JAM KRENAR SE JAM SHQIPTAR (I am proud to be Albanian)

This is the a short story of Albania.

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Author anesti mihali (1 month)
e adhuroj shqiperine je i madh vlla me kete video kaq shpirterore.i love
albania i love cameria i love korca ime.

Author Genti Haveri (6 months)
what is the song's tittle in this video

Author ylli ilir (7 months)
roft kombi ilirshqiptar 

Author ben bang (8 months)
Mos ngarerroni tradhetine me krenarine

Author Aldi Sema (8 months)
e viva l'albania

Author Dardan Shqiptari (10 months)
proud to be albanian

Author NoButtonsComputer (9 months)
One Nation, one language, one flag, same land that kept us alive for
centuries, from ancient Illyria to the today's Albania! One day there will
be no more boarders between us brothers! Keep standing like this! We will
make it one day to the end! Love

Author Rosa Zefi (10 months)
This is the a short story of Albania.

Author menogivefuck (2 years)
We are the descendants of Illira . You're country is full of Albania's
parts. Or don't you remember Cameria. Do u think that Thessaloniki is
really yours. Cameria was never yours and never will be. Don't write SHIT
if you don't really know it. Don't u dare to offend and talk things about
if u don't have facts. Piece of shit.

Author amanda fr (3 years)
BRAVO !!! vidio e shkurter me domethenie te madhe coment !

Author newmarsel (4 years)
hallall wallahin se irralli ebon ket sen

Author shqipeAl (4 years)
This is the the best trailer ! Rrofte Shqiperia Etnike

Author Rexhep morina (2 years)
e kemi pasur nje tradhetar te madh ne shqiperin e bashkuar po ai tradhetar
ka qen ISMAJL QEMAJLI flamuri asht dasht te ngritet ne prizren e jo ne vlor
naa e la kosoven ne duar te serbis deri sa na u dol ne ndihm U-Q-K-ja edhe
AMERIKA po te mos ishin keta ne do ishim ne duar te serbis i love kosova i
lowe shqiperia e bashkuar tani sod mu kon ishmi me shqiperin e jo ne shtet
tjeter e ndar nga shqiperiaa

Author bobanona (3 years)
wow wow cfare video e bukur!!! shume kreative. bravoooooo... shyqyr qe jam
shqiptar ;-) dhe jam krenar.

Author ada zum (2 years)
Kosova+Shqiperia+Qameria+ All albanian countries who is stolen from us from
enemies are proud to be ALBANIAN..Serbian people are welcome to RUSSIA...

Author Klaudio Brinja (3 years)
Fantastik video bre burr!!

Author Bes Mir (1 year)
Why is it that are hating on us? Because you know we are better then you
lot soooo if you want to say anything about Albania or the Albanians then I
would suggested that you man up and face us and say it to our face because
here you will be deleted. Ethnic Albanian RULES king of kings

Author Anna Ann' (3 years)
Just proud to be albanian (L)<3<3

Author klejdi80 (2 years)
Nje Video FANTASTIKE.. Je i madh..

Author Genci topi (2 years)

Author arsen al (1 year)
i love albania fuck greece fucke serbia i love my cameria

Author Shpetim Prokshaj (3 years)
@SERBIA031 Hahaha Fuck you Bitch:) Kosovo is Albania Kosovo and Albania
were ILLYRIA :)

Author Oxa1 (1 year)
nice video, goo Shqiperi!=) happy anniversary

Author Bes Mir (2 years)
I have blocked like 10 haters already. This cunts can hate BECAUSE WE ARE

Author bessy551 (3 years)
kush ka zemer qe te bej kete dislike :@:@

Author albanianforce1111 (4 years)
respekte.shume e bukur.

Author NeKosovo (2 years)
Bravooooooo video i mrekullueshem , RRNOFSH Rrushi se vertete nje video i
punuar me shume profesionalitet .

Author Bes Mir (2 years)
Ask your mum about that, and stop looking for videos just so you can have
an argument on the net! if you want one then start with someone face to
face oh wait you cant because your jaw will be broken like it was made of
glass :p

Author rockangel19991 (3 years)
I was born in Albania and i always will be Albanian Albania ROCKS

Author fabb91 (1 year)
Oh really?

Author elbasanllie108 (4 years)
O Zot sa bukur! bravoooooooooooooo

Author TheMrColi (3 years)
Wonderful nothing more to say :)

Author menogivefuck (2 years)

Author SerbsRussianGypsys (2 years)
TE DUA <3 <3 <3

Author Bashkimi Kombëtar (2 years)
un nuk ja qi motrat atyre, se nuk du mu flliq. Po i kam ca qen të rrugës
ktu të cilt jan gati ..... ;-) Ju dua të gjithve Përshëndetje nga Shkupi

Author Bes Mir (2 years)
O Shqipe ani po me pyeten me i fshi tash krejt kto mutat e serbis e te
greqis i kom fshi the blloku. Por jan shum. WE LIKE HATERS THA'S HOW WE

Author aLbOzZstylEe (3 years)
jooo itss the best video ;) shqipri etnike in near future ;)

Author Bes Mir (2 years)
Ne jena NJË FAMILJE Shqiprija e Kosova....... We are ONE FAMILY Albanian
and Kosovo.......Wir sind EINE FAMILIE Albanisch und Kosovo .......

Author Fagiona Shqiptare dovdesshqiptare (4 years)
bravooo ju lumte

Author Bes Mir (1 year)
petros mankarioys and fabb91 bunch of haters.... LoL your blocked

Author Kreshnik Krasniqi (10 months)
Kosova 3 Albania 3

Author flamuralbanianman (4 years)
sje aje mir sca ma mir

Author fluturimBerat (3 years)
We are Albanian 4-ever!!!!

Author Kosovaboy111 (4 years)

Author tinano1kt (1 year)
Hahahah fickt euch ihr fotzen. ! Wir albaner sind für immer die besten.!

Author agron gjata (1 year)
shume e bukur bravo..

Author Bes Mir (3 years)
@BattleBleo15 Brovo Shqipe, ashtu edhe unë. I was born in Albania n' I will
die in Albania

Author Bes Mir (2 years)
BRAVOOO SHQIPEEEEE Ju lutemi krejt Shqipatve ta lajking ket koment. Thanks
for that great comment bro :D

Author arber pelasgo (3 years)
illirians albanias etnik albania <3 <3 <3

Author Pigeons Balli (3 years)
I am proud to be Albanian.......!!

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