Short demo of Baikal MP-18EM ONE BARREL SHOT GUN

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Author TheBackwoodsurvivor (1 year)
That's not how you properly shoot a gun.

Author ELM0NTE13 (2 years)
getting mines in 10 days hopefully i pass the background check

Author ernecati (2 years)
the is no importer company in turkey , i want bu i cant buy it. therefore
owners selling it about 200$ in here.

Author Sierra MatchKing (2 years)
The Big 5 in City of Industry, CA.?

Author KainAbyss (3 years)
lot of fun indeed! safety first and BOOM!

Author ELM0NTE13 (2 years)
25 bucks for 25 dollars for owning the gun firearm

Author Arthur Duran (2 years)
Can this single shotgun fire slugs???

Author НИКОЛАЙ Х (2 years)
даже картечь видно

Author MagnasaurusRex Mcgurk (1 year)
No. it cant fire steel shot either. unless you buy the extra barrel that
allows slugs and steel shot. also there are variations some models have
fixed chokes while others have interchangeable ones. firing a slug out of
barrel that isn't designed to, can cause catastrophic failure and or
injury/death. always read your owners manual. and if you buy used ask the
dealer or look it up online.

Author TheDesertwalker (2 years)
I am going to Big 5 today....saw your other post. $99, but how much OTD?

Author ELM0NTE13 (2 years)
yeah man went yesterday the total was 149 and sum change they told me i
have to come pick iy up in 10 days it was 99 for the shotgun 25 for tax
from cali and 15 buck for ca certified lock and some tax and that was the
tatal 149 dollars

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