Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby (Official Video)

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Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music

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Author ClashTasticBOT ( ago)
I Love This Song!

Author Hailey s ( ago)
its crazy how love and pride go hand in hand. no matter how much he loved
her he couldnt have her, and no matter how much she loved him she let her
lonliness get the best of her.

Author Kayla Garcia ( ago)
😭😭😭😭 sad

Author Chris Burgess ( ago)
Great sad song and good video are the actors well known? they are very good

Author Sergio Pietri ( ago)
this bitch...

Author Mitel Chakma ( ago)
The more times I hear this song I feel the pain and see the secret face of
a woman how she betrays to him. This song is one of my best ever in life. I
don't mean all women.

Author Eoin Doyle ( ago)
are we meant to feel sorry for the woman that spread her legs while her man
was riskink his life? if she loved him that much why did she do it?..

Author Younginfamou$ ( ago)
real music , love this shit here

Author Daniel Tierney ( ago)
I have been in the army for a little over 2 years and been deployed once.
let me tell you that even today this happens all the time. I have been in
two serious relationships since I have been in. one of which I was gonna
marry. and both of them cheated on me. and I have seen it happen to my
buddies a lot too. it is very common for the military unfortunately.

Author Kirby Sisco ( ago)
One of the greatest,saddest and oldest stories on the planet,I was lucky I
guess in this respect,but some of my best buds in Viet Nam didn't have it
so good! When I watch this it breaks my heart,not for me but for them! I'm
an old man now and Iv'e had a good life so far,I'll always wonder how the
young men that got those dear John letters turned out,I hope and pray that
they all found someone to really love them because when youv'e been in a
war that's the one thing any warrior needs the very most! Brad and Allison
nailed this one!

Author Jessica Hamberger ( ago)
"sniffle sniffle" this is a sad song but a good one

Author Nadeto Mirkova ( ago)

Author Nathan Young ( ago)
brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it

Author Dalton Hannesson ( ago)
still a better love story than twilight

Author Olivia Gonzalez ( ago)
Dude I love this song I used to listen to it all the time this song is life
asf and this is like the only country song I love 😍🔥it's fire asf

Author TAEYB AZIZ ( ago)
One of the greatest songes of the century

Author onebourbononescotch ( ago)
This song kills me with it's sadness and beauty.

Author dylan glass ( ago)
Uhmmm in 5:10 - 5:13 the bottle goes from empty to full like no

Author sassy rai ( ago)
luv the way driver says: go start ur life son......

Author Cătălin David ( ago)
This song reminds me of her. Last time i saw her in 2007, but i still love
her after all those years. I love her more than anything else on this
world. And i will love her forever.

Author Meliame Finau ( ago)
😭😭😭😭😭 everytime i listen to this song i cried, my ex cheats on me i
just got him with my 2 eyes stay with another woman 😭😭😭😭 i don't knw
wat to do all i think is getting drunk , j wen n drunk a lot trying to get
over him i can't 😭😭😭😭 all i do is drunk n go night club

Author Sally Powers ( ago)
I love this song so much..

Author Eden Lulek ( ago)
I love this song so much. It is a great song and it has such a heart
touching story behind it

Author moviefanaticfan69 ( ago)
Ricky Schroder is 34 years old in this music video.

Author Autumn Harris ( ago)
a sonvg to tear your heart out is concrete angel

Author teddy bluz ( ago)
um. is it bad that I laughed at the motorcycle scene?
but this is a very good song. made me cry...

Author Muneera bayomi ( ago)
It's 3 am and I'm listening to sad music and this is probably the last one
cause I've ran out of tears for today.

Author Little Lilliana ( ago)
Gotdamn Jodie...gotcha again. Fuck you me TWICE! FUCK YOU...TWO

Author MAXGAMER 19 ( ago)
This song makes me cry every time. I don't know why I watch this video, but
I just can't stop.

Author Major Garry Matthews ( ago)
This was written just for me!

Author HoRaiZeN ( ago)
"the rumours flew but nobody knew how much she balked herself" that lyrics
really wanted me to burn my phone. If not herself then who?

