Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss"

So this happened.
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Queen Chrysalis
Amelia Bedelia

I did Fluffle Puff's sounds~


It was based on a dream.


Also I guess it can be in honor of Fluffle Puff getting 20k followers.


ChryssiPuff 4lyfe

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Author Valerie Val (3 months)
"Kiss kiss"
Me: Fall in love?

Author Ethan Chesher (6 months)
I don't understand Fluffle's fetish with The Changling Queen

Author Sujey Daniela Jacinto Lama (25 days)
No me digan q la rosada esta enamorada de la pony >_<

Author cjwalkerist luke (4 days)
Hey... Hey.... Have a donut

Author Loretta Leonard (4 days)
First fluffle puff annoys chrysalis then gets her attention opens her mouth
then she shoved a donut in her mouth then kissed her . FLUFFLE PUFF
💝chrysalis the one that tried to feed on love that's crazy and cute so I
guess that fluffle puff and chrysalis were ment to be together 

Author inFek (17 hours)
0:19 Best Moment xD

Author Raven Montoya (1 month)
I... I question the physics of the animation I have just witnessed.

Author Sunfuzzy4804 (13 days)
Lol Fluffle opened Chrysalis's mouth and just shoves a doughnut into it...

Author K Hughes (3 days)
When I fall in love, I will stuff a donut in my loves mouth.
Then kiss them.
Then attach baloons to myself and gasp happily, and float away.

Author Ruby Red (1 month)
I just noticed how big chylisis's horn is

Author Alex Huntz (13 days)
They're lesbians

Author la TV de filles (1 month)
It's disgusting i unsubscribe !

Author The Pikachu (1 month)
on 0:13 chrysalis said "Go away go away go away..."

Author dylan fox (1 month)
that was random and physics are no longer my friend allowing my to run on
curved walls.

Author Holly Shultzaberger (1 month)
I could only chuckle with disbelief cause this was cute weird and I wanna
watch it *again*!!
**hits replay**

Author Munguntsooj Nurzed (1 day)
Oh my gosh! That was gost wow!!!

Author Bronieman 2591 (7 days)
I don't understand why Fluffle Puff kissed her. :/

Author LEONBLANK (20 days)
how to basic

Author The Hunger Games Player (24 days)
+Sugar Fluff okulda dedeiğin doğruymuş fluffle puf lzbyenmiş!

Author eddierools (26 days)
This was hilarious. Though, somebody should check and make sure if Dan's
ok XD

Author Sunny Sun (2 months)
Algo que no me gusto de este video es que son gays.Porque Chrysalis es nena
porque tiene pestañas y en Una Boda en Canterlot era una reina,Fuffle Puf
tanbien es nena porque tiene pestañas y porque es rosa,ademas a quien se le
ocurriria poner a ponys gays??? RARO.XD

Author Izzy Muffz (21 day)
WATCH!!!!! ROFL!!!!!1

Author Jacob Pishko (16 days)
shes lesbo pony?

Author florian sonnweber (1 month)
ok das ist irgendwy sher verstörent

Author Angel Gadsden (13 days)
Awkward if I was chysilis

Author Josie hh (4 days)
Sooo awesome aaaaaaaaaaa💖💖💖💖💖💖

Author TheAngelOfDarkFire (6 days)
its sooo cute 3

Author Jade Harley (21 day)
that fake backdrop scared the shit outta me

Author Victor Mello (1 month)
I think the Chrysalis and Puff are Fluffle case, but iso was very funny

Author Alyssa Meeks (14 days)

Author Vivian Valdez (22 days)
i love thease vids there so cute!

Author Sylvia Raven (1 month)
I love how the first words in the description are, "So this happened."

Author XxSoraMifunexX (1 month)
These videos are a perfect way to teach someone how to "shut up and don't
ask questions, it'll (probably) explain everything later".

Author Luna Moonracer (25 days)
...what just happened?

Author Corin Meredith (19 days)
What (throws the book)

Author Princess Lila (1 month)
goawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoaway WHAT?!

Author jenaveve besada (18 days)
Fluffy puff is so weird

Author Hannah Jillian (1 month)
Lol after go away on 00:13 Cyrisilas goes like WHAT!!!!!!and hits Dan with
a book

Author Smiffy Hallå (2 months)
That was random.

Author LPSAmore Love (2 months)
how do you do this?

Author Ghouls vs Humans User (1 month)
*cough* shipping *cough* *cough* you never fail to impress 

Author Princesacraft wooz (1 month)
WTF q foi iisso????!!!!

Author evvethegreat1 (19 days)
It's Just so great!

Author Macika games (2 months)

Author DeKoeM GamesMC (24 days)
This is how to eat a donut!

Author kathryn downer (9 days)
How cute

Author TastyCup OfCupachino (2 months)
So many views but such less suscribers?!

Author Eslendy Lopez (1 month)
omg i love it since its so funy to me at 0:20 XD

Author King K Anderson (2 months)
These cute videos make me think i 2 could find love.........but when i look
n the mirror all i see is big ugly sack of brony

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