Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 6:44
Comments: 20193

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Author Joseph Arenas (5 days)
Who's seen this video? 

Author Dean Stephens (13 days)
After several years of being clean and sober I have caught myself in a back
slide. Self induced, no doubt. Cant seem to find the courage to let go
after so long. I sure do miss her. Guess forever is just a word these days
and no body knows how to take it seriously. Cant blame anyone but myself.
That being said, I do believe I need to listen to some more music. Have a
great evening y'all..

Author fatima flores (24 days)

Author MisterD2013 (25 days)
I say this to all here: if you are using alcohol to forget your problems,
PLEASE let go of it. It doesn't help and you are only causing your body
long-term damage in the interim. Lost romance and chances at it are tough.
I know; I've gone through it, but like one user told someone on here: no
woman (or man) is worth losing your life to alcohol. This is a tragic story
wrapped up within a song, and I know that it does happen.

If you are trying to escape the pain of loss, alcohol is NOT the place to
turn. Alcohol is dangerous, addicting, and offers little to no long term
support. You can get yourself drunk, but when you come down from your
drunken state, your problems are still there, are they not? Yes, they are.
Please consider therapy, help, rehab, something. Don't lose yourself to
drunkenness and alcohol. Thank you.

Author Mari Cerda (1 month)
Love this song

Author Vu Lang (23 days)
Its a sad story!

Author Mustafa Faisal (1 month)
Now they are both in Hell !! 

Author Aleksandar Krdzavac (3 months)

Author Madi Marohl (22 days)
Love this song

Author AlaskanGunGeek (3 months)
Something I noticed is this video is about a soldier returning from WWII,
yet at his funeral 4:07 the 21 Gun Salute is carried out with M14 rifles.
The M14 wasn't invented until 1954 and wasn't put into service until 1959. 

Author David Payton (5 months)
Somethings a man wishes he'd never lived to know. But life isn't that fair,
so then he tries to survive and it hurts. 

Author morris (2 months)
Cartman really is an asshole for cock-blocking Kyle in that episode.

Author hilde jernbekk (2 months)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author Mad Hatter (4 months)
I sympathize with this situation, I really do, but I think that, if I was
in the soldier's position, I could find it in my heart to forgive her. I
understand that people have strong sexual desires, and I think that, if I
were gone for a very long time, and my lover had an affair out of
desperation and loneliness, but she knew it was just that and begged me for
forgiveness, I could understand and keep loving her just the same.

Author TheMarty221 (20 days)
This song is a song that will be undrestood by alot of people one of the

Author Jay Hughes (5 days)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby i dont want this to ever

Author Brendan MacFarlane (3 days)
#BrendanMacFarlane check my version out

Author Samantha Winchester (5 months)
Yeah, I know its an old song, but it's been on of my favorites... and this
video always makes me cry... v.v

Author Prodipto majumder (4 months)
this is why you should call b4 you drop in 

Author Tuan Duong (16 days)
How can the trigger of a bottle kill someone? Is it strong like a gun? I've
never seen anyone suicide that way.

Author william schuster (15 days)
Am I the only that watched this that thought she got what she deserved and
that he was stupid to have committed suicide over a woman? Not to mention
he's stupid to have forgiven her at the end. I mean come on if she's going
to sleep around on you no matter the circumstances, she's not worth the

Author Silia Georgaki (5 months)
It's such a sad song and video :(

Author munkydawn99 (27 days)
That's how I felt the day I seen my boyfriend get back with his wife .. And
to this day I still drink my pain away .. Can't drink away his memory .. 

Author jessy james (2 days)
Semper FI 

Author Thanh Hà (3 days)

Author rsbarrett4991 (5 days)
vevo could you fucking lay off with all the commercials we can't opt out of
after 5 seconds...

Author XxMK3VR616xX (3 months)
This video is even sadder when you can relate to it. I listen to metal,
stuff most people here would be like wtf? But I have soft spot for this

Author BboyBankai (16 days)
Why did i start to cry....

Author karina yaotani (7 days)
So many feels

Author jessica peck (1 month)
Pain is Pain in all ways ...

Author Seng Kk (2 months)
my fav!!!

Author Cecelia Sanchez (1 month)
People aren't perfect . People cheat and they lie but at the end of the day
when you really love someone that doesn't matter . True love forgives . Why
do you think these two suffered so much? Because they LOVED each other .
But pride and other things got in the way of that . You people act like you
all have never done anything you regretted before. the lady made a mistake
being with that other man and you can obviously tell in the video she
regretted it every single day . I've never cheated on anybody before ,
never . But I do understand that people make mistakes . Nobody's perfect .
Look at us with God. I mess up on a daily basis, but He LOVES me and so I
know that He'll never give up on me . It's a known fact that we hurt the
people that love us the most , & why is that? I'm not sure. But i do know
that people are not perfect and you cant expect them to be. 

Author Anton Iliev (1 month)
Why am I crying ? I'm a man and still ..... crying ! Why why why ? 

Author Stumblin Skipper (1 month)
Never thought I'd be sharing such poor emotions right now. Ha... I don't
know if there is any worse feeling in love than having your heart ripped
out and crushed into pieces before you, before you could even let your
heart out of the stronghold and have it manifest into something
extraordinary. When you finally lower your drawbridge thinking you found
that incredible ally, and the Queen of Hearts steals your heart out and
destroys everything you worked so hard to build up...

Author James Dennis Casey IV (1 month)
I love this song,but it is so sad...

Author Ben Boyle (2 months)
I cant drink enough to erase her memory.....

Author rose poop (2 months)
its so remantic

Author Kevin Isaac Suarez Hurtado (1 month)
esta es la vida de un soldado.... 

Author Jurek Paciej (2 months)

Author Ruby Daud (2 months)
Nice song

Author Smooth Aqua (4 months)
I love this song

Author Rhonda Culp (2 days)
Pretty song

Author glenda stewart (3 days)

Author cali barry (11 hours)
man am i the only one who cryed

Author Lara Happy (3 months)

Author sdbanang (1 hour)
Ouh ;( my heart

Author ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ ΔΟΞΑΚΗΣ (2 months)
i thing no one of you know what means when you camiing back of war that
you get here because u need money for your family and you find something
like this. Sorry for my bad english but i m drunk.

Author Rafael David González (1 day)

Author Nilima Magar (16 hours)
my replay button is DEAD!!

Author Abigayle Malchow (8 days)
Makes me remember an Army deployment in where he was supposed
to come home to his wife and she had left him for someone else and she
drank the pain away since

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