Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss"

So this happened.
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Queen Chrysalis
Amelia Bedelia

I did Fluffle Puff's sounds~


It was based on a dream.


Also I guess it can be in honor of Fluffle Puff getting 20k followers.


ChryssiPuff 4lyfe

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Author Valerie Val (15 days)
"Kiss kiss"
Me: Fall in love?

Author Travy Wubzy (27 days)

Author Ninjakitty (4 months)
everything wrong with fluffle puff tales: kiss kiss in under 1 minute:
1.Chrysi ACTUALLY thinks fluffle is part of the scene
2. They don't have that good paint and cardboard in ponyville
3. You can hardly hear Chrysi say "go away go away"
4. Dan falls over at an impossible angle
5.Fluffle puts vanilla donut in chrysis mouth although she should obviously
have strawberry
6.Ballons pop out of no where on fluffles back
7.Chrysi blushes but isent smiling when fluffle is floating away
Sins: 7 Punishment: Fluffle licking your face

Author imnothotelmario 4 (3 months)

Author Ethan Chesher (3 months)
I don't understand Fluffle's fetish with The Changling Queen

Author Cracotte06 (1 day)
What the fuck. XD

Author Lil'Mawile (8 days)

Author Tony Lyle (9 days)
Fluffy ninja art.

Author Brony Weightlifter (10 days)
0:17 shhhhhhh....

Author Angel Blue (9 days)
*After Chrysalis kiss* More kisses must be done! up up, and away! *balloon

Author Pandarius | PlüschPandaGames (13 days)
....O_O ama..Zing

Author PunkDisciple23 (17 days)
Flufflemotor is best motor

Author MonsterMashers (17 days)
im waiting for her to come back to me..

Author Maryfrances Evans (23 days)
Can u make some more new ones

Author Muesamania Rock (4 months)
Lol, Fluffle Puff your so weird! XD

Author Hyper Lee (6 months)
Lol! Dan got owned when Fluffle flinged the book at him.

Author Adam Midna (4 months)
Doughnuts. Is there anything they can't do?

Author caleb reese (4 months)
Is Fluffle Puff a colt or a mare, I'm just asking cause I'm still not sure
what it is.

Author Leonardo Hamato (1 month)

Author zoroark and zorua gamer (1 month)

Author Purple Pie (1 month)
XD Dan!!

Author Deli73 (1 month)
Only cartoon logic has the capability to blow my mind in less than five

Author Demi Gamer (1 month)
pulled this on my gf :P

Author oq You Dont Know Jack po (1 month)
"go away go away go away go away go away go away go away GO AWAY.. WHAT!?!"
hahaha XD

Author Flandre Scarlet (1 month)

Author archmagetyler (1 month)
um. what?

Author Wilhelm Haltz (4 months)
is fluffle a mare or a stallion?

Author omar reyes (3 months)
They kissed and there both girls

Author jaden francis (2 months)
Were did the balloons come from

Author mermaidise (2 days)
kyaaa! so cute! ♥

Author A Flashlight (1 day)
0:17 3 Points!

Author Kim Chouylai (6 days)
0:19 Sshhhhh..... Is That Reference to HowToBasic

Author lpsloverbff13 (7 days)

Author Patrycja Hofman (4 days)
Is Fluffle Puff boy or girl?

Author new gamerscrew paul (6 days)
is fluffle puff in the real cartoon or just fan based

Author elton tran (3 days)
I hate Fuffle Puff so MUCH!!

Author CathrineSkywalker (16 days)
Awesome!!! ^^ I really think Fuffle Puff has some problems and needs some
help, but thats amazing!!!! :3

Author Cathleen Hartung (8 days)
Geile Scheiße :D

Author Callie Thon (10 days)

Author ChillingChew (13 days)
this puff is more random than pinkie 1. PFFFBTHFFF 2. touching chrysalis
moouth 3. opening chrysalis mouth 4. putting a donut in there 5. flying
away on balloons *facepalm*

Author timdesrochers63 (9 days)
Theres nothing WRONG with Fluffle he's
just...I don't know...special?

Author PinkSun Mlp (17 days)
0:03 WTF? 😳😳😂😂😂

Author Felix Pichler (15 days)
Soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute

Author Toons Crazys (16 days)
Que lindó super cute

Author Littlest pet shop DK (19 days)
what da!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Author Dominic B. Alosozana (22 days)
Wtf just happen?

Author Michelle Monroe Rowan (22 days)

Author Jennifer Martinez (21 day)
Flufflepuff is so cute and funny.

Author mowmow kittle (22 days)

Author Vinyl Scratch (23 days)

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