Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby (Official Video)

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Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music

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Author JOHN SMITH ( ago)
is there any real women out there anymore. why cant woman just b real. a
relation ship is not a game. so y cheat.

Author Anthony Young ( ago)
i would also drink my life that way,the man worked his life to the
bones,find a plce and die slowly,this song is so true.

Author Another Carpenter ( ago)
one mistake can destroy 2 lives. one forgiveness can heal them both. let go
of the past, lest it kill all of your tomorrows!

Author Laurence Ll ( ago)
a toi parti la bas , pour quoi faire boire, nous laissez ici toutes les
deux dans l'enfer de la vie, repose toi on viendra te rejoindre QUAND LA

Author Naudia Villalba ( ago)
Why was she powdering her neck and not her face? O.o

Author rj rampling ( ago)
I'm with you Soy. this stuff is about as hokey as. u can get. and everybody
turn gay lol

Author William M L Greer ( ago)
YOUR DADDY IS COMING HOME.......if u don't believe that.....u shouldn't
have n e one.....I lost my love long time ago....and I wish I had the time
to tell her that I really love her.

Author Easton Moon ( ago)
The 'lilll Wayne' is so fucking stupid and annoying. Has nothing to do with
the song. I like lil Wayne. But fuck you bitch

Author weepeee ( ago)
Hey miss Pamela r, I kinda know that similar "feeling " ( tho. No one. Can
truly. Know. How another feels". But m situation was smiler I was a.
Teacher. For the " ?!? Catholic Church schools" ( elementary from. 20 trash
old to. 32 yrs old and. Then. When this. Depression hit ( ps the great.
Depression of the. 1930 s was called a Great Recession too till after it.
Was over, BUT MY MAIN PIONT and SYORY is my !?!. Ex wife " took me in and.
Sheltered me I. Her basement. Apartment. And. Her. Mom. CHOSE (?!? TO HATE
ME,?!?!). Because. Phew daughter and. The. Grand. Daughter were finally.
Happy ( her ex. Broke. Her ribs and tried smothering. He. Baby. But. My "ex
". Moms loved him. And. Despised me , she kicked us on to the. Streets ,
had to try. And. Make rent to live in those seedy hotels. Well my wife lost
it. When her mom ( the evil grandma had her young cop boyfriend. Arrest her
by framing her and tru ping up. Charges me ex got sooooo depressed and.
Distressed she. Just lost. Ito won 38 thousand. Dollars. And. Gave her AT
LEAST. 15 to twenty thousand. Get thru bail, anesthesia. And. She. Left m
for a guy she met I jail who. When they. Were freed committed another.
Crime. Blamed it on her and yet DHE STIPL LOVED him and. Like her family
wanted her to. She. Grew to despise me. I. Guess for being kind and always.
Being ther for her , it seems as if this really is Sarah's. World and many
KANY MANy people chose him over jah , yah and Jesus. (Yeshua) it's so evil.
Out here no matter how we try to be. Good and. Give I. Found out. Later.
Her aunt ( who at. First over me cause. Lover Jesus?!? Like her?!?'bbbbbb
and g-d was sayin the money I gave was for them to talk. Hit. She d tree
way. The jail. Phone calls. My. Friend. Finally convinces me. To. Give. Up.
When. He said. U. Spent ten thousand. Dolllars on phone calls her aunt.
There waged to him. This criminal minded element. While I. Worked teaching
in the. Ghetto. He called me telli. Me he d kill me. Cause he "grew up in
that same ghetto I DONT THINK I WLL EVER UMDER OR OVER STAND the. Mentality
of most people I love family. A n they lovevio. Eyes w

Author Scott and Lois Tackett ( ago)

Author john vandervalk ( ago)
happened to me still at it

Author LeighaSage900 MSP ( ago)
love this song

Author Salvage Momma ( ago)
Too true lullaby, unfortunately very sad for the service men who did come
home to something like this. The both of you sang this very beautifully.

