Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers (Bench Press Numbers)

Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers in history based on their bench press numbers!

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Author Showtime By KO (3 months)
LMFAO Brock can't even tough 655. Not even 600.

Author Daniel Cundiff (25 days)
Where's 123 kid? Aka xpac???

Author Joker36094 (2 months)
What about Jeff Hardy he benchpressed 500 lbs :I

Author 99vickey (1 month)
Fake as shit everyone knows John cena is the strongest 

Author Venom101002 (2 months)
My first question would be, where did you get these numbers? I would
definitely question their validity.

Author kingg james (1 month)
LMAO This is FAKE!!! It's fan made. Henrys is the world's strongest man, he
once lifted a car and he was in the olympic games as a legit strong man. So
how can he be lower than Lesnar? I want legit information not fan made
P.S. Lesnar IS strong via but when it comes to strength he'll definetly be
a little bit lower than Henry's. Lesnar's attributes that exceeds Henry's
are resilliancy, speed, and technique.....

Author Crazy Shit (6 days)
Why the FUCK isn't the strongest wrestler The Rock on this shit list ?

Author Wakil Karimi (15 hours)
This is a very very very very very fucking fuckinh list dislike !!!!!

Author ramy m (5 days)
big e bench press 700 right ? 

Author Brock Lesnar is a Conqueror (15 days)
1.Henry 2.Show 3.Kane 4.Lesnar 5.Big E 6.Cena 7.Cesaro 8.Lashley 9.Taker

Author Coby Johnson (15 days)
Brock Lesnar is a monster! All of the WWE superstars know it too! He is by
far the strongest man in the WWE!

Author Master Mewtwo (11 days)
This needs updating

Author drgedy atmadja (18 days)
Goldberg jackhammer giant ( 550 pounds )... meh this video sucks

Author Will Thomas (29 days)
Don't forget about Ted Arcidi (record breaking powerlifter), Ken Patera,
Tony Atlas, and Ivan Puski. Ken was an olympian and Ivan was in the world's
strongest man competition. You might want to check these. Also you might
want to check Ron Simmons, former Florida State player.

Author StreamerVideo (19 days)
I simply do not believe the Great Khali can bench 600. I know for a fact
that Brock cannot squat 920lbs and bench 655lbs.

Author William Levy (8 days)
The only real people that could actually lift that much is mark Henry, big
show taker Kane

Author Bossi Oran (20 days)
This is so wrong mark henry is the strongest guy there and not because
there weight make them strong btw brock lesnar is so weak its better you
delete this video because it make no sense.

Author simen klausen (12 days)
Rey mysterio should be number 1 XD

Author Sheila McCarthy (5 days)
Brock Lesner takes stariods

Author fadumo aden (3 months)
mark henry is way stronger than brock lesnar

Author stefan stojanovic (2 months)
song name Blood Red Sandman by Lordi

Author ToonandBBfan (1 month)
Crush could bench about 575lbs
Bret Hart said that he once saw Jim the Anvil bench 600 in a Calgary Gym
Road Warrior Animal in his prime often lifted over 600.
I bet 20 years ago, Taker could lift more than 395 (Dynamite Kid in his
prime did 455)

Author CHRISD MONEY (26 days)
John Cena deadlifted 700 once.

Author Rich Maz (24 days)
most of the names mentioned were "helped' by roids exc Cena, Undertaker,

Author WereWeBall (2 months)
Jeff Hardy bench pressed 500 in 2008

Author Stuart Davis (3 months)
Sorry but 400lb bench press for a 6'4 280 pound proffesional wreslter is
crap I can press 380 and im only 210 pound.

Author Joseph Schwartz (1 month)
failed to mention Ted Arcidi, Jeep Swenson, or Ken Petera. List is crap.

Author MyNameIsNotBrad (1 month)
This list is complete bullshit.

Just earlier this year, Cena said his personal best was 481 lbs. Big E is
confirmed as the strongest man in WWE right now, and he benches 575 (though
he admits in Henry's prime, Henry was stronger).

Sounds like salocannibal just looked at the wrestlers, then made some s**t

Author William Levy (8 days)
John cena takes roids

Author Xymia Woodson (20 days)
Brock lesner is so crazy

Author fleximus prime (2 months)
I think the facts are a little off ... I know I had a muscle and fitness
magazine a few months ago and cena was on the cover and it said he was
building towards a personal best of 500 on the squat... don't get me wrong
all the guys on this list are incredibly fucking strong ... but there not
doing that much

Author Terminator (4 days)
This is fake 

Author HAWK Vos (1 month)
And idiots be like "Goldberg and Mark Henry are stronger than Brock Lesnar
!" Haha LMFAO

Author JJRplays M C (13 days)
Ikr fake shit

Author Iron Fitness (4 months)
this is bullshit brock lesnar does not have any lifts in the 900s that is
up there with world records for his 3 lift max

Author Soccer Kid721 (1 month)
Jeff hardy did 525 pounds bench press

Author Yassir SoldierZ (1 month)

Author xxTimesxx12Twelve12 (4 months)
This is deceiving because this list is base off certain lifts. If you count
shoulders then goldberg is untouched. All around I have no prob with Henry
and Brock at the top of the list but goldberg needs to be higher to keep
this accurate.

Author krillin876 (18 days)
Ken Patera??

Author dave z (2 months)
this is the most ridicoulous list ever. HHH 315 lol seriously. where are
the road warriors, dino bravo, hulk Hogan, savage, luger, ted arcidi did
over 700 and he was a wwe wrestler, john stud so if HHH is 14 then this is
a list you made up. LOL SO FUNNY

Author TOMMY RAIN (15 days)
Dino bravo???

Author james street (5 months)
As far as all around strength, the Big Show when he first came to the WWF
was possibly the strongest man that ever lived. I would love to have seen
him on the atlas stones in the WSM competition.

Author Esmee Landa (1 month)
This is so fanmade
I mean.... never heard of the wsm?

Author Jimmy Cemil Gokten (2 months)
How can anyone prove that these are real numbers? It looks like a
popularity/physical size list to me..

Author Rich Maz (24 days)
sky lo lo once lifted the bar

Author maynardo (1 month)
Where the fuck did you get those bogus facts?

Author PREDATOR11910 (4 months)
I heard Brock Lesnar's bench was more like 475 pounds

Author MrOnionCock (2 months)
What were LOD's?

Author pewdiepie sucks (2 months)
no john cena can bench lift 638

Author THE Bigragu (4 months)
Animal of THE Road Warriors was well over 600lbs on the bench........

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