Prop Bomb Timer made with Arduino Uno

Made with an Arduino Uno board and a 4 digit 7 segment display for a short film I'll be making soon.

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Author Sean Younce (5 months)
can i get your code to run this

Author youvbeenqwertyuioped (2 years)
all it says is '© 2011 nootropic design '

Author lolypopboy777 (2 years)
cool! :D plz use a multiplexer next time :)

Author Alexiumz (2 years)
@lolypopboy777 I did multiplex it :)

Author liam hemming (2 years)
what software did u use to program it

Author Cysar1337 (2 years)
lookup else my vid xD got one made with HEF IC's. Cheap made.

Author Justin (1 year)
Any chance you would be willing to share the sketch?

Author Alexiumz (3 years)
@MarcusTheReverent ...... experimentation, I think I worked out which order
to wire it up in over one night. As for the code, I multiplexed the
display; this blog post gave me a lot of help when it came to writing the
code for it too: It seems I cannot post web addresses...
Sorry I can't be much more use but hope this helps!

Author Alexiumz (3 years)
@MarcusTheReverent I kinda just made it up as I went along and figured it
out; unfortunately I don't think I have the notes I made which told me how
to wire it up anymore. All i did though was wire the pins from the display
into the digital input on the board. You should have a reference sheet
which says which pins on the display illuminate which segments, use that
and experiment with the code, passing current from the different inputs and
you should be able to pick it up with a little....

Author Gergely Barta (1 year)
Which one to cut? Red one or the blue one?

Author TarzanAndConz (2 years)
There's one little improvement you can add to the multiplexing code: you
are now changing digit and then updating the segments. That causes the
dimly lit segments you see in the video. If you switch off all leds and
then change digit, that will be gone. Just one line of code will fix this.

Author TEHBE3F (3 years)

Author Jonathan baptist (3 years)
can i get the schematics/sheet info on how to make

Author haffiti2000 (2 years)
wat is a arduino uno

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