Author Anonymous Unknown ( ago)

Author Anonymous Unknown ( ago)
i was in that place one time,i did die 3 different times,2 with a
gun,drinking alot, but for some odd reason,something still wanted me
here,this time it will all end for me,.,
remember this saying, ''DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING''''

Author prizmprizn ( ago)
you can cheat on someone you love but not one u respect...its crazy how
emotional pain is worse than physical..paralyzing just devastating long
lasting trauma..u might forgive but nvr forget that feeling

Author Chicken Lord 6000 ( ago)
This song make me cry so hard

Author Allen Arnold ( ago)
I'm trying that drink that was shoved down me now we see where it ends

Author Allen Arnold ( ago)
I'm trying that drink that was shoved down me now we see where it ends

Author Unicorn Wife (Unikitty) ( ago)
No hate I love this song but she is over reacting she is the one who had an

Author Alyae Ben ( ago)
everytime i hear this i want to cry ...

Author Alfamaxis ( ago)
Damn, I would not lie, I listened to tgis song for the first time today,
and I bloody cried. Cried...

Author DemonsxXxHeart ( ago)
The saddest songs I've ever heard (country wise) is probably between this
and What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts (IMO!!!) both are songs that hit
hard in different ways.

Author terry butson ( ago)
not a crier,but this song makes me,great song

Author pureevilangel01 ( ago)
This was my Daddy's favorite song... Right before he drank himself to death

Author Mareen Sabu John (1162 years ago)
heart touching: '(

Author oceantoad1963 ( ago)
There are more graves at the bottom of the bottle then answers.

Author SevenTailedWolf72 (169 years ago)
Amazing and beautiful

Author emo-howlter // Missy (266 years ago)
This is my deceased grandma's favorite song and I love it because it's her
favorite and it's just a good song overall.

Author David Gomez ( ago)
Whiskey Lullaby !!!
A Sad Song with Beautiful Melodies. Lovely Theme !!!!!!

Author Leslie Martin ( ago)
This song gets me every time I here it because it makes me think of my ex
who was in the army

Author Patrick Pavone ( ago)
best ep of Silver Spoons I ever saw.

Author sand sand (277 years ago)
the only way to make me cry is this song

Author Dani Towelie (33 years ago)
very very very great Song!!! I Love it <3

Author phillip shelton (The German) ( ago)
I've had a bad year so far my favorite aunt passed away I gave my horse to
her for free to make her happy to cheer her up 2 weeks before she died. And
Recently I had my heart broken by a girl who said she loved me and I loved
her and just as I was about to ask her out she already had a boyfriend. I'm
going to be a Marine next year or year after next. I'm crying so hard while
watching this. I thought suicide would help but that's not the answer I'm
alive now thanks to the help of family and friends :) This music video just
describes me and so many ways. 2015 has sucked so far now. I just want it
to get better the pain of this year is unimaginable. I am only a sophmore
in highschool. One thing that would kill me now is if one of my parents
died now. 2015 the year of heartbreaks :(

Author IAMDESEN ( ago)
I don't know why I'm listening to this me and my girlfriend broke of 4-5
months I'm only 17 so it's a lot of me and a big deal I still love her I
don't know what to do

Author zebra “zebie” lover ( ago)
I listen to this song when my heart is crushed

Author adam lambert ( ago)
They do love each other so much but She should never cheat! Everyone who
cheats at the one that he loves, i just feel sorry for the other person.

Author Tabile Zita ( ago)
songs like these that makes a person thinks about the people they have lost
just because of stupid mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Thalia Lee ( ago)
Every time I here this song I cry this is such a beautiful song I love it.

Author Fred Amuna ( ago)
This is a very beautiful song. so sad but beautiful

Author Chibi Bayley ( ago)
this. song. is. so. sad

Author MELANIA KOPP ( ago)
soo sad....

Author Wally Walters ( ago)
loved it don't know why I am so attached.

