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Author Kristin Crumpler (2 months)

Author Lorenzo Floris (4 months)
this explains why Brad Paisley is the best country singer!

Author Alex Sandro Rodrigues (1 month)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby

Author Brittanie Hansen (5 months)
This song makes me wanna cry. I will never understand how anyone can cheat
on their significant other. I can't imagine doing something like this to my
man. No matter how long hes gone i will wait faithfully for him to come
home to me. 

Author Karin Lunde (2 days)
Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby🎵🎤👍

Author Jouie Czarina (15 days)
aww :(

Author Mitch Galvin (3 months)
Seriosuly...who are the 3.5 thousand people who didn't like this? 

Author Phương Rùa (1 month)
A very sad love song... <3

Author Jayden Thompson (2 months)
im sorry +Haseo Black Player 

Author Danielle Hill (2 months)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby (Of…: Good video :)

Author Leanora Barton (3 months)
Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby (Official Video):

Author Miles “Edgey” Edgeworth (2 months)
This is really sad...
+Dahlia Hawthorne +Phoenix Nicki Wright +Kay Faraday +Dick Gumshoe +Franziska
von Karma 

Author Brittany Bish (4 days)

Author veronica arocha (1 month)
one of my all time faves 

Author Stef Monier (1 month)

Author araya*Keyd Stars Katowice 2015 (2 days)
yo that nigga got rekted lmao killed himself lmoa is this csgo??? rektttttt

Author Carol Montgomery (5 days)
I'll love forever

Author Ash Underwood (2 months)
To act like a woman is doing such a great thing buy waiting for her man is
a joke. I BELONG to my husband and he BELONGS to me. There are no others.
The idea of sharing that part of myself is non existent. So when I read or
hear, oh she is a good woman for not cheats, it is so irritating. You
shouldn't get a pat on the head for doing what is expected. The same goes
for some of these mothers out here. I have three sons and I am
homeschooling and raising them. I cook foods from scratch and clean the
house. I also makes them clothes and toys from time to time. I do this not
because I am the BEST mother. I do this because is comes naturally. I gave
birth and they took my heart. I dedicate my existence to my husband and my
kids because I can't help it. Does it make me the BEST mother, no. It makes
me worthy of the title mother.
There is no good or bad mother or wife. There are only those who deserve
the title WIFE and/or MOTHER.

Author the loser in life (13 days)

Author Derek Rasmussen (4 months)
Great song but Damn kill yourself over some girl or guy like I see so many
of you ridiculously posting you want to do. C'mon y'all stop being such
sniveling weak ass pussies! If you are not enough with out another person
by your side you will never be enough with one

Author L Hayward (6 hours)
Who doesn't love this song if they do not like it I don't want to be their
friend ever

Author Sigyn Laufeyson (2 months) get heartbroken? yeah right. bullshit song

Author Michael (5 months)
This makes me cry every time I hear it, because this same thing happened to
me. And I will love her until I die, although I'm not dead physically, I
am dead inside. I will spend my whole life trying to drink the pain away,
but I can't. I wish that I had never seen what I saw. The girl I was
devoted to, that I tried to stay alive so I could come back home to. Why
me?? I don't deserve this. But how do you get over the only woman you've
ever known since high school? Its just not right; In the end, I'm sure, I
will finally drink away her memory right into a casket. But I don"t have
the strength to get off of my knees either.

Author Sadie Roll (3 months)
One of my old-time favorites.

Author Stacy Fun (9 days)
he should probably call her before coming home lol

Author Michelle Maske (2 months)
Can you send that sogs to me

Author renee clark (11 days)
this was the last song i sang with me mom

Author Mark Colangelo (4 days)

Author Ray Machuca (3 days)
That hoe wan not loyal 

Author George Mcfall (3 days)

Author Lia Boling (2 months)
Love this song

Author Blake Hibberts (3 months)

Author Nawal F (6 days)
one of the best song ever EVER

Author dakota fraly (2 months)
this is what hapens wen you leve

Author TTopTABandit (4 months)
Women are cold hearted creatures they will crush a good guy to have there
pretty boy toys that treat them like shit!!!!
I loved a women deeply years back and did everything for her used my hard
earned savings to get her out of debt pay off all her bills and buy her a
car paid cash for it and what does she do?? She uses the car I bought her
to run around with a pretty boy that didn't even have a job a car or a
dollar to his name but was so much better looking as she told me!!!! And I
did just this for the next 3 years I walked through life lost feeling empty
trying to fill the emptiness with alcohol! I wanted to be numb inside and
feel nothing! I turned my back on every friend I had I wouldn't even talk
to my parents I was at the edge of suicide!! It took 4 years for me to come
to terms with it and pick myself up again and tried to give what was left
of my heart to another woman and let my guard down and try to be close to
someone again and when summer came all she wanted to do was be in the water
at the lake swimming and when I told her I never could swim she told me I
was a pathetic excuse of a man if I went all through life into my mid 30s
and never could learn to swim and she up and dumped me all because of
that!!!! I'm now 38 and I'm done I've spent 20 years of letting woman
destroy me picking out every little flaw they can find in me and judging me
over it telling me I'm never good enough!!!! I will leave this world just
how I came into it all alone.... 

Author Ankur Bhattacharya (5 days)
Best lines -"He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away her memory"

Author The Peaceful Dying Dove (3 months)

Author Joshua Dempsey (2 months)
I hope I will never come home and find out my wife was sleeping with a
different man I will not know what to do 

Author Matt Wesley (3 days)
YOU CHEATING WHORE!!!!! Sorry, I had a moment.

Author M.Shobuz Hossain (1 day)
nice song

Author rose hedrick (5 months)
i wish the pain would go away

Author Chris O'Brien (19 hours)
cutis anserina

Author california kizzez (3 months)
Wow its a amazing story ....Wow wow wow wow wow...........nice very very

Author Carlos Rocha (2 days)

Author Emily Hotop (4 days)
Jesus Christ people, she thought that he would never come home so she tried
to busy herself with other things. But that doesn't make it right to cheat.

Author Soh Ying Zong (1 day)

Author Adam Evans (1 month)
I disagree with this song. People talking about suicide and making money
off it. Don't give me it brings awareness to it bull shit.

Author Thuan Hoang (6 hours)
the song is so sad ! as accusations of war crimes .

Author Tom Beaulier (6 days)
Fucking people are so dumb there retarded!!if that was my girl doing that
to me I would kill her then the dude. End of fucking story. She is a whore.
No excuse.

Author Jorge Hernandez (3 days)
I'm crying right now. I would never do that and I would do the same.😥😰

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