Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music

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Author David Schaible (3 months)
i don't want to forget her. i just want to stop missing her.

Author Brittanie Hansen (1 month)
This song makes me wanna cry. I will never understand how anyone can cheat
on their significant other. I can't imagine doing something like this to my
man. No matter how long hes gone i will wait faithfully for him to come
home to me. 

Author Michael (1 month)
This makes me cry every time I hear it, because this same thing happened to
me. And I will love her until I die, although I'm not dead physically, I
am dead inside. I will spend my whole life trying to drink the pain away,
but I can't. I wish that I had never seen what I saw. The girl I was
devoted to, that I tried to stay alive so I could come back home to. Why
me?? I don't deserve this. But how do you get over the only woman you've
ever known since high school? Its just not right; In the end, I'm sure, I
will finally drink away her memory right into a casket. But I don"t have
the strength to get off of my knees either.

Author Derek Rasmussen (4 days)
Great song but Damn kill yourself over some girl or guy like I see so many
of you ridiculously posting you want to do. C'mon y'all stop being such
sniveling weak ass pussies! If you are not enough with out another person
by your side you will never be enough with one

Author Annie Abadía (9 days)
*Video triste pero lindo a la vez*

Author TTopTABandit (18 hours)
Women are cold hearted creatures they will crush a good guy to have there
pretty boy toys that treat them like shit!!!!
I loved a women deeply years back and did everything for her used my hard
earned savings to get her out of debt pay off all her bills and buy her a
car paid cash for it and what does she do?? She uses the car I bought her
to run around with a pretty boy that didn't even have a job a car or a
dollar to his name but was so much better looking as she told me!!!! And I
did just this for the next 3 years I walked through life lost feeling empty
trying to fill the emptiness with alcohol! I wanted to be numb inside and
feel nothing! I turned my back on every friend I had I wouldn't even talk
to my parents I was at the edge of suicide!! It took 4 years for me to come
to terms with it and pick myself up again and tried to give what was left
of my heart to another woman and let my guard down and try to be close to
someone again and when summer came all she wanted to do was be in the water
at the lake swimming and when I told her I never could swim she told me I
was a pathetic excuse of a man if I went all through life into my mid 30s
and never could learn to swim and she up and dumped me all because of
that!!!! I'm now 38 and I'm done I've spent 20 years of letting woman
destroy me picking out every little flaw they can find in me and judging me
over it telling me I'm never good enough!!!! I will leave this world just
how I came into it all alone.... 

Author Harrison Fairfield (2 months)
The woman deserves to burn in hell. How could you do something like that?
Fucking disloyal bitch deserves to face a firing squad as should anyone who
says they can sympathize with her. That's just a sign of weakness and
selfishness and these people who condone adultery through their sympathy,
just like those who commit adultery, are not fit to live. Subhuman filth
who can't even practice abstinence WHILE married and their spouse is away?
Inexcusable. It's not difficult to not be a whore and she deserves no
sympathy for this awful licentious behavior. 

Author Fogholade (2 months)
WISH THERE WAS A WAY TO FORGET.. I always advise people how to live and how
to be perfect.. but it never can be apply on me.. i tried a lot to forget
but it's kinda impossible because even if you are always partying and
life is indeed funny.. 

Author David Kennedy (2 months)
Let's have a drink lol

Author Amanda Rose Littlejohn (6 days)
Alison is so pretty and her voice is so beautiful. And then you have Brad
who is handsome and whose voice is really good.

Author chickens366 (2 months)
These hoes ain't loyal 

Author SchutzstaffelSS1 (15 days)
Asmaa I guy, you are retarded as shit, you don't even fucking know what EMO
means basically and you use the term. Go help him suicide you are smarter
that way, and stop hunting attention you low dipshit.

Author PASTAeater KAT (1 month)
oh ma faking god, I cried so damn much to this song...

Author Scubadilla Tex (8 days)
Seems like a lot of folks are in love with an idea not a person… people
make mistakes ideas don’t.
I don’t want to justify people cheating but people need things food water
shelter… relationships, sex etc. I think a lot of people don’t understand
that when you leave a person those needs don’t go away. Part of the blame
has got to be on the person who left.
Doesn’t matter if you’re in the military 5,000 miles away or your married
in the same house if you don’t give your woman what she needs chances are
she will find it elsewhere or…. she is just a whore.
OK so your relationship is a bust/ woman’s a whore…don’t go killing
yourself there is about 4 billion other ladies out there. Statistically
speaking there is a better match out there waiting for you than you had. So
buck up lil buddy and get back on that horse.