Author CSM Tobias ( ago)
Who's choppin onions?

Author Peyton McKenzie ( ago)
I used to listen to this when I was little as a lullaby... But when I was
older about 13 I listened to it again. I'm 16 now and when I was thirteen I
began to understand the meaning. Now that I'm 16 I listen to it every now
again yet... It still makes me break into tears. It's a very beautiful
song. Yet also very sad.

Author dogsbolls ( ago)
Ravaged by goosebumps every time I hear this song. Thanks for posting

Author tanman650 ( ago)
Break down of this song. Solider goes to war for an unknown amount of time
problay 2 or 3 years. When he came home he saw his girlfriend cheated on
him when he came back home. He became and achaholic and when he died the ex
was guilty as hell and turned out the same way.

Author Daviid Lazarte ( ago)
One of the saddest songs I've ever heard!!! :(

Author Angelina Coronado ( ago)
This is a sad country song i have listen too

Author Le Ypres ( ago)
This song fits me right now this basically just happened to me

Author Sven break ( ago)
Damn, i'm broken....
My relationship with my wife is not going well.
I have given all i could for years and years...

Always put me in the background and gave everything i could.
Now the first time in over 10years, i did my own thing for once.
And now its really fucked up.
Don't want to give in to here, i always did....
This time i will hold my leg strong.

Was just searching in youtube on the word whisky song.
Because i'm drinking whisky at the moment...
Where i was first mad when drinking this whisky i'm bursting into tears.
Don't know what to do...
where to go..

Damn fuck this....

Author Adrian Rodriguez ( ago)
I cry everytime.

Author tanman650 ( ago)
This song is really sad for a friend of mine. His sister was in the milatry
and she was KIA. His parents tried to not tell him for 2 months. He found
out when they had received a letter with her dog tags. 😥

Author Mikalyn Jasper ( ago)
Ahhhh crying!!!!!!!!!😢😢😢😔😔

Author Jim Butterfield ( ago)
my all time favorite song it's such a beautiful heartfelt song

Author Julias Diamond ( ago)
186.149 drunk people

Author FortNikitaBullion ( ago)
When he said put the bottle to his head and pulled the trigger does that
mean he drank himself to death or he shot himself?

Author Charles Hopper ( ago)
Truth Hurts like hell!!

Author julissa hurtado perez ( ago)
muy lindo

Author Ashley Dominguez ( ago)
that is so sad

Author Timothy Holker ( ago)
my least favorite part is the beginning. happens everyday. they never care
till its to late. all i ever have to say is wtf really? A love like his
thats shattered i coudnt blame anyone.

Author Asumi Moua ( ago)
it the best song and am 10 your old

Author Donald Merrill jr ( ago)
and it makes me cry because my uncal was in the army

Author Donald Merrill jr ( ago)
this song makes me thank of my brother Thomas he was killed in prizen

Author Samuel Khaled ( ago)
Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about

Author Samuel Khaled ( ago)
Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it.

Author pollyanna1007 ( ago)
great video!

Author miketv101 ( ago)
I have rather so-so opinions about general country music to be completely
honest. We've all heard about broken hearts, cowboys and broken tractors
but I will never forget when I first heard this song driving with my
sister. Just driving in the night listening to the story the lyrics told in
silence when we had been talking just the previous song. Something about
the bare emotions is a lot more human than a song that tells you to party
hard and don't worry about being in off mood on a party night. That's what
I respect and enjoy about this song. Being human, both sides messed up.

Author George Berry ( ago)
got spit on and came home to the same why have I had trouble all my life,
hell Im a redneck life goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Jake Vertigo ( ago)
this is the saddest song i have ever heard, but powerful... back to my
alcohol now :(

Author Joe Man ( ago)
very good song !

Author Jacqueline Sabin ( ago)
so true

Author ThePrussianKitty OfAllemand ( ago)
I like the song, just not the country part.

