Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 6:44
Comments: 20409

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Author David Kennedy (11 days)
Let's have a drink lol

Author Anthony Vogt (9 days)
Such a tragically beautiful song...of the human condition. :-/ Shows
the best of us...and the worst of us.

Author David Schaible (1 month)
i don't want to forget her. i just want to stop missing her.

Author Country Music (3 days)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author Kevin Wiebe (6 days)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author Ryzo Aono (2 days)
*sniffs* this is what I felt to most of the girls that broke my heart......

Author ese hombre (14 days)
You see alot of soldier home comings with happy endings here on YouTube. I
wonder how many soldiers come home to this type of home coming? I hate to
imagine but I would have to say many. They say distance makes the heart
grow fonder but sometimes distance makes the heart go wander. But working
long hours works in the same way. Been there. Sucks but not worth dying

Author mikemorr100 (15 days)
I like to think of myself as a pretty tough guy but I actually cry to this
song whenever I hear it.

Author cherin robson (8 days)
why cheat in the first place??

Author Joseph Arenas (1 month)
Who's seen this video? 

Author Edgar diaz (22 days)
Hermoza cancion

Author Martin green (1 month)

Author marcelaruby84 (11 days)
Is the army dude Ricky Schroeder?

Author Dean Stephens (1 month)
After several years of being clean and sober I have caught myself in a back
slide. Self induced, no doubt. Cant seem to find the courage to let go
after so long. I sure do miss her. Guess forever is just a word these days
and no body knows how to take it seriously. Cant blame anyone but myself.
That being said, I do believe I need to listen to some more music. Have a
great evening y'all..

Author Harrison Fairfield (17 days)
The woman deserves to burn in hell. How could you do something like that?
Fucking disloyal bitch deserves to face a firing squad as should anyone who
says they can sympathize with her. That's just a sign of weakness and
selfishness and these people who condone adultery through their sympathy,
just like those who commit adultery, are not fit to live. Subhuman filth
who can't even practice abstinence WHILE married and their spouse is away?
Inexcusable. It's not difficult to not be a whore and she deserves no
sympathy for this awful licentious behavior. 

Author fatima flores (2 months)

Author MisterD2013 (2 months)
I say this to all here: if you are using alcohol to forget your problems,
PLEASE let go of it. It doesn't help and you are only causing your body
long-term damage in the interim. Lost romance and chances at it are tough.
I know; I've gone through it, but like one user told someone on here: no
woman (or man) is worth losing your life to alcohol. This is a tragic story
wrapped up within a song, and I know that it does happen.

If you are trying to escape the pain of loss, alcohol is NOT the place to
turn. Alcohol is dangerous, addicting, and offers little to no long term
support. You can get yourself drunk, but when you come down from your
drunken state, your problems are still there, are they not? Yes, they are.
Please consider therapy, help, rehab, something. Don't lose yourself to
drunkenness and alcohol. Thank you.

Author Mari Cerda (2 months)
Love this song

Author Vu Lang (1 month)
Its a sad story!

Author Aleksandar Krdzavac (4 months)

Author Jillian Wales (2 months)
Very sad and touching...

Author AlaskanGunGeek (4 months)
Something I noticed is this video is about a soldier returning from WWII,
yet at his funeral 4:07 the 21 Gun Salute is carried out with M14 rifles.
The M14 wasn't invented until 1954 and wasn't put into service until 1959. 

Author Renna Mccalister (11 days)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby:

Author Randy Buckler (11 days)

Author Sin Deploy (2 days)
This song reminds me if my ex who cheated. I hated her at the time and
tried to drink my problems away too. I came close to killing myself. 

Author Fogholade (15 days)
WISH THERE WAS A WAY TO FORGET.. I always advise people how to live and how
to be perfect.. but it never can be apply on me.. i tried a lot to forget
but it's kinda impossible because even if you are always partying and
life is indeed funny.. 

