Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss"

So this happened.
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Queen Chrysalis
Amelia Bedelia

I did Fluffle Puff's sounds~


It was based on a dream.


Also I guess it can be in honor of Fluffle Puff getting 20k followers.


ChryssiPuff 4lyfe

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Author Akoran Brighteye (1 month)
How To Kiss a Girl:
1) Insert donut in the girls mouth
2) Kiss lips
3) Float away on balloons


EDIT: Hmmmmm. I seem to forget something. Maybe it´s the PBBBRBRBBB sounds
beforehand. I doesn´t seem to work for me :(

Author Valerie Val (4 months)
"Kiss kiss"
Me: Fall in love?

Author Republic of Gamers (4 days)
Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden: Ich liebe die echt

Author Ninjakitty (8 months)
everything wrong with fluffle puff tales: kiss kiss in under 1 minute:
1.Chrysi ACTUALLY thinks fluffle is part of the scene
2. They don't have that good paint and cardboard in ponyville
3. You can hardly hear Chrysi say "go away go away"
4. Dan falls over at an impossible angle
5.Fluffle puts vanilla donut in chrysis mouth although she should obviously
have strawberry
6.Ballons pop out of no where on fluffles back
7.Chrysi blushes but isent smiling when fluffle is floating away
Sins: 7 Punishment: Fluffle licking your face

Author Ethan Chesher (7 months)
I don't understand Fluffle's fetish with The Changling Queen

Author Lydia Olvera (9 days)
what is the changlings name?
she is a girl, but is Fluffle Puff a boy?
and what is going on in the fun cave, in "pillows".
when she laughs, umm, is what I think is going on in there really going on?
That is why I am asking if Fluffle Puff is a boy.
and why does she/he keep licking her?

Author cjwalkerist luke (1 month)
Hey... Hey.... Have a donut

Author Sunfuzzy4804 (1 month)
Lol Fluffle opened Chrysalis's mouth and just shoves a doughnut into it...

Author Dora Stathopoulou (5 hours)
Guys , guys , guys , SHE LICK HER MOUTH BECAUSE DONUT CREAM!!!!!!!

Author Alaina Capponi (6 hours)
Cuuttteedd :D I want fluffle to put a donut in my mouth and lick the
frosting :3

Author Sujey Daniela Jacinto Lama (2 months)
No me digan q la rosada esta enamorada de la pony >_<

Author Sierra Mack (11 hours)
Some of these videos are funny

Author en2o awesomeness (23 days)
I think there lesbian couple, but in a previous episode, it says there
sisters, I don't know which one they are.

Author Jeffrey Boyer (1 month)
Dan u allright?

Author Loretta Leonard (1 month)
First fluffle puff annoys chrysalis then gets her attention opens her mouth
then she shoved a donut in her mouth then kissed her . FLUFFLE PUFF
💝chrysalis the one that tried to feed on love that's crazy and cute so I
guess that fluffle puff and chrysalis were ment to be together 

Author Megachamp Awesomedude (24 days)
0:02 Fluffle is a ninja.

Author Jenny Catqueen (18 hours)
Kiss kiss fall in love 💖

Author Adeola Adejare (13 days)
I have been watching this all day,and it `s crazy and funny. 

Author Chrysta Simmons (12 days)
0:33 What is +FluffyMixer doing? Where did s/he get balloons from?! STHAP.

Author Raven Montoya (3 months)
I... I question the physics of the animation I have just witnessed.

Author LegitMan335 (18 days)
Fluffle Puff shoves a donut in Chrysy's mouth because she loves her.

Author Yanelis Albarran (26 days)
Chissy:go away,go away,go away,go away ,go away,go away,go away,go away.
(Fluffle hiting book). (Book hiting Jerk)


Author ritthy han (26 days)
Wow when fluffle puff left her board she had no ballons on her after she
licked the pony known as the queen changeling where did the ballons come

Author Alex Atenta (19 days)
Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss":

Author Bronieman 2591 (1 month)
I don't understand why Fluffle Puff kissed her. :/

Author LoveGumball123 963 (1 month)
is not is a Kiss what is name???

Author t0astwaffle plays games (1 month)
Who are they and are they girlfriends?

Author Larissa Oliveira (24 days)
Muito bom eu e minha colega nicole ama esse vídeo e o flufi

Author Achiles5th (20 days)
Poor Dan, that's his name right the one hit by the book.

Author Steve Johnson (19 days)
As soon as I seen the ballons I was like "tah dah"

Author Lara Khalija Soriano (22 days)
if you listen very closly you can hear chrysy say"go away" alot of times!

Author MidnightLunaRose (1 month)
I looked on Twitter and, Fluffle is in my area, :0 lol

Author Alex Huntz (1 month)
They're lesbians

Author inFek (1 month)
0:19 Best Moment xD

Author The Pikachu (3 months)
on 0:13 chrysalis said "Go away go away go away..."

Author Chi Sweet (29 days)

Author K Hughes (1 month)
When I fall in love, I will stuff a donut in my loves mouth.
Then kiss them.
Then attach baloons to myself and gasp happily, and float away.

Author morgan moss rogers (16 days)
Put your but on the air xD

Author Bartek Sar (11 days)
To nie kucyk ale owca

Author Nathan Orum (1 month)
I believe I can fly!!! Use meh balloons to touch the... Ceiling 

Author Rosa Aimee (2 days)

Author Kim Casey Pabst (19 days)
Lol it's soooo funny at the first one

Author Nicole DeRavin (1 month)
so pruddy o.o 

Author Larissa Oliveira (24 days)
Palavras em gles cei escre ver mais ou menos

Author LEONBLANK (2 months)
how to basic

Author Magdalena Kalbarczyk (1 month)

Author The Hunger Games Player (2 months)
+Sugar Fluff okulda dedeiğin doğruymuş fluffle puf lzbyenmiş!

Author Yz Mamaril (18 days)

Author Chellynne (1 month)

Author eddierools (2 months)
This was hilarious. Though, somebody should check and make sure if Dan's
ok XD

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