Super Mario Bros. X (SMBX) - V.S Boss Battles playthrough

Evil boss battles. SMBX - V.S Boss Battles - made by @shotxkill32/@Fareed Asyraaf

@Fareed Asyraaf's original YouTube channel:

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Author hector reyes (29 days)
Warts Battle-Wispy Woods Battle

Author Alex Raul (22 days)
7:08 Mario: ###########

Author SuperYoshi Gltichy4 (1 month)
Really Cool Bosses thanks Fareed Asyraaf

Author George LukaPlays (8 months)
3:39-3:41 toad says oh shit, then dies

Author SuperYoshi Gltichy4 (1 month)
Final Boss(Dark Mind) is Awesome

Author SuperYoshi Gltichy4 (21 day)
100k vievs wow

Author The Esco (8 months)
This is teh suck!

Author SlimePro1234 (10 months)
these bosses could be cool if you didn't fuck their speed up and put that
annoying kirby music

Author noah Emmerson (9 months)

Author Loller Mannco (4 months)
1:27 Oh My God subliminal text he wants we must watch mlp

Author Aurelior (1 year)

Author WolfenMcGunz (1 year)
That Fire boss was pretty awesome! Good work!

Author Phillip Alexander Weidinger (1 year)
lol you are german xD

Author warioland523 (11 months)
The final boss was also the final boss of Mario Bros. Revisited. 

Author Timetoterraria (1 year)
Faareed (creator of the map), can u give me download of this bosses in pm?

Author bossedit8 (1 year)
Ask the creator of this Episode. It is in my video description.

Author TheRaduthe (1 year)
bossedit, what program do u use to record?

Author Fareed Asyraaf (1 year)

Author North Tron (1 year)
Is this a mod of mario or a fanmade engine

Author Fareed Asyraaf (1 year)
7:56 wtf?! bowser junior's shell?

Author Fareed Asyraaf (1 year)
Thank You Bosseditor ^^

Author NintendoTalon (1 year)
Everybody watching this video, Please check out my SMBX game i'm working
on. It's called Darkson. I have a Youtube video of it, it's called Darkson
commertial. Please check it out. Thanks ;)

Author bossedit8 (1 year)
I use bandicam to record videos. There is even a website for it.

Author Don Mosqueda (1 year)

Author Johnny Webb (1 year)
it's SMBX, a fanmade engine.

Author ThundagaT2 (1 year)
You can get Mother Brain to move by setting it in a layer, and having the
layer move with events. Another way to get it to move, is to attach it to
an npc (enemy) that moves, the npc in question however needs to be on its
own layer.

Author Johnny Webb (1 year)
tell me!!!

Author Mr.Crackerpants (1 year)
I want to get that meta knight boss so bad!

Author slimebanana . (1 year)
Its a fanmade game made by demilogic also the maker of terraria

Author Fareed Asyraaf (1 year)
it's not a cheat. i put item, because hard

Author Mr.Crackerpants (1 year)
I also want to get those shell bombs, too!

Author yoshi64 (1 year)
3:26 toad dancing

Author r543Blitzsonic (1 year)
no, i'm sure that it doesn't make the enemy slower

Author yoshi64 (1 year)
02:07 peach: finally

Author yoshi64 (1 year)
it work for me

Author Don Mosqueda (1 year)
is there cheats?

Author r543Blitzsonic (1 year)
Why do people not play test their levels ? 0. or 0, values for speed never

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