Author Ridwan Tahmid Ahmed ( ago)
it became my favorite song the first time i listened to it <3

Author User User ( ago)
I waited for my love through bootcamp, mct, then in mos he found another
girl slept with her and now he's dating her. I was almost due with his baby
girl when he graduated. we were together for four years before he went into
the military. I still love him more than anything why

Author Nadeto Mirkova ( ago)

Author Martin Sandoval ( ago)
the last time herd it i cried for weeks non-stop im crying right now
😢😢💐💃 🏃 🙋🙇🙍✌

this song is a life.... a life of love, love love....its good to be just
happy for just as moment

Author joshua floyd ( ago)
wow. is this some pandering bullshit? geesh. with the black hat and all
that. this is awful.

Author John Trav ( ago)
Why would she be so sad in this song though? I mean, she was the one who
cheated and quite frankly deserves it. Just speaking for the story :P
Amazing song anyway :)

Author thechibiamerican ( ago)
I'm curious as to where they shot the opening scene. Being a Kentuckian,
those black fences are much to iconic and it might be here but It might not
be?? Plus I feel like I regonize the rode where the bus is driving and a
lot od the scenery...Does anyone know for sure or am I stereotyping my own

Author Tina Martin ( ago)
This song tells the story of my heart break..... Married at 19..... lost my
first love 12 years later . This song tells our story..... I'm still here
trying to live with my pain.....Pray for me because i'll join him soon! :(

Author Climb 'n Dive ( ago)
Fuck you Jodie

Author Daniel Rios ( ago)
I normally listen to metal. I am open minded to even pop. But I will say,
listening to great music like this, you can call me a country boy. I have
been listening to it and I like it. God bless this country and all of you.
Ye ha!!! From Florida.

Author Eryn Rose ( ago)
Absolutely love this song. Cry every time.

Author agtrucker ( ago)
I cant drink to get her off my mind.

Author Jayanta “Hotshot” Samaddar ( ago)
The lyrical poetry !

Author Jahid Hossain ( ago)
It's not fear actually. .. always breaking my heart....

Author Andrew Ortiz ( ago)
my dead fiance god rest her soul she killed herself and every time I hear
this song it makes me cry reminds me alot of her

Author Tyler Pope (T-Pope) ( ago)
Besides the war part, I've been through this. My first gf in high school
and me were very close. Then I realized she started hanging around my best
friend's younger brother. She didnt tell me she wanted to break up or
nothing. Let me find out the hard way. Better to tell the person you want
to break up than to just start hangin with another dude. I dont think ill
ever trust women ever again

Author Duckhoi Pho ( ago)
Don't ever break the heart of the man you love, because you will have to
live with the feeling of guilty during your entire life.

Author Shannon Phillips ( ago)
This song touches so many emtions

Author HeavyMetalMusician ( ago)
although I listen to metal, I still love how touching this song is. it's a
reminder of the regret I have for everything I did to the only girl I ever
loved (although I never cheated on her), and all the times we forgave each
other for the mistakes we made.

Author Pawfectproductions (997 years ago)
I cried my dad was in the army for 10 years and I heard this song in South
Carolina my friend on the base showed me this and I cried I mean my dad
could have died in Iraq but he didn't he is now a cop but he can still get
shot and it scares me and it shouldn't I'm used to seeing dead people from
watching cop shows 24/7 and it just makes me sad and think about all the
people that died doing what was right and saving the U.S.

Author TwoWingz Angelz ( ago)
I really love this sad....please dont hide your pain. Talk to

Author Doc Holiday ( ago)
he put that boodle to his and pulled the chriger

Author Gaby “patitachula” Reyes (79 years ago)
It hurts so much when you fall in love with someone who'd you share
everything with.. all you do is cry or drink the pain away but all the
memories haunt you when you wake up from pain from so much damage a guy
done to you 😢

Author slachx2 (1182 years ago)
when ever i reach part of the woman blaming her self i stop the video , i
ve no idea why

Author Paul Liversage ( ago)

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