Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 6:44
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Author Aleksandar Krdzavac (2 months)

Author AlaskanGunGeek (2 months)
Something I noticed is this video is about a soldier returning from WWII,
yet at his funeral 4:07 the 21 Gun Salute is carried out with M14 rifles.
The M14 wasn't invented until 1954 and wasn't put into service until 1959. 

Author Mustafa Faisal (7 days)
Now they are both in Hell !! 

Author Mari Cerda (3 days)
Love this song

Author David Payton (3 months)
Somethings a man wishes he'd never lived to know. But life isn't that fair,
so then he tries to survive and it hurts. 

Author morris (1 month)
Cartman really is an asshole for cock-blocking Kyle in that episode.

Author hilde jernbekk (29 days)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author Mad Hatter (3 months)
I sympathize with this situation, I really do, but I think that, if I was
in the soldier's position, I could find it in my heart to forgive her. I
understand that people have strong sexual desires, and I think that, if I
were gone for a very long time, and my lover had an affair out of
desperation and loneliness, but she knew it was just that and begged me for
forgiveness, I could understand and keep loving her just the same.

Author Samantha Winchester (4 months)
Yeah, I know its an old song, but it's been on of my favorites... and this
video always makes me cry... v.v

Author Prodipto majumder (3 months)
this is why you should call b4 you drop in 

Author Silia Georgaki (4 months)
It's such a sad song and video :(

Author XxMK3VR616xX (2 months)
This video is even sadder when you can relate to it. I listen to metal,
stuff most people here would be like wtf? But I have soft spot for this

Author Seng Kk (1 month)
my fav!!!

Author Daniel Selvidge (3 months)
This happened to me coming back from the Middle East. Same reaction,

Author Nerossu (4 months)
Well... i hate this song now

Author tahmeed chowdhury (4 months)
One of the most saddest stories ever....see this video and you'll know what
i mean

Author Haley Ecker (3 months)
This song and video is so sad.

Author Whitney Voiers (3 months)
Hm, Brad and Allison.. not a good match. Allison's octave is a bit too high
for it to really flow evenly.

Author Peter Hunsader (4 months)
Dam! Now you bury her next to him? That's awful! Send her to the other
side of the planet! 

Author A-tomiiC (3 months)
Maybe the girl in the video thought he died in the war so she probably
decided to moved on with her life, because I saw something like this on a
talk show, I believe it's Dr. Phil where a story about a wife was with both
husbands, one she thought he was dead and the other she started a new life
with. Suddenly the soldier who she thought died in the war called home and
told her that she still loved her so you can't really blame the girl in the
video for not knowing if he'll ever return.

Author 6 String Fan (5 months)
Love this sad song but I sure didn't care for the video which I just viewed
for the first time.

Author Dawn Rhoades (2 days)

Author Stumblin Skipper (11 days)
Never thought I'd be sharing such poor emotions right now. Ha... I don't
know if there is any worse feeling in love than having your heart ripped
out and crushed into pieces before you, before you could even let your
heart out of the stronghold and have it manifest into something
extraordinary. When you finally lower your drawbridge thinking you found
that incredible ally, and the Queen of Hearts steals your heart out and
destroys everything you worked so hard to build up...

Author Jillian Wales (4 days)
Very sad and touching...

Author James Casey (24 days)
I love this song,but it is so sad...

Author Ben Boyle (1 month)
I cant drink enough to erase her memory.....

Author Anneli Westman (8 days)
It is some years since I saw Brad Paisly in Stockholm..

Author amanda lawson (7 days)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby:

Author Bill Sprinkle (11 days)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby:

Author rose poop (1 month)
its so remantic

Author Kevin Isaac Suarez Hurtado (23 days)
esta es la vida de un soldado.... 

Author Jurek Paciej (1 month)

Author Ruby Daud (1 month)
Nice song

Author Smooth Aqua (3 months)
I love this song

Author ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ ΔΟΞΑΚΗΣ (1 month)
i thing no one of you know what means when you camiing back of war that
you get here because u need money for your family and you find something
like this. Sorry for my bad english but i m drunk.

Author Tracey Preston (2 months)
i love this song but its such a sad one . thats the fight face when you
are an alcoholic tho . i know from experience as i grew up in an alcoholic

Author Nikolai Nguyen Huu (2 months)
Solider life. Go Go . . . > > >

Author Martin Green (3 months)
One of the best songs ever!

Author Lilly Wilkins (3 months)
Great song

Author Kevin Hart (2 months)
I can totally relate to this but thank god I got help no woman will ever
put me through that pain and hell again

Author lara reyes (4 days)
One of the best songs ever! and one of the best duets, too.

Author Nishat Lee (3 days)
A beautifully sad tale.......

Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author satya shukla (1 day)
OMG......Well, I love this song for Brad Paisley and my fav. Alison Krauss.
But the story, drinking is not a solution to any problem :) 

Author bekim beha (5 days)
I've never seen the video to this song but i've heard it a million times..
them feels man. Lump in my throat as i type this.

Author Sonny Spencer (5 days)
yep. same happened to me, girl cheated. I drank some whiskey. She made me
realized what I don't want in my life. But, I happily moved on from her.

Author Shance Ndiho (2 days)
I love this song so much but every-time i listen to this song it makes me
wanna sing along to it or cry... It's just so beautiful but sad..<3

Author James Hasbeen (2 months)
They need to update the show?

Author Rosie F. (1 day)
God has always blessed me but I WANT TO GO HOME!!! NOW

Author Aiobhin McElroy (11 hours)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author vincent kelton (3 days)
this happened to me...i almost drank myself to death. luckily i was able to
dig deep and i lived however i'll never be the same after what she has done
to me. this is part of the reason good men are hard to find....because of
the things women do to them. I was willing to give her everything...i was
going to ask her to marry me. The scar runs deep and i'll never be the

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