Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss"

So this happened.
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Queen Chrysalis
Amelia Bedelia

I did Fluffle Puff's sounds~


It was based on a dream.


Also I guess it can be in honor of Fluffle Puff getting 20k followers.


ChryssiPuff 4lyfe

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Added: 1 year
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Comments: 7099

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Author Raven Montoya (3 days)
I... I question the physics of the animation I have just witnessed.

Author Valerie Val (1 month)
"Kiss kiss"
Me: Fall in love?

Author Sara Almeida (26 days)

Author Travy Wubzy (1 month)

Author Ninjakitty (5 months)
everything wrong with fluffle puff tales: kiss kiss in under 1 minute:
1.Chrysi ACTUALLY thinks fluffle is part of the scene
2. They don't have that good paint and cardboard in ponyville
3. You can hardly hear Chrysi say "go away go away"
4. Dan falls over at an impossible angle
5.Fluffle puts vanilla donut in chrysis mouth although she should obviously
have strawberry
6.Ballons pop out of no where on fluffles back
7.Chrysi blushes but isent smiling when fluffle is floating away
Sins: 7 Punishment: Fluffle licking your face

Author The Pikachu (5 hours)
on 0:13 chrysalis said "Go away go away go away..."

Author Holly Shultzaberger (7 days)
I could only chuckle with disbelief cause this was cute weird and I wanna
watch it *again*!!
**hits replay**

Author LPSAmore Love (12 days)
how do you do this?

Author Smiffy Hallå (12 days)
That was random.

Author Macika games (13 days)

Author imnothotelmario 4 (4 months)

Author Nexcist (22 days)

Author Ethan Chesher (4 months)
I don't understand Fluffle's fetish with The Changling Queen

Author Sami StarLight (29 days)

Author Cracotte06 (1 month)
What the fuck. XD

Author Lil'Mawile (1 month)

Author Tony Lyle (1 month)
Fluffy ninja art.

Author Brony Weightlifter (1 month)
0:17 shhhhhhh....

Author Angel Generation (1 month)
*After Chrysalis kiss* More kisses must be done! up up, and away! *balloon

Author Pandarius | PlüschPandaGames (1 month)
....O_O ama..Zing

Author PunkDisciple23 (1 month)
Flufflemotor is best motor

Author MonsterMashers (1 month)
im waiting for her to come back to me..

Author Maryfrances Evans (1 month)
Can u make some more new ones

Author Muesamania Rock (5 months)
Lol, Fluffle Puff your so weird! XD

Author Hyper Lee (7 months)
Lol! Dan got owned when Fluffle flinged the book at him.

Author Adam Midna (5 months)
Doughnuts. Is there anything they can't do?

Author caleb reese (5 months)
Is Fluffle Puff a colt or a mare, I'm just asking cause I'm still not sure
what it is.

Author zoroark and zorua gamer (2 months)

Author Purple Pie (2 months)
XD Dan!!

Author Mlp Crystaltoys (19 hours)

Author ryan gregory (2 days)

Author War Blimp XxPyroxX (5 days)
Lol this is so cute! :-D

Author Kulas Igorot (5 days)
This is soo cuteeee :-) 

Author Meika Bright (8 days)
😳 what did I just watch??????? 😑

Author Puppylover (8 days)
Soooo cute;3

Author Chocolate Chip (3 days)
Please be my friends

Author XxSoraMifunexX (9 hours)
These videos are a perfect way to teach someone how to "shut up and don't
ask questions, it'll (probably) explain everything later".

Author omar reyes (4 months)
They kissed and there both girls

Author sierrasmith6080 (5 days)
lol its like shh just eat your doughnut "num" "lick" fluffle is so cute 

Author TastyCup OfCupachino (17 days)
So many views but such less suscribers?!

Author Samantha Cantrell (9 days)
Wait iz fluffle puff a lezbo and what's with Dan everywhere 

Author William Hall (5 months)
is fluffle a mare or a stallion?

Author CreepypastaGal 14 (12 days)

Author XxToxicPheonixxX (13 days)

Author Meta Miltich (25 days)
This is adorable.

BTW, I think Fluffle is a girl and both Chrysi and Fluffle are lesbian.

Author 589Lion (17 days)
the fuck :DDDDDDDDDD

Author King K Anderson (15 days)
These cute videos make me think i 2 could find love.........but when i look
n the mirror all i see is big ugly sack of brony

Author jaden francis (3 months)
Were did the balloons come from

Author LOCKMAN200 (1 year)

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