ago)
Bill Kazmaier was the strongest wrestler there has ever been he worked for
wcw in the 80s/90s he was a 3 time worlds strongest man.

Author Ali Muneer ( ago)
so you are the man standing beside to these wrestlers ,holding their towel
and water bottel when they train . bullshit

Author BBBYpsi ( ago)
Actually the best bench press ever by a guy who was in the wwf/wwe would
have been Ted Arcedi he held the world record at 705 lbs

Author Thomas Buchovecky ( ago)
What are these "facts" based on?

Author Let Us Secede! ( ago)
I'd honestly put Cena in second. It's not just about raw statistics, it's
about what they can do in a match. Cena AAed Big Show and and someone else
at the same time, about 700 pounds, and it didn't even look like it was the
best he could do!

I'm not a Cena fan, but I do have to state the obvious, guy is strong as
hell. Take into account that he's not even that big of a guy and that
makes it even more amazing.

Author your-not-that-cool-bro ( ago)
All 10 and only 3 real lifters haha 

Author Reyad Studio ( ago)
Wrong Mark Henry is First and Cena has to be 3rd because he beat MHenry in
the Arm Wrestling thing and is Obviously stronger than Batista haha

Author thisguy177 ( ago)
brock lesnar is not stronger than mark henry or the great khali or
goldberg. stop hyping up a nobody. bill goldberg can match anything lesnar

Author reuben force ( ago)
Jeff hardy should be at number 9 as he has lifted 500 pounds 

Author rick rossell ( ago)
Goldberg can lift 720 

Author XXGreenUnit06XX ( ago)
Undertaker is The strengest Wrestler

Author 1drumsmoke ( ago)
Lesnar is strong but I bet a million that he cant bench 665 lbs, now way
no how!

Author rick rossell ( ago)
What song is this

Author stoneman472 ( ago)
You do realize that Show could rip apart nearly all those other guys right?
The exceptions being Kane and Undertaker 

Author Tim Bahr ( ago)
lol this is fake.. lesnar has NEVER benched 655lbs neither has kane reached
the 600's... get your facts straight before making false videos..

lesnar's highest bench to date - 575
kane's highest bench to date - 360

Author WillJM81280 ( ago)
Bench is for amateurs. Squats and Deads are for the men.

Author Ðåñtë Shådë ( ago)
Mark Henry is the worlds strongest man, and still is to this day. He can
currently bench 664, and dead lift 525. That is impressive, and more than
most can lift at that age, or younger as a matter of fact. Just because
he's overweight doesn't mean he isn't strong. I would love to see you
assholes go up to his face and insult his weight. Don't come crying to me
when you get chunked off the Empire State buildin. Because he is still the
strongest in this era.

Author Cooper Villereal ( ago)
But Brock used steroids so its cheating

Author Christopher Panossian ( ago)
If you check Mark Henry's lifting records you get this. Squat= 953lbs. Dead
lift= 904lbs. Bench press=600lbs. Snatch= 407lbs. Clean&Jerk= 507lbs. These
totals clearly put him at the top of the list and reinforce his title as
The World's Strongest Man.

Author Kris Hammer ( ago)
I thought Steroids would be number 1, shit xD

Author Quentin Howard ( ago)
Just to help some of you all out here is a legit link with some superstars
talking there bench numbers

Author RED X LORD OF KINGS ( ago)
the guy who made this clip is Lesnar ass kissing shit taking bitch loool
Lesnar at 655 benchpress that,s mark henry number

Author Tren979797 (586 years ago)
Brock is strong but you would need a crane to pull that off his chest...not
a chance he gets 655

Author DARK NIGHT1998 ( ago)
this shit is fake

Author Komortas ( ago)
lesnar himself has even stated in an interview that kane can bench more
than him. This video is bull shit

Author zeal459 ( ago)
Uhhh Henry should be number 1

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