Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss"

So this happened.
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Queen Chrysalis
Amelia Bedelia

I did Fluffle Puff's sounds~


It was based on a dream.


Also I guess it can be in honor of Fluffle Puff getting 20k followers.


ChryssiPuff 4lyfe

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Author ironfan123 (8 months)
Lol shippers swoon at the watching of this video

Author Jake Everfree (5 months)
Has anyone ever wondered what would happen if Fuffle went all Fufflumena
Diane Pie on us?

Author Adam Midna (2 months)
Doughnuts. Is there anything they can't do?

Author Blazefur (6 months)
while fluffle puff was plftttttttting(with her tongue) chryssi was saying
go away go away go away

Author erina richert (8 months)
Hey I love this, queen chrysalis is always there to be fluffy friend even
thought she is a little bit a tard

Author Deathlock257 (8 months)
Goth pony could do so much better than this ice-cream brained tard.

Author Ninjakitty (1 month)
everything wrong with fluffle puff tales: kiss kiss in under 1 minute:
1.Chrysi ACTUALLY thinks fluffle is part of the scene
2. They don't have that good paint and cardboard in ponyville
3. You can hardly hear Chrysi say "go away go away"
4. Dan falls over at an impossible angle
5.Fluffle puts vanilla donut in chrysis mouth although she should obviously
have strawberry
6.Ballons pop out of no where on fluffles back
7.Chrysi blushes but isent smiling when fluffle is floating away
Sins: 7 Punishment: Fluffle licking your face

Author Muesamania Rock (2 months)
Lol, Fluffle Puff your so weird! XD

Author ᵗʰᵉNight★Star (7 months)
So, basically.... Getting a donut shoved in your mouth = "I love you"

Good to know. Good to know.

Author JustAnotherRandomFox (8 months)
these make me so happy

Author iveL namrekcA (7 months)
wait fluffy is a girl, and chryssi is a girl also.... uh oh

Author Ethan Chesher (1 month)
I don't understand Fluffle's fetish with The Changling Queen

Author drockman92 (7 months)
More random than Pinkie?

Author Vincent Latham (5 months)
....*sudden epiphany*
Holy sh!t Fluffle Puff is a ninja!

Author rainbow flash (4 months)
chyralis been like :uumm.... *fluffy flies away* dafuc?!:

Author clyde mcgee (6 months)
Duh Faq just happen?

Author Lee Gamer (3 months)
Lol! Dan got owned when Fluffle flinged the book at him.

Author caleb reese (2 months)
Is Fluffle Puff a colt or a mare, I'm just asking cause I'm still not sure
what it is.

Author sonic dash (4 months)
Ooohhhh now I see. This was Fluffle plan all along. First she disguise
herself on a painting that look like the stairs so chyralis won't know she
there. Then she start annoy chyralis to remove the book. She then give
chyralis a doughnuts to leave a few sugar in her mouth. and then she clean
her mouth with her tongue. and finally she escape with balloons. whoever
the question is where did she get the balloons? :P

Author Chris Mattson (7 months)
Puff is so cute, it makes me want to cry...

Author Neuer Kanal ♥ (6 months)
Owwww shes soooo fluffy and sweet <33

Author imnothotelmario 4 (1 month)

Author Francis Moran (4 months)

Author Shio the goat (4 months)
YouTube, why did you "recommend" I watch this?

Author FireEmblemSevera (9 days)
I'm so doing this to my boyfriend one day xD

Author Diane MacRae (9 days)
... XD
Chrysalis: WHAT?!
Fluffle: *throws book at some guy*

Author Optimus13200 (21 day)
0:16 replay ? xD

Author Brandon Pang (13 days)

Author JoeX (16 days)
0:32 can you send me link to this sound ?

Author Okami Theewolf AJ (21 day)

Author Akuma Mika (25 days)
I love these videos <3

Author Celestia Med (7 months)
That's one way to win a crush XD

Author Margo chan (7 months)
Lesson learned..never ingore fluufle puff

Author Mearlin S Stroh (1 month)

Author Gage Plays (2 months)
0:32 I can fly muthabucker

Author DisastreChalala! (2 months)
This is so cute!! I wanna do it too but the cops are still chasing me after
I approached that nice lady in the park.

Author kingnikolaj (4 months)
Chrysalis at 0:38 "what the buck?"

Author Carly Brennan (6 months)
Lol Chrysalis is so funny in this! That's why I love her!

Author LukeDude759 (3 months)
This is now my favorite Flufflepuff video. Ever. Of all time.

Author SuperCombustable (1 month)

Author ThatUndeadLegacy (8 months)
lol what just happened 

Author EndlessVacuum (1 month)
I am offended by how inoffensive this video is.

Author Trinity Farr (6 months)

Author I.S. Neko (3 months)
I'm done. Nothing is better.

Author VisualNovelsAhoy (1 month)
Yo Im tripping so hard

Author prettyghostbubble (6 months)

Author Time's Minion (6 months)
Okay, These shorts remind me of silent cartoons, in that Fluffle and most
of the characters are silent, and it reminds me of those classic cartoons
like Tom and Jerry. Thanks for the throwback, Fluffle Puff

Author Ariannacuppy (6 months)

Author Pink Clover!! (3 months)

Author Next Gen Wonderbolt (3 months)
Just another day

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