Author Zoe Smith (7 days)
I love this song but I mean she shouldn't have been with another guy she
knows she has a husband and she broke his heart and he killed himself and
she killed herself

Author Christina Akasha Curtis (18 days)
"She finally drank her pain away a little at a time
But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind"

Author Angel Marie (1 day)
my ex and i use to sing this song in his car. him brad and me alison lol
anyways he cheated and then left me and i felt the way that guy did. i
tried to drink and it got worse and i wanted to kill myself. glad i didn't
and i'm alot better! :)

Author Rolando Deleon (20 hours)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby:

Author chickens366 (4 days)
These hoes ain't loyal 

Author Doug Fresh (6 days)
#Whiskey #lullaby 

Author Jade Hayes (5 days)

Author itscork (5 days)
Nice catch!

Author morris (3 months)
Cartman really is an asshole for cock-blocking Kyle in that episode.

Author nex scene (4 days)
Life, death, heaven, or hell if my wife does this to me I will run to the
end of the universe. Don't buried her next to me. I'd rather enter heaven
alone. Sorry, honey, I won't wait at the heaven's gate for you. Cheatings
not an accident. It's a choice. You choose that route, goodbye.

Author Giselle Mckenzie (15 days)
THIS song make me cry :'(

Author Edward Perez (7 days)
I hate that this happens in this world. Living is hard enough as it is

Author Ashley Nicole (7 days)
I had a friend who had a girlfriend that was pregnant and decided to go
tanning and the baby ended up dying he dedicated this song to that I though
that was very touching but may prayers go to my friend and his lost child 

Author Hellen Nayiga (18 days)
when i was 17, i used to love the song because of the way it flowed....but
when i grew older, just ,makes me sad.....

Author Bob MyJohnson (28 days)
Reminds me of coming home from Iraq! 

Author Ida Williams (12 days)
Love this video and song it's like something could have happened in another
life it was wrong but it happened.. Sad that the memories go through life
times, when you truly realize how much you loved each other and cannot love
anyone else's or allow anyone to get close enough to love you. It's like
some kind of split screen sadness...,2 wrongs makes it all alright tonight
true love conquers all love will find its way back and to each others arms

Author Cynthia dreaming 0806 (13 days)
The story of me n my ex sinh relationships over a girl n love of jealousy
lol funny b c he told me if u in a relationship there should b no jealousy
b c if u r jealous mean u r stupid n mentally ill wtf

Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby:

Author David Quinn (1 month)
I can sympathize with the soldier. When asked at the VA what mybigest
regret was I replied "that I never cheated on my wife wile she was doing a
different guy every night"

Author Jay Hughes (1 month)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby i dont want this to ever

Author Tuan Duong (1 month)
How can the trigger of a bottle kill someone? Is it strong like a gun? I've
never seen anyone suicide that way.

Author william schuster (1 month)
Am I the only that watched this that thought she got what she deserved and
that he was stupid to have committed suicide over a woman? Not to mention
he's stupid to have forgiven her at the end. I mean come on if she's going
to sleep around on you no matter the circumstances, she's not worth the

Author munkydawn99 (2 months)
That's how I felt the day I seen my boyfriend get back with his wife .. And
to this day I still drink my pain away .. Can't drink away his memory .. 

Author robinslama (1 month)
I recently was seeing a woman who's bf of about 10 years had passed away on
her 2-1/2 years previous. She turned to alcohol as her answer drinking a
1/5 or 2 of CR every night for those couple of years. We dated for a little
over 4 months and in that time I saw her try to drink away his memory over
and over again, but, the reality of it was that it never worked until she
would pass out drunk and I would have to carry her to bed. I tried so much
to talk to her, to try and help with the guilt she had, to try to help her
say goodbye to that part of her life because we fell in love and she said
she wanted to start a new, different life with me. I gave up on her a few
times and left when she would get drunk and call out his name or tell me
that she would rather have him but because I felt unconditional love for
her and thought I could help change those feelings I would always go back
to her. We now are broken up again, more than likely for good, because it's
his birthday tomorrow and she chose to go out of town to visit his family
and his gravesite, to try and drink away his memory again instead of
staying here with me, someone who loves her, someone who wants to be with
her. It hurts so bad but at some point you have to realize that not
everyone can be saved from their own demons, that you ultimately need to
save yourself from the things that cause you pain. Alcohol isn't the
answer. You have 2 choices in this life, 1.) To accept what is and do
nothing or 2.) Accept responsibility for what is and make changes to fix it.
I hope everyone understands that you are the only one responsible for your
happiness... Live ~ Laugh ~ Love

Author BboyBankai (1 month)
Why did i start to cry....

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