SnowTrax Test Rides Ski-doo Renegade X 1200

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Author andykbob (2 years)
With the Cudney Racing power kit the 4tec has no lag anymore!!!

Author pwninnoobs1 (3 years)
yeeee buddy Ski-Doo all the way!!

Author 600etecXRS (3 years)
@crazyboondocker look like pro rmk? if thats so it is the pro rmk that
looks like the skidoo

Author pinchnloaf (4 years)
dude-- you are so off base. there is no hesitation at all. and your
"theory" as to why this hesitation is there is false also. "the air fuel
mixture has a ways to travel to get into the combustion chamber". the
injectors are up by the head, like any production 4 stroke engine. the
intake has a throttle body, plenum and then intake runners. these runners
keep the air velocity up. nice try, but nobody is buying it.

Author cmentalppl (4 years)
i want one so bad but it would be an off trail machine so now im skeptical
but id get one before the ugly looking nitros

Author mustang4sho (3 years)
that thing looks bad at 1:34.

Author otahu Rice (3 years)
I've had a chance to ride an Un-modded 1200 and one that was built right
for my EVL. The 2012 machine's all have some of my buddy's up dates. (He's
an engineer at BRP). I think he's confused with the Poor Clutching. I've
ridden one with different Helix angles, a gearing change plus a track swap.
Which really wake up 1200's. Not only does it make it better for crawling
in deep snow but will also out top a 800 on the lake. Why skidoo doesn't
send the machines out this way is beyond me.

Author CatsJ35 (2 years)
6 psi of boost erased the hesitation in my renegade x 1200

Author wakka chaka (1 year)
very colorful

Author mrfs2004noob (2 years)

Author crazyboondocker (3 years)
i dont mind the new skidoos at all just when they kinda look like the Pro
RMK... different story..

Author crazyboondocker (3 years)
@600etecXRS doesnt matter just said the same thing i did.

Author inycuda (1 year)
Looks like a turd with corn. Does it come with a roll of toilet paper? Ski
Poo....the ultimate turdsicle!

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