Author 1besieged (5 days)
I replied to the men who lost their true loves to another etc. whomever
it applies to, as I feel love is a committment and to keep trying in life.
Jon Randall w/another man wrote this song and his version is very
beautiful also. I saw Jon Randall in concert.
I am sorry to those who lost loved ones for whatever the reason,
loneliness, etc. 

Author Country Music (2 months)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author Nick Lewis (1 day)
I've tried to drink away the pain of a few cheating ex's but there has to
be that point in your life were you realize your better off without that

Author Michelle Karla (1 day)
Omg,omg....This is so sad,like.I've neverr cried so much except when my
grandpa died...BUT GOSH THIS IS SO SAD:,(

Author Lisa Dickens (1 day)
OMG that is the saddest video I've ever seen. OK 52 years old, sitting here
with tears streaming down my face. Heard the song and it was sad, but this
just breaks a heart....

Author Holly Cooney (10 days)
I know this doesn't have much to do with the subject of suicide....but that
HAS to be Rick Shroeder's daughter in the end of the video...looks just
like him! Very touching song and story. This absolutely does happen every
day... I really can't fathom how watching this video provoked Adolf's long
lost sickening image to emerge....crazy

Author Brandon Tafoya (2 days)
typical women who cheats cant keep her fish to herself

Author marcus petrinski (3 days)
Fucking whores!!! Slice them and dice them!! Kill them all that cheat,
including men as well!!! Fucking kill!!!!!

Author Carla Martin (1 month)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby:

Author Arbănaş Claudiu (3 days)
Mental programming through context. It became so obvious, even on VEVO.

Author Gabby Rader (5 days)
I cry everytime I see this. It was my gmas fave song. She died 3 years ago.
I didnt even get to say goodbye

Author hyperionparthalan (13 days)
+asmaa ibrahem
Girls you both are pretty.
Okay You guys have good points as kids are emo at 14 and have a delicate
psyche (glad i was above all that) no matter what media site one will go
one they have already infected it with angst but Asmaa l at least isn't
causing the angst to multiply but is a complete a** for pulling the nazi
card though Schutzstaffel was the elite body guard and police force of
hitler even if it means defense echelon... All points are valid and try not
to drown yourself in a 14 year old's angst you will find yourself turning
into an idiot

oops too late ;) ^w^/

Author Horseguslover 22 (1 day)

Author Jared Langley (7 days)
Now go listen to Brad Paisley- Alcohol... Alcohol is a good guy but if you
abuse him he will abuse you.

Author Ryzo Aono (2 months)
*sniffs* this is what I felt to most of the girls that broke my heart......

Author Glenn Wooden (1 day)
Love the way this story is told from two points of view. 

Author rockrox19 (5 days)
I just lost the person that meant the world to me.. And it's my fault..
She's gone.. I fucked up so bad..

Author Zack Kaiser (8 days)
Know this pain. Know someone all too well. Wanted a family with her but
it's shit after shot getting in the way

Author Mathew Knight (10 days)

Author Josh Stacy (6 days)
Alison Krauss has a beautiful voice.

Author Just Kill Me Now (1 month)
i wish the pain would go away

Author Morocco Dubbeld (10 days)
This is so sad does anyone else feel like crying

Author Mrs Coupe (8 days)
Its just one of those dayz for me .... 

Author Amanda Czarnek (1 day)
Michael its gonna be all right

Author cali berry (3 months)
man am i the only one who cryed

Author Haden Jowell (7 days)
fuck......I'm never getting married again.

Author GaUri PatiL ツ (3 days)

Author Lost1nTranslation (7 days)
I wonder how many people can relate...

Author Krazyk408 (6 days)
Such a sad song and fucked up in a way

Author Eugeniu Gaidim (3 days)
So sad...this love....

Author Christina Akasha Curtis (2 months)
"She finally drank her pain away a little at a time
But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind"

Author paul liseo (7 days)
Onions... God damned onions...

Author Angie Heflin (1 month)
Unfortunately, I think priorities get confused with military families or it
did mine anyway. For some reason he decided my love didn't matter. He went
on his first tour and he sent me one letter and no where did it say that he
missed me. On the occasion that I would get to talk to him, he told me not
to call because his friends would make fun of him. What is a wife to do
with that? He even volunteered for the tour without discussing it with
me. What he doesn't realize is I would have waited forever, but because of
his attitude towards me, I had no option but to let it go. I guess he
couldn't separate his personal life from his job. That was my experience,

Author The Punk Gamer (1 month)
I just can't stand it...I grew up listening to this, but now I know how it

Author Michelle Morris (10 days)
This song makes me cry 

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