Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss"

So this happened.
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Queen Chrysalis
Amelia Bedelia

I did Fluffle Puff's sounds~


It was based on a dream.


Also I guess it can be in honor of Fluffle Puff getting 20k followers.


ChryssiPuff 4lyfe

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Author Akoran Brighteye (2 months)
How To Kiss a Girl:
1) Insert donut in the girls mouth
2) Kiss lips
3) Float away on balloons


EDIT: Hmmmmm. I seem to forget something. Maybe it´s the PBBBRBRBBB sounds
beforehand. I doesn´t seem to work for me :(

Author Valerie Val (5 months)
"Kiss kiss"
Me: Fall in love?

Author Raven Montoya (4 months)
I... I question the physics of the animation I have just witnessed.

Author Puerto Rico 'HetaliaGirl' (14 days)
Am I the only one who read the title and said: .... KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE

(( Then started singing Sakura kiss 030))

Author joshua groce (19 days)
Is it just me or does the fluffle puff seem like a derp?

Author Lydia Olvera (1 month)
what is the changlings name?
she is a girl, but is Fluffle Puff a boy?
and what is going on in the fun cave, in "pillows".
when she laughs, umm, is what I think is going on in there really going on?
That is why I am asking if Fluffle Puff is a boy.
and why does she/he keep licking her?

Author Sunfuzzy4804 (2 months)
Lol Fluffle opened Chrysalis's mouth and just shoves a doughnut into it...

Author Skyrim Dovah (14 days)
I love fluffle puff everytime she gasps! Its just so cute! Omg!

Author Republic of Gamers (1 month)
Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden: Ich liebe die echt

Author Sujey Daniela Jacinto Lama (3 months)
No me digan q la rosada esta enamorada de la pony >_<

Author Spirel Phea (8 days)
That fluffy... thing's so creepy, yet so adorable, help.

Author Yanelis Albarran (1 month)
Chissy:go away,go away,go away,go away ,go away,go away,go away,go away.
(Fluffle hiting book). (Book hiting Jerk)


Author Izzie Mongoven (7 days)

Author Quilava (23 days)
I'm not a brony, but your videos are just the best thing ever

Author anime lover (19 days)
Lol where did the balloons come from? This is great.

Author sega310982 (29 days)
I believe HowToBasic received the wrong script.

Author Melissa Souza Borges (1 month)
Why is chrysalis living in twilight's library anyways?

Author Mariy P (13 days)
Боже этот чудик просто супер няшка)))

Author Sonaria Blaze (1 month)
Omg is that funny 😂😅

Author Megachamp Awesomedude (1 month)
0:02 Fluffle is a ninja.

Author Andrea Swart (13 days)
I have several questions.

Author DragonTamer7467 (27 days)
I was wondering...........was is dan from originally, like what cartoon is
he from and what is it called? +FluffyMixer 

Author Emma Sentner (1 month)
Cutest thing ever

Author Angelina Belova (10 days)
Да это прям я со своей подругой :D

Author BlueSandwich4 (1 month)
well that was uhh

Author Samantha Medve (13 days)

Author catlin smith alojado (26 days)
I wonder, how come in some episodes chrissi can talk while in so some she

Author Loretta Leonard (2 months)
First fluffle puff annoys chrysalis then gets her attention opens her mouth
then she shoved a donut in her mouth then kissed her . FLUFFLE PUFF
💝chrysalis the one that tried to feed on love that's crazy and cute so I
guess that fluffle puff and chrysalis were ment to be together 

Author Elizabeth Beder (1 day)
Wow,so adorbs

Author Waffle Tarts :D (1 month)
Cuuttteedd :D I want fluffle to put a donut in my mouth and lick the
frosting :3

Author Dora Stathopoulou (1 month)
Guys , guys , guys , SHE LICK HER MOUTH BECAUSE DONUT CREAM!!!!!!!

Author emagyer2000 (19 days)
@Valerie Call I see what you did there

Author Nicole Devine (17 days)
i wanted them to kiss\

Author en2o awesomeness (1 month)
I think there lesbian couple, but in a previous episode, it says there
sisters, I don't know which one they are.

Author Ana Viveros (25 days)
A Fuffle Puff le gusta Christalys?

Author Diana Del Angel (9 days)
I love this video

Author Plumper Do (19 days)
chyrissilis' mind = blown!

Author Adeola Adejare (1 month)
I have been watching this all day,and it `s crazy and funny. 

Author Sierra Mack (1 month)
Some of these videos are funny

Author Charlie Ruiz (1 month)
every time she eats fluffle dounut fluffle get his balloons hehe and he
took the icing

Author ritthy han (1 month)
Wow when fluffle puff left her board she had no ballons on her after she
licked the pony known as the queen changeling where did the ballons come

Author Candy mellissa888 1235 (2 months)
is not is a Kiss what is name???

Author Chrysta Simmons (1 month)
0:33 What is +FluffyMixer doing? Where did s/he get balloons from?! STHAP.

Author The Forgotten Rose (3 days)
*kiss kiss*

Author Alexis Camareno (13 days)
Puffy puff is weird 

Author LegitMan335 (1 month)
Fluffle Puff shoves a donut in Chrysy's mouth because she loves her.

Author Ivonne Duron (23 days)
Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss":

Si no te ríes es por que ya no tienes alma xD, yo morí de risa

Author Alex Atenta (1 month)
Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss":

Author emagyer2000 (19 days)
@ Valerie Val I see what you did there

Author Charlie Luizza (11 days)

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