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Author Raven Montoya (6 months)
I... I question the physics of the animation I have just witnessed.

Author Puerto Rico 'HetaliaGirl' (3 months)
Am I the only one who read the title and said: .... KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE

(( Then started singing Sakura kiss 030))

Author Akoran Brighteye (4 months)
How To Kiss a Girl:
1) Insert donut in the girls mouth
2) Kiss lips
3) Float away on balloons


EDIT: Hmmmmm. I seem to forget something. Maybe it´s the PBBBRBRBBB sounds
beforehand. I doesn´t seem to work for me :(

Author Oh Wow (8 months)
"Kiss kiss"
Me: Fall in love?

Author Megachamp Awesomedude (4 months)
0:02 Fluffle is a ninja.

Author Daniel Summers (1 month)
This made me love fluffle puff more than my fluffy pink dog XD

Author BIOSHOCKFOXX (12 hours)
So much awkwardness... :D

Author karai hamato (1 month)
*blush* did she kiss me!?!

Author Vorname Nachname (3 months)
Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden: Ich liebe die echt

Author Alpha (13 days)
Watch it over and over

Author the blaziken (2 months)
*Sees Fluffle Puff float away* Welp... that... wah...... just.... where...
no way.... PINKIE I NEED 5 DONUTS FAST!!!!
Pinkie: OK!!!!!!!

Author Sunfuzzy4804 (5 months)
Lol Fluffle opened Chrysalis's mouth and just shoves a doughnut into it...

Author Angelina Belova (2 months)
Да это прям я со своей подругой :D

Author dragoncool (27 days)
Are they lesbians?

Author joshua groce (3 months)
Is it just me or does the fluffle puff seem like a derp?

Author shadowmetroid18 (1 month)

Author Boobie Support (2 months)
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....just let it go down your
swallow......good girl.

Author Lydia Olvera (4 months)
what is the changlings name?
she is a girl, but is Fluffle Puff a boy?
and what is going on in the fun cave, in "pillows".
when she laughs, umm, is what I think is going on in there really going on?
That is why I am asking if Fluffle Puff is a boy.
and why does she/he keep licking her?

Author green miner (2 months)
that is some new paper mario tactics there.

Author The Forgotten Rose (2 months)
*kiss kiss*

Author Man Pig (1 month)
The real meaning of this video is always give a beautiful evil queen a kiss
on the lips after feeding her one white frosted sprinkled doughnut :P

Author Jordan Sobiech (32 minutes)
Where did she get a donut and baloons?

Author Alexa O'Hare (26 days)
Where'd the balloons come from? XD

Author Maha Maya (18 days)
I am in love!!

Author Izzie Mongoven (2 months)

Author Kaleigh Killilea (1 month)
Am I the only one who tried to float away on balloons? ^3^ Just asking

Author a1000face88 (1 month)
I showed this video to my nephew he loved it next thing I knew he tried it
on his mom she thought it was cute how he did it

Author Lukas Dichmann-Olsen (2 months)

Author Noelle Williams (12 days)

Author AristoCat (1 month)
I'm dying. xD

Author Kelly Kelleher (1 month)
Love Fluffle Puff☆•°•♡•°○▪♡

Author CharlieCam And Friends (9 days)
As soon as she kissed Chrys, my phone said battery low

Author eevee:3 (5 days)

Author britney kerns (1 month)
Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss":

Author Blanc Feline (1 month)
Beautyful, crazy and totally lovely!

Author Small Turtle (11 days)
That momemt when two animated horses have a better relationship than you'll
ever have

Author BAniela Lewandowski (1 month)
I ship it, am I the only one?

Author SuperGirlyGamer temetka (1 month)
fluffle puff is so cute! but poor poor dan book to the face ouch....

Author Cinderblaze Fireymoon (1 month)
reads title: THEY'RE GONNA KISS
starts video: THEY'RE GONNA KISS
watches Fluffle shushing: THEY'RE GONNA KISS
watches Fluffle shove donut in mouth: HHHNG *fluffle gasp*

Author Ernesto Reyes (1 month)
I. Love. You. So. Much. You. Are. Great 

Author Loomenarty Moments (18 days)
I believe Fluffle has the ability to mimic nearly any kind of moves or
talents. If you keep track you will notice.

Author Aliyah Ewart (1 month)
go away go away go away go away! WHAT?!?

Author Henrique Gamer (9 hours)

Parabéns ao

Author Andrea Swart (3 months)
I have several questions.

Author Khadra Yusuf (1 month)

Author I'm Batman (1 month)
soo is fuffle puff gay?

Author Andersen Melanie (22 days)
I think this is really funny!

Author Sindija Šperliņa Priedīte (6 days)
aww.. so cute! ^^

Author Nevar Seravon (9 days)
Read the title and immediately thought of the song Kiss Kiss by Holly

Author Nils Jobs (21 day)
i like turtles

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