Author HoRaiZeN ( ago)
The most disgusting thing about this I feel is the way she was buried right
beside him. Damn I would rise from the dead and dig myself far away from
her as possible.

Author Stanislaw Slowikowski ( ago)
wow is the word for this song love it

Author RMKogut ( ago)
Still one of the best duets EVER!

Author masso172 ( ago)
I just got very sad right now

Author angeleyes197311 ( ago)
love this song 💙

Author Sang Nguyen Xuan (969 years ago)
sad ending of a sad story..

Author Phoebe Fugate ( ago)
sad sad song ,women should wait on someone they love or marriage ,

Author Myles Little ( ago)
Great song

Author toyboy bouya ( ago)
Women don't seem to understand the power they have over men and no I'm not
talking about sex I'm talking about the kind of power that can make a man
into something and someone or tare him down completely.

Author jessie luna ( ago)
Love this song but it's so sad 😭😭

Author hevosenpaska114 (677 years ago)

Author Horselover14 ( ago)
So sad. I cried so stinking hard. But I love this song anyways. It's such a
sad but good song.

Author Confucious ( ago)
Im from Alabama this song is just one of the reasons i love country music i
feel it was wrong for him to receive her back in the end though she acted
like a whore imagine you just promise to marry someone when they get back
from flying in a rickety plane (not modern planes but like there were in
WWII and suffer ptsd and you come home to find your fiancé has said f you
basically and is screwing another man damn right what he did was normal
whiskey won't rid you of PTSD and how could you even begin to move on from
that here you've had to join the military due to the draft right as you
were going to get married to the woman you love then you come back and boom
the slut basically has said f you sh!thead im with this random guy you
didnt even know existed but shure ill keep your pictures and write you
letters because i dont give a damn about your feelings the b!tch didnt
deserve him in the end

Author Morals AnimalJam ( ago)
Pssh, I don't have feels.

Author daniel bengry ( ago)
I truly do love this song, it tells a huge story

Author Ben Milli ( ago)
The lesson her is that you never know how much you Love someone til they're
gone and to throw that Love away for a quick fling is awful!!

Author Wendi Hale ( ago)
country good song good make me cry

Author Angelina Shepherd ( ago)
i cried in this

Author Giorgio Giannini ( ago)
Brad -

Author Beautiful Life ( ago)

Author Raymond Misje ( ago)
love this song

Author angela pratt ( ago)
Beautiful songs.

Author breanna rager ( ago)
such a sad song. Haven't listened to it for years . tears immediately
started streaming down my face. such a beautiful song.

Author cindy white ( ago)
toats sad

Author martin rog ( ago)
huilie huilie

Author Arunim Bhattacharya ( ago)
That bloody bitch!!

Author raymond barone ( ago)
stupid cheaters, I hope the same be done to you, chaters are pieces o shit
who don't deserve faithful person........ FUCK YOU CHEATER

Author Shariful Islam ( ago)
i am not a soldier bt i had to face something like this! the only diffrence
is the girl in the VDO felt sorry
i dont say all girls are bad...just one ques why do they have to be like
this? when a guy is ready to sacrifice everything for her

Author Ricky Selman ( ago)
This Still Makes Me Cry Every Time I See Ith

Author Sophiee Lewis ( ago)
This honestly got me into tears

Author Katie's Weirdness ( ago)
I sure as hell wouldn't cheat on my man. Especially if he was serving our

Author Bachan Singh ( ago)

Author Gallus Desidenius ( ago)
This is a great song to finish a bottle of vodka to. Definetly helps more
than paxil.

Author Eunice Abonyo ( ago)
beautiful and sad at the same time

Author marinesteve6991 ( ago)
I tell ya.. life has its ways of really surprising the hell outta you.
leave for work one day...And come home and my whole world is just up side
down.. everything I believed in..suddenly gone.. Damn

Author Kathaleena Valdez - Jackson ( ago)
This video breaks my heart, so many of our military men and women have
broken homes after going through so much for our Country, keep them in your

Author Kayfer Gomez ( ago)
I would've smacked that bitch in the after life tbh ....

Author Amy Taylor ( ago)
So beautiful 

Author Alex Antoniou ( ago)
This song always makes me cry.

Author Mac Christopher ( ago)
Fuck all you sluts!! That would do that to your man while he fightn over

Author Ayooitzbabyluv ( ago)
if you really loved someone there wouldn't be any cheating in fact when you
truly love somebody everybody else comes well behind that person because
you cant possibly think of anybody else to love................
there isn't any excuse for you to cheat on a man who not only loves you and
treats you well and is faithful AND goes to work to provide for you bitch
that's a keeper you don't deserve him if you even once thought of any other
person (also for 👧 ) ❤💗

Author Ardenwolfe ( ago)
This has to be the saddest song I've ever heard.

Author Roxy R ( ago)
Realness, they truly love each other and forgave each other. The Best Part.

Author Carmen Lasha ( ago)
:'( :( :(

Author Diana Thornwell ( ago)
makes me evry time

Author TheHulkster1234 ( ago)
I think the reason this video is set during the World War Two era is
because things like this actually happened to a lot of soldiers at the time
when they came back from the war at least according to my grandparents

Author Ella Young ( ago)
cold chills

Author Leigh Brown ( ago)
ill love u till I die...I blame myself

Author 's ( ago)
I cant understand the fact at 5:09 the bottle she takes out is close to
empty, and when it's a close shot it's almost full.. :(

Author Keywork55 ( ago)
How am i suppose to feel sorry for her? It was all her fault!

Author Makaylee Cooper (218 years ago)
My favorite song!!!!

Author me andyou ( ago)
such a sad video.

Author Kathaleena Valdez - Jackson ( ago)
One of my very favorite but it breaks my heart too so many have gone
through this sadly.

Author Marieficent ( ago)
I remember that my friend showed me this a long time ago. I loved sad songs
and music videos, and I have been looking for this for so long! I finally
found it, just because I searched "lullaby" by coincidence.

Author Stefan C (440 years ago)
In a way this video should remind us all of the Veterans that return from
serving our country and giving us the freedom to live our life's freely.

Sadly enough most of our Veterans that are to return face a world of lost
sacred heaven.
Time in separation does change people and the internet can NOT replace
human touch or affection.

In a way this song and video shows the bond between two people that had
lost contact but are united at the end for eternal love and friendship most
will never achieve.

Feel loved and share that feeling after all.

Author Dennis Mackey ( ago)
"Im VERKLEMPT.........Talk amongst yourselves.....!!!"

Author Allie Ranger ( ago)
Absolutely love this song. cry every time I hear it. hate that some women
do that to their men.

Author Nire Hcier ( ago)
say me if you cried

Author B3LANDO 14 ( ago)
When I die I want to be laying next to my wife and have her in my arms but
I'm going to the Army and I'm probably coming home in a body bag. I hug my
girl everyday and keep her in my arms and I have six brothers and cry
thinking about how I would leave them. Like most soldiers I know it's my
duty to fight for this country! I love everyone in this country and I'd die
for everyone of you just so you can tuck your kids in at night.

Author Lisa Sweeney (902 years ago)
I'm not her :/

Author Ben Lico ( ago)
This song gives me chills every time.

Author Guillaume Caron ( ago)
put it back in its contexe no words are strong enough to describe howe
betrayed he felt, now a days, promised love last's only till the next
morning. she knew she had done wrong. If only they had talked to each
other.Unfortunately both of them had a sad endind. Some times you better
foregive 'cause you can't forget.(Sorry for my english)

Author kutzbill ( ago)
RIP my friend, Gary RIchrath.

Author Micheal Branch ( ago)
Ladies/Gentlemen. If your spouse is serving and you're cheating on them I
believe you deserve nothing less than a rope. I have seen this so many
times and it drives me insane. THEY'RE FIGHTING FOR US ALL. And soldiers.
Don't take your life or get down when or if, hopefully it won't. Don't take
your life. Find someone that respects you and respects the part you may be
deployed again in case of emergencies. Stay strong and thank you so very

Author Erika Gutierrez ( ago)
This made me cry :'( Both of their voices are so melodic. Gave me chills.
And SUCH a sad story!!

Author Nadeto Mirkova ( ago)

Author Misty Madden ( ago)
:/ :(

Author Steven collins ( ago)
I cry almost every time

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